How and when did the name 'India' come into use?

India is the only country with more than two names.Yes, our country had four names:AaryavratBharatHindustanIndiaLet's start with first one.Aaryavrat refers to the time when Aarya used to live in our country.

What is your theory on why we use the same word for theory of relativity, germ theory, string theory, intersectional theory, conspiracy theory, and my theory?

The question does not identify the subject, and for this reason, it is difficult to offer a complete answer to the question.The subject of the question is

Why are 'teenagers' called 'teenagers'?

Teenager is a age between thirteen years to nineteen years rather we can say it's age between childhood to adukthood. In this age maximum changes took place,the person in this age most unliked,it's junction of childhood to adulthood. If he talk inteligently then

Why do we say 'attorney at law'? Can you be an attorney at anything else?

Back in the old days of English law, there were two courts - courts of equity and courts of law.  Courts of law dealt with violations of written code (similar to modern-day criminal law, though not necessarily limited to criminal

How did the USA get its name?

This is the source of some major confusions, although well-educated people manage to sort it out...The name

What is the groove under the nose called?

The groove under the nose huh? Hmm... are you referring to the Philtrum?The philtrum is a narrow groove that may carry dissolved odorants from the rhinarium or nose pad to the vomeronasal organ via ducts inside the mouth. For humans and most primates, the philtrum survives only as a vestigial medial depression between the nose and upper lip.

What sport's lingo uses the term 'Scrum'?

Rugby.In rugby, a scrum is held to restart the game by having the two teams contest ownership of the ball after some kind of stoppage. It is a largely static, highly structured event with fixed roles and responsibilities assigned to specialists. I was a

Why do the days of the week have such strange names?

They aren't strange for those who understand mythology, the ancient gods and astrological signs.Babylonians named five days after their gods and two for the main bodies governing the heavens--the Sun and Moon.Today Sunday honors the Sun; Monday the Moon; Tuesday the Norse god of war Tiw; Wednesday for the god Woden

How did the Manhattan Project get its name?

The Army's portion of the project, under the Army Corps of Engineers and headed by Colonel James C. Marshall, established its temporary headquarters in Manhattan, on the 18th floor of 270 Broadway in order to be close to both Columbia University and Stone & Webster, which was the primary contractor. This was merely an engineering

Why do we call a dog a dog?

As the other answers have noted, there's no reason why

Why is Africa called Africa?

Why is Africa called Africa? First keep in mind that the conception of Africa in the Antiquity and the Middle Age is not the same as that of our era. In the Antiquity Africa was the area covering Today's Tunisia along with the northwestern part of today's Libya and the northeastern part

Why was New York City named 'New' York? What did the old York City look like?

Originally New York was named New Amsterdam, first settled in 1624 by the Dutch who named it for their capital Of the Netherlands. When the British took over, 40 years later, they of course wanted to put their brand on it and renamed it New York for the Duke of York, which is a title in

What were lesbians called before the term lesbian was invented?

Sapphists was used. Also inverts. There were probably others, certainly in other than western cultures. Usually, women who loved women were too insignificant to notice, socially, because the ONLY thing that really counted was who was the father of their children, so ONLY the MEN they slept with mattered because those men could father children.