Do arranged marriages exist in Europe?

Yes, they exist.Some are forced, e.g. parents taking their daughters to their ancestral country then telling them they're getting married. I've heard of several cases of this happening.Others are voluntary. I used to have a couple of neighbours who'd met at university & been living together ever since. Then one day I

Do Europeans see the Chinese infrastructure extension along the New Silk Road as a benefit or a threat?

Both.It is a very positive initiative for every country concerned. Chinese investments are generally welcome. It is also a great opening for new trade potential between Europe and Asia.But it also makes people nervous for several reasons:China is a bit of a new player here.

If you married in the US can you divorce in Europe (US citizens)?

Likely, yes. You would have to qualify for whatever requirements are necessary for a divorce.  For example, if you must live in the country for a certain period, and have not done so, just as in U.S. States with residency requirements, you would not be able to get a divorce until you satisfy those

To anyone living in America, Europe or Canada etc, would you ever consider an arranged marriage? Why or why not?

A2AI think that I mentioned this before, but I 100% would if I were not engaged.When you're in school and in the early days of building your career, it should be spent focusing to improve your foundation for a successful life later.But in western countries, we spend that

What are some travel hacks when travelling in Europe?

I just recently returned from my first trip to Norway (Oslo and Bergen) so I can offer some things I figured out or learned along the way.  Please also note - this is going to be advice most useful to Americans visiting Norway, as others might not have similar needs.Go between January and March (preferably late March, as

What are the best hacks for traveling in Western Europe in 2018?

I travelled to France, Italy and Switerzland in Oct this year.Consider following points to save some euros :Reach Paris on Monday. As Paris navigo pass is valid from Monday till Sunday. So you shall do all your public transportation in 23 euros.

What country in Europe has the most beautiful women, in your opinion and why?

Okay, first offI'm a straight woman, and I appreciate the femininity of European women, I like their traditional values and modest attitudes. But I am not including all Eastern European countries here because I have met many Polish people (and visited Poland twice) and

What do European expats miss most while living abroad?

My wife is Italian, so I'll relay her frustrations with living in the US (Boston).Food, food, foodIngredients - Italians are raised from birth to savor, think and talk about food. Most produce is poor in comparison (Italians simply wouldn't tolerate the fruits and vegetables available here). Even

What is some unknown facts about Austria?

Austria is indeed home to a town called 'Fucking'(48º 04'N 12º 51'E),a name derived from that of 'Focko,' a6th centuryBavarian nobleman. And as noted in a Telegraph article about residents' considering a change in spelling for the town's name, the locals do have quite a problem

What is the best advice (planning strategies, transit methods, essentials to bring, etc.) for backpacking through Europe for several months?

Essentials:I didn't think of this one as much as I should have, but bring a power plug converter and a slim six- or five-slot power strip. Most hotels have fewer than three available plugs, and between cameras and phones and tablets, you'll want more than that. All your

Which animals are more dangerous in Europe? Which animals kill the most humans in Europe?

I imagine cows kill more people than any other animal. I can't find any stats for Europe or the UK but I have seen that cows kill more humans worldwide than any other animal (excluding microorganisms/parasites like malaria etc) and I believe it. They can be surprisingly aggressive when they are with their young if

Which country in Europe has high rate percentage in interracial marriage?

I can provide some feedback regarding France.Someone wrote:

Which European country has the most delicious cuisine?

In my opinion, it will be hands down, Greek and Turkish cuisine! The flavors and the aromas and the spices are enough to make you drool. Being neighbours, their cuisine is very inspired by each other. For example, Greek Souvlaki is similar to Turkish Kebabs. But both Greek and Turkish cuisines are mouthwatering.Some of my favourite

Which is the cheapest way for travelling most of Europe in one month?

Buy a rail pass in the US can't buy them in Europe. You can for example get 8 days for use in one month and go to a city and stay a few days and then go to another city for a few days.They come where you can use them

Which is the most underrated country in Europe?

My impression is that Serbia is quite underrated.I am not suggestion that Serbia is a better place to live than any other European country, but that reality of living in Serbia is dramatically better than the perception.I am basing my statement on following:I lived in Missouri, Milan, Paris, and Cape Town.I am a

Why does the USA still have troops stationed in Europe?

US military bases in Europe now number only about 70, down from a few hundred during the height of the Cold War. Most US bases closed at Washington's initiative because of US defense budget cuts, such as the US Navy base at La Maddalena, Sardinia, and the US Air Force facility at San

Why doesn't America have a diverse variety of original cuisine like Mexico or European countries?

It does. Or, arguably, it did.Until a little after WWII, American cuisine was characterized by a variety of regional cuisines. New England food was distinct from the broad range of southern cooking (like southern literature, one of America's best-kept secrets from foreigners), which was in turn different from the food of the Southwest. And there's a range of

Why don't European Christians name their children after Jesus?

This trend is, I think, an artifact of how English Bibles are translated.In English Bibles, we write the name of the 6th book of the Old Testament as "Joshua," transliterated from Hebrew, while the name of the Son of Man is written

Why don't we see Victoria's Secret selling lingeries in most of Europe?

Probably because compared to most European brands of lingerie, especially bras, VS is Walmart quality at a high price with poor design and construction. Not to mention the really limited style and size range they offer. VS offers bands in sizes 32 to

Why is divorce so common in America and Europe?

There are probably a number of reasons.Divorce used to be a complicated process. The law regarded marriage as a serious contract and divorcees had to satisfy a judge that the marriage had irrevocably broken down. Unless, of course, the warring couple managed to find their way to Nevada where divorce had grown into a cottage industry.These

Why is the divorce rate so high in Europe and the USA?

Some reasons behind this large number of divorce are1.Family values-people there believe in there own happiness more than their family members.They don't share the respect for their father,responsiblity for sister or wife,according to them each one is responsible for them2.Superstar life style-People fantasize themself in Hollywood lifestyle ,which never come

Why should someone choose Denmark to live and work?

You should come to Denmark and live if you have someone in Denmark you want to live with or stay close to.In all other matters I would recommend one of the other Scandinavian countries.The Danish landscape is boring and mostly cultivated with large industrial

Are there too many or too few US troops stationed in Europe?

"Are there too many or too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe?"In my opinion--and this is just my opinion--there are too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe. But if the U.S. sends exactly seventeen more troops, then I think the number present will be juuuuust riiiiight. Eighteen would be too many. Sixteen would be too

How do people view European countries?

Indonesian here, attention many names inclued.Albania: Football players (Taulant Xhaka*), pop singers (Dua Lipa*), bunkers and Skanderbeg.Andorra: Tax-free shopping and skiing*.Armenia: First Christian country, many diasporas* and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.Austria: Former superpower, classical music*, apple pie*, winter sports and Marco Haller.Azerbaijan: Oil, Turkey's clone and Aliyevs.Belarus: Mini Russia, dictatorsip and Vasil

How will the United States be affected by Britain leaving the EU?

I don't believe that the day-to-day life of a common US American will be affected by a significant measure. However, this rings alarm bells in the Government and Business circles.The UK has been the voice of the US inside the European Union. Any major US foreign policy

Is the US or Canada culturally closer to Europe?

Not all together a simple question. I think you'd have to say that over the period 1783 to the present. (1783 marks the foundation of our two nations or at least a major milestone for us.) Being a British Colony and a part of the greatest empire ever created it's not hard to see a

Should more American troops be stationed in Europe?

As a Russian living in Lithuania i'd say damn YES. We need those American troops to protect us. Lithuanian military is as good as nonexisting, and EU has little resources, very little will, and no legal mechanisms to protect us. It is only the U.S. who is capable of doing so. Probably other EU countries except the Baltics could

Should the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?

A2A, thanks StevenShould the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?For the interest of Europe, yes. I believe Europe is mature enough to not trigger a WW3 and loose definitively any change to weight against the U.S.A, China, or even India and Russia (basically, we should throw bridges with Moscow, Europe cannot

Should the USA withdraw its troops from Europe?

There really aren't that many to withdraw anymore . . . (if I miss something, I would be pleased to be corrected.)The only regular ground contingents assigned to NATO in Europe are, last I checked, a weak cavalry regiment in Germany and a small airborne brigade in Italy. That's enough to maintain a

The US life expectancy is 2 years lower than in Europe. What is the cause of this? Is it because healthcare is cheaper in Europe?

It isn't the cost of healthcare so much as the focus. In Europe and other countries where healthcare isn't a for profit industry, preventative medicine is stressed. Doctors focus on maintaining health, not treating illness as our healthcare does.That is a small

What are the main cultural differences between living in Japan and Europe?

The first obvious difference is religions. Europe is based on Christianity and Japan is not. Christianity is based on logos commitment to one god while Japanese is not. Japanese are relatively open to various value systems. Some would say Japan is flexible but some might

What are the most and least patriotic countries in Europe?

When asking this question, you should really have defined what you meant by patriotic and you should have indicated how the quality of patriotism could be measured. For example, my wife comes from a country where the citizens are very fond of flying the national flag above every structure and draping it over every available

What country do Polish people admire most?

Poles, as a whole, do not admire one country in particular. Historically/culturally-especially in cuisine-the Polish kitchen was/is influenced by the Lithuanian, French and Italian way of cooking/cuisine. Polish regions that border with Germany, Czech and Slovak Republics, The Ukraine, and Russia have heavy influences.In Poland, you will find many young

What happened to wild animals in Europe?

They are alive and kicking like we didn't see for a century. In the Bieszczady Mountains, where the borders of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia meet, have returned great herds of European bison. These giant herbivores seemed to be extinct in Europe at least since the First World War. Adult males

What is some unknown facts about Austria?

Austria is indeed home to a town called 'Fucking'(48º 04'N 12º 51'E),a name derived from that of 'Focko,' a6th centuryBavarian nobleman. And as noted in a Telegraph article about residents' considering a change in spelling for the town's name, the locals do have quite

What is the future of Europe?

The future of Europe? Europe will become an Islamic territory in about 30 years (maybea few years before...). Not officially, but Germany is almost getting there, France just after Germany (immigrants), then probably Italy/Greece/Spain.First with natural births..Islamist's strategy is to overflow

Which animals are more dangerous in Europe? Which animals kill the most humans in Europe?

I imagine cows kill more people than any other animal. I can't find any stats for Europe or the UK but I have seen that cows kill more humans worldwide than any other animal (excluding microorganisms/parasites like malaria etc) and I believe

Which EU country has the most patriotic citizens?

It used to be England, but now that they are out, i would say Netherlands or France.LOL at the people below saying ‘'eastern European nations''. Only someone who has never been to any ‘'eastern European nation'' can say that. Half of all the Polish people i have met or seen on the

Which is Europe's most beautiful country?

It's not easy to say which is the most beautiful country: even though they are relatively small, most European countries have an area of over 100,000 square kilometers, and hardly anyone can say to have visited his own nation entirely

Why do skinny male models work more in Milan and fit male models work more in Asia?

In this case, those who usually model in Milan are there to do runway jobs for the season during FW. Men who walk on runways are not meant to be muscular or "fit". It is preferred that they are thin. If you don't believe

Why does the USA still have a presence in Europe even though Europe gains nothing from it?

As long as America honors its commitment to NATO, Europeans profit from the solidarity and security this alliance has provided now for 70 years - which is, of course, a two-way street: America needs Europe as much as they need us. However, if Trump pulls the United States out

Would the USA agree to help Europe become united?

Yes, sure. . . but less about "coming and cramming them together into a Euro-Centipede" monstrosity and more about saying, "Well, since you asked and since you're our pals, SURE, we'll help.  What would you like that you cannot already discern from --

Are English people more Celtic or more Anglo-Saxon?

According to, who are amassing a huge DNA data base at a rapid rate theses days, The majority of the British English are 60 percent English or less. They have divided their ‘Irish' classification, from their ‘English' classification, by grouping Irish, Welsh, and Scot

Are white Americans generally darker than some Europeans?

A group of humans could evolve from white skin to a slightly darker skin if given a few thousand generations for natural selections to favour the darker skinned individuals.However, the current "caucasian" American population hasn't existed long enough for

As a European what scares you the most about the United States?

Well, where to begin.Trump in the White house and his access to nuclear launch codes for one. He's a perfect Nero.The growing incluence of the Evangelicals in America and their efforts to expand their reach in Europe. A few new seemingly neutral organisations have popped up in

How are the Anglo-Saxon and European (Latin) way of thinking different?

Albert Gehring in 1908 wrote a book on the distinguishing traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons (when he says Germanic, he means the Germanic peoples, which includes the Anglo-Saxons).  His writing is highly unfashionable by modern standards, and for that reason it is quite intriguing.The most Germanic writer in

How to apply for a Europe working visa

Your best bet is to first Apply for the EU Blue Card (Work Visa) here.Live and work in the European Union!The EU Blue Card is Europe's answer to the US Green Card.The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. The European Blue Card provides comprehensive

How different is the working experience in Europe compared to USA?

I'm not going to say: things are so much better in Europe OR things are so much better in the US. They both have its pros and cons and I'll share my very own experience as I worked in Europe (Prague) and the US (New York City). Please, keep

Is it easy to tell the difference between white Americans and white Europeans based on facial appearance alone?

It is if you are very experienced with both as well as very observant. I lived 4 years in Germany and travelled to 15 countries, each represent somewhat distinct features which also accompanied by dress, and mannerisms can be easilly distinguished from Americans, it

Schengen visa: going to Europe for honeymoon. When and how shall i apply for Schengen visa?

Below article is in view of applications from India subcontinent, though most of it are generic requirements for most nationalities.First thing first

Should European recolonise Africa?

I find it funny people actually feel the need to answer this with uncertainty and others here are boldly suggesting new

What are some common misconceptions about Greece?

I'll try to think of more but one that is frustrating is that people believe that Greeks are lazy, my (Greek) wife and I discussed this jusT the other day.Most Greeks are hard working, in fact the average Greek worker has one of he highest working hours in Europe. The problem is, who do

What are some common misconceptions about Poland?

I don't know what foreigners think about the country itself, but some people (even Poles) copy false myths about Polish history, like that one with polish cavarly charging german tanks during II WW.Debunking Polish stereotypes: the cavalry charge against German tanks The Myth of the

What are the main differences between living in San Francisco and Europe?

My Western Europe experience was limited to Belgium and 20 years ago.  The Bay Area was my home before that, so I can speak mostly to the changes I encountered in my relocation, but I''ll layer on a bit from my months spent in Europe since then. Daily Life: In the Bay Area, people tend to move

What do people in the U.S. get wrong about life in your country?

Well, all kinds of things.There are a couple of things that cause Americans a lot of difficulty in comprehending Canada:-A lot of Americans (certainly a lot in Quora) insist that they don't need to know about foreign countries. Then, if for some reason they do think about them, they

What misconceptions do Americans have about Europe?

Well a few of the misconceptions I had about Europe before actually visiting were the following:They are rude (this was not the case for most of my trip - one exception was in London. My family faced flat-out ignorant attacks

Which European countries never had monarchy?

Lyonel Perabo's answer is informative but incorrect. A monarchy is not the same thing as a dictatorship: its definition concerns sovereignty, not power. Specifically, it is a form of government in which sovereignty is embodied in a person

Who are considered to be Slavic people?

Bulgarians, Serbians, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Macedonians, Croatians, Slovenes, Czechs, Slovaks, Bosniaks, Sorbians, Kashubians, Montenegrins, Croats and you have RusynsThen you have subgroupsWest: Poles, Kashubians, Slovaks, Czechs East: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, RusynsSouth: Serbians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Croatians and Slovenes East Slavic nations use mostly Cyrillic alphabet (Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Rusyns)Rusyns live mostly in Serbia

Why are Eastern Europeans so different looking compared to other Europeans?

Thanks for asking - yet this question has already been answered very skillfully, and I can't add much of value. I found it fascinating that the pictures are really matching my experiences - for the European pictures I could in most cases have given the country's

Why are Europeans thinner than Americans?

As an American living in Europe for the last thirteen years, I've noticed some obvious differences in lifestyle employed by the average European and the average American that account for the difference in weight. Note I say the average European and the average American:

Why are most Americans white like Europeans?

Most at present are but the big year coming up that's been calculated I think is 2045, that the US will not be predominantly white any longer.The reason is newly arriving immigrants have high fertility rates. Whites have more and more become less fertile

Why do Americans look different from Europeans despite of both being white?

White Americans are usually mixed with various other European ethnicities (German/Irish, Irish/Italian, Polish/German, and so on). This creates a different look. DeBlasio himself is half German.Also, with no borders, religion was a stronger factor in how families mixed (which can explain why

Why do Europeans and descendents of Europeans call them selves the white race if they don't look white at all?

I am half Irish, one quarter Scottish and one quarter mixed Western European. Based on other analyses, I am about 3% Neanderthal, and my Homo sapiens heritage is about 50% Yamnaya herder, 25% Neolithic farmer, and 25% early hunter-gatherer. In my youth my hair was dark

Why do many Europeans think Americans are white?

Europeans don't think Americans are white. We know that the US has a population that is made up from every region in the world. We know that the original Americans are what is commenly known as Red skin (although this is

Why do white Americans claim various European ancestries from different European countries?

I've been fascinated by this tendency of Americans for years; first time I visited the States was nearly thirty years ago and I met an American guy at a barbecue who insisted he was Italian...when he clearly wasn't in anything but surname. Same trip I met a girl who refused to speak

Why don't we see Victoria's Secret selling lingeries in most of Europe?

Probably because compared to most European brands of lingerie, especially bras, VS is Walmart quality at a high price with poor design and construction. Not to mention the really limited style and size range they offer. VS offers bands in sizes 32 to 40, cups

Are Muslim immigrants a threat to increasing gay-acceptance and gay-friendliness in Europe?

Why is the Spanish left so angry at Mariano Rajoy for attending a same-sex wedding, and what has been the response on the Spanish right on his attendance? gives an idea of some of the sentiment in Spain and Partido Popular. This party is traditionally Roman Catholic, has roots in

Are there any colors of clothing that attract negative attention that one should be aware of while traveling in Europe?

I can't really think of any one particular color that would attract negative attention while travelling in Europe. No one color has an extremely strong negative connotation that would be offensive.I travelled through Germany, UK, France and the Netherlands wearing the following outfit

Does anyone ever convert to Islam?

Yes. In fact the rate of conversion in to Islam is higher than most other religions around the world. Check it here . At this point if you are asking why, let me connect to another similar question that was asked. Esha

I am European and married to a US citizen. She is in the US and I am in Europe right now. How do I divorce her avoiding a trip to the US?

You don't. In such cases American justice system is way leaned towards women. Despite all the #Metoo, women are hand down winners in such cases - the burden is on you to prove even you consider yourself not at fault – most of the guys do!!Also, if you are planning to visit USA

If you married in the US can you divorce in Europe (US citizens)?

Likely, yes. You would have to qualify for whatever requirements are necessary for a divorce.  For example, if you must live in the country for a certain period, and have not done so, just as in U.S. States with residency requirements, you would not be able to get a divorce

In Europe there are no changing cabins on the beach. Do Europeans just change on the beach or what?

I took my wife and children to a lake in Germany once, partly out of curiosity and partly out of just wanting to spend a day at a lake. It was a public recreation area between a couple of towns. My wife told me on the way out there that if there were a bunch of naked

Is it easier for Asian men to marry women from European countries or the USA?

It is very hard for Asian men to marry European women, with the exception of Indians (they hold many work permits and are skilled workers in EU).Immigration makes it very hard for Asians (any Asian) to both marry and settle with the European woman. In addition, there is a more prominent

Is there still a tradition of arranged marriage in Europe?

I cannot answer for other European countries but in Romania marriages are no longer arranged except forthe gypsy communities representing 4% of Romania's population. Rom gypsies still practice the infant marriage they brought from the Indian sub-continent when they migrated to

To fulfill your dreams and work ambitions what do you think is the best place between Europe and the USA ( the country of the famous "American dream")?

On so many fronts, and in spite of the millions of truly wonderful people who live there, the US is not in a happy space right now. It is like watching a nation self-destruct through one extremist, hypocritical idiocy after another. So, for me the answer is self-evident! The so-called American Dream - as has always been the

What are some of Europe's most important contributions to the world?

Interesting Question, thanks for a2a.There are so many nearly everything is connected to Europe. But i go with:Science (Greek)Maths (div.)HygieneMedicine  (Greek, Swiss)Aufklärung - Age of Enlightenment (French, German)World Wide Web (British, created in Switerzland, proto type USA)Democracy (Greek)Exploring the worldTime (second) (Swiss)SteelConcrete /

What European country offers American citizens the best retirement opportunity?

I did my homework and pretty much concluded that all the best places for retirement are in Southern European countries. The weather is better, the cost of living is lower and it's generally easier to get a retirement visa.We looked at Italy, Portugal and Spain. For us Spain won out because it's clean, well located for

What would be the financial impacts for me to move to Europe near my retirement age?

Right now the US dollar is very strong against the Euro and British Pound so your dollars will go farther. And while you can have Social Security payments sent to you in a foreign land (but you really don't want to do that), Medicare cannot be used outside of the US. International Living ranked Portugal

Which countries in Europe have the highest percentage of white people?

Most probably an Eastern European country. I'm not sure which one, but almost all of them are probably very close to each other.I visited almost all of them and lived in a few of them (Croatia, Serbia, Hungary,). And the very few people (like no more than a dozen) who were from African (North African, or Sub-saharan) descent

Why does America have more divorces than Europe when it comes to marriage?

I would say It´s because in America people get married way sooner than here in Europe (Spain at least).I went to study one year in the US and see in Facebook many of my friends from there are getting married and having children (Im 22 and some of them getting married are even younger) while here in Spain

Why does Europe use cm instead of inch?

French Revolution.It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and frankly it was full of weirdos. As early as 1670 a French vicar had proposed a system of counting in tens, and by the time the French had got to the notion of chopping everybody's heads off it seemed like a really good idea to