How to improve my routine fitness

There are a lot of ways by which you can improve your fitness routine:Setting up the goals for your fitness routine-First & foremost thing you should do is set up the goals for your fitness routine. Research what kind of exercises suit you. Setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals will make establishing the

How to make my daily routine more productive

In order to make your morning routine more productive, you'll have to:Establish a morning routinePlan your days and manage your timeTake care of your healthWork smart, and take breaksLeave room for leisure timeThese are just the broad strokes, and here are the specific steps you need to undertake each day to increase

How did you get into an exercise routine?

I started my excercise routine by doing the activities I enjoyed like cycling and walking while incorporating 5 to 10 minutes of strength exercises at the end. I gradually increased the time of strength workouts as my muscles got the hang of it. To keep it simple I just use my

How do busy people who work/go to school find the time and motivation to workout every day?

In my opinion it's about having goals. They can be motivating and keep you going. I personally get up very early in order to workout before driving to work. What's more I also invest time in other activities such as writing articles for my blog. Why I

How to consistently follow a daily routine

Step by step. Daily routine is bigger picture, when you look closer you can see blocks as morning routine, evening routine etc. These blocks are formed by one or more actions.Let me ilustrate it on my example.Morning routine:- get up at 6-6:30am- meditate for 10

How to start to form an exercise routine

Here below is the beginner's workout plans:-The Starting Strength Novice Program can be broken down into two workout days, Day A and Day B. The entire body is worked each session. As the trainee progresses through the program, Days A and B are slightly modified to take into account the adaptations in

How to stick to a work out routine

Initially make it something simple and easy to stick to. Make it short. Make it convenient. Go in each day with a strength or speed goal in mind to work up to. Anything else is icing on the cake. Don't go in saying I am going to do_______ for _______ minutes/hours, etc. Don't make it about volume. Make

What are some hacks that will change our beauty routine for the better?

I always make sure to go through my skin routine before makeup and I don't put a lot of foundation (I just use some powder to decrease the shine in my face) on since I have sensitive skin, so I'm prone to breakouts. Always to make sure to wash your brushes/blenders weekly since

What are some of the best lifestyle and productivity hacks one can easily incorporate in his/her daily routine without much effort/ resistance to change?

Honestly, the best way to change anything is in small increments over time that are accessible and sustainable. What you change may not matter quite as much as how you go about trying to change it. For example, going to bed as close to 10p as possible is a good way to start. If

What are the best Ayurvedic morning routines?

The morning routines are part of

What can we add to our daily routine to get fit without working out?

Namaste Micheal, thank you for reaching out through your answer.Food is of immense importance in keeping you fit, both mentally and spiritually.The Indian scriptures mention ‘Mit-Aahaar', which is ‘Moderate Meals'.There is a tendency to overeat because you are eating without Mindful

What does your daily routine look like, from waking to going to sleep?

My daily routine is pretty scheduled, almost same every day except weekends.Wake up: I am a kind of early bird, hate to sleep, wake up at 6:15 AM. I know it is not too early but I have to sleep till late to complete my 5 hours of sleep.Go to Gym : I rarely miss

What gym routine works best for you?

I have been using the single body part a day. Which is ok if you are on a maintenance phase.Now i play soccer so i need more athletic moves than just lift weights all the time.So i have add some circuit training and base on soccer i make sure my circuit training consist on sprints, jump

What is a good daily military exercise routine (the physical)?

Preparing for the military involves endurance, strength, and trusting the instructor is there to improve you by pushing you.So, how do you train for this?With intense and challenging workouts.Intense refers to keeping rest short between sets, around 2 minutes, less if you can.Challenging means maximum effort. Regarding resistance training, for every rep of every set your

What is the best morning routine without having to exercise?

The best morning routine, I believe, is one that kicks your day off with energy, vitality, calm, and purpose. The specific activities will vary from person to person, and over time. Experiment with any combination from this menu of options:A good morning starts the night before with adequate and restful sleep which improves your efficiency, cognitive

What is the best routine/ morning routine to get fit?

Follow this routine for 30 days continuously, if you don't find yourself getting better, come back to this answer, comment

What is the best way to change your workout routine?

If you follow the same workout routine, your body gets used to it and eventually reaches its plateau (neutral point) after which you won't see considerable changes(gains) in your body.Change is necessary and doing it after 3 / 6 or 8

What is the best way to make regular exercise a routine?

All you need is motivation and don't exercise every day though, rest on weekends,It's very difficult to get yourself motivated to get up, dress and go to the gym. It used to happen with me too, everyone faces this dilemma why even start when I'm so

What is the easiest way to sneak exercise into your daily routine?

I build my daily routine around my exerciseAt the moment I'm in the early stages of doing a 1,000 Days of Running (Run every day for a 1,000 continuous days) challenge.I'm a self employed strategy consultant and whilst I do have a lot of flexibility my clients

What is the minimal exercise routine to stay fit?

For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines:Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity.Moderate aerobic exercise includes activities such as brisk walking, swimming and mowing the lawn.Vigorous aerobic exercise includes

What is the shortest and most effective daily gym routine?

What is the shortest and most effective daily gym routine?Well considering effective is a very subjective question and we have no idea on what you look like and what your end goal is, this is a slightly hard question to answer.[Stop reading if you want a quick fix solution or can't

What is your daily eating and exercise routine?

Currently on gaining phase. SO eating like a hippo. Current stats are 79kg (18% body fats) and target is 90kg(~10% body fats). So the plan is crystal clear- lean bulk. Currently consuming ~4000 calories / day, well segregated in 8 meals throughout the day.Meal

What is your daily fitness routine?

Earlier I was very lean. My weight was around 60Kg and no matter whatever I try it remains the same.From last 5 months, I have changed my routine. I started hitting gym and now I can see a lot difference after all these months.

What is your daily preparation routine?

I never followed a strict routine during my preparation. However, I used to study at night till morning. So, I used to sleep around 6 AM and get up around 1-2 PM. I preferred studying till early morning because it used to be peaceful and

What is your morning exercise routine?

I'll be honest I don't have a morning exercise routine right now due-to some health issues but one thing I do continue to do every morning is stretch.Stretching helps warm up the body and muscles. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and

What one exercise will you never eliminate from your routine?

This is a tough question!I feel that the best way to approach this is to consider the workout style of breaking your workouts for the week with one day for each muscle group (Chest, Legs, Back, Arms, and Shoulders). By doing it this way I can tell you for each muscle group which exercise I will not

What should be your daily gym routine?

If you are just looking for a good all-around package, do the following.15–20 mins of cardio-choose from a bike, elliptical, jumping rope, stair-stepper, or anything else that you enjoy that keeps your heart rate up.1 major lower body lift, such as back squat, cleans,

What should my exercise routine be?

You should choose specific and realistic training goals such as gaining 5 kgs by June 31 or being able to do 20 push ups or 5 pull ups by Christmas. As a very slim person, if I were you, I would disregard cardio training for the time being. Cardio exercises train your

What's a good morning routine to adopt?

I've recently become an early riser, just a few months back I was a night-owl. I couldn't complete my work on time due to constantly checking social media, and watching Netflix. A change was needed, and with some efforts I've managed to wake up at

What's the best morning routine for getting fit?

We all know how much stress people lay in having a morning routine. But what is it actually that is to be done? No one goes in depth about that!The First thing is to stretch your arms in the bed and lay there with your eyes open (or else you will

What's your daily mind-exercise game or routine?

Aside from meditating every morning , I also read either with my ebook or actual book when I still have time. The daily routine mind exercise for me is to remember the gate code entering the main gate at work, and after that another gate code to enter the lab and then setting

What's your daily routine? What type of exercises you do at home?

I am 17 year old and My height is 6'3 feet.About 1 year ago I joined gym and My Weight is 63 kg and Height 5'11 with no muscle mass. I am doing A basic schedule which my trainer give me :- Mon-chest +shoulder with 1–2 exercise of triceps. Tues-back +bicep . wed-Legs Thursday rest then Repeat.But

What's your morning routine? Do you get up early and do anything, or do you wake up and just start getting ready for work?

Aw, MAN. I swore I would never be the guy who wrote about mornings.But the more I see this magical thinking come up around the early hours - that you'll be able to suddenly pop up out of bed and make 7 figures - the more I am driven to put my stake in the ground.I do not

Why is it so hard to find an exercise routine that works?

It is not the exercise routine which works, but the person doing the routine who must work. In that regard, most exercise routines can work. But more specifically, the routine you are using must match your goals. If you are exercising to lose

Daily stretch routine to increase flexibilty and overall fitness?

Stretching is important because increases you blood circulation. You must stretch before workouts to minimize injuries. If you are office guy and more inclined towards jobs that require sitting on a chair for long period of time, you need to stretch time and again.Here are some

First time I'm going to gym, how should be daily routine?

It really depends on what your goal is.Generally, you should start of with a warm-up then do your conditioning (main workout) and then a cool-down followed by a bit of stretching.The main part of your session will depend on what your training goal is. Are you

How to hold myself accountable to having a better sleep schedule/health routine over breaks from school

Set one goal and one goal only where the sleeping pattern will help you achieve it. Focus as hard as you can on the goal and will it with all your thought. Use the will to achieve the thoughts and the thoughts

How to reduce soreness from working out when I'm just starting to get into a routine

It's fantastic that you have chosen to start exercising. Soreness from exercising is normal and common.To minimize the impact of pain resulting from working out, do the following;1. Workout with correct form.Whilst exercising, ensure that whatever type of exercise, you are doing, you maintain the correct form and movement for it.Incorrect movements during exercise can

How to improve my excercise routine

Start working out with what you said but add exercises likeSquatsBurpeesDipsHandstand push-upsAnd stretchesMore along with pushups and pull ups.For more workout which you can do at home check this out Workout For Increasing Strength and Power | Circuit Training For Explosive Strength | Level - MediumConnect with me on social media for more help regarding

How to move from a lazy routine to a good fitness routine

Excercise sounds great and all, but when it comes to actually having to do it, that's another story. Because most of the time, if you're lazy, you can't be arsed. It's either too cold to run outside, too hot to run

How to incorporate exercise in your daily routine

Hi,Gosh, this sounds a lot like me a in January.My old routine:5'11" 202 poundsUp at 5am, leave at 5:30Arrive at work at 6:15Work in suit & tie until 6:00 pmArrive at home at 7:00 pmShower, cook dinner for my

How meeting new people influence one's daily life routine?

Hypothetical in many regards. Good friends can have a great influence on ones life and conversely bad friends have lead many people astray willingly or not. It is always wise to pick ones friends with care. Good friends are few and hard to come by. They stay with you through the good times and the

How often do you switch your gym routine?

As rarely as possible. I only switch my routine if my gym partner or I have an injury/illness. Changing your routine is a horrible idea. How can you track your lifts? How can you see your gains? Why would you

What are some daily routines that can improve our fitness?

There are many things you could do in order to be fit. A fit lifestyle gets you everything:1 - Start jogging and do a bit of stretching exercises .2 - Yoga classes are good enough to get you results in term of fitness and mental strenght!3

What are some ways to work exercise into a daily routine?

As soon as you wake up try doing some sit ups/crunches in bed. In the shower do some toe-touches and get a good stretch before the day. Throughout, use simple household products to do some weight training (soap bottles in the shower,

What are the initial steps of exercise routines that one should follow for starters?

StrongLifts 5x5: A Simple Workout To Get Stronger and Starting Strengthare two really good places to start in my opinion. These are not bodybuilding programs. They are for developing a fundamental foundation for strength from which

What are the simple daily workout routine to keep fit?

Hey!Thanks for the question.Here are a few exercises you can do on a regular basis.Monday and TuesdayInterval RunningSo run for 20 seconds at a good speed and then walk for 15, again run for 30 seconds and walk for 15, do this 4 timesWednesday and ThursdayWarm up before doing the exercise, by light running for 2 minutes

What can we add to our daily routine to get fit without working out?

Namaste Micheal, thank you for reaching out through your answer.Food is of immense importance in keeping you fit, both mentally and spiritually.The Indian scriptures mention ‘Mit-Aahaar', which is ‘Moderate Meals'.There is a tendency to overeat because you are eating without Mindful Awareness. Too many distractions prevent you from absorbing the sacredness of your food as you cook and

What do you think of my fitness routine?

Whats your goal with this routine? Looks like you are trying to lose fat. If thats the case, the workout looks decent. As there is no mention of sets/reps and exercises, its hard to say if you are working same

What does workout routine depend on?

A workout routine depends on four primary components, FITT:FrequencyIntensityTimeTypeFrequency refers to how often you want to exercise. Do you want to exercise two times, three times, or four times each week? Spacing is also very important to take into account. If you want to workout five times per week, it

What has gone/can go wrong in your morning routine which ticks you off for the rest of the day?

A2A - Thank you.My morning routine relies heavily on my waking up at 5 or 5. 30 am.I journal, meditate, smash a short workout and read. All in about 45 minutes.As a result, it drives me mad when I fail

What is a good, all-around weightlifing routine that focuses on maintaining strength?

If you want to maintain strength then the ratio or reps per set should be set between 1–6 .Ideally you would focus on different body parts on different days . This allows the body part/parts you have worked to rest

What is a ideal daily routine?

Try to wake up at 5 am (after 5:30 its not the early morning). Then Give a thanks to God for gifting us a another new day.fresh your mouth and wash your eyes with cold water.Do Meditation for at least 10 minutes.Wash your stomach (go for latrine).Then go for a walk or some

What is the best routine for being fit?

Eat healthy food to have a better digestion. Most of the fitness problems occur because of unhealthy food or bad timings. Healthy eating habit will help you in every aspect such as mind, stomach and brain as well.Have a heavy breakfast and rest of the day have

What is the best way to change your workout routine?

If you follow the same workout routine, your body gets used to it and eventually reaches its plateau (neutral point) after which you won't see considerable changes(gains) in your body.Change is necessary and doing it after 3 / 6 or 8 weeks is essential.How to change?Just do

What is the smallest workout routine I can start today?

HiThe simplest workout, that you can do to stay fit is by making sure that you eat clean, at the right time and in the right manner. Now, you must be thinking, well I asked for the workout and not diet.And I will say I am telling you about workout only.

What is usually the highlight of your day?

I start my day by writing in my journal a desire, and perhaps a short record of what dreams I had if I remember.Because my dreams are so bizarre, beyond expression, then there must be a great power in my mind, which processes information and feelings in the most extraordinary way. So, I address my power of

What is your daily exercise routine to stay in shape?

The Best Full Body workout At home without any equipment.Only 3 workout that is sufficient for your all body.In this, How Full Body workout Beneficial and how much time are sufficient to Do full body workout?Every Set (Repetitions) Mentioned Properly. Such a really great article.In this your complete solution of Full Body Workout.Read it:-

What is your daily fitness routine?

Thanks for the A2A Nivesh Ram.My fitness routine has changed, to be more precise - evolved, a lot with time. Here's my current daily fitness routine (I am adding my regular food intake details as well)6:30 AM - A large glass of water7:00 AM - 100 ml Turmeric Tea (Turmeric Powder, Dry

What is your daily routine to study smart?

This isn't really mine but its effective.Get up early in the morning. This is the time when you will retain the most.Get up at 6 and freshen up.6:30–8:30- study for two hours straight.Take a 15 minute break and eat your breakfast. Do not touch your phone. Do some

What should be the average exercise routine for a teenager?

There are several reasons I groan when I see teens (both men and women) working out in my gym.They jerk weights and don't seem to realize that a slow lift and an even slower ‘lowering' of the weight not only takes the strain off the joints (reducing the chances of injury) but also does more to work the

What should I do to cultivate a daily fitness routine?

Exercise in and of itself isn't rewarding to me, so I've folded it into team sports (which also hooks into my competitiveness) and doing errands (walking and carrying things instead of taking the car) whenever possible. I play sports 3-5 times per week and, separately, walk around 10 000 steps every day. This has allowed me to increase

What should my exercise routine be?

I'd suggest 30-45 mins of Strength Training & 15mins of Cardio 3-4x a week since you're a beginner. Strength Training will help you gain healthy weight as you will gain muscle and therefore you will appear toned. The cardio is good for your heart and you

What steps should I take to create and maintain a daily routine?

Starting from a settled time about when to go to bed and when to get up. That is what I do. I go to bed at 11:00pm and get up at 6:50am on weekdays and 7:50am on weekends. No matter happens, I would definitely not change that.Three meals a day on

What type of yoga is good for daily routine?

Hi, do you wish to collect more information about meditation and yoga? Then I can supply you with an ideal answer to get to know about meditation and yoga. Go to google and type: "Mindyoga4u" to discover just what is meditation. I became greatly pleased with them so thought of sharing

What is your daily routine that keeps you fit and healthy?

I always stress to my patients that it is not knowledge that ensures good health, but action. If you are not yet on the road to wellness, you can begin with this sample of a healthy day to get you moving. You can tweak the hours and supplements if you need to - just use this as a

With so many fitness trends and work out routines flooding the markets, would you pay someone to find the routine that best matches your lifestyle?

If you can afford to have certified trainer and nutritionist which can meet your lifestyle. That will be the best idea to start. Once you get adjusted to your workout than you can pick the exercise which can help you achieve your

Do you have a morning routine? Since when, and what benefits have you seen so far?

Drink Your Food.....Eat Your water!It is said in the ancient science of yoga Ayurveda that 80% of the diseases originates within body. Only about 20% of the disease are caused due to external virus. The 80:20 ratio says a lot about the proportion we can control and take

Do you need a regular daily routine for a happy life?

Depends on the person. Different ppl have different needs. I need some structure, but some freedoms too, I need both, if I have all freedom I love it, but I begin to procrastinate then felling sad and overwhelmed and drive myself nuts. Too much structure for me is too much pressure, I myself do better with too much than

How can a tough, daily routine be followed continuously?

why to follow a tough one??we can have a simple and disciplined routine either.If we will see our daily works a tough one than it will not be possible to follow it continuously.Take an ease and go with the flow.Everyone of us have sime tight schedule in

How to change my daily routine

1. Develop positive thinking . I put this first because I think it's the keystone habit that will help you form the other important habits. Sure, positive thinking by itself won't lead to success, but it certainly goes a long way to motivate you to do the other things required.2. Exercise.It makes you feel

How to change my routine

How can I change my routine?By having some willpower on changing your sleep cycle!Your sleep pattern looks awful and it's high time that you act on it, to bring it to normal. It's not a rocket science, so don't get confused and just try to impart these small and effective alterations in your daily routine, that you've

How to get back into the routine of working out

Getting back into a workout routine.Adding physical exertion to your daily routine is not something that can be slipped in smoothly like a middle school love note. It's something that sticks out in most people's daily routine like a sore thumb because they are dreading

How to improve my routine fitness

There are a lot of ways by which you can improve your fitness routine:Setting up the goals for your fitness routine-First & foremost thing you should do is set up the goals for your fitness routine. Research what kind of exercises suit you. Setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals will make establishing the

How to make a good morning routine

Routines can be very important for success and productivity. I'm not sure what your days look like since you aren't working but, hopefully, you are still finding things to do each day that are intellectually stimulating and challenging.Over the past 5 years, I have been developing my "ideal" morning routine. Due to some back issues,

How to stick to a routine

Sticking to a routine (and getting back on track) is simple if you have the correct process. Full disclosure; I have ADHD that is so severe that at the age of 46 I have to take a substantial amount of

How to prepare your own working out routines

I would start by looking at popular programs and identify trends. It obviously starts with your goals, because every routine will be different depending on what you want to accomplish. If you wanted to focus on strength training, you'll want to setup your workouts around the big 4 compound lifts: Deadlift, Squats,

How did you change your daily routine from boring to inspiring?

Don't keep a routine to follow daily, except your needed basic stuffs!!...and you will not be bored.If you have a routine already and can't change it than the only way to get inspired is by loving what you do and being optimistic. Always be Motivated

How did you find balance in your daily life? (Habitual routines, social life, work, etc.)

Balance for me is easy. I love my work. I love what I do. But whatever you do a lot, you will get tired and exhausted. The solution to avoid exhaustion or even burnout is having a good daily routine and balance. My day consists of

How did you get into an exercise routine?

I started my excercise routine by doing the activities I enjoyed like cycling and walking while incorporating 5 to 10 minutes of strength exercises at the end. I gradually increased the time of strength workouts as my muscles got the hang of it. To keep it simple I just use my bodyweight instead of weights.I also mix it up

How did you shift to a routine of sleeping at 8:30 PM and waking up at 2:30 am? What are the ways to adopt such a routine in my natural biological cycle or circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythm can be changed gradually. Our body secrete melatonin to induce sleep in dim light or night, so if you want to sleep early then make sure there is minimal light exposure and as soon as you woke up switch on all the light. Also shift your meals and exercise routine accordingly. It will take

How to follow a routine

I learned to do this way back in the 1960s when people from military intelligence and their contractors taught me ‘critical path analysis' / ‘method' / ‘performance evaluation and review technique' (CPA/CPM / PERT) to plan huge property development projects - like building a spanking new Royal Mint in Llantrisant and ensuring all incoming / outgoing traffic met fully

How to improve my daily routine of working out

Being honest with yourself about your motivation/goal or the lack of it to go the gym, taking care of the nutrition or simply shifting time from other activities towards working out.If it's something you really care for, you probably already know what you have to

How to make a daily routine that is followed

Consistency is what matters in case of work outs. So whatever work out we choose, it shud have minimal dependency on others and easy to do at home.Take an example of one of your daily routines. Lets look at taking

How do we get out of the 'routine' cycle of life?

NamastheCan you do something different everyday, like taking bath at different time each day, skipping lunch or breakfast or having it at a different time,? What would happen if you are doing everything at the pace you want? One day you will find yourself directionless, You will not know what you are really doing,Yeah I understand

How to build an efficient morning routine

This 6 minute SAVERS morning routine designed by Hal Elrod is what I found to be extremely helpful to me. Since this is only for 6–10 minutes, it is extremely easy to follow for anyone.Not only is it simple because it needs only few minutes, it is also simple to execute. I have been

How to develop a good morning routine

To create a morning schedule, just add some good habits to your current lifestyle - it will dramatically improve your life. To get you started, below is a list of little things you can add to your morning routine to have a good day.Let's take a look at them:1. Resist the snoozeTime required: A few seconds (and

How to spend your day? What is your daily routine

My daily routine is quite complicated.I sleep everyday late ( at 4 in the morning ) and wake up at 9 in the morning. Then, I run to the bathroom and take a bath ( along with listening to Olly Murs alongside ). After that,

How to stick to a work out routine

Let's assume you are a beginner.It's all mental. Here you are not only training your body, but you're also training your mind to do something that is not part of your habitual daily routine of life.Let's start with desire and discipline. We all have that in the beginning but as time goes on

How does your ideal week of work out routine look like?

Monday- Chest and bicepsTuesday- BackWednesday- Abs, sides and cardio (non-weight/functional training)Thursday- Legs and forearmsFriday- Shoulders and tricepsThis is what my most usual weekly workout routine looks like. I carry this out for two weeks, then switch to another routine for two weeks, and then do two weeks of this

How often should you change your routine?

For spiritual progress it's best to stick to a strict daily routine in the same way as Islam does or as a monastery does. Mahatma Gandhi said

I want to start working out everyday but I feel so tired and exhausted all the time. What should I do in order to make workout a habit in my daily routine?

Not working out (and a possibly shitty diet) is the reason why you feel like shit all the time. Working out is not just about achieving that ace body, but it ... guess this ... actually improves both your physical and mental states. Unless you have

What are some examples of the morning routines and habits of successful people?

I asked the same question 6 months ago. It began with a general interest in the morning routines of world-class performers to tease out things I could incorporate into my life, but it quickly became an obsession.In the end, I spent 100+ hours reading autobiographies, listening to and transcribing interviews, etc. I then documented 41 world-class performers' morning

What are some reasons why an exercise routine can boost other areas of life?

It helps keep your body feeling well and you looking great of course, but being consistent with a routine also helps shape your mind as well. It has been shown scientifically that regular exercise does have a positive effect on our mental health. While exercising

What are some tips to follow an after-school routine?

What does your after school routine look like?If a good chunk is homework, then I'd suggest doing it in 25 minute increments, followed by a short break. Set a timer for 25 minutes and just do whatever assignment or studying you have for 25 minutes straight. Eliminate all

What are the best morning routines to do after waking up?

The best morning routines are the ones that Hal Elrod, the author of "The Miracle Morning" came up with.It's not because I worship him or something. I painstakingly created my own morning routine using the best practices and routines of successful people independently of Hal's guidelines.And we finished with the exact same set of routines.Because they

What are the best routine you should follow everyday?

Hi there and thank you for your great question!The best daily routine - well, that depends solely on your own opinion on what is the best one ;) Let me explain, please!Everybody is different, has different opinions, different preferences and and and! So, as such, there is no ‘best routine' which everybody would agree to BUT

What are the more effective daily routines?

*Note: This is a response that I wrote to this exact same question on a different thread.*Over the past five years, I've interviewed more than 400 highly influential experts in the business, personal growth, and peak performance industry.I've also managed to transform my own life and go from:Broke and in debtDepressed and highly anxiousReeling from a

What are your mentality and routine when you fail?

I don't want to sound like the most boastful person on the planet but I haven't failed all that often to be honest. The main thing I try to do is work out where I went wrong so I don't make the same mistake again. That

What are your morning routine tips to get out of the house and on to work faster?

A lot of my morning routine depends on what I prepare the night before. I usually do this the night before and I made sure I have everything I need. But with these habits set in place, I can get up and get ready in a fairly short amount of time.Spend about 30–45 minutes to clean

What can you do better to be more consistent with your fitness routine?

At this point, I don't think there is anything I can do better. If you are looking for advice for yourself, here's what I do to keep it consistent. First off, find workouts that you really enjoy. ( Three years ago, I didn't