How to study for an important exam

For one of my courses I tried everything.It was my first semester of Graduate school and I had read how in the previous year 37% of students had failed this course.‘Critical Thinking in Business'It actually made the news in Australia!It became my personal challenge to defeat the hardest course. So I did

Should I still go to the gym every day even when I have exams?

You should probably not go to the gym every day not just because you have exams but because going to the gym everyday does more harm than good :) I don't know what your goals are but if you want to build muscles and look good just

What are the best ways to study during annual exams?

Best way is to learn at least 2 or 3 weeks before your annual exam starts. This would help to you to score well in your exams. This would help you to cover almost all the chapters in each subject. It would be better if you prepare timetable which include every subject

What is more effective coaching or self study while preparing for Neet exam?

Hey,I will tell you both the aspects as i took coachings before and now i am studying by my own.Coachings (prestigious once).In coaching you will learn, how to study things in the correct manner, you will get to know by the teachers that where should you be focusing for NEET.You need not to work hard to seek daily

What's the best way to study for an exam?

I hope I'm not too late to help. But here goes with my secret​s​...PART ONE​CORNELL METHOD OF NOTE-TAKING​​One Brilliant Technique for Note-Taking, Which Forces You to Pay Attention in Class While Having Fun with Colored Pens and MarkersThe prestigiousCornellUniversityhas developed what

While preparation of any competitive exam, what kept you motivated (or what was the reason and purpose behind doing all the hard work)?

Briefly there are 6 things that one should always keep in mind during his/her preparation.Why?(why are you preparing for a particular exam).Right environment (always be in contact with good peers who are also preparing or already done well previously (only these type of

AMCAT Preparation : What is the best way to prepare for the AMCAT exam?

There was the same question in my mind when I was about to appear for AMCAT and I had no clue about how to start and from where to start. I scrolled down the internet pages and ended up with the best material available online for AMCAT preparations which is at available at Mygeekmonkey.Please visit the below

From what age should I start preparing for UPSC examination?

UPSC has prescribed the age bracket of 21–32 years (For General Category) for the candidates appearing in the coveted civil services examination. However, in my opinion, the right age to appear in the civil services exam is:The age when you have the fire within to GO FOR THE KILL.The age when

How to crack NEET 2017

Hey there,I passed my Neet examination last year, so I think I can help you with that.In my opinion, you should try to study less but smartly and get good marks.Marks that you score in biology are most important as they decide your rank above

How to pass the TOEFL exam with a high grade

Thanks for A2A.First of all, when you have to commence preparing for it, all depends on your caliber of English knowledge(academic, since TOEFL is all about academic English to test and prepare a person to live and particulartly study in a foreign university).

How to prepare english section for SSC exams from zero level

If I have to divide SSC English, I'll say There are 3 parts: Vocabulary - You have to learn Words. Grammar - You have to learn Rules.Understanding Skills - You have to learn vocabulary and Grammar and Apply

How to crack group D RRB exam

As you know that this year the Railway Recruitment Board has invited the largest recruitment drive for Group D Posts with 62,907 vacancies. Around 3 Million candidates have applied for the recruitment examination this year. The Recruitment Board has released the dates for Group D RRB Exam 2018. The Group

How to crack SBI PO 2016, IBPS 2016, and SSC-CGL 2016 by self-study? I have the entire TIME CAT materials and the Arun Sharma books. Will they be of any help

I'll try to be short and precise.For POBook list1. Quant : Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar.(Arun Sharma level 1 questions will do the needful)M tyra2. English :SP bakshi/Mock tests(Your CAT material will suffice)3. Current affairs

How to prepare for aptitude tests for placements

Let me start by categorising the "IT companies".According to me, there are 4 categories.1. Extremely Brilliant companies (Facebook, Google types).2. Excellent ones (Adobe, Oracle India, Goldman Sachs).3. Above average companies (which offer anything between 5lacs - 10 lacs).4. Average companies (where 70-80% of Engineering folks are placed. Egs are

How to prepare for PCS (Punjab Civil Service) Exam

I am from Punjab and hope I am able to clear your doubt. Punjab PCS was held in year 2011 after 11–13 years, last was held in 1999 before 2011, as there were some issue about corruption and lack of transparency but now coming to topic as you

How to prepare for the UPSC exam

What Gets Measured Gets DoneSince UPSC is a long journey, therefore, it's essential to have monthly, weekly and daily plan for your studies else you would find that even after 6 months of preparation you won't be able to recall what you

How to prepare myself for CAT

CAT is a comprehensive examination that doesn't test your knowledge but your presence of mind. Even if you have a top-notch strategy, it may not work on the D-day, as they say it. Any strategy that you adopt must be your own to form. You need to understand that each applicant has his/her

How should I plan my preparation for the GRE?

Having appeared for twice in GRE, I can definitely guide you to study for GRE. Its a very funny and temperament oriented exam, where you can not predict your marks after giving few mock tests.If you have a nice grip in English vocabulary, and have read lot of

How should I prepare for the NEET?

I copied this from a Facebook post by me, please go through this:Okay, so Rajiv Sir asked me to throw some light on my preparation experience last year(2015-16).I passed class 12th in 2015 with regular school and coaching from Aakash Pitampura(Delhi) and appeared for both AIPMT and RE-AIPMT

Is 3 months enough time to prepare for the NDA?

First of all Congratulations!You are already ahead of many people appearing for the exam.If you are preparing for the boards then you have done 75% of the job.Now what you have to work upon:GAT - Thoroughly go through the atlas, Alot of geography questions are asked only from India related

Is it acceptable to listen to songs while preparing for JEE?

Psychological question!It's one of very common habit students have. Many of my friends have this tenancy of listening music. When i asked them why did they wants it, isn't it  affect their concentration? One of them replied: being a moody one, i'm  seeking for plesant and inspiring etmosphere so that I can concentrate

Is it good to study every day or at the last minute of an exam?

Hello!! I'm too the student so according to me, One should study every day..bcz if you study at the last minute of an exam some topics may slip from your mind..or you may can't get that topic suddenly..if you are studying one topic regularly and if you get any problem you

Should I still go to the gym every day even when I have exams?

You should probably not go to the gym every day not just because you have exams but because going to the gym everyday does more harm than good :) I don't know what your goals are but if you want to build muscles

The average age of a class of 39 students is 15 years. If the age of the teacher be included, then the average increases by 3 months. Find the age of the teacher?

Answer: 25 yearsHere it is calculated:Let the sum of ages of 39 students be XThen X/39= 15 years15 years = 180 monthsNow X = 39*180=7020When the age of the teacher is included avg increases by 3 months. Let the sum ages of 39 students and one teacher be YThen Y/40= 183Y=

What are some preparations strategies for the Civil Services Exam?

At first, for UPSC preparation there must have some mental strategiesAt first, you must have a passion for being a civil servant.(your passion or your interest is the father of your determination). Try to love what you are working for.Self motivation is very important rather than being motivated by following someone or toppers.Your passion, your interest, proper

What are some tips that can help me prepare for finals week in college?

There are a few things you can do:1)  Prepare global  consolidated and summarised study notes, as part of your  final test/exam  prep, by incorporating:- premilimary notes from your textbook reading, the night before class;- notes taken and made during the lecture;- notes taken and made

What are the best books for UPSC?

This is the most important question one always keep thinking about during upsc preparation. The reason being that too much or less of material will equally create challenges in your preparation. Moreover, choosing the right sources and revision of these resources is the most crucial part of your preparation. Otherwise, everyone is reading from some source or the

What are the best books to prepare for the IIT JAM physics exam?

A2AEdit#1: Recently I got to know, there is a coaching institute called Career Endeavour in Jia Sarai, Delhi. Some noble soul made really beautiful notes which are available at a nearby Chaudhary photostate shop. I've been told they are good enough to clear NET/JRF so I assume they will be good enough for JAM too.

What are the best books which include only previous year question papers for AIPMT preparation?

I am an engineering student had biology as a my additional in +2 cbse.Naturally i was in a section where all my 40 classmates aspired to be a doctor.For two years they mugged biology, gave little attention to physics chem and neglected mathematics.My approach was full focus on PCM and read NCERT biology once or

What are the recommended books/materials for the CAT exam preparation?

One of the things that I have seen a lot of CAT aspirants worry about is the books related to CAT preparation. Probably it is natural to get worried about important things in life and CAT preparation is definitely one of the important steps in anyone's career. Having said that, the choice of books is probably not an important

What is best way to crack the Civil Services Exam?

Detailed Account of the UPSC Preparation from scratchI feel privileged today to share my two cents on civil services preparation. Before I begin let me clearly state that there is no magic wand to clear civil services. Also there is no correlation of intelligence and high aptitude with chances of

What is the best plan to study for the SAT?

I gave the SAT in October last year, and got a score of 1520/1600. I had a month and a half to prepare for it. I did not join any paid coaching specifically for it.I am good with English and since I was preparing for

What is the best way to prepare for IELTS?

I have got overall 7.5 bands in IELTS Academic, so my suggestions are based on that level.I am also assuming you know tenses and other grammatical stuff ( I have less problems in this area . It is natural for me . :-))If you want 7.5

What is the best way to study for the IIT exams?

As you are studying in FIITJEE, so I'll answer accordingly.I enrolled in ALLEN, Kota in 2013 for preparation of jee 2014 (1 year course).Before that never took coaching for JEE. By that time I only knew the basics which are taught in CBSE board.After starting study in Kota

Which are the best books or learning resources to prepare for the GRE?

The GRE General Test is composed of three sections: verbal reasoning, analytic reasoning, and analytic writing. The four books listed below offer instructions on how to complete each section of the test, strategies for being successful before and during the test, and practice questions to get you ready for test day. While

Which are the best books to prepare for IAS exam?

You are expecting a mini-library to be packed in one book?Well, the precise answer to your question is - a single book like this hasn't been written so far! And even if it is ever, you won't be able to physically lift it :)The reason is clear - the syllabus of the

Can a person clear the civil services exam through self study of a year?

A person can clear the civil services exam through self study every year aspirants clear in first attempt they are also a person only .Now civil services is not any other competition exam . If you clear this exam the platform that you get you cannot get in any other exam .

Can we crack the NEET 2019 without coaching classes in one year by self-study?

This is the question that I always wanted to answer after writing NEET-UG and AIIMS-UG 2017. This because I wanted to reach out to as many as people as possible and break some myths about NEET. I would like to propagate my tips on this subject. This answer will

CBSE: Is Class 10 easier than class 9?

I believe the introduction of chapters like Trigonometry makes class 10's syllabus really interesting. Plus the no. of Previous year papers, appeared questions etc makes scoring easier. So yes, in many ways Class X is easier than IX and it also depends on your attitude towards studies, I'd say. TBH, I lacked interest which

Does testing make students smarter, or is it other work, like projects, that makes students smarter?

Projects improve skill, testing motivates students to improve that skill. However projects and testing does not make you smarter, just more experienced.It is the difference between a person who has 20 years of fencing and someone who takes up a saber and naturally knows how to use it. The outcome may look the same, but what

How to prepare for the IIT JEE 2020 as a dropper by self-study (AIM-Under 100)

Just follow this as much as you can.. And I guarantee you a brilliant rank :)1. Be sincere in your efforts (Half hearted hard work doesn't give fruitful results !)2. Practice from limited and standard books like HC VERMA, etc.

How to score good marks in the CA Foundation? How do I study each subject

It matters to some extent from the stream of 12th if you are from science then focus on accounts and maths stats will be cake walk if you are good at number and please focus on basic accounting, if your base is strong then it

How to study more effectively during last 6 days of NEET-2019 preparation

Solving previous years papers, focusing in frequently asked topics and questions, practice to fill the OMR sheet correctly and not make minute mistakes.Remain calm , believe in yourself that you can do it. The exam is a mere formality you have already a doctor. And eat , sleep , talk to your loved

How to study SST in class 9

Hello!For every lesson that you take up, read the whole lesson and try to make questions for each paragraph. This will help you learn answers easier.Start making notes which has small key points and key words for each question that you have identified. This will help you to remember stuff easier.For history, write down all the

How effective is coaching in preparation of entrance exams?

Millions of students appear for entrance exams every year but who have got he right mode of preparation are able to clear the exam.One can clear the exam without coaching but he/she needs to have clear and deep understanding of all the concepts. Cracking a competitive exam without knowledge and understanding is not possible.It is recommended to join

How necessary are PCM tutions for class 12 CBSE?

Physics, Chemistry and Maths of 11th and 12th are not that easy ! To get into the shoes of these subjects , you need to work really hard . I am not saying that you can't do it on your own , but it will be very time consuming and which you don't had much at

How should I prepare for UPSC without any coaching?

Let me here narrate you a story. Hope this one inspires you.I first took the exam in 2012. I was working at a private firm at the time, and I didn't take significant time off to study. I took one week off to prepare for prelims, and a couple of weeks for

How should I study more effectively to crack NEET?

A2ALet me first acknowledge you to put up such a sensible question.Almost everyone knows what to study. So one must find out ‘ how to study effectively' (for NEET)because that matters a lot.Focus on studies.Nothing should bother you when you're studying(keep your phone away while studying).Make flowcharts- These charts are so helpful and it

How should we self-study for the civil service exam?

Interview of Swapnil Patil - IAS 2017 ,AIR 55 (Topper - Mumbai region)Wakeup: 7 amStart studying: 9 am to 1pmLunch: 1-1:30Studying: 1:30-5:00pmSports: 5:00 - 5:30 pmStudying: 5:30 - 10:00pmSleep: 11:00pm - 7:00amstrategy:Start History , polity around August.Science and economy by mid September.Geography and environment by November. Keep an eye out for government schemes

How should you study for Boards, coaching or self-study?

Hello Friend,Studying for board well it can a matric level (10th ) or high school (+2) boardGoing for board exam is definitely a challenge not in the exam preparation sense but it tests out all your confidence giving you the exam nerves

Is it more helpful for studying in coaching classes instead of self preparation for the SAT exam?

I fail to see a point in attending a specialized coaching class for the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test, not a competitive one. What you need for the SAT is already deeply ingrained in your brain (basic verbal and mathematical understanding), and no coaching class can

Is it possible to clear the GATE without any coaching (by self-studying)?

Yes. Very much possible!Earlier times(say 6–7 years ago) there was a huge gap between college education and the requirements of GATE exam and coaching institutions bridged that gap. So only a handful of financially strong students got the quality content from those coachings and cracked the exam with ease.Cut to

Is there any possible way to study AP Euro 24 hours before the AP test and pass?

I sure hope not.If the exam is worth anything - if it measures a student's comprehension of the themes through European history that underpin current conditions and issues in Europe - then you should not be able to

Is tuition for class XI cbse physics necessary?

You need someone to explain you the concept. It might be your school teacher, tuition teacher, parents or anyone.I believe in self study but you know when you have doubts, it is necessary that you clarify it.If you already have a physics expert at

What are some tips to crack the competitive exam in a short time?

In recent time, it is easy to be prepared for online competitive exams. We are living in a world of technology. Online exam software is more beneficial for the students to face competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT, MAT, etc. It is better to know what to study and when to study as a

What are some tips you have for last second studying?

The best tip I can give you is to not wait to the last second to study. I do realize that this is not always possible. The possible problem is that you do not enjoy studying because you find yourself frustrated with your efforts. I'm going

What are the 5 best tricks to keep yourself motivated for NEET exam?

Hi Buddy !Thanks for A2A !The 5 Mantras which I had followed in my preparation was :If your preparation is right, your NEET score will be automatically good.If you practice hard, your NEET Score will be right automatically.You are not alone, everybody is in the same situation.Work Hard, Sacrifice everything for a

What are the best strategies for preparing for the GMAT?

This is going to be a long answer. Here is how I prepared for the GMAT and scored 770/800. Here we go.TAKE A MOCK TEST EVEN BEFORE YOU BEGIN PREPARATIONThe score you get in this mock will give you an indication of where you can end with preparation.A rule

What are the best studying strategies before a test and final exam?

The answer to your question is long and complicated; but, I urge you to read all the way through it, because I believe it will help you. I developed an extremely effective method for teaching and helping my students to learn by focusing on the only two educational theories

What are the tips to prepare for competitive exams?

When you are getting ready for competitive exams, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost, prepare for them properly. If you are facing problems while getting ready for an competitive exam and don't know exactly what you should do in order to ace it, then this is the post you should be reading.

What is your study time table in 12 standard?

Having good grades in my 12th standard, I believe I can answer this question. I would warn before hand that whatever I suggest are based on what I followed and my comfort, strengths and weaknesses. The idea behind sharing it is to give you a sketch of one

What was your daily routine while preparing for UPSC?

A2A.I am not someone who could stick to the same routine for a long period of time. So I keep on experimenting and I also change my routine frequently so as to gain more productive hours.The favourite of my routines was something like this:Wake up at 5 am. (I had different alarm apps for this purpose

What's a good coaching institute for the Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exam in Chandigarh?

Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exams Coaching requires Special Focus on Himachal Pradesh GS/GK in Detailed Manner. So Your Choice while choosing these institutes should be focused on Quality, Subjects & Classes, Experts Teachers & What they are providing you in Class.There are many Institute who will Claims you about HP- HPAS Coaching

When will CBSE declare class 12th results?

New Delhi: A Delhi High Court ruling ordering the CBSE to continue with the moderation or grace marks policy may delay the Class 12 Board exam result 2017 which were expected to be declared on May 24.The court had asked the Central Board of Secondary Education

Which coaching is better for NEET preparation?

Education is one of the biggest business in India. Everyday you will get to know another coaching institute claiming to be the best coaching Institute for NEET.Due to the false publicity you might end up enrolling yourself in wrong coaching institute and ended

Which is the best guide for the CBSE biology in class 11?

Xamidea Biology , its the best considering CBSE syllabus . I scored 95 in boards 2015 using it . Our bio-teacher recommended to follow this book . Note * : Some people will suggest - " Truman Biology " , it has

What should be my strategy to qualify for the NEET 2019, as I want to go abroad for an MBBS?

According to my knowledge, from 2018 NEET is mandatory even if you want to do MBBS from abroad. Plus you have to score at least 50 percentile in NEET to be able to qualify for admission in foreign universities.As for preparation, I would