Are 3 months enough for seeing visible change in body fitness?

Absolutely yes!The more important question is

Can I write COMEDK after dropping 2 years of engineering?

Oh well I don't think so it could happen.Because one of my cousin jumped his grades and was not not able to apply for that because of his age limit.So ,it could probably be the same for those who got more age ..Any way please login to the comedk official website and try to reach them by

How to convince my parents to let me fast as my exams are during Ramadan, and they think that I should concentrate on studies and should fast after my exams are over

As for breaking the fast because of exams, Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked about that and he replied:It is not permissible for an adult of sound mind to break the fast during Ramadaan because of exams, because that is not one

How to crack interviews in MNC

Any interview for Fresher Candidates usually has several rounds before they hire you.Round 1 : The Aptitude RoundThis round of interview is for testing your logical, analytical and mathematical skills. They may check English skills too.To clear Round 1, you must be good at aptitude

How to crack the himachal administrative services exam with a year of coaching and self-study

Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exams Coaching requires Special Focus on Himachal Pradesh GS/GK in Detailed Manner. So Your Choice while choosing these institutes should be focused on Quality, Subjects & Classes, Experts Teachers & What they are providing you in Class.There are many Institute who will

How to get 100 subscribers

Do you know that there's a way for you to add100 - 200 targeted subscribers into your mailing listevery day?In this method, you don't need a product, affiliatesor even a list to get started.Now YOU can use this proven system to build your

How to study for an important exam

For one of my courses I tried everything.It was my first semester of Graduate school and I had read how in the previous year 37% of students had failed this course.‘Critical Thinking in Business'It actually made the news in Australia!It became my personal challenge to defeat the hardest course. So I did

I got 40% marks in PCM in class XII boards examination. What should I do now?

Firstly, don't worry at all that your career is doomed or some thing like that. You can still do very well in your career, just that you have to be wise in your decision making.Clearing boards witth that percentage means you aren't good enough for science. So change your stream, take commerce or arts and give

I have my semester exams starting, I love to go gym. Should I go gym or study for examination?

It depends. If you are confident enough about the exams then your can go enjoy the workout and then study for the exams. You can also do one thing, do light workout in the gym. You can go for cardio. You can start shredding your muscles to get a

Is 3 months enough time to get into shape?

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): YES. NOW is the time!BUT first, you have to ask yourself, "What specific goal am I trying to attain? Why do I want to get in shape? Is this just the same old New Year's resolution?" Only then will your

Is having one child easier than two?

I would always suggest you to have two babies. I have two babies and the experience of growing them together is more satisfying and of course as you have mentioned for the ultimate sibling bond.When I started on my journey as a mother I was so worried and cautious about everything. That ultimately made

Is it possible to get in shape in 3 months?

yes it's possibleGo to a gym and start lifting weights, work out 5 days a week . Try to work a specific muscle group in a particular day( i.e chest monday, arms tuesday, rest wednesday, legs thursday shoulder friday, back saturday and rest

Should I still go to the gym every day even when I have exams?

You should probably not go to the gym every day not just because you have exams but because going to the gym everyday does more harm than good :) I don't know what your goals are but if you want to build muscles and look good just

What are some cool psychological hacks that can be used to score high in viva exams?

If you knowWho you are pretty good!Who you are and comfortable to serve yourself.Who the people in your opposite and serve them all they demand.To speak what they want to hear rather than what you wish to tell.To read and write and understand.Stick to your confirmation

What are the best ways to study during annual exams?

Best way is to learn at least 2 or 3 weeks before your annual exam starts. This would help to you to score well in your exams. This would help you to cover almost all the chapters in each subject. It would be better if you prepare timetable which include every subject

What are the science reference books for class 10 CBSE?

As I secured 10cgpa I think I can answer this question clearly.The answer is simple and straight.NCERT.!The questions comes from NCERT only, read the book instead of mugging up all the answers of the questions given in the book.Edit- Oh I'm sorry! I forgot to mention about S Chand. !! The theory part there is

What if I have been lifting for years but haven't seen results in months?

You have hit a plateau.Now, assuming you've actually been lifting for years, you should know this.Here's what you need to do.(1) Assess the situationAre you actually not seeing results? Or just not making results as quickly. In other words, have

What is more effective coaching or self study while preparing for Neet exam?

Hey,I will tell you both the aspects as i took coachings before and now i am studying by my own.Coachings (prestigious once).In coaching you will learn, how to study things in the correct manner, you will get to know by the teachers that where should you be focusing for NEET.You need not to work hard to seek daily

What is the best reference book for biology cbse class 12?

NCERT book for biology is best. I am regretting buying S. Chand of Biology. However, for medical entrance exams i will prefer Trumen's or ABC.For CBSE class 12, I refer only NCERT and Arihant's chapterwise solution (great book!)Moreover, Trumen's and ABC's biology are great for AIIMS, AIPMT and

What is the best time to take a PTE exam, the morning or the evening?

I did it only once and my exam started at 11:45AM till 3:00PM (including 10mins optional break). It doesn't actually matter whether its AM or PM. Be prepared and confident. However, if you feel good in the morning, go for it. But make sure you arrive

Which colleges accepted/rejected you (April 2019)?

This entire admissions cycle has made me realize just how fragile my ego is. I applied to a LOT of top private schools, thinking that, at the very least, one of them might accept me. Although it worked out for me in the end, it was a very long ride that

While preparation of any competitive exam, what kept you motivated (or what was the reason and purpose behind doing all the hard work)?

Briefly there are 6 things that one should always keep in mind during his/her preparation.Why?(why are you preparing for a particular exam).Right environment (always be in contact with good peers who are also preparing or already done well previously (only these type of

Can you get good results in the gym without a coach?

So many people think they'll never be able to get in shape because they just can't afford to hire a personal trainer, but the reality is that there's a lot you can do on your own to get fit and healthy.Best way is to do research on your own.Get a good workout BookWhile there's no

From what age should I start preparing for UPSC examination?

UPSC has prescribed the age bracket of 21–32 years (For General Category) for the candidates appearing in the coveted civil services examination. However, in my opinion, the right age to appear in the civil services exam is:The age when you have the fire within to GO FOR THE KILL.The age when

How to crack NEET 2017

Hey there,I passed my Neet examination last year, so I think I can help you with that.In my opinion, you should try to study less but smartly and get good marks.Marks that you score in biology are most important as they decide your rank above

How to get in shape in 20 days

Crash dieting is not healthy or sustainable.However, with those constraints, I would do the following:Every morning drink a liter of high quality water (e.g. Pelligrino) & drink plenty of water throughout the day to thirst.Limit all food intake between

How to pass the TOEFL exam with a high grade

Thanks for A2A.First of all, when you have to commence preparing for it, all depends on your caliber of English knowledge(academic, since TOEFL is all about academic English to test and prepare a person to live and particulartly study in a foreign university).

How to prepare english section for SSC exams from zero level

If I have to divide SSC English, I'll say There are 3 parts: Vocabulary - You have to learn Words. Grammar - You have to learn Rules.Understanding Skills - You have to learn vocabulary and Grammar and Apply

How to study daily from 8 to 10 hours

The reason you are asking this question is because you are facing burnout, right?Yes!! If you keep studying for a long duration, obviously you'll face burnout.But there's a solution to it, which is the Pomodoro Technique.So, this is a proven technique, even I use it.What you do is, download a Pomodoro app

How to crack SBI PO 2016, IBPS 2016, and SSC-CGL 2016 by self-study? I have the entire TIME CAT materials and the Arun Sharma books. Will they be of any help

I'll try to be short and precise.For POBook list1. Quant : Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar.(Arun Sharma level 1 questions will do the needful)M tyra2. English :SP bakshi/Mock tests(Your CAT material will suffice)3. Current affairs

How to get my IQ tested

There are many ways for someone to have their Intelligence Quotient or IQ tested in today's society. With the ever expanding realm of the Internet at our fingertips, measuring one's level of intelligence has never been easier or more difficult for that matter.Why are IQ tests important?Intelligence Quotient tests

How to prepare for a psychometric test for DMRC SC/TO

DMRC SC/TO and CRA Psycho TestThis Test consists of 6 partsPart 1:Embedded Figure Test: This part is further subdivided into three parts, part (a) consists of 7 questions which you have to trace on the answer figure using HB pencil within 5 minutes, part (b) consists of

How to prepare for aptitude tests for placements

Let me start by categorising the "IT companies".According to me, there are 4 categories.1. Extremely Brilliant companies (Facebook, Google types).2. Excellent ones (Adobe, Oracle India, Goldman Sachs).3. Above average companies (which offer anything between 5lacs - 10 lacs).4. Average companies (where 70-80% of Engineering folks are placed. Egs are

How to prepare for PCS (Punjab Civil Service) Exam

I am from Punjab and hope I am able to clear your doubt. Punjab PCS was held in year 2011 after 11–13 years, last was held in 1999 before 2011, as there were some issue about corruption and lack of transparency but now coming to topic as you

How to prepare for the UPSC exam

What Gets Measured Gets DoneSince UPSC is a long journey, therefore, it's essential to have monthly, weekly and daily plan for your studies else you would find that even after 6 months of preparation you won't be able to recall what you

How to start preparing for IES

There are many ways/strategies to prepare for IES(ECE). You can find many toppers strategies in the website  I am sharing my complete strategy. I can assure you 6 month of serious & smart study is good enough to clear IES. My answer is going to

How much stress is good for me during examinations? How to be at the optimum level of stress n what is it for peak performance?Should I stress myself?

What is Stress:Stress is a biological and psychological response experienced on encountering a Threat that we feel we do not have the Resources to deal with. A stressor is the stimulus (or threat) that causes stress, e.g. exam, divorce, death of loved one, moving

How should I learn to pass my exams when I am in fear?

Unfortunately when you are in fear, your body is in survival mode and you will not easily absorb or retain information. Eliminate the fear and you will stand a chance.You might find these study tips from Top 10 tips on Developing Study Skills - School Entrance Tests helpful.Find time to study – If

How should I plan my preparation for the GRE?

Having appeared for twice in GRE, I can definitely guide you to study for GRE. Its a very funny and temperament oriented exam, where you can not predict your marks after giving few mock tests.If you have a nice grip in English vocabulary, and have read lot of

How should I prepare for the NEET?

I copied this from a Facebook post by me, please go through this:Okay, so Rajiv Sir asked me to throw some light on my preparation experience last year(2015-16).I passed class 12th in 2015 with regular school and coaching from Aakash Pitampura(Delhi) and appeared for both AIPMT and RE-AIPMT

I have my semester exams starting, I love to go gym. Should I go gym or study for examination?

It depends. If you are confident enough about the exams then your can go enjoy the workout and then study for the exams. You can also do one thing, do light workout in the gym. You can go for cardio. You can start shredding your muscles to get a nice lean physic. Just focus on

Is 3 months enough time to get into shape?

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): YES. NOW is the time!BUT first, you have to ask yourself, "What specific goal am I trying to attain? Why do I want to get in shape? Is this just the same old New Year's resolution?" Only then will your answer inform you if you have the internal motivation to accomplish

Is 3 months enough time to prepare for the NDA?

First of all Congratulations!You are already ahead of many people appearing for the exam.If you are preparing for the boards then you have done 75% of the job.Now what you have to work upon:GAT - Thoroughly go through the atlas, Alot of geography questions are asked only from India related

Is it good to study every day or at the last minute of an exam?

Hello!! I'm too the student so according to me, One should study every day..bcz if you study at the last minute of an exam some topics may slip from your mind..or you may can't get that topic suddenly..if you are studying one topic regularly and if you get any problem you

Is it possible to get in shape in 3 months?

yes it's possibleGo to a gym and start lifting weights, work out 5 days a week . Try to work a specific muscle group in a particular day( i.e chest monday, arms tuesday, rest wednesday, legs thursday shoulder friday, back saturday and rest

Is there a test that can prove that animals are self-aware?

To There's a commonly used test that positively indicates self-awareness: the mirror self-recognition test (MSR), also known as the "mark test."  I can't think of a good test to indicate lack of self-awareness, b/c we're limited in our imaginations.In the MSR, an animal is shown a mirror

It was Sunday on Jan 1, 2009. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2019?

Answer is Friday as there are two Leap years 2012 and 2016 included in the period. Two days are added thus Jan 1 2009 = Sunday Jan 1 2010 = Monday Jan 1 2011 = Tuesday Jan 1 2012 = Thursday (leap year) Jan 1 2013 = Friday  Jan 1 2014 = Saturday Jan

Should I still go to the gym every day even when I have exams?

You should probably not go to the gym every day not just because you have exams but because going to the gym everyday does more harm than good :) I don't know what your goals are but if you want to build muscles

The average age of a class of 39 students is 15 years. If the age of the teacher be included, then the average increases by 3 months. Find the age of the teacher?

Answer: 25 yearsHere it is calculated:Let the sum of ages of 39 students be XThen X/39= 15 years15 years = 180 monthsNow X = 39*180=7020When the age of the teacher is included avg increases by 3 months. Let the sum ages of 39 students and one teacher be YThen Y/40= 183Y=

What are some tips that can help me prepare for finals week in college?

There are a few things you can do:1)  Prepare global  consolidated and summarised study notes, as part of your  final test/exam  prep, by incorporating:- premilimary notes from your textbook reading, the night before class;- notes taken and made during the lecture;- notes taken and made

What are the best books for UPSC?

This is the most important question one always keep thinking about during upsc preparation. The reason being that too much or less of material will equally create challenges in your preparation. Moreover, choosing the right sources and revision of these resources is the most crucial part of your preparation. Otherwise, everyone is reading from some source or the

What are the best books to prepare for the IIT JAM physics exam?

A2AEdit#1: Recently I got to know, there is a coaching institute called Career Endeavour in Jia Sarai, Delhi. Some noble soul made really beautiful notes which are available at a nearby Chaudhary photostate shop. I've been told they are good enough to clear NET/JRF so I assume they will be good enough for JAM too.

What are the best books which include only previous year question papers for AIPMT preparation?

I am an engineering student had biology as a my additional in +2 cbse.Naturally i was in a section where all my 40 classmates aspired to be a doctor.For two years they mugged biology, gave little attention to physics chem and neglected mathematics.My approach was full focus on PCM and read NCERT biology once or

What is best way to crack the Civil Services Exam?

Detailed Account of the UPSC Preparation from scratchI feel privileged today to share my two cents on civil services preparation. Before I begin let me clearly state that there is no magic wand to clear civil services. Also there is no correlation of intelligence and high aptitude with chances of

What is civil service exam?

IAS /UPSC (Civil Services Examination)IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service is the prestigious administrative civil service for the Government of India. Imagine! Wouldn't be really great to serve the ruler of some area/city. Devise strategies, command over people. Chill, I

What is it like to take an IQ test?

I took a Mensa Admission IQ test in May. It was a two-hour written group test held at a psychologist's office. I had overslept and arrived just in time for the test to start; a little later and I would have stood in front of locked doors, because they don't allow latecomers, probably

What is the best book to prepare for AIIMS physics?

AIIMS physics is highly conceptual and ordinary NEET level books wont most questions are not very objective in nature...So u need to be extremely well prepared to be in top 50Finish your coaching modulesDo hc verma... Very very good for concept but seriously lacks the long calculative questions asked this time...Dc pandey (JEE

What is the best way to prepare for IELTS?

I have got overall 7.5 bands in IELTS Academic, so my suggestions are based on that level.I am also assuming you know tenses and other grammatical stuff ( I have less problems in this area . It is natural for me . :-))If you want 7.5

What is the best way to study for the IIT exams?

As you are studying in FIITJEE, so I'll answer accordingly.I enrolled in ALLEN, Kota in 2013 for preparation of jee 2014 (1 year course).Before that never took coaching for JEE. By that time I only knew the basics which are taught in CBSE board.After starting study in Kota

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you in an exam?

I did not prepare for the AP test. My general testing philosophy is that tests are measures of my knowledge and what's the point of relearning what I've learned? I enjoy taking tests, so I wasn't worried.The night before, I stayed up till 2 in

What should be my approach and CAT percentile to get into IIMs?

First of all, let me clarify that your undergrad college has no bearing on your CAT result. I am from a no name engineering college, and did pretty well. Here's what I did: Step 1: Do an honest review of your own preparation levels. Download

Which are the best books or learning resources to prepare for the GRE?

The GRE General Test is composed of three sections: verbal reasoning, analytic reasoning, and analytic writing. The four books listed below offer instructions on how to complete each section of the test, strategies for being successful before and during the test, and practice questions to get you ready for test day. While

Which are the best books to prepare for IAS exam?

You are expecting a mini-library to be packed in one book?Well, the precise answer to your question is - a single book like this hasn't been written so far! And even if it is ever, you won't be able to physically lift it :)The reason is clear - the syllabus of the

Why do certain topics gather more attention than others?

Cause of the degree of intelligence of people is based on how much can be comprehended with. If others are unaware of something a conversation does not exist. For example if I told you that the Universe has a Heart Beat and I said I can prove it, and you say how? Then you

Are coaching classes necessary for class 12? (Commerce + Math student)

This question cannot have a definite answer as it depends from person to person. BUT yes Coaching for the technical subjects should be taken.One of the best advantage of Coaching is interaction with students of different schools that helps one

Can a person clear the civil services exam through self study of a year?

A person can clear the civil services exam through self study every year aspirants clear in first attempt they are also a person only .Now civil services is not any other competition exam . If you clear this exam the platform that you get you cannot get in any other exam .

Can I lose 3 kgs in 1 month in a healthy way?

Any of these will yield results you're looking for: 1. Nutrition tweaks:Avoid processed grains (bread, bagels, sandwiches and the like)Avoid liquid calories: sodas, diet drinks etc. Drink green tea, water and plain black coffee insteadForget about Fat-free, Zero-Calorie and ‘Franken-food' products - in some cases these are even worse than the processed sugar filled products: disrupting hormones, bloating

CBSE: Is Class 10 easier than class 9?

I believe the introduction of chapters like Trigonometry makes class 10's syllabus really interesting. Plus the no. of Previous year papers, appeared questions etc makes scoring easier. So yes, in many ways Class X is easier than IX and it also depends on your attitude towards studies, I'd say. TBH, I lacked interest which

Does testing make students smarter, or is it other work, like projects, that makes students smarter?

Projects improve skill, testing motivates students to improve that skill. However projects and testing does not make you smarter, just more experienced.It is the difference between a person who has 20 years of fencing and someone who takes up a saber and naturally knows how to use it. The outcome may look the same, but what

For CBSE class 10 which book is best reference for maths?

These most important Books for classes 9th and 10th.Class 9 has far more syllabus than class 8. Class 9 is very important as it lays foundation for your class 10 results. And class 10 (Board Exam) decides your future. To top in your class or to get 90-100 % marksStudy from

How to build physical fitness for IPS exam

Start pumping iron for 1 hourEat lot of chicken pork egss beef tuna tilapia ect .If Hindu can exclude beefIf Muslim can exclude porkIf Vegan cam eat soyabean and paneer on a daily basisBut do pump iron , keep BajiraoSinghams wallpaper on you mobile or Chulbul Pandey would also do. or else you won't be selected for IPS keep

How to get myself to study for more than 14 hours a day? Any motivation or concentration hacks

We all have problems to study for long hours in a day.This is my schedule to read around 13 hours in a day.(1) Wake up 4:45. Refresh and brush your teeth.(2) Start at 5 am.(3) First session 5am-6:30am(4) Take 15 mins break and start from 6:45-8:00(5) Take 15 mins and take bath

How to complete my study syllabus in 15 days

If you have read well the whole year then year then you can easily complete you study syllabus in 10–15 days and if you have not studied for the whole year then you will require atleast 16 hours of study per day for the coming 15 days to complete atleast 60–70% of the

How to get motivated even after constant failure in competitive exams

Hello RishiIt all boils down to what you want to achieve in life and how you define your failure as. I have always believed that failure is not the one where you are not able to achieve the goal in your first shot, but rather to the quality of giving

How to manage mental stress during exams

Start preparing as early as possible.Avoid rote learning as far as possible. If required to do so give yourself sufficient timeAt every point of time before and during examination, remember the paper is same for you as well as other candidates so do not panic or feel excessively confident.During the

How to prepare for the IIT JEE 2020 as a dropper by self-study (AIM-Under 100)

Just follow this as much as you can.. And I guarantee you a brilliant rank :)1. Be sincere in your efforts (Half hearted hard work doesn't give fruitful results !)2. Practice from limited and standard books like HC VERMA, etc.

How to score above 90% in the CBSE class 12

Hey there ! I got 94.6% in my CBSE class 12th boards 2018. I think I can be a little help to all board aspirants.Okay, so my stream was SCIENCE !English - I got 95/100. Don't give fancy answers with high vocabulary, just write simple answers and underline important words. Remember to write

How to score good marks in the CA Foundation? How do I study each subject

It matters to some extent from the stream of 12th if you are from science then focus on accounts and maths stats will be cake walk if you are good at number and please focus on basic accounting, if your base is strong then it

How to start preparation for IAS exam without coaching

Good to see that you know about the uselessness of the kind of coaching centres for IAS that we have, today.You should know 1 important thing. Like Taare Zameen Par taught us

How to study more effectively during last 6 days of NEET-2019 preparation

Solving previous years papers, focusing in frequently asked topics and questions, practice to fill the OMR sheet correctly and not make minute mistakes.Remain calm , believe in yourself that you can do it. The exam is a mere formality you have already a doctor. And eat , sleep , talk to your loved

How to study SST in class 9

Hello!For every lesson that you take up, read the whole lesson and try to make questions for each paragraph. This will help you learn answers easier.Start making notes which has small key points and key words for each question that you have identified. This will help you to remember stuff easier.For history, write down all the

How to avoid the confusion between 12 AM (midnight) and 12 PM

The confusion is when people don't know which is which;if you say 12 PM they don't know that you are saying noon.Most people know that AM is morning and PM is afternoon,but often cannot see noon as being afternoon, so think of it as 12 AM.

How effective is coaching in preparation of entrance exams?

Millions of students appear for entrance exams every year but who have got he right mode of preparation are able to clear the exam.One can clear the exam without coaching but he/she needs to have clear and deep understanding of all the concepts. Cracking a competitive exam without knowledge and understanding is not possible.It is recommended to join

How many times one should do Surya namaskar?

It depends on individual strength. The legend goes that some of the generals in Peshwa army did about 3000 Namaskars every day. Well, its very important to take into account a few things - one's physical capacity, daily physical and mental labor and diet available. Assuming you have average built, a sedentary

How much hours of sleep are required before the day of an exam?

Ideally you should get a full night's sleep. But it's not necessary. As long as you are not falling asleep as you're trying to take it, then you can do it. And how much sleep you need to not be falling asleep can be different for everyone.Actually

How much time does it take to complete the whole syllabus of the ACCA F1 (self-study)?

ACCA paper F1 Axcountant in Business is a fundamental level paper. It deals with 6 key topicsorganisations and their environmentCorporate Governance and EthicsAccounting, Internal Control, Fraud and Information TechnologyLeadership and Key ManagementHuman ResourcesEconomicsI normally take 8 lectures to compete the

How should I prepare for UPSC without any coaching?

Let me here narrate you a story. Hope this one inspires you.I first took the exam in 2012. I was working at a private firm at the time, and I didn't take significant time off to study. I took one week off to prepare for prelims, and a couple of weeks for

How should I study more effectively to crack NEET?

A2ALet me first acknowledge you to put up such a sensible question.Almost everyone knows what to study. So one must find out ‘ how to study effectively' (for NEET)because that matters a lot.Focus on studies.Nothing should bother you when you're studying(keep your phone away while studying).Make flowcharts- These charts are so helpful and it

How should we self-study for the civil service exam?

Interview of Swapnil Patil - IAS 2017 ,AIR 55 (Topper - Mumbai region)Wakeup: 7 amStart studying: 9 am to 1pmLunch: 1-1:30Studying: 1:30-5:00pmSports: 5:00 - 5:30 pmStudying: 5:30 - 10:00pmSleep: 11:00pm - 7:00amstrategy:Start History , polity around August.Science and economy by mid September.Geography and environment by November. Keep an eye out for government schemes

How should you study for Boards, coaching or self-study?

Hello Friend,Studying for board well it can a matric level (10th ) or high school (+2) boardGoing for board exam is definitely a challenge not in the exam preparation sense but it tests out all your confidence giving you the exam nerves

How was the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics paper for 2016?

EVERYBODY KNOWS HOW THE PAPER WAS....BUT VERY FEW KNOW WHAT THE STUDENT HAD TO GO THROUGH IN 3 DREAD HOURS...As soon as I got the paper, all hell broke loose. I shifted Uncomfortably on my seat quite a lot of times. I turned around just to see stunned faces. And then my paper went all damp. I mentally kicked

How was your result of class 12th boards (CBSE 2016)?

I got what I deserved in every subject except Maths.Physics:85 (okay I messed up the exam thanks to my slow speed)Chemistry:94English: 94 (in the face of my English teacher, always making feel me shit due not being a teacher's pet. So what if I sit in last row, I did study when

Is doing exercise important for a class 10 student?

Exercise is the most important thing for every living being, irrespective of age, sex, occupation or race.Doing as little as 15 minutes of exercise every day is enough for anyone, but make sure you don't exert yourself in the beginning. Start with minimal exertion, like going for

Is doing IIT preparation in the X class necessary?

Just do one thing, Compare your syllabus of 10th std(SA2) with the syllabus of JEE Main. There is no comparison(Its like 10 times of 10th syllabus), Compare your 10th std syllabus with that of China, Taiwan, Vietnam,Russia and you ll get

Is it advisable to take GMAT multiple times (say about 6 or 7 times) until you reach your target score of 700+?

There are limits on how often you can write the GMAT. You can write it a maximum of 5 times in a 12-month period and a maximum of 8 times in your lifetime. So writing the GMAT too many times is not a feasible option to begin with.Having said that,

Is it more helpful for studying in coaching classes instead of self preparation for the SAT exam?

I fail to see a point in attending a specialized coaching class for the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test, not a competitive one. What you need for the SAT is already deeply ingrained in your brain (basic verbal and mathematical understanding), and no coaching class can

Is it necessary to study for 12-13 hrs a day daily in class 12?

It depends on intelligence and memory of individuals ,there is no general rule .If an average intelligent person attends all classes with care and also gets doubts cleared then a few hours revision and memorising will be enough to get good marks .Less intelligent may have to spend more time .High intelligent people

Is it possible for an unfit person to run 6.5 miles in one hour after just 1 month of training?

Now your question says 6.5 miles but the detail says 6.5 km. 6.5 miles  is approx 10.5km. 6.5 km in one hour is not a big problem and with  regular training you can achieve it in a month. In fact you will be able to

Is it possible to clear the GATE without any coaching (by self-studying)?

Yes. Very much possible!Earlier times(say 6–7 years ago) there was a huge gap between college education and the requirements of GATE exam and coaching institutions bridged that gap. So only a handful of financially strong students got the quality content from those coachings and cracked the exam with ease.Cut to

Is taking AP tests without taking the class a bad idea because it won't help your GPA?

No its not a bad idea.My HS did not have AP classes for some courses I didnt want to take in college (would have been electives). I took the regular class and bought AP study guides. (Nowadays same info can be had for free