Do you have bodyguards?

I do not have any; but my grandfather had a few of them during the British Raj; before India became an Independent Sovereign nation.My grandfather's full name was Rai Bahadur S.N.Ghosh; a prominent and wealthy Zamindar (Land-owner) of 7 Districts which made up the largest Division of Bangladesh during British Rule; i.e. Khulna Division. Though he relocated

Does Mark Zuckerberg have security/bodyguards?

Yes, he has.Mr Zuckerberg's domestic security arrangements had come to light after Drew Houston, the founder of DropBox, recalled a visit to his home. As he walked out of Zuckerberg's  Palo Alto colonial, Houston noticed the security guard parked outside, presumably all day, every day and pondered the corollaries of the path. He said

What's your impression of the Smith and Wesson 380 bodyguard for concealed carry, aesthetics etc? Would you mind 380 as a caliber given there is a plethora of single stack 9 mm out there?

A 9MM does nave more stopping power then a .380 but with modern hollow points the difference is not that great. You are correct the most common calibers for concealed are 9MM, .40 and .45. But what is better for