Are bodyweight exercises more effective than going to a gym?

I don't know if I would say "more effective". It depends on what your goals are. But I notice all the comments are basically saying barbells = muscles and calisthenics = general fitness. I don't agree with that. Resistance is resistance. Your body doesn't know the difference between picking up a barbell or lifting

As a teen, how can I lose weight in a healthy way?

Managing your weight and being happy with your look is hard for anyone, especially a teen who's subject to peer pressure and images of skinny celebs. But bodies come in different sizes, and you can be healthy at a variety of weights. If your doctor has suggested you lose weight, though, and you're

Can body weight training work comparing it to the actual conventional weight training in a gym?

Body weight training is effective up to a certain point. Just like any exercise using resistance you will build muscle but the amount of resistance can not be increased if you are only using your body weight. You can build strength by increasing the number of

Can I lose weight while fasting?

Yes fasting can help in losing weight but only if done properly. You need to understand that starving is not the best of losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight by starving and fasting but it won't be considered healthy. If you

Can walking help you lose weight?

Excessive fatigue in fat and fat in the stomach, as well as beauty, is also spoiled beauty. Many people are not too fat, but in the stomach many fat or some parts of the body feel very uncomfortable due to fat.I do not like to wear any

Can you build muscle without losing weight?

Yes, you can totally build muscle without losing weight. Really it depends on two combined factors:1. Type of WorkoutOk, if you are looking to build muscle, you need to introduce weight-lifting 2-3 times per week in your workout regimen. Weight-lifting has

Can you do hypertrophy training after strength training?

Short Answer: Of course.The two are interdependent, not mutually exclusive.Meaning you will rely on developing a certain amount of strength over time to develop hypertrophy and you will need a certain amount of volume (weight x sets x reps - typically associated with hypertrophy)

Can you lose weight by doing 1000 squats a day?

Probably, but you will wear out your joints and possibly hurt yourself if you perform the squats with bad form.Please conduct a balanced exercise regime that includes cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training as required. If you're 50 years old and older, I also advise that you

Can you lose weight by walking one mile a day?

You're asking the wrong question. Exercise is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your health, but exercise is not a weight-loss tool. Especially when we're talking about walking for a mile. A quick Google search shows that a mile walk burns around 100 calories. Similar estimates are all over the internet. This

Do I need to exercise to lose weight?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but

Does running 5k build muscle or help to lose weight?

Running long distances is an aerobic exercise that helps to lose weight.It is hardly possible to build muscles for running long distances, since your body is consuming most of the energy from all the parts of your body to fuel the long distance run. Hence, running long distances frequently can

For someone looking to lose weight & begin exercising for the 1st time, what are some of the best fitness blogs, apps, & publications that you recommend?

This is such a good question and I feel quite hard to answer. Most PT's work for themselves and therefore have their own blog (yes I do) which they'd recommend, but generally speaking it's quite hard for me to recommend any sources that are my ‘go-to'.For tracking nutrition I generally get clients to use MyFitnessPal app, this

How to exercise without losing weight

To avoid losing weight while exercising you have to replace the calories you burn by eating nutritious food. Be extra-conscious of how many calories you eat versus how many you burn in a workout to make sure you're replacing them.To

How to gain weight without lifting weights at home in a healthy way

Here is how I did it.When I left Delhi for pursuing 4 yr B.Tech in Jaipur, I weighed 57kg. I won't say I was skinny but yeah I hated myself coz google said that my average weight should be 65 kg. I joined a gym out there, asked the bullshit trainer

How to lose weight without doing anything at all

দীর্ঘ সময় বসে বসে কাজ করা, দৈহিক পরিশ্রম কম হওয়ার কারণে পেটে মেদ জমতে থাকে। ফলে শরীরচর্চার সময় যারা বের করতে পারছেন না, তারা প্রতিদিনকার কিছু সহজ অভ্যাসের মাধ্যমে কমিয়ে ফেলতে পারেন শরীরের অতিরিক্ত মেদ।* প্রতিদিন তিন কোয়া রসুন: প্রতিদিন সকালে উঠেই খালি পেটে

How to reduce my body weight without doing workout

Drink water at least 3 litres.Go for walk/jog for 20-30 mins in the Morning and Evening(if possible)Monitor the Calorie Intake, eat less than your calorie intake.Tea, Coffee, Green tea only after eating something not on empty stomach.for example: the calorie intake result is 1500 calories, eat around 1100–1200 calories to

How to reduce weight and stay fit

Eating quality foods, in the right amounts #1.Training hard, with weights, in a metabolically demanding fashion, is #2.Ultimately, it's coming down to food quantity, food choice, and training methods.Losing weight starts with having a negative calorie balance. That just means consuming less

How to increase weight without exercise

Hey. Thank you for your query.Weight gain is all about a balance of right nutrition and some exercise ( u really need to exercise a bit ) :)Here are some tips for you to get started:Eat a lot – This sounds much easier

How to know the weight of a dumbbell

There are two many dumbbells on market with different weights, But adjustable dumbbells like Bowflex to increase or decrease the weight capacity with just the turn of a dial.You don't need to pick different dumbbells to give you the results

How to lose 40 kgs in 6 months without going to a gym, by doing exercise at home and running

A year ago I weighed 125 kilos and broke the commode! Today, I'm 40 kg lighter and feel on top of the world when I fit into my 16-year-old nephew's clothes. If I can do it, you can too. Here's how.I am an international entertainer by profession and I host events across all genres in India

How to lose weight and gain muscle

Im writing about the indian diet plan for 4 weeks to lose weight.Before i start, few things you need to follow for 4 weeks:No salt after 7:30No aerated drinks. Yes that includes even the diet version.Restrict mango and bananaRestrict potato and rice.No

How to lose weight and get a six pack and biceps

Here's How to Lose BodyFat & Get a 6 Pack & Grow Your Biceps & Triceps...First I have to tell you what I'm going to tell you about Getting Bigger & Stronger Biceps & Triceps is very, very unique!It WORKS!I Promise you that it works...but

How to lose weight with proper diet and exercise

Thanks for the A2A.Here are some easy and effective TRICKS for weight loss.Start your day with a few basic exercises /yoga postures at home. Try devoting atleast 15-20 minutes while doing so. This will not only regulate your weight, but will also make

How to start exercising when I'm fat and heavy and it prevents me from starting to exercise

The first step is coming to the realization that you want to change your life. The second step is to stop calling yourself "fat and heavy". If you beat yourself up now then you'll definitely beat yourself up when you miss a

How to lose weight without gaining muscle? What are some tips

Your question is a little vague, but I'm guessing you would like to lose some fat and not gain muscle to appear bulky?Let me start by saying the most important way to lose fat is to control your calories. You want to burn more calories than you take in...and

How good is resistance training for weight loss?

Resistance training is excellent for fat loss, however you might actually gain some weight with resistance training if you build some quality muscle.Pros of resistance training:Builds muscle, which:utilizes more energy when you're at rest (burns fat)tightens and defines lean mass across your physique, generally improving overall appearancemakes you stronger makes you feel freakin' GREAT about yourselfImproves metabolism

How important is weight training?

Weight Training is by far the most important exercise for health and fitness. If your goal is to lose fat and build muscle, weight training is superior than cardio. Cardio is great for heart health but it can also raise your cortisol level

How long do you spend working out in the gym?

It depends on in which phase of the year you are working out. During off season I just work out for around 2 hours which includes 1.5 hours of strength training and 25–30 minutes of cardio.But during contest prep time, it is

How long does it take to physically see results when losing weight? And how long until you see it on the scale?

It depends on the individual and how much fat they have to lose. The more fat you have, the faster you can lose it, but the less noticeable a particular amount will be. For example, a 5 lbs fat loss isn't noticeable on someone who is 50

How long should a workout be to lose weight?

The way fat loss works is that muscles are put under stress doing sets with repetitions. The last ‘rep' should completely tax your ability to complete it.You breath often and hard, because your body needs oxygen to use up glycogen and fat stored energy. The ‘exhaust' is water vapor and carbon dioxide.During the next 48 hours those muscles are

How many hours one should exercise to lose 5 kg in one month?

Let's do the math.It takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound of fat. While this is a rough approximation, it is a useful starting point.In order to lose 5 kg (11 pounds), you will need to be in a caloric deficit of 11 x 3,500 = 38,500 calories.Over the course of a

How many minutes should I brisk walk daily to lose weight?

Depending on Brisk walking alone for weight loss is not the best way to lose weight!But you still can lose weight if you have a caloric deficit diet which includes high protein food items!In rough figues, brisk walking for around 30 minutes generally burns 150 calories. For losing weight, you need to

How many sets per muscle group is optimal?

tldr;There isn't really an optimal number of sets without accounting for other variables like:Training VolumeTraining IntensityTraining FrequencyRestType of Training (heavy eccentric vs heavy concentric for instance)Even then, it's difficult to say as training should cycle in some respects between periods with a lot of volume and periods

How much is normal weight to build muscle with dumbbells?

Pick a weight that is challenging enough so that your rep count is low.  If you're doing high repetitions meaning anywhere from 10 reps or more, the weight is not heavy enough.Remember in order to grow muscle there must be a significant demand on the muscle when lifting weights.  The muscle compensates by growing.

How much weight can I lose in 1 month if I run 7km/day and do 2 hours of cardio a day?

Only doing long steady cardio is worst way for losing your weight. For best results incorporate weight training with HIIT (High intensity interval training) .You can perform HIIT using trademill, elliptical, ropejump, bodycircuit workouts etc.Do not practice HIIT on daily basis, do it on alternate day.Try to do BARBELL COMPLEX exercise it is very helpful

How much weight can I lose in a month if I cycle for 8kms everyday for 31 days?

Super short answer: normal pace bikeriding, 8km a day, 300 calories burned = 1,2 kg of fat loss in 31 daysCrash course fat lossLosing or gaining weight is simply a result of calorie intake minus your calorie expenditure.This means:If you eat 2000 calories and you burn 1800, you have 200 calories left

How much weight could I lose running on a treadmill every day for 3 months?

I started running from nothing (no regular activity) and just eating less a couple of years ago, having 96 kg/211 lbs, 186 cm/6ft1. I ran 2-4 times a week and after three or four months and about 240 kilometers I was at

How much weight would I lose if I run 10 miles every day for 2 months?

I used running successfully to drop from about 285lbs to 215lbs in about 1 year. When I began, I couldn't run a quarter mile without stopping, so I ran in intervals to build up. After 4 months I was running about 5 miles at a time. I focused on

How often should I go for my 5km run in a week to lose weight?

Really it depends on what you think you can handle. You could run 5 kilometers every day if your body let you, and that would be the most effective at losing weight simply because it's the most exercise.However considering you are trying to lose weight, perhaps you aren't in that good of physical condition (sorry

How often should you change weight lifting routines?

As long as you progress keep going. (If you can: monitor your progress)If you are stuck, try to find out why and solve the problem(s).If you are still stuck after three-five weeks , you may try to change your routine more drastically.

I am a female and I need to lose 20kgs. I am 25 years old, and weight 86 kgs. What is the best way to lose weight at home through diets and exercise to get fruitful results?

Here are 26 weight loss tips that are actually evidence-based.1. Drink Water, Especially Before MealsIt is often claimed that drinking water can help with weight loss, and this is true.Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories .One study showed that drinking a half

I have difficulty in doing push-ups. What are other exercises which can help me lose weight?

I agree with Bobbi Billard. Consistency is key here.Push-ups alone won't result in weight-loss, but incorporating push-ups into a high-intensity workout will, by helping you build muscle and expanding your cardiovascular capacity. For example:In 15 minutes, perform as many rounds as possible of:10 Wall Push-ups (I've modified this to make

I have to lose weight. I'm now 87 kg, 21 yrs old. What should be the proper diet and exercise?

Diets dont work, because the mindset behind them is always temporary ( let me deny myself for a week...?). No, you should realise and accept that you're eating less optimally than should be & need to permenantly fix for life, to reduce cancer risk. Decide to soon,

I usually eat 1,000 calories and walk an hour each day. How much weight can I lose in 8 weeks?

You can lose more weight than you think in 3 weeks, however, there are safe ways  and dangerous ways to lose weight. Read on and learn more about bad diets and healthy ways to lose weight. When it comes to diet and weight loss, there are many accepted statements that are inconsistent

I weigh 120 kgs. I want to lose my weight. Should I run and exercise or join a gym? How long would it take me to reduce to 85-90?

I was weighting 113kg around one year and half ago. I'm now weighting around 87kg (it varies between 86kg and 88kg).I'm an IT guy, I did not walk much, I ate junk food and I drunk a lot of alcohol.It all started as a bet with my

If I do only 40-50 push-ups every day, will it help me lose weight?

If you are venturing into  bodyweight training, good for you. It's a very positive step towards getting healthy. As far as just doing push-ups you will be limiting yourself. A much better option would be to perform 10 push-up, 10

If I have no job, what is the best way to lose weight if I have nothing else to do for 1 month? Can I stay at the gym for 10 hours everyday in the next 30 days?

I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm supposed to be unemployed for 3 months up until my oncoming arbitration in June.  I was active for the first 2 weeks being unemployed.  Then It kept snowing and raining.. Then I got sick.. Then I just stayed in all day and stopped trying to better myself. 

If I jump rope every day, will I lose weight?

yes you can lose weight with a jump ropeJumping rope is a good aerobic exercise that can really get your heart pumping, and it can also help you burn calories and lose some of those unwanted pounds. However, while exercise is an important part of

If I stop exercising, but start eating right (no binging), will I lose weight?

Most people think jumping into an exercise program head first will get them a six pack, and then continue to eat whatever they want. Then they wonder why the weight isn't coming off and exercise isn't working. The answer to your question:

If I walk or run 2 miles a day, will I lose weight?

you don't need to run 2 mile. follow the instructionA positive attitude is very important for successful weight loss and weight management. To lose weight permanently, you must make a commitment to gradually adopt a healthier way of life.You can control your weight. To lose weight, you must eat fewer calories or

I'm 5'5 (164 cm) and 123 pounds (56 kg) am I fat?

Well look at that!  You're the same height and weight as I am. However,  you need more than this to determine if you're "fat". Based purely on BMI you're of a healthy weight for a woman. It would be more useful to find out your body fat % and muscle

I'm a 15 year old female. I'm 5'3 or 5'4 and I weigh about 100 lbs. I'm also a freshman in highschool. What can I do to at least be a healthy 120 lbs by May and maintain that weight?

I'm 17, and I too have this problem. I'm about the same height as you but I still look unhealthy because of my weight. I've never weighed more then 110lbs in my life. Right now I'm in between 107-110 but at one point a few months ago I was 98lbs and my doctor was concerned. The best thing I've

Is a full body workout two or three times a week as effective as a split routine working out 5 or 6 days a week? How do I get the best results possible with the least time invested?

A full body workout means you are exercising your entire body, with all muscles being stimulated in a single workout. On the other hand, a split workout separates your muscle groups or movement patterns on different days. For example, if you are working out 3 days in a week, you can complete chest and back exercises on

Is doing exercise healthy even if am not losing weight?

Exercise is always a good option. Regular exercise will make you stronger, flexible and more energetic in general. If your goal is specifically weight loss, this can be achieved by creating a calorie deficit. This means that you should burn more calories than you consume daily.

Is exercise really important for losing weight?

Yes. Any clown can lose weight by dieting, but most people lose muscle mass when they do it. If you are at a calorie deficit (weight loss territory) and are NOT doing resistance training to force your body to repair and build muscle, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Lean muscle mass burns more calories

Is it better to do less cardio and more high intensity weight-lifting to lose weight?

If you had to pick only one, I would always recommend doing HIT weight training over cardio.Cardio only burns calories - for which the same results can be achieved just by eating less. There is no increase in muscular development, strength, etc. (the exception is

Is it possible to put on weight if I go to the gym?

You may or you may not.The principle to weight gain is simple but demanding.More training + Non-Exercise Physical Activity < More calories = Weight Gain (Fat or Muscle Gain shall depend on a number of factors)But then we are talking of Muscle Gain and not too

Is there a good workout routine for getting up to 1000 body weight squats quickly?

The way I see it you could go about training for this in a few different ways:Increase the work volume. You could do excess volume with unlimited break between sets. For example doing 5000 body weight squats with as many breaks as you want through out the day.Increase the weight. Do a

Is walking a good exercise to lose weight?

Walking burns roughly 100 calories per mile. Average walking pace is about 3 miles per hour and a very brisk pace is 4 mph. If you have about an hour per day to exercise, you might burn 350 calories per day. 350 calories is better than nothing, but a pound of fat is 3500 calories, or about 10 hours

My lower back is hurting from push ups, am I too overweight? Should I add lower back exercises?

If your low back hurts after doing push-ups, your core is likely too weak to support your weight. Because of this, your back likely bows in, toward the ground, straining both the muscle, ligament, and compressing the lumbar vertebrae.Here is a picture of that incorrect form:

To lose weight, is it better to jog or to do workouts like plank, push ups, or situps?

*Sigh*, it's so hard to break misconceptions about fitness and "weight loss". Since this question is being asked on Quora I thought I'd oblige (many people prefer to be superstitious about this but I'm hoping that's not the case on this site).

Walking 3 km daily for 60 days will lead to how much weight loss?

Exercise is needed for significant weight loss, for weighted people who do mental work for all day and thus, want to slightly improve their fitness. Exercise is an important weight loss tool, but it varies from person to person. The amount

What age is appropriate for a child to lift weights?

Yes, kids can handle - and even benefit from - weightlifting and plyometrics. But if you get a pit in your stomach when you see a nine year old walk into your gym, read this to learn how you can help kids strength-train safely.As a trainer, as a parent, or as both, you may hear questions and statements

What are some great exercises to lose weight without equipment?

Top 8 Exercises to lose weight fast at home (without equipment)1. Squats (knee bends) : Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your hips (almost like you're sitting in a chair).As you bend your knees, your thighs will be

What are some of the best Free hand exercises to lose weight?

Freehand exercises and free weight exercises are not one and the same. Free weight exercises involve dumbbells and barbells, and freehand exercises involve nothing but the weight of the body.If you want to tone up and lose weight, perform free hand exercises that recruit as much muscle as possible while simultaneously increasing your heart

What are the best body weight exercises for people who aren't already fit?

All body weight exercises are the same. It has nothing to do with fitness.Only the degree of difficulty or strength level required will determine whetherparticular person can do it or not.So for those who cannot do the full range of motion, make it easier in terms of strength required.For the squat, lower yourself several

What are the best ways and exercises to gain weight without joining a gym?

The principle to weight gain is simple but demanding.More training + Non-Exercise Physical Activity < More calories = Weight Gain (Fat or Muscle Gain shall depend on a number of factors)But then we are talking of Muscle Gain and not too much

What are the exercises to gain weight?

How to gain weight: Healthy weight gain Gradual weight gain is always advisable. An increase in 500 kcal per day can result in increasing the body weight by 0.5 kgs per week. Objective should be to restore a desirable weight/ ideal body weight according to one's

What are the most effective body weight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises can be very effective for building muscle mass. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that calisthenic moves are only good for warming up or getting lean. That's wrong.I mean have you ever looked at a male gymnast physique at the Olympics, those dudes are jacked. And as

What body weight exercises are safe to do everyday?

There are many body weight exercises that one can do that does not have access to gym equipment like push ups(normal,incline,decline,clapping),pull ups,chin ups,squat,different forms of crunches for lower,upper and middle abs,calf raise on stairs etc.these stairs can be done interchangeably and alternatively but different professionals have different views on how often you should do these exercises but

What body weight exercises build your quads?

Bear in mind that in terms of

What do fit people think about overweight people at the gym?

I have been in both the phases mentioned in your question,Last year i was 98 Kg and now i am around 72  kg so i can tell you my experience . 98 kg phase :-1) Running on tread mill people

What excercises I should do to reduce 20 kg of my weight?

First of all make a time table in which you'll do the following:assign particular time for exercise. Decide the number of times you'll be able to work out in a week. Make several changes in your eating habits. Don't eat everything at once,instead take small meals for 7 to 8 times in a

What is a workout and diet to lose fat from the chest and belly?

Hey,You have got a good body frame. In few months time you can drastically alter your body composition if you plan your workouts and diet intelligently.Here are some of the tips and guidelines that may give you good results:Your body fat

What is the best treadmill workout to lose weight?

Before considering buying any treadmill you should always check the following:SizeMost treadmills have a similar footprint, on average 77 inches long by 35 inches wide. A folding treadmill will be half its length when stored. You'll need adequate empty space around the treadmill for access and safety.ErgonomicsIf you're a runner, you will need a deck length that accommodates your

What is the difference between body weight exercises and weight lifting exercises?

In general I would say body weight exercises are for toning or cutting fat. You tend to do more reps with less weight. You can still build muscle with them, but you definitely won't be anywhere close to bodybuilder/Arnold size.Weight exercises allow you to life more weight and put more stress in the muscles.

What is the difference between the training for weight lifting and body building?

Olympic Weightlifting and bodybuilding are a diametrically different lifestyle and profoundly different activities.I am not going to badmouth or criticize Bodybuilding, but I can shed some lights on the fantastic sport of Olympic Weightlifting or called merely Oly lifting. Weightlifting is my sport.

What is the easiest way to shape up the body and lose a few kilos?

The easiest way to lose a few kilos or pounds is to read the labels of the food you eat. If there is added sugar don't eat it.End of story.I don't care if it says sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, or agave or organic sugar

What is the more important factor to weight loss, diet or exercise?

Being healthy is simple, right? "Eat less, move more." That's easy to say, but practicality is one of the most important things when it comes to health and fitness. Recommendations like this are blanket statements that don't address practicality-so when it comes down to

What is the single best piece of home exercise equipment for weight loss?

I think you can realistically reach your goals using any cardio machine if you apply the right regime, HOWEVER I truly believe that the rowing machine is far superior to a spin bike, treadmill or any home weights system. There are a number of machines out

What routine and exercises should I do in order to lose around 10-12 kg of weight and look fit? I currently am 89 kg. How many months will it take me to get in shape?

Are you a man or a woman? Your age?Lets say you are an average guy. You are right, you are overweight by 10-12 kg.The first and most important thing to do is to start eating clean: no sugar, no white flour. Try to

What should be the gym schedule to reduce belly fat and gain lean muscle mass? How long should I continue the gym to get abs?

My friend I know you want both low body fat and muscle.But the problem is from my personal experience I can tell you that doing both together is not possible for everyone. It might be possible for mesomorphs whose aminosynthesis in the body is to good and even their testosterone levels are on the higher side.But, if

What would happen if I walk 8 hours every day just to lose weight?

The answer is a bit complicated.First, a quick overview.Let's assume you are six feet tall and weigh 240 pounds, and you're a 35 year old male. Your basal metabolic rate is going to burn roughly 2245 calories per

Which exercise machine is best for home for losing weight?

After a while, slogging away on the treadmill or Elliptical can feel like slow torture. But don't count out cardio equipment just yet. The right machine can accelerate your results and make workouts fun again.Check out this list of the best and most effective equipment on the market today. If you see one these

Which is better, gym or body weight exercises?

I would say gym weight training would be better for you along with a proper bulking diet. (to learn more here, How to Calculate Macros for Cutting or Bulking & Flexible Dieting(IIFYM) Explained )Body weight exercises can build strength and

Which is the best instant weight losing exercise?

There is no instant weight losing exercise my friend..!! Since the body will only start changing after you allow the body to adapt itself to the changes. It takes time. Understand that your weight loss or gain is mostly related to your calorie intake and burn. Since your goal is to lose weight, choose one activity from

Which Loses weight faster lifting or cardio?

Fat loss depends on what you eat. For answering these types of questions you need to provide more details like your age, gender, weight, height, activity level. The goal here is to find out how much calories you need per day.

Why can we run everyday but not weight lift daily?

Those who say you can run every day are not completely right, but not wrong. Those who say that you can't lift daily are wrong. When you run (at least, in good effective sessions lasting about 15-30 minutes in an average of 7-10 mph), your legs take a heavy toll, especially your feet and

Why do I lose weight when I take a break from exercising for a few days?

I think the best answer so far is Richard H. Schwartz's about "hydration."   But there is a back story to that which also touches on what Mads Seems said about "inches or weight."  The back story is this -- regular work outs build up your muscle glycogen,

Why do you want to lose weight?

I'm half-British, half Chinese and I grew up in Hampstead, England. I come from a very well-to-do family so I never had any food I wanted to eat that my parents could not afford. But unlike many other posh families in England, my parents did not come from money, so they weren't trained in the

Will burning 330 calories every day by brisk walking help me to lose weight?

The amount of calories that you have decided to lose in day is very ambiguous according to me. Brisk walking will definitely help in losing weight. The results may be too slow. Also, focus more on time based workout rather than distance based. For Eg. 15 Minutes of brisk walking. and slowly try to increase

Will going to the gym help me gain weight?

First and foremost i want you to know running is not the activity you want to indulge yourself into. Running is a prescribed remedy for fat loss. Now that you already are 46 kgs, i don't think you want to lose more pounds running. So chuck

Will power weight loss exercise?

HiWill Power is a Type Of Energy. Every time you exercise it you lose some. Hence Your will power is highest in the morning and weakest by the time day ends.That's why you have to be wise in spending it appropriately.First and foremost, you need

Will walking 3 miles a day help me lose weight?

Hey guys! I wrote a book with all this stuff more organized. I hope it makes it easier. There are so many answers on Quora that connect with each other. That's why I paste all this. But, now it's in a short book on iTunes. Thank you!Just $1.The Layers To Fat Loss

Will walking for one hour a day help me reduce weight?

It depends on the diet that you consume, the pace with which you walk, your weight etc.Ideally, if you are walking at normal walking speed (4.5 Kmph) for an hour, you'll cover 4.5 kms which means you will burn around 300 calories which is as good

With limited time to workout, should I lift weights or run, if my initial goal is to lose weight?

If you're talking about right now- in the present, then running will help you lose weight. IF you're talking about in the long run/future, then weight lifting will help you lose weight more than running in the shortest amount of time. Because right now, you're still new

Are bodyweight exercises more effective than going to a gym?

I don't know if I would say "more effective". It depends on what your goals are. But I notice all the comments are basically saying barbells = muscles and calisthenics = general fitness. I don't agree with that. Resistance is resistance.

Can 10 minute tabata exercise really make one lose weight?

The short answer is yes, it can... But you may eventually need to workout for longer in order to maintain the rate of your weight loss. After all, the law of diminishing return still applies when it comes to exercise and weight loss.What is TABATA Training?Tabata training was developed by Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., at the National

Can body weight training work comparing it to the actual conventional weight training in a gym?

Body weight training is effective up to a certain point. Just like any exercise using resistance you will build muscle but the amount of resistance can not be increased if you are only using your body weight. You can build strength by increasing the number of repetitions but once you build up to above

Can I lose weight just by going to a gym, without running?

Yes, Absolutely!Most of the people with greater muscle mass seldom run at my gym.When a person has a greater muscle mass the body requires more energy to sustain daily activities. More over a good weight training routine burns lots of calories. A few good sets of deadlifts and Squats give a much greater after burn