At what height from the ground should I place the pull up bar?

Assuming you have no limit on overhead space, and you're the only or the tallest person using the bar, here's a decent guideline:Stand on your toesReach overhead with your arms, and have somebody mark the highest spot your middle finger reaches to.Place/install the bar about 5cm/2in above the markingThis ensure that you can

At what point is it too much exercise in a day?

Exercise in all its' forms and degrees is essential to health.It is so because it is a form of stress that our bodies adapt to. That adaptation is generally thought of as an improvement in our health.However key to that healthy adaptation is a balanced protocol . How we exercise in terms of the

At what times after a workout do muscles grow?

Len Kravitz, Ph.D. of the University of New Mexico states that muscle growth occurs in your body when the breakdown of muscle protein is less than the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Every time you lift weights, you are breaking down

Based on running 5ks at a 5:45, 10ks at a 5:58, and 20 mile at a 6:35 pace, I think my endurance is fine, but how do I get faster?

By running faster.Shorten the distances, increase the speed and use long rest intervals to start.Gradually increase the distances, slightly lower the speeds (because you'll have do) and decrease the rest intervals.An 1km interval can be done faster than a 5k run.

Besides burning calories, is stationary cycling in the gym useful?

Sure, especially if you ride hard enough to get into the aerobic training zone for your heart rate.Then you get the benefit of the "aerobic response" which improves cardiovascular function generally...Heart, lungs, vessels.   Metabolism is increased, of course.   The main downside of the stationary bike is that it's dead boring for

Besides genetics, why do some people have small calf muscles and some people have big calf muscles?

As a recreational bodybuilder, I noticed my calves were small. They look like softballs on a stick or what is referred to as high calves. Other guys had calves that disappeared into their shoes like they didn't have Achilles tendons. Training them 3x/week for 2 months got me from 16 to 17.5 inches. When I stopped

Besides push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups are there any other exercises using your own body weight?

dipsdragon flagstanding ab roll outdo sit ups with your legs wrapped around a heavy bagdo sit ups on a bench with 2 pairs of foam cylinder pads. get your shins under the pair of foam pads farther away from you and your hamstrings on top of the pair

Besides walking, what is the best exercise for people who hate to exercise?

Your question is based on a faulty premise. You don't know that you hate just now that you hate the stuff you have made yourself do so far because you feel like you *should * do them. 11 years ago I was a pack-a-day smoker who scoffed

Between dieting and working out, what is the best way to get into shape?

This is always an interesting question. And it's also where you'll commonly hear the 80/20 rule – 80% diet and 20% training.Thing is, it's not a dichotomy; it's not an either/or.Both, your diet and your training play an integral role when your goal is to lose fat and build muscle.

Between push-ups and weight lifting, which one is better to build strength?

What is the difference between "push ups" and weight lifting? It's all the same motions, just with different weights. They're are dozens of different push up variations.  All working slightly different things.  Push-ups aren't the only calisthenic body weight exercise you can do either. Pull ups,

Between push ups, pull ups and chin ups, which ones strengthen biceps the most?

Chin ups. Any time the elbow bends and wrist moves towards the shoulder is caused by the bicep contraction. Chin ups put you in a position where the wrist moves toward the shoulder across the greater range of motion (distance) where as pull ups, use less

Bodybuilding: Is it alright to sprint the day after squats?

Before answering your question let me tell you some things about exercise.There are two types of exercises based on type of energy source used,Aerobic: In this type of exercise, body(heart) continuously supplies oxygen to working muscles through blood. Because of this reason, we can continuously do this kind of

Bodyweight exercises: I don't get anything from doing squats. After research my form is good. How do I get more from squats without using weights?

Body weight exercises and progressingMany people frown on body weight exercises because you can't progress your resistance in a controlled manner, like with weight lifting. Because of this, with body weight exercises you'll experience diminished returns.They're right, you will.But what does diminishing returns actually mean?It doesn't mean that you won't get

By what mechanism does exercise actually improve cardiovascular health?

Exercise improves cardiovascular health as a type of signal to the human body. You use it or loose it. Just like with memories, muscles, or weight. Well, you end up gaining weight if you don't use your fat ☺Again, exercise causes the body to:Produce more Nitric Oxide, a vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, and blood vessel growth promoterReverses ventricular hypertrophy or the

Can 100 push-ups a day help my arms get significantly bigger?

I done 30x100 for 30 consecutive days and expecting quick results but unfortunately the answer seem no. However I persisted but only doing 4x20 Per days for months and I beginning to see bigger shoulders, chests , arms. My forearms veins have also

Can 100 push ups a day reduce chest fat?

I see way to much of this. If you want to reduce fat, then reduce fat. You can't control where you lose it, just work out, and it will be fine. Ghees!When that is said, yes, I guess you could say that. Only, if you have chest fat, you probably shouldn't do 100 push-ups a day.

Can 20 push ups a day for 6 months get you jacked?

Nope.Sorry dude.Try googling progressive calisthenics.Google it together with the terms

Can 6 pack abs be made without a gym, and what is the procedure?

Getting abs has nothing to do with gym, its about getting lean enough so you can see them, which is achieved through combination of appropriate nutrition ( home is definitely the best place to be for this one), and cardio oriented physical activity ( can be done anywhere).As far as working out abs

Can 7-minute workouts really help you get more fit?

Seven minutes of exercise in any form or shape is a good start but not enough to have an impact on your overall fitness. It is possible to follow a moderate fitness program and use seven minutes exercise to supplement your overall program but to make a noticeable difference; albeit, you

Can a 13-year-old boy perform push-ups? Are there any side effects?

Grade-school PE classes often feature push-ups and sit-ups, and for good reason -they benefit the health and fitness of every age. In fact, push-ups and sit-ups, and other exercises like them, are critical in a teen's development. If your 13-year-old hasn't started doing these calisthenics, it's time to start. The Centers for

Can a 200 lb person train himself to do full pull-up sets by working up to 100 lb bench roll dumbbell sets?

Otherwise you can use Resistance Bands to level up your pull-ups. Start with a thicker band, then as they get easier, you can reduce the resistance or even drop the bands, until you get to your target number of pull-ups.Then, once you

Can a 3 kg dumbbell be considered as weight lifting?

Technically, yes. However, in a practical sense, it isn't.You are lifting a weight. You are doing some form of resistance training, so it is foolish to say otherwise.If it benefits you, is a different answer.If you have a baby, a dog or go grocery shopping, you're lifting more than 3kg

Can a 56-year-old man still develop some 6-pack abs and shape his body?

Short answer:Yes, 6 pack can be had at the age of 56. However it's not achievable for everybody as we have different body types.Long version:The formula for a 6 pack is to have very little fat under the skin covering the abdomen. Pinch the skin on the inside

Can a 62 year old man get fit?

Absolutely. YES.My name is Mansour Ansari. I am 62 and I am very fit and healthy. Allow me to share my humble journey.I work the computer field and I run a small software company in Oklahoma City, OK, USA (Android Development). When I am not busy working the projects at the home office, I train with

Can a fatty teenager of 85 kg get six pack abs in 8 months?

Yes. It requires dedication beyond your imagination. But is it recommended ? No. Six pack is a very fancy term. Going to gym means he/she should have six packs. Instead start working out religiously and follow a healthy diet. You will start to notice changes

Can a fitness band be used without a smartphone?

You can use the Fitbit Charge HR without a smartphone (however, you do need a smartphone or laptop to set it up).You can read the step count, floor count, and current heart rate right on the device, but the step and floor counts

Can a girl be physically strong to defend herself?

I will go off topic because I don't want to give bad advice.Yes a girl can be physically strong to defend herself from some people....People come in all shapes and sizes, there are some who train for years to do things others can do effortlessly.I am not trying to

Can a jump rope help my athleticism?

Well, it's a decent but not spectacular aerobic exercise. It promotes light-fast footwork and has traditionally been popular with boxers for that reason.However, the actual body movement is very minimal and the upper body doesn't get involved much unless you use a

Can a non dancer join zumba classes?

Zumba, one of the hottest group fitness classes of 2012, uses Latin dance moves to burn off the calories as you burn up the floor. But if it's so fun and such a great workout, why don't more people try it? "I can't dance!" is the most common barrier to class entry. Nobody

Can a person bulk up without using exercise instruments?

In general, resistance training doing repetitions below 15 builds muscle size (hypertrophy). Between 6 to 15 reps is ideal for growth in muscle size, but below 6 will still yield results. Whether you do body weight exercises, use weights, or just carry any heavy object,

Can a pregnant woman exercise her abs?

I would answer this question, by asking the question, "What do you hope to attain by exercising your abs?" Here are just a few questions that a qualified strength coach or personal trainer should ask a pregnant athlete:What's your training maturity (frequency, volume, intensity, type, etc.?Have you ever had

Can a regular guy/girl who just do basic calisthenics training everyday beat a fitness male/female model? If so, what does it take for a regular person to become as strong as they are?

Remember ,a fitness guy or girl ,not only know what they can do ,but also know what you cannot do . And you don t know what they can do ,and not sure of what you can do. In such a situation it is wise to make friends

Can a skinny guy build body in one year?

It is possible, but you need to have patience, be consistent and work hard. You would have to commit yourself to this to achieve what you desire.Being said that, now we could learn about things you need to focus on to reach your goal. I've listed below the things that you have

Can a skinny kid get abs?

Visible abs are due to 3 things:a. your dna; can't do anything about thatb. low body fat uncovering whatever is there; sounds like you are there alreadyc. doing ab work.That said you won't know what "a" brings for you until you do "c". Not everyone

Can a woman work out during her period/menstruation?

Exercise at any point in your menstrual cycle is beneficial to your health, and during menstruation exercise is typically not harmful. Exercise can help ease menstrual cramps but not for everyone, some people will find that pushing themselves too much during menstruation can increase cramps and

Can abs workout increase height?

If you want to know how to get taller fast, then you should know that most of the muscles in your body have an impact on your height.Therefore, it is important that you have a well-rounded exercise program that affectively

Can anyone become flexible?

Do you mean ‘flexible' in:our joints and body orour minds and thinking and behavior?In either case, we can become more flexible, but our flexibility is limited by our genes and our environment.In the first hatha yoga class I taught, there was a guy who

Can anyone can give me the most effective exercise for each muscle group?

If you are amateur then you should start the exercise first for gaining strength in your arms. This is d most important step before you start your proper workout.As far as i have experienced body weight training exercises are more effective.. Body weight exercises are good for ripped body.following are some exercises....Surya Namaskar push-up/

Can anyone do 1000 pushups?

1000 Pushups may look impossible and unprecedented for common man, but the reality is far as you can see the below facts.To achieve one of the below feats one should have perseverance. Go one step a time and you can reach up high.Also it boosts confidence level, better metabolic rate, no insomnia or stress, slow aging process,

Can anyone give me a good exercise routine?

Hi Lindsey,Establishing an exercise program is very rewarding on many levels- physically, mentally and emotionally. When beginning an exercise program it's important to find a type of workout you are committed to. Whether it be walking on the treadmill, elliptical, weight training/ body conditioning or taking classes. You see, exercise

Can body weight training work comparing it to the actual conventional weight training in a gym?

Body weight training is effective up to a certain point. Just like any exercise using resistance you will build muscle but the amount of resistance can not be increased if you are only using your body weight. You can build strength by increasing the number of

Can calisthenics help me build muscle?

It's really good if you know what you're doing and keep adding the challenge and weights for your workouts. Calisthenics is mostly (hope I said this right) about mastering difficult skills as Gymnast do, but at the same time you build your overall strength over time (lots and lots of compound workouts).Depending on

Can children get abs?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within 20 days.Whether you're aiming to achieve your fitness goals

Can crunches really reduce belly?

I will be putting an end to this question once and for all and explain why you may get different answers from different people.I will say

Can cycling improve physical fitness?

Yes - even on a casual level, if it is the only sport you start to do. (Meaning, if you didn't do any workouts before.)For stronger improvement, structured workouts on the bike (or home trainer and smart trainer) show even stronger benefits.But cycling is also known to neglect at

Can daily bare minimal exercise like pushups and squats be beneficial to you?

If you want you See the amazing benefits of the Push-ups that are count in Minimal workoutHow different types of push-ups are beneficial and How much beneficial?Your complete push-ups solution are there. In these mistakes occurred during push-ups.8 Amazing Benefits Of Push-Ups Everyday || Muscles InvolvedSo read it and share with those friends who need this.

Can daily push-ups increase strength of the body?

In my opinion NO ! atleast not 100%let us assume Day 1 : you can do 20 pushups andDAY 7: You can do're increasing the rep ranges of same body weight. So you're increasing the endurance not the strength. In initial phase yes your strength will increase but to

Can diamond pushups be a replacement for regular pushups? Or do I still need to include regular pushups in my workout?

I would recommend avoiding diamond pushups. They have been proven time and time again to put unnecessary stress on the shoulders and wrists.Instead focus on placing your hands at Shoulder width apart and tucking your arms back towards your sides as

Can doing 100 push ups and 100 pull ups a day do anything for my body?

I have been self-training myself for past two years. I don't just do that to look attractive and show-off my ripped physique. Oh! No, I don't. The most important reason is that I want to look and feel tough. I want to stay

Can doing pull ups damage your back?

Any exercise can potentially cause damage if you do not perform it correctly.  The most important thing you can do to protect your lower back when you are exercising is to draw your lower abdominal muscles in (towards your spine) and up (as if you are trying

Can doing push-ups or pull-ups with a weighted backpack cause harm?

If you do them correctly, no. If you do them incorrectly, yes. But so is the answer for any type of exercise.A few tips:For the weighted pushups, try to have the weight a close to the shoulders as possible. Meaning, don't let the weight sit on your lower back. This will reduce the risk of

Can doing pushups stop the increase of your height?

Short answer: No, not if you're only using body weight.Long answer: Growth is stunted when large amounts of weight are used, which will increase testosterone production, which, in turn, at high levels, will tell the body to close its growth plates.Push-ups do not have the capacity

Can endurance weight lifting build muscle mass?

Our bodies are the most efficient machines on the planet.With that, it would not be an efficient use of energy to have to fuel large masses of muscle to perform a task with endurance. So, on the surface I will tell you: No, building

Can exercise affect your periods?

Since you're on birth control pills suppressing ovulation you won't have "real" periods, the period of bleeding you'll have are called (monthly) withdrawal bleedings, meaning the womb's lining is shed during the period you're not taking pills containing the female sex hormone estrogen needed to support this lining.  Women can defer this withdrawal bleeding

Can exercise beat aging?

Yes and no. On one hand, four of the best predictors for longevity are:Lean muscle massLeg strengthCardiorespiratory endurancePhysical mobility and flexibilityAll of these qualities are achieved almost exclusively through regular exercise. So regular exercise will help you live longer.In fact,

Can exercise bike reduce belly fat?

Yes, it can.Belly fat is something that embarrasses you more than any other fat in your body. It makes your jeans feel that extra snug, and this sets you up for some serious health troubles. Obviously, you all want to

Can exercise improve mental health?

I'm not sure if exercise can but this is the speech given by Kate Middleton on improving the mental health of children.

Can exercising help the skin?

Yes, exercise can be very helpful for the overall health of the skin. When you exercise, you sweat your body out, which helps in flushing the harmful toxins out of body and gives a natural glow to your skin.Not just this, exercise can help in maintaining the overall health of the body. Also, exercise can help in making

Can fitness apps eliminate personal trainers?

As someone who has developed a 'Fitness App' and been a trainer for about a decade now, I can say that I'm not honestly worried about losing my day job anytime soon. Though I do hope to transition more into the app space, I'm doing it because I believe it puts me

Can gymnastic rings build muscle?

At the same time looking at the summer time Olympics the last few days you might be hard pressed not to realize the satisfactory physiques possessed via many of the athletes. However through far and away the most muscular our bodies perpetually belong to the gymnasts and the sprinters. These guys definitely know easy methods

Can holding the down pushup position help gain muscle?

In simple terms, yes.For a more complicated approach, moving through the motion of a push-up under slow, controlled tempo would arguably be the most efficient way of using the exercise to gain muscle. Introducing both the concentric and eccentric contractions at a measured pace increases the TUT (Time

Can hot yoga help to lose weight?

Yes, yoga can help to lose weight and to know more about yoga poses and their benefits for weight loss visit this article.Can Hot Yoga lose weight?Performing yoga in a heated room will burn more calories and make you sweat is performed in a heated room.

Can I achieve professional level fitness results at home, without going to a gym?

Yes, this enters into the realm of Calisthenics, a type of training that focuses almost entirely on body weight exercises. As your body is essentially a weight, there are many exercises that you can do to work out all the muscle groups that can be targeted with gym equipment. Some even argue that

Can I be fit by doing pull ups only?

yes and no.pull ups are fricken hard, so if you can do them, you are already at a great starting point. i typically do 10 sets of 10. each set will get my heart rate up in to the 130s, which is great. it works all kinds of muscles,

Can I be fit without working out? How?

Yep, it's possible to get fit without a gym!Going to the gym isn't always the best option when you want to work out. In fact, sometimes it just doesn't make sense at all. Hitting the gym can be costly; both for your bank account and your precious free-time.Personal trainers

Can I be huge using just body weight exercise?

First of all i would like to say that gaining lean mass or gaining visible changes doesn't only depend on your workout.There are 3 imp parts that add upto ur success, 1)workout 2)diet 3)rest.U can't achieve what you are looking for if you neglect any one of them...

Can I become fat through gym?

So you just started working out.That means that the pounds will start melting off you like Kylie Jenner's face is going to in a couple of years (let's be real, she's had some work done...and will have more because cosmetic surgery is like junk food: you can't stop at just one)?!?!Well, not exactly.You betcha

Can I become fit in 3 months by running daily 15 minutes and 30 minutes stretching?

Thats better than doing nothing but certainly not the best plan. More running, less stretching and some cross training with weights especially for upper body strength would be a good plan. Young women are usually already pretty flexible so that's not an area that needs much work, they usually

Can I become fit in 3 months?

Three months are around 12 weeks. The body can do magic in 12 weeks. However, you will define what satisfies you. The very first question you mat want to answer yourself is if you want yo be fit or you

Can I become 'ripped' by simply rowing with a rowing machine?

It depends what you mean by "ripped," and also depends on other personal factors such as your current fitness level, % body fat, metabolism, age, etc.Generally speaking, visible ab / core muscles have more to do with diet than exercise. It's quite common for someone to have excellent muscle development and tone and a

Can I build a nice physique by only doing pushups, chin-ups and pull-ups?

Yes you can, depending on your definition of 'nice'.You will not get bodybuilder huge, but through good progression scheme that utilises different angles and variations on those movements as well as increasing time under tension, you will be able to build some muscle

Can I build more muscles just by doing different push-ups at home? I'm currently moderately built.

Yes, you can build more muscle by doing push-ups.Any exercise is better than no exercise. Pick 3–4 variations of push-ups and set a goal of doing a certain number of each kind every other day. Once you get comfortable and can get the pre-determined number of each done, increase the number. A couple things

Can I build muscle at age 52 through weight lifting?

Can you Travis?There will be a few points to take under consideration.Past manual work experience.Past workout experience.Dedication.KnowledgeYou've probably heard the term old man strength. It means you've been busy in your life and have great muscle memory.If not, dedication can

Can I build muscle by lifting the same weight but increase the number of reps over time?

Of course, you can! That's one way to progressively overload.I think most people would agree that progressive overload is the number one key for muscle growth over time. Period.And while the famous application of progressive overload is by adding weight over time, you can achieve that in other ways. For instance, you can add reps as you mentioned here.

Can I build muscle if I work the same body part every day?

My answer is No, but there is possiblites.Here is reason to Not Work the Same Muscles Every Day.If you're looking to get a toned body and improve your fitness fast, you could be forgiven for thinking the harder and more often

Can I build muscle in one month?

Of course. You can build muscle in a day (well actually 2–3 days). But don't be misled by all of the BS that you may read. Averaged out over the long-term, the amount of muscle that you can gain in an average month will vary from 0–3lbs. at best. It takes

Can I build muscle lifting light weights with higher reps?

Here is my view regarding building muscle. It is a fact that when resistance training improvement can only occur by adding resistance.Let's say your genetic limited squat is 300 kg and you can only 250 for 1 rep. You can then choose to do say 220 for 4 reps or 150

Can I build muscle with 20 pound dumbbells?

Yes and no. Depending on what exercise you're doing, 20 lbs may be too much or too little. If you want to get really big and muscular, 20 lbs will be tough to do it with, because there limited progressive overload.Progressive overload is the increase in stress on the muscle during

Can I build muscles owing to 'muscle memory'?

Working out actually builds muscles and has less to do with muscle memory.You are able to do more pushups because the repetition and strain signals to your your body to put resources into growing your actual muscle fibrils and cells,

Can I build muscles with push-ups and sit-ups?

Yes, but don't limit yourself to just two exercises. What you should be looking up is body-weight exercises, or calisthenics.You can absolutely build up a base of strength and supporting structure around your joints, especially your knees and shoulders, doing

Can I continue with this workout schedule?

Mate, when I started out I never had a gym contract. I thought it would be enough to do some pushups and crunches at home. It wasn't. Now, that I have been working out in the gym for many years I gained lots of experience. 

Can I convert to a dumbells only weightlifting routine and still build and maintain optimal muscle mass?

Well I have 3 ways to answer this question!1-Hypothetically asking ?Than I would have to just say yes, you can !Have a nice life !2- A question just to take money from Quora ?No fucking answer for you.3-You have issues with machines and cables? You have issues

Can I do a different workout exercises every week?

Sure. But what are your goals in doing so?If you want to get stronger, if you want to get lean, if you want a healthier cardiovascular system, if you want to consistently make progress in any aspect of your health, then changing your exercises every week

Can I do a gym workout without a trainer?

It is not necessary to hire a professional trainer But it does not mean that you become trainer by yourself and do what comes in your mind.It is very critical and unavoidable to get expert advice and suggestion at-least if you are not hiring a trainer.This is how you can manage:Download Workout AppResearch and learn healthy Balanced

Can I do a hammer curl and a bicep curl at one workout?

Yes, there's no reason you can't do both.The hammer curl tends to emphasize the brachialis and the brachioradialis in a way that conventional curls simply can't. For guys like me who struggle with the size of their forearms, hammer curls are great. In fact I prefer them over regular curls and I therefore do them first

Can I do ab workouts everyday if I'm not sore the next day?

It's common for beginners to experience muscle soreness that lasts for a week or two, just as seasoned exercisers will be sore after a tough workout. Yes, you should keep working out even though you are sore, but there is more to it than

Can I do abs exercises without following Any diet?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 24 days of follow that guide I actually have visible definition in my abs and I even

Can I do an ab workout daily?

Optimal training frequency is a subject of never-ending debate, but as a general rule, smaller muscles group recover faster than larger muscle groups.And compound exercises like the squat and deadlift necessitate more recovery than isolation movements like the biceps curl

Can I do burpees and pull ups/chin ups on daily without injuring myself?

Burpees are an excellent total body workout that should not over-strain any area. Only you will know if you are doing too much. Be wary of the adage, "No pain, no gain." Pain outside of some muscle tenderness is an indicator

Can I do chest and shoulder workout after back and bicep day?

Yes, you can certainly go forward with it. In fact, I suggest my clients to do chest and shoulder workouts after back and bicep day because shoulder day targets your delts (front, middle and rear), and back day targets your back with very little

Can I do crunches daily to burn belly fat?

#Question name: Can I do crunches daily to burn belly fat?TOP 10 TIPS TO LOSE BELLY FAT NATURALLY!Hiii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and best tips to how to lose belly fat naturally on the internet as below. I hope you enjoy it.2. Think eating plan, not diet.Ultimattely, you neeed to pick a heallthy eatiing plan

Can I do daily pushups and squats?

Yes, you can. Three things to consider. How many of each are you doing each day? What is your starting fitness level? And how do you handle the potential muscular imbalances you'll create from only doing two push exercises?For the first question just remember that the number of reps needs to be enough

Can I do exercises that work the same muscles in different proportions on the same day?

The human back has an extremely complicated structure...I can think of 7 different muscle groups without even trying. I do chins, 3 different types of rows, straight-armed pulldowns, shrugs, bent-over flyes, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts...all in the same day. You have

Can I do hiit before or after weight training to burn more fat?

HIIT – that's high intensity interval training – has been the core subject of many training inquiries as of late.

Can I do HIIT cardio every day?

You should not do HIIT every day. Not if you are truly doing HIIT, which taxes your central nervous system.HIIT is great because it increases overall work and recovery capacity...but it's like any other form of training - you need to give your body time to recover

Can I do just stretches and warm ups for a month before I hit the gym?

It is difficult to answer without understanding the depth of your question. Having said that I am sure you some goal in mind. In general, stretches and warm ups are supplements to the actual

Can I do pull ups, push ups, double dips daily before my exercises?

Off course! This is a great way to improve your technique and strengthen ligaments.As long as you do an amount that will be easy to recover from. So don't push yourself to the limit on everyday, but do enough to create a stimulus.Lets say that you can do 100 pull ups and that is difficult. Just do 50. So