Are there alternatives to squats?

As we all knew that doing squat is an excellent exercise for enhancing your performance. It will give you more beneficial results to your body. But you will be getting this only if you do squats in a proper form. If you are doing it incorrectly, then you should face discomfort in your low back and injury on

Are there any automotive design companies in Dubai?

A country operates based on its strengths. UAE thrives on Oil. And so you would find valuable Oil Companies in Dubai and Au Dhabi. Every country needs to balance its finances. And so you would find National and private banks

Are there any bad effects of sleeping late at night and late till morning?

sleeping late at night brings lots of stress physically and mentally to your body. Late night sleep can cause Insomnia, bad immune system, cardiovascular risk and obesity. Sleeping late at night directly affects your social and work life which causes lots of stress. The person should take almost 7-8 hours of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

Are there any benefits associated with extrinsic motivation?

I can think of three ways to use extrinsic motivation effectively:1. Reward unwanted behavior. Crazy idea but the reason it works is because this puts the focus on the reward instead of the action. Remove the reward and the behavior will often stop as well.2. Give quick boosts. If you

Are there any benefits to mixing high rep (10-12) sets and low rep (6-8) sets in the same workout?

Yes, this is called the congruent method. Basically you're trying to train/maintain two or more physical qualities simultaneously. However the other benefit is that it's reflective of how to optimally train within a training session even if you weren't doing it. You're not going to do 3 rep

Are there any cases of wild animals saving humans?

Yes there are that I recall of wild animals saving or trying to rescue distressed humans. My favourite are marine animals most notably from the orca family, from dolphins to shark killers like killerwhales (orcas), even seals .I remember reading about orcas in Europe

Are there any cases where a bear repellent actually led to an ironic bear attack?

You should not have problems with black bears in OR. It's the larger bears (grizzly and polar) further North and East which are known for problems.Bear spray isn't for wearing. Get that. A number of cases have happened where humans have sprayed items as a preventative. This is NOT how these sprays work. It's

Are there any dangerous parts of Tokyo that should be avoided?

Avoid Kabuki-cho. It's across the street behind Shinjuku. You might get a Nigerian door man ask you into a botakkuri bar(high-way robbery bar, first drink is free, 2nd is 20,000 yen. ) or an overy friend ladymight ask you you want a massage those late night

Are there any drawbacks to using a trap bar for deadlifts?

Not necessarily. My phiolosophy is, any time you're working to improve your body and get stronger, that aren't many drawbacks. There are more efficient ways to do things, but that's completely relative to your goals and personal stature. In all honesty, I wouldn't say there are any drawbacks to trap bar deadlifts,

Are there any genuine companies offering work from home?

Some few points i will add on this question.If you search on classified web site you will find thousands of Work from home jobs. They sell work from home form filling or Novel typing pages.They have unique pattern of packages.Means to start your work they take money from your. And they tell

Are there any genuine work from home jobs in India which can earn 30K a month?

Hi Joshia and Shivam.This is a great question. The short answer is yes, but it's a little bit more complex than that. Let me explain.NEW EDIT: When I first read this question I interpreted 30K as 30,000, since in the

Are there any good 4-minute ab workouts?

Everybody has abs..It's just the layer of fat that differs and which transforms biscuits into a jelly belly... As the question is too specific and imposing clear timeline of 4 minutes... the focus should be on burning more and fat.. Skipping(90-100 rpm) and running(With speed at least 14 kmph ) are simplest and most effective workouts. Once

Are there any good lawyers for start ups in Kolkata?

You should check out these websites for your search - Consult & Hire Top Rated Lawyers in India | MyAdvo | Making Legal Simple Consult & Hire best Top Rated Lawyers in India | You can also write it to me at

Are there any lift or elevator 'hacks' that most people don't know about?

One reasonably common practice that will get you to your destination much slower is to jump in an elevator. This will often false trip the over speed device, and result in the elevator coming to an emergency stop between floors. (the elevator

Are there any natural supplements that you can take for weight loss with a normal diet?

12 Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements ReviewedThere are many different weight loss solutions out there.This includes all sorts of pills, drugs and natural supplements.These are claimed to help you lose weight, or at least make it easier to lose weight combined with other methods.They tend to work via

Are there any online courses available that teach Transportation Design (Automotive Design)?

This site is relatively new and maybe an excellent starting point for you:How to Draw Cars - Online Tutoring for Aspiring Automotive DesignersThe sessions are live, one-on-one with an award winning car designer. If you're curious about the car design profession, are looking to prepare a portfolio for

Are there any other weights that have the same effect as using a p90x pull up bar?

There simply is no substitute for doing pull ups. You can use the resistance bands, but in my opinion, you're better off doing some sort of assisted pull up. There are devices made to offer assistance with pull ups, but if you have a pull up bar, the easiest

Are there any positive benefits of laziness and procrastination?

By my estimation, I would be getting paid around $20,000 a year (commission factored in) to do precisely nothing and be super lazy.It was awesome. I liked it. I like doing nothing.For about 3 or 4 hours a week, sometimes, I would walk around Battery Park at the tip of

Are there any projects like for fashion/clothing buyers?

Hello,If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of apparel & clothing, you may want to try the media partners of the Magic and Sourcing At Magic Trade Shows. Wholesale - Wholesalers, Importers & Manufacturers and are both partners of the show. If you visit the sites, you

Are there any 'secret' bars in San Francisco?

San Francisco has several late night places which open after 2am and serve drinks.  One is on Potrero Hill and has the original Bar from the 1920's when it was a Prohibition era Speakeasy.In general it is not possible to just walk up and say 'hi - I'm here. Let me in'.  You need to know

Are there any significant differences in the divorce rates of marriages from offline dating and marriages from online dating?

Yes, there are.  We (eHarmony) just completed two studies with Opinion Research Corp. looking into this and found: * A few ways of meeting do affect your divorce risk. There were 67% fewer divorces than would have been expected (based on share of marriages in the

Are there any species other than humans which caused extinction of other species?

Yes.Rabbits.Seems unlikely?Ask any Australian.Rabbits are not a native species of Australia, they were introduced there by European settlers.European rabbits first arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788, but they only became a

Are there any valid arguments against same-sex marriage that do not rely on religion?

Most homophobia is caused by emotion (e.g. fear and/or disgust) rather than rationality. I can't prove this, but I suspect many homophobic theists use dogma to justify their emotions rather than the other way around. So it's probably not the case that they are prejudiced because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Rather, the Bible just excuses

Are there any ways to earn around 30k per month sitting at home if someone can work from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.? Are there any at home BPO jobs in Delhi?

There are several ways to make money online. It all depends on your existing skill set or the skill set that you would like to develop.My top recommendation is always

Are there any weight lifting exercises I can do everyday?

It depends on your ability to recover. Some people squat to a near 1RM max every day, most of us don't have the genetics, experience or drugs to do the same.There are certainly less sexy, but very useful things you can do, for exampleband pull-apartsrotator drillsweighted carriesBasically a lot of the

Are there free online courses with free certification?

Hi,Online courses, and online certificate courses in particular, are quickly moving from a novelty to the mainstream. Leading colleges, graduate schools and companies are investing significant resources.There are now hundreds of free courses available online, which can vary significantly in quality. That makes it essential to pick the right course.I would suggest that you

Are there good places to get men's shirts tailored in Delhi?

One little fact: The best place to get men's shirt tailored in Delhi is @ your home.Yes, you read it correctly. We at YourClothier come to you, measure you and do all the difficult stuff for you while you're watching Netflix or you're at work.All of this

Are there good YouTube channels that teach programming languages?

There are a bunch of great YouTube channels that teach people how to code.Derek BanasthenewbostonChris HawkesCodecourseJREAMLearnCode.academyLevelUpTutsThose are just a few channels that have good videos and playlists.I'm subscribed to them and watch their videos even

Are there hackers out there as capable as Elliot from Mr. Robot?

I'm a pentester so I do everything with authorization.The only unrealistic thing is his online brute force. Nobody do that. When we do online brute force, we base it on most common passwords and/or leaked databases if the target is in there.There

Are there people who love animals more than other people? Why?

The difference between pets and humans is the same difference between standing on stable ground or standing on shaky ground.Humans are unpredictable in their relationships. Their emotions and thoughts change frequently. Humans have ulterior motives that go beyond survival. Humans, even those close to you, can leave you feeling uneasy. The range and complexity of negative emotions

Are there pro-gay Muslims?

You mean, like me?I'm Muslim, and I'm very very pro gay, if that's a word. I reconcile Homosexuality with the Quran as followsThe Quran has no explicit mention of punishments for sodomy. It talks about Sodom, but many scholars think that was about raping visitors, not homosexuality.Orientation is defined at birth.

Are there problems with doing cardio and no strength training? won't get stronger.No, scratch that; if you haven't exercised much before, you will get stronger. Depending on the activity, maybe even a good bit stronger - e.g., intense bicycling will build up your quads.You just won't get as much stronger as if you were doing strength training too.If the

Are there tracking devices in passports?

If by tracking devices, you mean a chip that constantly monitors and relays your location back to the government, no. This is a commonly held misconception about the RFID tags in many developed nations' more modern passports.If by tracking

Is India really intolerant?

You've probably already read my name. It reads Mohammad Musharraf (मोहम्मद मुशर्रफ).Here's my experience:I was born in a locality where a Hindu majority resided. Then I went to a Christian school for education. Majority of students there were Hindus. In 10th standard, I remember, we were three Muslims among 35 to 40 other Hindus.For college, I went to Bhubaneswar,

Is there a cure for loneliness?

I would say that learning to keep yourself engaged is an effective way to stem loneliness.  I have spent numerous weeks alone when my friends have headed home for breaks between college semesters, and being in a foreign country adds the sense of loneliness. To keep that feeling at bay, I have

Is there a fast way to get skinny?

How to Get Skinny in a WeekAre you scheduled to go on a trip where you'll have to put on a bathing suit or are you desperately trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress before your friend's big day? If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, long term gradual weight loss through diet

Is there a fitness program other than the P90X that is safer for someone above 300lbs Or is the P90X safe enough?

Weight by itself won't be the barrier, but the producers themselves offer a fit test to gauge your readiness at's a difficult program, and if you have doubts I would take them at their word when they say:important noteWe ask that you complete the equivalent of Power 90® or Slim in

Is there a good shortcut to getting six pack abs?

No there isn't, six pack abs are attained in only one of two ways. You either have exceptional genetics or work exceptionally hard. Abs showing at all requires a body fat percentage below 12%, a six pack will be lower than 10%

Is there a good travel app?

The way we travel has changed with smartphones coming in. There are location updates, map guides, food finding tools and much more. Wherever you go, your best friend-your phone-takes good care of you.Here is a list of 9 travel related problems solved through travel apps. Check it out!Problem 1: Planning and Booking- Solution: TravelTriangle

Is there a healthy way to approach depression?

Learn as much as you can about your depression. It's important to determine whether your depression      symptoms are due to an underlying medical condition. If so, that condition      will need to be treated first. The severity of your depression is also a     

Is there a large or unique intelligence gap between humans and the next most intelligent species?

Like Srinivasa said, it's hard to objectively measure intelligence. But yes, there's a large gap between the intelligence of humans and the intelligence of chimps and bonobos, the other most intelligent species. (I'll touch on dolphins later). It's

Is there a link between job interview performance and job performance?

No one really knows, but it's very reasonable to assume that there is a link. However, the link might not be as strong as many employers would like to believe.Let's talk first about what the Google study says and what it doesn't. What Google found was that interview scores had no correlation with performance, of

Is there a multi gym machine for base exercises - deadlift, bench press, squat similar to one below?

No. There are no replacements for big 3 exercises.There are no backup, double, equivalent, fill-in, proxy, replacement, stand-in, sub, surrogate for a barbell.Don't try.Machines have their place in a bodybuilding gym. A powerlifting gym operates only with a barbell, plates, squat rack, bench rack, deadlifts pad. Don't forget the

Is there a need for marriage in a progressive world?

I assume you are talking about India because all cultures and societies are different. What might be possible in one culture may/may not be possible in other culture. In India, we follow a strict moral code of conduct as compared to West. or

Is there a pill to become more intelligent?

There are drugs that claim to, but I would recommend caution when using anything that messes with brain chemistry. Your brain chemistry is a delicate balance and making your brain depend on artificially introduced chemicals can never have a good long term result. For example there are chemicals out right

Is there a software online which hacks Facebook accounts?

Thanks for the A2A.Hacking Facebook accounts (as well as Gmail accounts, or quora accounts, or any sort of account or computer system you haven't been explicitly hired to look for vulnerabilities in) is illegal in most if not all countries. You just expressed your intention to do so on a public web site, likely

Is there a true love friendship existing in between a married man and another married woman?

From an Indian male Aged 40:Absolutely Yes, It does exist. Having experiencing one in my life. I am in secret affair now with a lovely lady.Its not Sin to fall in love with other married womanUntil now i used to feel yuk whenever

Is there a truth? If so, what is it?

Is there a truth about what? If you are asking whether or not there is truth in general, you might find the following argument interesting: Suppose that there is no truth. Then it must be the case that it is true that there is no truth. But if it is true that there

Is there a way to electronically tip an Uber driver?

Travis Kalanick, the founder and CEO of Uber is from all accounts a narcissistic sociopath. He hates drivers, can't wait to replace them all with self driving cars.Travis hates tipping. He has been quoted to say he will never add a tip option to

Is there a way to get in-app purchases on iOS for free?

Yes, there is actually, and a legitimate way to do it too.The developers of the app have access to promo codes for both the game (if it's not free) and in app purchases.They usually give these out to press, youtube /Internet influencers and even sometimes giveaways.To get one of these codes you write

Is there a way to harvest electrical energy from humans?

You probably have watched the sci-fi Matrix film series  and you may or may have not understood the whole concept of the Matrix. In the Matrix,  Neo wakes up one morning and finds out that human bodies are plugged into an elaborate grid where their

Is there an inverse correlation between happiness and ambition?

I think so, but why can't you be ambitious and happy at the same time?  I know you are never satisfied when you are ambitious, and satisfaction is happiness.  Thus, happiness and ambition shouldn't exist together, but why can't you just be super ambitious and super happy?  I guess

Is there any ab workout that I will feel? I need some good ones to tighten my ab core.

Core, is much more than just Abs. Core is back, shoulder, hips, abs, glutes and many more interconnecting muscles. There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself before you decide which way you want to go. Do you want a strong core, for posture or sports performance as examples? Do you just want

Is there any app to hack Wi-Fi passwords?

You may have heard of many apps which acclaims to hack wifi. But actually most of them doesn't work. Here i am going to show you an app which can hack most of the wifi connections in simple steps.This app is wps wpa tester premium.Lets begin:1. Open the app and

Is there any benefit to showering twice a day?

for your water supplier yes :) for your body a little. Earlier people used to wash once a week in the public baths, and it was fine. Moreover, I think in the long term frequent washing can reduce your immunity, and dry skin (bring profit to

Is there any best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor?

These days most of the fitness trackers have the heart rate monitor feature. Choosing the best one is a little difficult choice because most of these fitness trackers have almost similar functions with one or two tweaks in each of the models.If I have to suggest you one fitness tracker which has the heart rate

Is there any difference between doing many pushups at once and doing the same amount of pushups divided throughout the day?

It depends on what you're actually trying to do. If it's building strength and muscle mass, I would suggest doing at a go would be the best. Muscles respond better when they are taxed. Our bodies are designed to adapt to different situations and various levels of stress. So the key to building  strength

Is there any evidence to suggest that wearing helmets while biking can actually increase the chance of injury?

Reading Matthew Bellringer's answer to Are you safer riding a bicycle with or without a helmet? you will see the general thrust of the anti mandatory helmet argument, to wit:Urban cyclists don't get in crashes that helmets can do much about;Requiring people to wear helmets discourages people

Is there any fast bowler who has increased his pace after coming into international cricket?

I will speak from perspective of Indian team.Below are few fast bowlers whom I have seen bowl fast after coming into Indian teamBhuvaneshwar Kumar - Bowled in lower 120's and ear;y 130's but has increased his pace to early 140'sStuart Binny - Bowled in mid 120's but now bowls in mid 130's.R.P Singh - Initially started in mid

Is there any good free online photography course?

#Is there any good free online photography course? Best resouces, courses, books, tricks for the question: #Is there any good free online photography course?I checked many sites and all quora topics about this question!Below are best sites, resources to learn photography online.BEST 3 FREE AND PAID PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES ONLINE:=>1. Free course on YouTube: Beginning Photography EssentialsAuthor: Tony & Chelsea

Is there any heterosexual man wants to be gay?

I haven't personally met any. But hey, it's a big world; with three and a half billion men in it, I reckon there's a straight dude somewhere who wishes he were gay.I more often meet straight guys who wish they were bisexual. Im one of them. I like sex, I'm sexually adventurous, and

Is there any natural treatment of varicocele?

I had a massive grade 3 varicocele myself. Now, it's no longer visible since I started following varicocele healing treatments. Also completely cured my pain. I break down varicocele healing into 3 steps:Step 1: The first varicocele healing treatment is the Varico Health Kit which is a dietary supplement. It helps treat the

Is there any prerequisite before joining gym?

YES.The essential prerequisite is visiting with a Medical Doctor and obtain a clean bill of health with your heart, lungs and joints/innards before you start a fitness journey. If you are beginning to the gym activities without a clear understanding of your

Is there any schedule for beginners of gym?

Beginners Men's Workout At GymSo Finally you came out from your comfort zone and decided to sweat , ya Sound's too good.But are you ready with your Beginner workout plan .!!!!!!!For more fitness tips follow us on quora and like our

Is there any science to overcome procrastination?

Hi,You know something, the best part is you have a desire to overcome procrastination.You are aware of it. Most of the time, people are either not aware of it or does not bother.If you have taken the pain to open Quora, write

Is there any story of getting back your only love after a long breakup of many years?

If you are looking for a easy read but still something different - you can try And We Remained . The novel is told through emails and first person accounts of events. An excerpt: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is there any way to actually cleanse the body?

Sorry, I have to rain on your parade a bit because what you are suggesting is going to get you into a worse state.First, do NOT eat more fruits (no, fruits are not cleansing agents - there is no such thing). Fruits - which A LOT of people resort to when it comes

Is there any way to get your ex-girlfriend back after a one year ugly breakup?

[This has been taken from a wonderful post written by my friend Aishwarya on our magazine: Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back After A Major Breakup? ]How To Get Your Ex Back?Accept the Fault.Firstly, accept that you are

Is there any way to hack a WiFi network and know its password?

Hello There!It's time for you to get rid of your monthly internet bills because you've just landed on the best WI-Fi hacking tutorial of the century, it's easy, less time consuming and most importantly cent per cent working!In this tutorial, you'll learn,how

Is there any way to Love someone?

Thanks for A2A.Yes. You can love someone in many ways. There are different types of love for different people. You can love your parents in different way daily making them happy. You can love your siblings by making fun or giving gifts on their birthday

Is there anyone who had corrected their knock knees by exercise only?

Not only is there ways, but this is probably the best available method to fix knock knees. In the industry we refer to this as knee valgus.Tightness in the hip flexor musculature and adductors, weakness in the gluteal groups and

Is there anything more important than health?

No but you don't know it until it's compromised. My mother has always been an active woman. Her gallbladder started to give her problems but she didn't mention it to anyone. One day dad called and said mother didn't look good.

Is there infidelity even in a happy marriage?

So are you implying that all marriages have infidelity or are you just asking if there is sometimes infidelity in an otherwise happy marriage? Do sometimes happy marriages have infidelity, well I guess there are all types but certainly not my marriage. Some men actually have

Is there more than one 'shortest day of the year'?

Yes, there's a different "shortest day of the year" for the Northern and Southern hemispheres, 6 months apart.If you want to get semantic about what "shortest day" means, specific parts of the earth, particularly inside valleys, may also have a different day where the sun is visible in the sky for

Are there actually people that just 'don't fit'?

When I was much younger I believed that anyone can fit with anyone if they want.Then I grew up and experienced different people and I changed my opinion.Yes, some people just do not fit.You can adapt if someone is morning person and likes to walk around house naked, although you like to

Are there alternative ways to harvest energy from power systems?

There have been some attempts to turn heat into electricity more directly. One example is from MIT: example is Daniel Sheehan's perpetual computing video where the computer is powered off heat.Google search: daniel sheehan perpetual computingThere are also nano technology systems that potentially collect

Are there animal psychopaths?

I knew a horse who killed one of her own newborn foals.  At the second birth the owners were present and restrained her, but she refused to suckle the foal and tried to kick and bite it.  We never knew why; whether it was the pain of birthing or what.  She then began

Are there animals that don't feel any emotions?

Yes. Animals that do not possess the brain structures and/or brain networks we refer to as the limbic system do not have the capacity to experience emotions such as anger, happiness or sadness, or even great fear.Animals totally lacking this would include simple multicellular organisms like rotifers and sponges through most

Are there any animals as cruel as humans?

1. Bears sometimes kill cubs of nursing females since female bears don't mate while they are lactating... With grizzlies. 2. Frustrated juvenile bears on heat may sometimes maul and even rape human females... and even sometimes attack and rip open the belly of pregnant human females in a show of dominance... With himalayan

Are there any animals (aside from humans) that sweat?

Is sweating a mechanisim linked with species intelligence? Well, probably not. For instance, horses sweat. While wonderful animals they aren't known as great thinkers.I don't think there is much linkage between perspiration and cognition. Think as hard as you like, it won't make you sweat. Jog a little however

Are there any animals that are evolving?

Whoa there -- this is a classic case of the cascade of sensationalism that happens when the lay media starts reporting on scientific papers. (Though, in this case, it's especially embarrassing -- the organization responsible for ramping up the sensationalism is the lay arm of Nature, the

Are there any bands better than Tool?

"Better"... How, exactly?Overall, or just concerning certain disciplines or parameters?And according to what standards of measurement?? E.g., how would one decide whether Tool were "better" songwriters than, say, Elton John?I mean, Tool being an overall great band is pretty hard to bypass unless you're musically illiterate, but the elements that make them so great are

Are there any books based on gym workout and the required diet plan?

There are many books available in today's era for gym workout & diet plan but practically its not possible for us to do them by books.Our Brain is the only place for workout & diet plan you just have to follow it.( Global Real Estate Networking Portal|Get Best Deal on Properties|Buy|Sell|Rent|Largest Real Estate Network)

Are there any careers for bodybuilders in India?

There is a career for bodybuilding in India but you have to do lots and lots of struggle you have to spend first thousands of money every month for so many years then you can get the sponsorship from some brands.After achieving some titles in the bodybuilding you can do following things to earn your

Are there any cases of possible self-harm or even suicide in animals?

I had read that dolphins are only animals besides humans capable of intentional suicide, but I'm not sure how true it is. Here is article on Wikipedia: Animal suicide - WikipediaUPDATE: I watched a documentary

Are there any cases of wild animals saving humans?

Yes there are that I recall of wild animals saving or trying to rescue distressed humans. My favourite are marine animals most notably from the orca family, from dolphins to shark killers like killerwhales (orcas), even seals .I remember reading about orcas in Europe a story actually in the

Are there any cases where yoga really improved vision?

thanks for asking question. Improvement in eyesight is one of the side good effect of yoga. Its a technology that makes human a human and spiritual person.I improved my eyesight...Believe in shiva and do can do it with in 9 months with daily pranayama....Shiva is

Are there any differences between physical fitness and mental fitness?

You ask,Are there any differences between physical fitness and mental fitness?Yes, there are differences.You then clarify your question about understanding these differences by asking,...what I should focus more [on] in my early 20's, which will wears [sic] down faster and which one I can achieve easily after 5-8 years later.Let's establish

Are there any disadvantages to join gym in summer?

Working out in hot weather massively increases our body temperatures, surely this is the reason that we have natural cooling system i.e perspiration. Major disadvantage of working out during summer is excessive sweating which leads to 9 to 10 percent of water loss from your body ,along with essential sodium loss from our body. Excessive or

Are there any discounts for LA Fitness?

I've answered a question similar to this, fortunately I don't work for LA Fitness anymore. What I can tell you is that the best thing you can do is go to an LA Fitness telling them you know the online price but you want them to beat it, get the offer they tell you

Are there any drawbacks to exercising on a trampoline?

Assuming everything goes correctly all the time... no, there are no drawbacks to exercising on a trampoline.  But... when you consider trampoline injuries account for about 100,000 injuries per year in the US alone, a reasonable person might wonder how likely it is that everything will

Are there any exercises to strengthen the spine?

To clarify the question, I'm assuming you are asking for exercises which strengthen the muscles which support the spine.  Since the spine itself is bony structure.  For anterior of spine you will want to target the Psoas muscle as well as the core muscles of the abdomen (crunches, planks,

Are there any gadgets for monitoring fitness levels?

Yes! =)Times are changing and so is technology. Isn't it cool that there are even wearable gadgets that improves our fitness? These days people have become more health concious and are finding new and faster ways to be fit. Thanks to the technology! When such cool gadgets actually exits who doesn't want

Are there any good and simple pre & post-workout meals which contain enough protein and carbs?

If you are interested you can check out my healthy recipe videos in my fitness channel GetFitwithMindy: Tasty, Simple, Inexpensive, Healthy Cooking Recipes for Looking Lean ForeverMost of the recipes contain 300 calories or less with very good protein and carb ratio. Here are some great ones that I

Are there any good brain break training apps?

Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the

Are there any good cardio exercises that won't stress an injured foot?

Firstly you need to get the foot looked by your doctor. You can also talk to him / her about what kind of cardio exercises that would be suitable for your injury but swimming would usually be the best option. I have a general guide to exercising with an injured foot on my website.

Are there any good health forums in India?

Passionate about bringing transparency, a high quality medical service, and unparalleled convenience to its citizens, we at SeeDoc | are driven primarily by the fact that India's medical system is inefficient, and there is low trust in a large number of institutions and practitioners.

Are there any good lightweight kayak-in-a-bag kits?

The kayak industry generally refers to these as "folding kayaks" so if you search for that, you will find 5 or 6 well known companies that have been around for a while. My personal favorite after doing some research is FeatherCraft and they're Kahuna model in particular. It looks like a traditional kayak, fits into a backpack and

Are there any laws protecting me from LA Fitness forcing me to go to their physical location to cancel my membership?

According to Overview of California's Health Studio Services Contract Law: Legal Guide W-10:You also may cancel the contract if you move more than 25 miles from the  health studio and are unable to transfer the contract to a comparable  facility.  In this