Does Canadian cuisine exist?

Absolutely, but it's very, very regional and often involves variations on traditional dishes from places where people have immigrated from.In a lot of small Alberta communities, one of the few restaurants through the 1950's and 60's would be a cafe serving Chinese and Canadian food.  When people went out for a treat, they

Does God exist?

NO, he does not exist. Here are over 100+ answer to this question and I will add mine. Maybe someone posted a similar answer. Maybe some people said he does exists.I would start by saying a basic logic argument. I will use photos as is much easier for me. Sorry for the poor English grammar.Let's assume

How long will humans exist?

The answer in short is ‘not much longer'.The ‘worse case' scenario for climate change models has not been avoided, despite all the efforts to curb carbon emissions. We are set for a ‘catastrophic' above 2 degrees centigrade global temperature increase by 2100 and there is a

What is the most rational evidence, if there is any, of the existence of God?

I think a better question asks: "What would constitute proof of God?". Suppose God is some omnipotent, omnipresent being and a believer claims that if the Empire State Building suddenly turns into a gigantic gold block, then that proves that God exists. In other words, unexplainable "miracles" can explain the presence of a God.

Why do politics exist in the workplace?

Politics exist every time there are two or more people in a room, space or context. Politics exist in friendships, in marriages.I dare say politics exist within individuals, too. When you decide to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of going out for that run, it's because one part of you

Will the institution of marriage exist in future?

The institution of marriage is a tradition, in order to lead an orderly life for the human being. If the institution is not nurtured properly, it will loose its importance in the future. Institution of marriage is not without limitations, we may have

Did intelligent life exist before humans exist?

Depends on what point in the human line of descent that you declare a species

Does any truth exist or not?

Pilate's question, What is truth? has reverberated down through history. Was it a melancholy desire to know what no one else could tell him, a cynical insult, or perhaps an irritated, indifferent reply to Jesus words?In a postmodern world that denies that truth can be known, the question

Does humanity exist or not?

It can be difficult to keep our heads up, make time for others and remain optimistic about the world we live in. While the headlines are dominated by our weekly mass shootings, the reality is that day to day, we humans make little sacrifices for each other.Highlights from one of my Friday evenings :Thanks to

Does life exist beyond earth?

Science does not obtain knowledge based on belief and yet many of these answers talk about their belief that life in the universe has to be common.  Science is about evidence. So what is the evidence?First there is evidence that there are lots

Does life exist only on Earth?

Besides our Earth we can expect rudimentary life on Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter; and Titan, the largest of the moons of Saturn.EuropaThe answer is yes, and the next-best shot at finding extra-terrestrial life forms is on Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter. Europa is the fourth

Does unconditional love actually exist?

Yes, most parents love their children unconditionally.Unconditional love does not exist in the context of

How long has the human race been in existence?

Stone tools go back at least 3,300,000 years.The control of fire goes back at least 800,000 years.

How long will humans exist?

The answer in short is ‘not much longer'.The ‘worse case' scenario for climate change models has not been avoided, despite all the efforts to curb carbon emissions. We are set for a ‘catastrophic' above 2 degrees centigrade global temperature increase by 2100 and there is a very probable risk this will be above 3 degrees given melting

What arguments are there for or against the existence of free will?

One thing I am quite sure about is that if I were to give credit to myself as a thinking human being, then I have to presuppose free will exists. No free will means no free thought. If everything is beyond our control and we are merely spectators of events or thoughts unfolding, then that means no

Why do overrated things exist?

It is not easy to define something as being "overrated". Whenever you do any kind of rating it is always with respect to what you are thinking, your priorities and your likes/dislikes. There might be some things that

Why do we exist?

This question is interesting. Interesting because most answers are oriented forward, towards a telos while a few address origins. Answers that address origins usually begin with

Why does unconditional love not exist?

The actual question is flawed as you are phrasing it in a way that supposes it doesn't. Essentially you've already decided it doesn't exist and will probably use confirmation bias when reading the answers and only choose those that fit your already

Will humans cease to exist?

Of course. Everything ceases to exist sooner or later, except possibly the universe itself, and even that may.If we defy all the odds against our survival, achieve peace among ourselves, learn environmental sanity, and everything else that is wholly beneficial

Are the Illuminati real?

A Bavarian Professor named Adam Weishaupt created the illuminati. Every single thing in history would've never ever happened without the illuminati being part of it all. This

If humans had no emotions, would human intelligence still exist?

You'll forgive me for focusing on the un-emotional side in this question.It depends, I think, on how highly qualified you mean by 'emotions'.Different 'emotional styles' likely exist, as psychologists have recorded.What matters to one person may be something stringent or ironic, while what matters to another person may be happiness or memory.Also, some people may have barely detectable emotions

Belief and Beliefs: Can the existence of a god be proven or disproven?

Thank you for a thought-provoking question that gives me an opportunity to argue against my usual position. It's fun to try to get your head on backwards sometimes!I am tempted to rephrase the question as "What are some reasons to believe God DOES exist?", since I don't find any proof for the existence

Can God exist?

We are born in land of earth and we are termed by humans and human has brain and powers which animals don't. We human have power to create a god and name him within a day or by ages perceptions

Can you prove god exist using the scientific method?

No. By definition, God is beyond the purview of science. Science seeks to explain the natural world.God is OUTSIDE THE REALM OF THE NATURAL WORLD. If God created everything (definition), then He cannot be a PART of that which He created. Meaning He would

Do ghosts really exist?

YES!!I was having drinks with my friends at my place; I got a call from my girl friend (now ex) that she can't sleep as she is alone (scared of ghosts even if there is nothing paranormal); her both flatmates went to their hometown. I

Does time exist?

what is time? is it an illusion of us or something else let's find out.first, find out what we think about time.A day has 24 hours, an hour has 60 min and, a min has 60 sec. Did you ever think where these

Has science proven that God does not exist?

Science has already proven it million of times. It is really ironic that in mathematics, chemistry or physics anyhow as soon as we derive a result, scientists get onto some result via evidences, experiments etc most people just believe it without counter-questioning but in case of

How would you prove that you are or are not a god or that God does or doesn't exist?

How would you prove that you are or are not a god or that God does or doesn't exist?I don't know what god is supposed to be, but what I've heard from other people is that gods have super powers, the kind that

How would you react if there was irrefutable proof that God doesn't exist?

I would immediately question the validity of the supposed irrefutable proof. In the same way, I question any supposed irrefutable proof that God exists.There is no standard for what people call God, other than it existed before time, and created everything. Everything

Is death the end of our existence?

No.My approach to this is radically different from everyone else's. It is the scientific approach. I will not ask for faith or belief. I'm not going to quote from some religious text and ask you to

Is it proof that god exists when you ask for strength/support/help he always comes to help you?

Regardless of how successful we are with our personal objectives; we may not feel secured without addressing the high-level objective; the purpose of our existence.It is wrong to say ‘let us enjoy the journey and forget about the destination'If you find yourself in

Is the existence of a deistic God more likely than that of a theistic God?

Is the existence of a deistic God more likely than that of a theistic God?Yes, simply because the deistic concept of God is not exclusive to Earth, in an age of telescopes, satellites, space probes, and planetary rovers. The theistic concepts of God usually include the Earth being the center of creation, and everything revolving

What book has helped you prove that God exists?

When we talking about God we should define the God first and second thing is the way of worship !!How one would identify God ??All religious people are describing God as supreme power, one who has created whole nature including all the

What if God exists, and he's just bad at the whole god thing?

Lot of interesting and some funny opinions, it has been to my amusement. But now I must admit I have created this Universe thing as an experiment. I was bored. Can you imagine, sitting all alone in my own shining light for eternity, and nothing, but nothing happens?So I created a huge world with clear rules you creatures

What is God? Why does he exist?

God being the generator of space, is beyond space and therefore, can never be imaginedThe unimaginable God is beyond the four-dimensional model of space and time. You can imagine the dissolution of matter converting into energy filling the space. Subsequently you can imagine the disappearance of energy in the space and the

What is the proof that god really exists?

I think this story will definitely let you believe in god and his existence.The first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled across the world spreading the word of truth. One of the places Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited during

What physical evidence exists that is used to prove the existence of God(s)?

Professor Werner Gitt, who works in the field of information science writes:There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is there any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this.(Werner Gitt, In the Beginning Was Information, 1997, p. 79)This statement, if true, destroys the whole basis of

What would you say to someone who argues that there is no proof God exists?

It's a good question.But unfortunately for unbelievers, science has already shown that DNA comes from someone intelligent outside of the observation of our current utilities.All plant, animal & human DNA requires 3 critical components;1) information2) communication3) language.Since 2013, genuine science has acknowledged that DNA is a marker of intelligence NOT evidence of biochemical naturalistic

Where does God exist?

God means manager, who has power to control, in front or from behind. There are differences between gods and creators. Creators may be in control,or not.Gods or creators may falsely claimed their titles as they may be charlatan. Or their area of influences may be limited. They can be in our 3D space, or from different dimensions. But

Why does God exist?

God exists Necessarily.That means that it is impossible for God NOT to exist.How can we know that God exists necessarily?God and Truth are identicates. They are two titles that refer to the same being.Truth exists Necessarily.That means that it is impossible

Why does the universe exist? Why is there something rather than nothing?

Possibly the most important ‘why' question of all, and as such it should receive more attention. Some things are better reasoned through from first principles, and I think the universe is definitely one of those things.Here's my view. We can fairly safely rephrase the

Why doesn't God exist?

QUESTION: Why can't God exist?ANSWER: Because he/she/it doesn't have enough true believers.Did you ever see Peter Pan? You know, where Tinkerbell is fading away, because there aren't enough kids believing hard enough? They strain and grunt and worry, and lo... Tinkerbell resumes existing. Yay!Same idea.Except, it's not a binary numbers