Are humans the only species to attempt to save other species from extinction?

Yes.There is no reason to think any other animal even understands the concepts involved, much less puts its own resources into trying to prevent the extinction of another species.An individual animal may on rare occasions delibetately take action to protect an individual of a different species, but that is not the same thing.As for the idea

Are there any human species that have gone extinct?

There have been several human-like species that have existed on earth for the last 2 million years and all of them are extinct. But there have been only four human species including Homo sapiens, and three of them are extinct. The three extinct species are Homo

Can species that become extinct be replaced?

Can species that become extinct be replaced?Not in the way you might be angling at, in our current state of knowledge. We are not ready to clone extinct animals or plants from DNA present in fossil remains. Maybe one day.But if

Do animals hunt other animals to extinction?

In general, no. It isn't energy efficient for a predator to concentrate on hunting one prey species to extinction; as the number of prey declines, the predator would have to spend all its time searching for prey and this would be a prohibitive cost. Instead, the

Has any other species caused the extinction of another species?

Yes - absolutely, all the time.Species is a very lose term, and any animal can fairly quickly split and find any number of different niche survival strategies that in a relatively short time would cause us to consider it many multiple species.The vast majority of those diverging species will always die out - and they'll do

If humans went extinct, what would be the next dominant species and why?

In the event of human extinction the likelihood of another species taking over is a long shot. Anything that might have looked remotely like competition was wiped out millennia ago.Depending on the size & scale of the destruction & depredation that caused the

In what year do you predict the human race will become extinct?

The predictions I've been reading over the past five years all seem to point toward 2026 as the point there won't be livable habitat for humans (and by extension most other species). The fact that the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science just published a paper (which underwent editorial review)

Megafauna Extinction: Is there a modern example of primitive people hunting to extinction huge animals?

I find it difficult to believe that primitive humans, armed with spears with flint points maybe even bows and arrows, were able to wipe out or even have a significant impact on mega fauna.Especially, in areas like North American and Europe where natural predators were plentiful. On some isolated

Were dinosaurs extinct long before humans appeared on the face of the Earth?

Yes and no. For one, birds are dinosaurs*. So, at least one lineage of dinosaurs did survive. However, I'm assuming you mean the non-bird dinosaurs, aka the non-avian dinosaurs, and those all did go extinct a long time ago.Around 65 million years ago, there was the Cretaceous–Paleogene, K-Pg,

Were Velociraptors the fastest dinosaurs?

No way, Velociraptors were not even as fast as Troodon. Don't let the

What species do you wish was extinct?

Homo sapiens.Very smart but very stupid too.

When did dinosaurs become extinct?

We are still in the dark to accurately answer this question. However, estimates shall suffice for the time being.The reason? Scientists can't agree whether the major extinction events the Earth witnessed occurred over thousands or millions of years or simply in one lively day.

Why did the Megalodon become extinct?

It's always very difficult to say for sure why a species went extinct, especially since many factors may be involved. But here's what studies have told us about C. megalodon.Fossils clearly indicate the extinction of C. megalodon by around 2.6 million years ago (no matter what the fake Discovery documentaries

Why do animal species become extinct?

When there are no more animals of a particular species left alive, that species is said to be  extinct. In the distant past, several species of animals became extinct through natural causes. There might  have been a change in the climate of a particular region, and the plants or animals on

Why do people call dinosaurs animals?

Reptiles are animals. Mammals are animals, birds are animals, reptiles are animals. Reptiles are not plant life, nor are they bacteria, fungi, or viruses.Life is categorized into 8 taxonomic classifications: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. The broadest