Are there any species other than humans which caused extinction of other species?

Yes.Rabbits.Seems unlikely?Ask any Australian.Rabbits are not a native species of Australia, they were introduced there by European settlers.European rabbits first arrived in Australia with the First Fleet in 1788, but they only became a

Assuming that humans will go extinct, what is the best way that we can pass information to the next intelligent species on the Earth a few hundred million years from now?

I don't think I could do better than the aliens in Footfall, by Niven and Pournelle. They left a series of books made of platinum hidden all over the planet. Go read it.Alternatively, the aliens in The Mote in God's Eye, by Niven and Pournelle,

What happens if every other species of animals on this earth goes into extinction, except human beings? Can human beings still survive?

Probably not. The reason behind this one is, all the plants and animals including humans, play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. For an example, trees need Co2 to do photosynthesis. How could humans alone exhale such enornimous ammount of Co2 ??? There animals help us. They too exhale Co2. As a result, the living organisms

Will polar bears become extinct at some point?

It depends on how you define extinction. The Arctic is changing quickly; the polar ice cap is retreating. Without it, polar bears cannot live there. They need the ice to get out of the sea - to rest - to travel. Bears cannot swim indefinitely. They have to get out

Are humans the only species to attempt to save other species from extinction?

Yes.There is no reason to think any other animal even understands the concepts involved, much less puts its own resources into trying to prevent the extinction of another species.An individual animal may on rare occasions delibetately take action to protect an individual of a different species, but that is not the same thing.As for the idea

Are there any human species that have gone extinct?

There have been several human-like species that have existed on earth for the last 2 million years and all of them are extinct. But there have been only four human species including Homo sapiens, and three of them are extinct. The three extinct species are Homo

Are there any species whose extinction would benefit humans?

Mosquitos, lice, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, fleas, internal parasites of all descriptions (nematodes, tapeworms, flukes, etc.), disease-causing bacteria .. the list could go on and on.The extinction of some, mice and rats in particular, would have a detrimental effect on other species that prey

Are there chances for the extinction of the human race?

Q: Will the human race become extinct?Crocodiles have a brain the size of a walnut, and it weighs about 8 or 9 grams.Human's brains are about 15 cm across and weigh about 1500 grams.Crocodiles have been around for 200 million years. They have no awareness of what lies beyond

Are we ignoring the fact that we would soon destroy mankind before Earth that can replenish again after millions of years with new ecosystems without humans and only losers are humans due to our incapability of controlling our own kind?

We only use the word human when we talk about an issue but dont identity ourselves as one,we are devided by boundaries,religion and tend to blame others rather than think of a collective solution some governments do not agree with all the reasons for the problems they have their political constraints,we think differently

Assuming that humans will go extinct, what is the best way that we can pass information to the next intelligent species on the Earth a few hundred million years from now?

Your question could be labeled as moot because in a few million years chances are very good that the sun will have increased its energy output by a couple of percent and the oceans would now be in the process of

Besides humans, which species have the lowest chance of extinction?

So glad you asked, the most common animal in itself is the worm. However, if you were wondering what group of animals are the most common, (which does include the worm) they are called nematodes. Coincidentally, The most common organism in the world is also a worm that lives

Can cryptocurrency slowly go extinct?

Yes, but is it likely? For now no, it is unlikely that the major will go extinct soon, but most of the cryptos will go extinct as they will server no purpose. The ones that will be left will be ones that will be used and will be traded massively on many exchanges

Can species that become extinct be replaced?

Can species that become extinct be replaced?Not in the way you might be angling at, in our current state of knowledge. We are not ready to clone extinct animals or plants from DNA present in fossil remains. Maybe one day.But if

Do animals hunt other animals to extinction?

In general, no. It isn't energy efficient for a predator to concentrate on hunting one prey species to extinction; as the number of prey declines, the predator would have to spend all its time searching for prey and this would be a prohibitive cost. Instead, the

Has any other species caused the extinction of another species?

Yes - absolutely, all the time.Species is a very lose term, and any animal can fairly quickly split and find any number of different niche survival strategies that in a relatively short time would cause us to consider it many multiple species.The vast majority of those diverging species will always die out - and they'll do

Has humanity ever come close to extinction? If so, how did it survive?

Based on a 1999 theory, the most recent evolutionary bottleneck occurred 70,000 years ago, possibly because of a super volcanic eruption, at the site of present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia, causing a major environmental change, reducing human population to 10–30 thousand; however, the environmental cause as well as the genetic bottleneck itself remain controversial.

Have pagans become extinct?

The question is a bit vague-after all, Pagan itself comes from Latin Paganus, meaning "countryside dweller." Basically, it's like calling someone a hick in Latin.Technically, this means anyone who does not practice an Abrahamic religion. Some related words may be heathen. With this broad

How do species survive mass extinction events?

The bigger you are and the lower your fecundity, the lower your chances.Bigger animals need more food, and are less likely to find it amongst all the damage. And lower fecundity (and slower development) make you less resilient to major changes.Other factors would be food preferences: a specialist is

How many species go extinct every day?

The most recent estimate is an avg of between 150 and 200 species per day. One must keep in mind that this includes myriad types of living organisms from plants, fish, reptiles, amphibians, blah, blah. Species extinction has been on going for tens of millions of years and beyond,

If humans became extinct or endangered, which animal(s) would likely evolve to be the next dominant, intelligent species?

So, there are a few false assumptions in the question.One is that there must be a

If humans went extinct, what would be the next dominant species and why?

In the event of human extinction the likelihood of another species taking over is a long shot. Anything that might have looked remotely like competition was wiped out millennia ago.Depending on the size & scale of the destruction & depredation that caused the

If humans were to become extinct, what animal or kingdom would rule?

Presumably some animal that has suffered from our existence but hasn't been driven to the brink of extinction (so that it might continue to go extinct through sheer dumb chance and bad luck). So I'd suppose that rats, cockroaches, etc. would actually do worse: they live off our garbage, and thrive where humans exist

In what year do you predict the human race will become extinct?

The predictions I've been reading over the past five years all seem to point toward 2026 as the point there won't be livable habitat for humans (and by extension most other species). The fact that the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science just published a paper (which underwent editorial review)

Is it likely that humanity will go extinct in the next million years?

Hell, it's most likely we go extinct in the next 20 years. We are choosing suicide at the species level by acting as cancer cells, feeding on each other with no regards to the consequences.We have one evolutionary instruction,

Is Kannada going to go extinct?

The problem with people who think Bengalurians don't know Kannada is that they ignore the people who work as auto drivers shopkeepers and other small workers they only consider blue collar jobs, they stil talk based on the 1991 census ( according to that roughly 40% of people speak Kannada in Bengaluru) which was pretty inaccurate

Is the human race at the start of its own extinction?

I think if we don't change our trajectory we will be in the next few decades. We can't keep fighting over resources so everyone can have a burger that's raised on food grown from land that could grow way more fake burgers that taste exactly the same. We have to invest in easier water

Is there a species whose extinction would not impact humans in any way?

For the longest time, I have always thought that all creatures that have anything to do with marine life and those in the insect world will eventually impact humans in a way that might have repercussions like the black plague during the middle ages.For example, frogs are terribly affected by polluted waters.Frog populations have been declining worldwide at

Megafauna Extinction: Is there a modern example of primitive people hunting to extinction huge animals?

I find it difficult to believe that primitive humans, armed with spears with flint points maybe even bows and arrows, were able to wipe out or even have a significant impact on mega fauna.Especially, in areas like North American and Europe where natural predators were plentiful. On some isolated

Question that contains assumptions: Why are Native Americans going extinct?

As a whole, no. Indeed, for the past several decades, Native American populations have been rebounding. From a low point in the early 20th century, a combination of improved public health measures and a slowdown in programs to deliberately wipe

Should humans voluntarily go extinct?

Contrary to the majority of the opinions, I personally think YES, human extinction would be more beneficial than harmful for everyone. That's because it would stop the human suffering, once for all. Hunger, diseases, violence, discrimination, pain, depression, all of that would be gone! Guaranteed, forever. I can't imagine a single social/scientific/technological

What are some plausible ways in which humanity can go extinct in next couple of years?

Here are some ways that we can go extinct :-1. Alien attack2. Virus outbreak3. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un4. World War III5. Meteor crash6. Patient Zero7. High Magnitude earthquake8. The Day After Tomorrow9. Worldwide Drug war10. Fortnite server outrage11. Worldwide Steam crash12. Robot takeover14. Global warming15. Nuclear accident16. Accidental release of antimatter

What do you think of the Extinction Rebellion movement? Is it over the top, or completely justified and needed?

Extinction Rebellion is a reflection of the growing realization that we're facing extinction in the near term from global warming. Recycling cans and driving a Prius won't save the planet-the government and the economy need drastic reorganization in order to have any chance of

What reason will the human race become extinct if it ever happens?

The question was... "What will most likely be the cause of the extinction of the human race?"And the answer is the next ice age, that suddenly will begin in about 50 to 500 years... If a huge Asteroid don't hit us before that, of course... Suddenly because when the gulf stream stops, come

What's the most likely way humans might go extinct?

There are many ways for humans to go extinct. I've touched on this subject on another question. The first way to go is war. A war that will literally, not figuratively, end all wars. This war of biblical proportions will see entire nations destroyed completely and no human is

What species do you wish was extinct?

Homo sapiens.Very smart but very stupid too.

What would happen if bees went extinct?

User, has explained pretty well about the things happen when, bees gone extinct. I will share few info from the articles I read few years ago, regarding the same issue.We, the humans are 100% dependant on the nature for living, just like other animals, we too are

When did dinosaurs become extinct?

We are still in the dark to accurately answer this question. However, estimates shall suffice for the time being.The reason? Scientists can't agree whether the major extinction events the Earth witnessed occurred over thousands or millions of years or simply in one lively day.

Which language will be extinct next?

Depends on whether you want an 'answer' or the real answer.  There are probably dozens of languages with one or fewer (yes, or fewer [1]) speakers left, but the problem comes in identifying them.  For the most endangered languages often

Which species has the best chance to become sentient if humans go extinct?

The basic assertion in this question, that no non-human animals have ever been sentient, is probably wrong. There is absolutely no reason to believe that. We are not special. Our minds, from which our sentience arises, are not all that different from the minds of many other mammals. Why,

Which species would benefit Earth if it were to go extinct?

I would have to nominate (Human Beings).36 Extinct Animals Lost to History Due to Human Activity100 million sharks killed each year, say scientists73 Million Sharks are Killed for Fin Soup Every Year! Take Action to Ban the Shark Fin

Why aren't sloths extinct yet?

Try it. Relaxing in life is one of two generally successful methods. Those who put on weight get whole rooms full of people to kinda

Why did the Megalodon become extinct?

It's always very difficult to say for sure why a species went extinct, especially since many factors may be involved. But here's what studies have told us about C. megalodon.Fossils clearly indicate the extinction of C. megalodon by around 2.6 million years ago (no matter what the fake Discovery documentaries

Why do animal species become extinct?

When there are no more animals of a particular species left alive, that species is said to be  extinct. In the distant past, several species of animals became extinct through natural causes. There might  have been a change in the climate of a particular region, and the plants or animals on

Will bees go extinct?

Overall: Not exactly. There are 275 types of bumblebees, but there are quite a few in danger. Those in danger/under surveillance in the United States are generally bees closer to the western coast due to increasing temperatures and arid environments.In Hawaii 7 species of bees have been put

Will humans be extinct in 100 years?

That is very unlikely.Human are very resilient.The Easter Island example shows us that a small group of humans, isolated, can survive a radical change in their environment (the extinction of all trees) without going extinct.Mutiny on the Bounty is an other example of a small groups of humans surviving against all

Will humans become extinct? If so, when do you think it will happen?

Of course. Quite possibly within the next couple hundred years.Most people seem to be seeing climate change as something that will ramp up slowly and can be stopped if we just pull it together. and they're looking at it mainly as a problem about sea

Will the human race ever go extinct?

Humans won't become extinct, but they will devolve more and more as Kali-yuga progresses. In fact, the human race disproves Darwin's theory. In earlier ages humans were much more advanced and evolved than they are today.The Vedic literature and culture testify to that fact. At a time when, according to evolutionists, the people of

What are the consequences of substantial, long-term net decreases of phytoplankton for the oceanic dissolved oxygen and atmospheric breathable oxygen, and how do we measure changes in this phytoplankton-generated oxygen?

I would like to suggest a solution to the problem of decline in phytoplankton and DO in oceans.The Science Daily report cited does not mention micronutrient availability.It is possible that deficiency of micronutrients in oceans is the reason for decline in phytoplankton.‘Low micro-nutrient levels in ocean water hit productivity'So dosing micronutrients in oceans could be the solution.

What happens if every other species of animals on this earth goes into extinction, except human beings? Can human beings still survive?

Probably not. The reason behind this one is, all the plants and animals including humans, play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. For an example, trees need Co2 to do photosynthesis. How could humans alone exhale such enornimous ammount of Co2 ??? There animals

Will 'children' eventually become extinct?

I assume you meant that children, or the age that children are being nurtured is getting shorter and shorter to the effect that kids will go from being a toddler straight to adulthood.Historically, cultures that allows for longer childhood tends to do well as long

Is Hinduism going to be extinct in Kerala?

Right. I am a Malayalee Hindu who has lived in Kerala for most of my life. There are all manner of answers here, including ones saying that

What do pandas contribute to a wild ecosystem, and why aren't they extinct?

We don't always understand how important each species is to their environment probably only after they went extinct. But it is true that the Giant Panda wasn't the best survivor in the wild today, which could had been a result of poor adaptation to a very particular range of food sources and a generally restricted range today.