What would happen if an advanced alien race came to Earth just to mock us?

Aliens? You mean those ugly lookin creatures coming to mock us?Dude forget Aliens bring any advanced race to earth but we have one guy who will come to our rescue and defeat the whole race alone.I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY.

If you are an alien abduction victim, did the aliens tell you why they did it?

Hello !First of all let's just focus on why alien abduct humans? According to ufologists , they abduct for studying about the human body , maybe, they wanna to see how are we able to think , talk or how humans have such intellectual .... If you get a new thing that you have not seen before you will

How to tell the difference between an airplane and an alien UFO at night

It depends on the amount and type of drugs you are currently taking, prescription or otherwise.If you are free from chemical influence, all of the lights in the sky that are moving are either planes/helicopters or satellites. Use your other senses, like hearing; if it sounds like a plane or helicopter, see if there are red and blue lights

Have you ever experienced proof of aliens?

Please and Thank You; what do you mean aliens? Not people from other countries, correct? What would be proof of aliens? What are aliens? Do you have a picture of one? Are they big as a bread box? Do they look like a kind of biological animal? I was going to ask if they

What would become of religion if an intelligent race of aliens were to make physical contact with earth?

basically try to see the diffrence between dogmatic and nondogmatic religions. there is the key for you. most of the dogmatic religions are little dictatorships. most of them are found to biuld force only (behind the curtains). most of them have their origin in mesopotamia like the

Have you ever met an extraterrestrial?

I am writing Anon because people usually think such accounts like the one I am about to say are fictitious or that maybe I am crazy. But since I am anon you can now think what ever you want. I know what I saw what happened to me. I am not crazy and I know they

How would alien technology be reverse-engineered?

The same way human technology is reverse engineered - take it apart and see how it works or try to figure out what individual parts do. It may be much more difficult, of course, or even impossible, if they use materials or physical effects unknown to us.

What is something that almost nobody knows about extraterrestrial life?

Eric's Simple Law of Cosmic Distribution:Many use the familiar Drake

If aliens visited Earth, would that help or hurt humanity?

If aliens visited Earth, humanity would benefit a great deal- assuming we survived it. We can imagine all of the alien invasion scenarios where we are exterminated- even the War of the Worlds/Independence Day scenarios where we are on the brink of extermination but miraculously saved. But let's set aside all of that and imagine a

What are the most alien things ever found on earth?

The most alien things according to me are the roswell crash where US army recovered the bodies of aliens and destroyed spacecraft. (conspiracy theories).Second is Mothman. He appears few days before a disaster is about to strike a place and after disaster vanishes from that place

Does the Pakal carving in the Mayan temples show proof of an extraterrestrial visit to earth?

No. It shows some human's portrayal of what they thought happened at one time in their life. This is an attempt to explain an event they recalled that they did not have the mental comprehension or language to express properly.Think

If you are the general of the military of an alien race with space travel, how do you go about attacking and conquering Earth?

What an interesting twist on this question; a plausible reason to abstain from orbital bombardments. Yet, this constraint of wanting an unspoiled colony does not preclude our hypothetical aggressors  from genocide.So that is what this little exercise becomes:1) The planet's native flora/fauna must be preserved, except in

What are the best relics or artifacts that give clear evidence of extraterrestrials/ E.B.E's?

What are the best relics or artifacts that give clear evidence of extraterrestrials/ E.B.E's?In order for there to be

Can aliens come down to Earth?

Realistic Scenario (and some background information):In a hypothetical scenario, fully based on real science, hypothetical extraterrestrial aliens could accomplish such a feat by following measures:Large scale multigenerational ships which can sustain a stable population. (Such a technological feat would render

What would happen if aliens declared war on us?

Mankind will finally get united and will fight against aliens together.Then mankind will get extinct, because crores will die fighting and the remaining will die of hunger, famine, disease etc.

What possible reason could intelligent alien life have to visit earth?

NONE!No alien will ever travel trillions of miles to actually visit Earth. Ever. Yes I said it. Aliens if they exist, should be very curious as a fundamental function of intelligence and learning. There will always be much more abundant resources closer to them than Earth, so all the fun

How would you describe human nature in 2018 to an alien visitor to Earth?

Upright walking apes evolving toward abstract thought, equality and monogamy, though we are still fighting instincts for emotion based decision making, hierarchy and polygamy.It is actually possible that rationality is unnecessary for survival and can be counter-productive to it.

Are there aliens under the ocean?

There is quite a bit of evidence that aliens have no problem going under water, in our oceans, and spending significant time there. See, for example, the Shag Harbor incident in 1966 in Canada (or 1969), when dozens of witnesses saw a UFO go under water

Do you agree that people have been alienated by the Internet?

Its easy to blame internet for it, but I'm not sure how much is that true. Out of all modern technologies that is being accused of this, I believe internet can be least blamed for

Why would aliens continue to be so evasive and not want to be seen by humans if they existed and are so interested in our planet?

A good question, and probably one which cannot be answered from our own limited human viewpoint.If aliens as you imagine do exist, then most likely their general biology is relatively similar to our own. I say this from the stand point that chemistry, and its laws and properties, will be the same throughout the universe.Beyond that, we don't

Is earth being visited by alien from another planet?

I would say the answer is yes. You might want to look at some of the documentaries out there like out of the blue that you can get on Netflix or Amazon and YouTube. If you're wondering how they reach us when other planets are hundreds of light years away from us you might want to look at the

Have you ever seen anything that absolutely made you believe in alien life?

Not near me, but almost all the time online.I'm not talking about those SF movies. I'm talking about a kind of behavior on social media - Quora included - that is not typical for common Humans.When you write about things that

If an alien was visiting Earth for the first time, where would you take the alien to get coffee?

Velicity Brew at my house and specialty coffee blends from Olive Branch Coffee.

If the Earth is attacked by an alien army, which nation would fend most of them off militarily?

No nation on Earth has the capacity to fend any Alien attack. You talking here about entities capable of travel in time and space and arrive here from other planets.Their technology is much more advanced than ours by millions of years. We will not

What will happen if an alien encounters a demon?

I am an expert in Demonology, have suffer possession from demons of all rank and have a demonic haunting in my home.Demons will target any spiritually advanced race which also includes the races we refer to as

What is a sign of an alien living among us?

Hybrids are all around you and you might be one. There are 2 main types of humans from earth. The originals and the hybrids. The originals are temporary beings...when the body dies they are no more...their soul dissipates upon leaving the body. Hybrids are spirit beings who are immortal, psychic, etc. When we leave

If intelligent aliens wanted to sequester Earth, and make humans believe that no other alien species existed beyond Earth, how would they do it?

They probably wouldn't have to do much: Presently the only way we could detect extra-terrestrial intelligence would be to receive a sufficiently powerful electro-magnetic signal from them.  So unless they were beaming light signals directly towards us we would be (are) oblivious to

Why doesn't the government just admit aliens exist? We all know they do anyway.

Actually this is a good question, but the answer may surprise you.The Apricot Arsehole in the White House is proof positive that the US government has not encountered aliens. The Trumpeting tweeter could not possibly have kept quiet for so long

How can one contact aliens?

Aliens doesn't exist. Aliens are the superstitious belief of Western world. Similarly in Asia , demons or giants are shown and written in books. In fact these are not true. The weakness inside men and women was pictured as ten head Raven. one

Does the History Channel show Ancient Aliens have any truth to it?

Not really, they merely slickly produce regurgitated theories on this silliness.I've been somewhat disappointed in the direction that Discovery has taken with the History Channel, which doesn't do much history at all, and with some programs on the Science Channel.I'm particularly annoyed with

Do you think that Enemy Mine is better than Aliens?

Although they both deal with human and alien interaction, they are two entirely different types of movie. Both are well executed and have good direction and production values. And I liked both of them for different reasons.So I would say that any preference for either is a matter of

Would aliens think of us as a human or an alien to them?

Q: Would aliens think of us as a human or an alien to them?Yes they'd think of us as human, but what they understood by human would be open to question, unless they though human = tasty lunch, and were carrying around their holy book to serve man.

Do aliens really exist... What does Quran say about Alains?

Quran details about earthy iife and humans but every now and then it says Rub al Aalameen that is worlds not only what we are in but other Modern days we are all searching life beyond earth like Mars etc see under

What if we discover aliens on another planet that are older than us humans and are humanoid? Does that mean we look like them or they look like us? Would that mean humanoid would also apply to us?

We would continue to hold the ‘humanoid' term, created for us, and while it could be argued that we looked like them, it would just be a resemblance unless they created us or we were both created by a 3rd race.Incidentally, there is no ‘pinnacle' of evolution, as that's not how evolution works.

If aliens were to invade how long would it take to decimate the world population?

Without exception, every question I've seen on Quora about aliens coming to Earth, is about attacking or decimating Earth. Why this thought process? Is this a reflection of the hatred and aggression on Earth?Perhaps this mindset has been implanted by sci-fi books and films. Maybe the word ‘alien'

Has SETI considered that aliens might be using the sun's gravity-well, as a wormhole generator to try to communicate with us by modulating its gravity-waves like a radio-signal?

There may well be communications modalities used by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that we lack the ability to understand. In the past, I have joked that the aliens must be upset that we have been ignoring their blatantly obvious neutrino signals for years.I have not heard about speculation

What will happen if an alien attacks Earth just to steal all the nuclear warheads and leaves us as we were before the attack in peace?

Internally all countries will be aware that their nuclear warheads are gone but they will not accept it on media due to obvious security reasons. So, each country those were having nuclear warheads before the attack will again work on creating them in flash speed to show their power to world ( POWER is addiction).Ultimately,

If you were an alien, what would you like to do?

I would probe all day, and probe all night.I would probe in the dark, and probe by the light.Probe from the bottom, and probe from the top.I would keep probing, because I could not stop.Probing everyone that I could possibly meet, sounds like a

What is the most realistic portrayal of an alien invasion in literature?

In order to describe something as realistic one must be able to compare it to something that actually did happen or based on what we know could happen.This then becomes a problem when dealing with a subject like alien invasion. As far as we know ..... wait we know nothing. We don't know life exists elsewhere in the universe.

Have you ever had an encounter with an alien?

Yes. On a camping trip to Devils Den State Park in Northwestern Arkansans in 1977. My friend and I were camped on a high plateau deep in the woods hoping to photograph eagles and other wildlife. On the evening of our first night in camp it was late and we were sitting around our campfire. It

If an intelligent alien found a human skull, would the alien be able to figure out how human looks like?

Hi Coya, not sure why you've asked me this as if you had read the answers on my profile you'd have seen that I understand extra terrestrials and people on Earth are not strangers. Far from it. They see us as their younger and much less evolved brothers and sisters who obviously need a hand

Can aliens not exist?

They can exist. We are living beings, so life exists, so it is possible that there is some life somewhere else.But now the question is : Is it really probable, or is there only a tiny chance ?There are, from my point of view, two different possibilities :

In the actual event of an alien invasion, how long would humanity last?

Here we go.As far as motives are concerned, that's not as easy as it may seem. It can't be natural resources, since these are abundant throughout solar systems. Asteroid mining is a completely reasonable perspective, even from our own standpoint.The logical conclusion would be that it has

Were the aliens made by our God?

Only human beings were made in God ImageIF there was an life on other planets, they would have to evolve faster than us, And IF God made other civilization on habitable planet(not moon) then they would been already sharing their presence in the Galaxy, This means with capacities to travel

Did Churchill know the truth about aliens?

Did Churchill know the truth about aliens?Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill may have known about aliens as far back as the 1950s a book claims.Codename Angel is a historical science fiction novel based on true events that occurred in the 1950s during Churchill second term in office.During the summer of 1952 Churchill wrote a memo to his head