If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?

If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?Our purpose should be to send those who best understand morality and the possible moral aspirations of our species. If the aliens are morally mature, then that

Did Neil Armstrong really see aliens on the moon? Or is the whole story made up?

Yes,Neil Armstrong and his crew of Apollo 11 encountered alien spacecraft.This of course kept secret by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) for obvious reasons,panic,hysteria,chaos etc.Now as for Neil Armstrong himself not admitting to the public what really happened,he probably opted not to

Do aliens or any extra-dimensional entities contact us in dreams?

I've had very similar dreams myself, but not all the time. They are most memorable not just because of the content, but rather they were more 'holographic'.One of them was where I was pulled to some gathering of different races. Some of their faces along with their bodies were deformed somehow.

What are some good websites for people who already believe in UFOs and aliens?

This is the site i tell everyone to go visit for facts and latest happening about that Subject.www.siriusdisclosure. com (Home)Just have a look at it, watch documentaries and has great news on it and also there are other links on that site which has many interesting websites to research and news.Also,

If extraterrestrial aliens do exist, what might they want from us human beings?

Consider the relationship between human beings and ants. What do humans want from ants? Mostly, we want scientific knowledge. There is a small but significant scientific community devoted to the study of ants. A quick google scholar search shows that there have been over 5,000 scientific papers

Are we gods or aliens?

No we are not Gods. All good qualities are belong to God. In the universe evolution occur, if we see the animal kingdom we will see from protozoa to mammals, there is evolution. If a home sapiens achieve the good qualities of God, he becomes super

What do I have to do to get aliens to get in touch with me?

I noted several previous answers ranging all over the board from true believer to true disbeliever. Since I have studied this phenomenon for a long time and have worked with many close encounter experiencers I will add my $0.02 in here

Do you think alien teleportation is possible?

It will only be possible if alien life is demonstrated to actually exist to begin with, then if such aliens are intelligent enough to develop any kind of technology, and then capable of such technology before assessing if such technology is even possible, even for them.Let's not put the cart before the horses... or take the cart out

Would the world's great powers ally against alien invaders today?

This brings me back to Dr.Strangelove the film. In this film even with a confirmed nuclear catastrophe, the leaders sit and quibble over how they can place themselves as the leaders of a new world once the nuclear damage has been cleared up in

If I shot dead an extra terrestrial in my back garden, is there a law under which I could be charged with a crime?

First, the ET that you shot in your garden is a member of a species that is far more advanced than humans, as evidenced by it's presence there.Second, you would need to know something about the laws of its alien society, and that alien society's ability to enforce them on Earth.Third, if the alien society

What would happen if aliens discovered the Earth?

I could only hope that the horrible pattern in history when a more advanced culture discovered another culture would not turn out to be the case for us. The conquest and near total annihilation and forced assimilation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas over the past five centuries being a major example. The brief history

Do you really care if we did find Extraterrestrial Life in another planet?

Yes. It would be shockingly disappointing to discover life elsewhere is common enough to be found with our primitive tech and yet find that intelligence is rare.To be clear, an intelligent civilization with a thousand year jump start ahead of ours would likely be leaving obvious trails or signs in the

Could an underground bunker protect us from an alien invasion?

Could an underground bunker protect us from an alien invasion?A well-fortified underground bunker cannot even manage to protect us from each other. Modern military forces even produce bombs and missiles specifically for that task... to penetrate into deep, armored underground bunkers and destroy the enemy inside.If any

How would an alien race exterminate humanity?

Get humanity addicted to technology, have it replace normal social interaction and slowly take over what they are exposed to through it so they can be directed to do the aliens bidding. Get them to the point where they merge with the technology, losing most of their innate, individual humanity. Open the back door that

Is it possible that aliens are evolved form of humans and have done time travel?

Aliens is a concept without a concrete proof of any sort. As such, we can only speculate their origins. They might be species that live far away in other galaxies. They may be creatures that live on the Mars. That may be the

Why shouldn't we believe in aliens?

Because we personally never saw one ? ( Which means albinos do not exist either , if you have not seen one .. nor any of any other million things . Someone else seeing them does not count , only if you

What is the probability that extraterrestrial intelligence exists?

Yes, I'm convinced that there is extraterrestrial life. The reason? Mathematics. It's important to understand that there is a whole LOT of universe out there. To give you an idea: this is the Millenium Simulation that shows the general pattern of

Why do people believe in spacemen/aliens?

For the same reason that people believe in god. Basic insecurity, a need to offload that empty feeling from inside.Granted there are ways to justify the probability of life on other planets and there are observations we can make to validate the idea.

What do you believe an alien abduction is really like?

Some are real to my knowledge. But many more are fake. By either active imagining or implanted during sleep as a dream. Thirdly, the event took place on the astral plane. All of us astral travel while we sleep. Not all the time of course. You'll know when you're having one by this manner.

If aliens exist, where would the closest ones be?

If we define aliens as life-forms native to another planet then, conceivably, the closest ones might be as close as Mars. If life is ever found there, though, it will be at best something comparable to our bacteria.If you mean the typical UFO occupants, members of a putative technological civilisation capable of communicationg with,

If an alien looked and acted human and came to earth how would humans react?

If they did indeed look and act like humans (assuming they smelled normal, and so on), we wouldn't think twice about it. We'd react just like we react to any other human. To us, they would be humans.I'd of course have to note that this is impossible, unless they changed

What is your favorite alien life-form?

Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU).It is the secret to how the ET are able to go around each day without the EA (EArthlings) being able to figure out what is happening. It is the greatest feat in the history of Earth.It is all either misdirection or subnation (subliminal dissemination) by the Government (Hextocracy)

Are aliens real or hoax in real life? Are there any physical proof?

No, there isn't any corroboratable information in the concept whatsoever.Any incident regarding UFO's is generally from another earthbound country with advanced aeronautics programs.Though I will forever attest to and believe that there most certainly are, this is largely for entertainment porpises and I'd be lying if I said there was a reason to think otherwise.

If aliens do exist and are superior and more advanced in technology than humans, what's keeping them from interacting with us or even dominating us?

Dark ForestAny alien species who knows about us is certainly not going to tell us. They are afraid, and rightly so. We should be too. Both species will be suspicious of the other. Both would rightly consider the other to be an existential threat. Even if

Do you think our government is aware of extraterrestrial life?

No. If signs of life are detected on another planet it's big news.Intelligent life almost certainly exists in other solar systems, but they're not visiting us. The people who claimed to be visited were either lying for attention, or had frontal-lobe seizures. In more primitive times, people with seizures saw angels and demons. Now they go more Sci-Fi with

What if Area 51 was actually hiding aliens?

Not a what if....aliens are on all our bases. They run our military as well. they run our country. They have hidden themselves from humanity and those who have something to hide do so with evil intent. They are the reason our world is the way it is...violent, debt ridden, tied to money which did not exist before their

Why is the search for extraterrestrial life is always based on water?

Any even better question is why do they always focus in on planets that are located so far distant from our own that we may never be able to interact with them even if we were able to determine that they had viable lifeforms or

If aliens made contact with humanity, and they ordered China to release Tibet, what would happen?

Now that we have the bargaining chips, we should request that US/Japan/Europe give us all the technologies we failed to steal and recognize Taiwan as a province of China.

How different will alien life be to life on Earth?

You have established two things. Alien life is real and Earth life is different. That's all true. Observation is the key, though. The difference would be in the dependence. They are completely dependent on each other for their being. That is where it

How would human religions react to contact with an advanced alien race?

Religions, like nearly all phenomena, will adapt to this change. After all, religions evolved and are still evolving.I anticipate our first contact will have as many responses as there are religions on the globe. Some will refuse to accept that the aliens exist, others will ascribe them to God as a divine way to test us, still

Who would you select as Earth's representative to aliens?

As in any first contact with an alien race or nation, it is prudent to ascertain the intention of the visitors. It would be naive to presume that all aliens would be benevolent. To do that, any normal human would

How to invite aliens to visit me as I seek the knowledge only they can provide

Since you asked me specifically, I'll give you an answer.If you already know there are aliens and that only they can give you the knowledge you seek, then for the same reasons, you must go to them and ask them.Be

Why does an alien invasion only happen in America?

It'll seem that way if you only watch stories made in America (however there are still many examples of alien encounters in other locations in American works) but let's say you like British television, then you'll notice most invasion seem to be in the UK or

Do aliens exist? If they do, will they visit Earth?

Yes, i think they exist cause our universe is so vast and we have known only a very very little bit of it so its very much likely to say that there might be aliens out there but this is not true about aliens that as they are extraterrestials they might have more advanved technology than us.

How likely is it that an alien world will have trees or something like it for intelligent life to build with?

If such a world has land plants, then it would likely have trees. This is an extrapolation from the multiple evolution of trees on our planet. I found it hard to find an estimate of how many times, so I'll have

What famous people are probably aliens?

Tongue in cheek... feel free to add your own! My top (of my head) 10...I am answering the question as if it was worded

If aliens invaded Earth, how could the average citizen defend themselves?

This would depend on what level of technology the Aliens possessed and how such weaponry was actually utilized. Biological warfare would be very difficult to deal with. However, the most difficult technology to overcome would be one that interferes with brain function and sensory

Are humans an extraterrestrial experiment?

The idea isn't very new and relatively popular amongst science-fiction authors. But, in all honesty, I'll stick to the Occam's razor - Wikipedia principle that the simplest solution is often the correct one.Very simply, humans exist on earth because ... it is

What was the Wow! signal and was it really sent by aliens?

The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal detected by Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while he was working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University, then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory in

Did you ever witness a UFO incident, that was not reported in the media?

I never saw an object. I saw a large white orb one night while I was locking up my building. Certain events lead up to this encounter and another event happened after it. I researched UFOs for about 15 years, which included field investigations. If people only knew how

Have there ever been any alien sightings here on Earth?

There have been many sightings of flying objects although few of them have any good smart phone videos (which by now should be more or less abundant, given the ubiquity of smart phones).https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li...However, for some reason, all the alien sightings (living beings), as far as I know, have happened in secluded locations where the only

Is India have any plan for prevention of attack or counter attack aliens?

If aliens had the technology to travel interstellar or intergalactic distances and come to earth with an armada of fighter spacecraft, then obviously they are thousands if not millions of years ahead of us in technology. It would be like fighting the opponent having light- sabres (like the ones you see in Star Wars) with a matchstick! We would

If there was an alien species that was omnipotent and really was our god how long will it be before they initiate first contact politically?

Hypothetically speaking...An alien species, even a billion years more evolved than humans, would still be flesh and blood. By definition, they could not fit the definition of omnipotence.However, a highly advanced species that obtained intra-galactic travel technology may discover us. The question to then ask is