How will society be affected if aliens came and gave us advanced technology millions of years ahead of our technology?

Millions of years advanced? About the same way a marmoset would be affected by being told how computers work. Even an ancient Roman would take a few years just to understand how the internet is being used by people - the basic concepts everyone grew up with just aren't there.Aliens a few

Are aliens helping us to evolve further in technology and creation?

It's possible that aliens are helping us by acting as a catalyst during crucial times or events, so that life in general goes on as it should. They act as guardians, observing intelligent life on earth as it goes on and do not intervene, unless absolutely necessary and only act in case such action

Is technology now alien technology?

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but perhaps we could add that it's also indistinguishable from alien technology. If you took someone from 2,000 years ago and dropped them in the middle of Times Square, it would all be alien to them. So

Are aliens helping us to evolve further in technology and creation?

It's possible that aliens are helping us by acting as a catalyst during crucial times or events, so that life in general goes on as it should. They act as guardians, observing intelligent life on earth as it goes on and do not intervene, unless absolutely necessary and only act in case such action

What would the world do if aliens tried to contact humans?

Thanks for A2A.Read this article: 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident.This is not conspiracy nutter material. It is a matter of public record, and can only be erased historically by the Ministry of Truth. While there is anyone alive who remembers the event and the number of people who have collected and

Do people actually watch Ancient Aliens on the 'History' Channel?

Hell yeah.I saw season 1 as recommended by my brother and since then I am hooked on to it . Its season 8 now and some of the facts presented by them on these episodes would blow your mind. It will truly shake your

Are aliens tall?

Hi, just as on Earth where we have different human races, my understanding is that it's the same on other planets. Some tall, some shorter. Diversity is a Galactic characteristic, however the ETs that visit Earth have very much realised that with diversity there still must be

Could we reverse engineer a damaged alien spacecraft?

I say, yes we could, given time. Aaron Gullison defined three levels of difference. The greater the difference, the longer it would take.My assumption: physical laws and materials are the same throughout the universe. Thus the aliens could use nothing that we could never gain access to.Along

What is your opinion of the movie Alien?

It's my second favourite movie.Everything about it is great. The small ensemble cast, the slow pacing, the gorgeous sets, the claustrophobic setting, the script, the acting, the directing. Everything.The plot is incredibly simple, which is what makes it great. It's a really tight, well-structured, well-implemented movie. That's why it is so loved by so many.It would

Are we close to discovering extraterrestrial life?

I saw that article when it first appeared, and I was appropriately blown away. But you have to remember that none of those amazing illustrations are photographs. The planets are much too far away for our best telescopes to see them

Why would aliens intend to visit earth?

Conquest. For the purposes of discussion, let's assume that there are no intelligent space-faring species within a radius of several light years from Earth (this seems, at least superficially, to be the case as far as we now can tell). If a space-faring species from a home world many light years distant from us

Is it possible that there is an intelligent life form living exactly to the other side of the Milky Way from us, and we cannot detect anything about them as the galactic center blocks our view?

Sure, why not. Milky way is a very big galaxy and there may be billions of planets around billions of stars like our sun. Tracking one particular evolved planet out of billions is itself a difficult task let alone search for life on those distant worlds on the other side of milky way is quite impossible

Will aliens invade our world?

They have been noticed for tens of thousands of years and reading the Vedic and not as a religion you will discover this is the prelude to the Akashic. Wars were fought over continents in those times and yet that was to make a better human being, and that is as far

If aliens sent an Earth Rover to our planet, and you were in charge of the response, what would you do?

Assuming we knew for sure it was alien, after some thought about it I think I'd have to quarantine it somehow. Maybe put up some sort of air-tight structure around it since we probably wouldn't know if it was carrying any living organisms (including diseases) or if it had weapons. The structure

Why does it mean when somebody calls you an alien?

An alien is a person of another family, race, or nation.If someone calls you an alien, it means he does not consider you as part of the group where be belongs to.Mostly, the person harbors some ill feelings against the person he calls

Do extraterrestrial implants really happen?

This is a transcript of a session my wife Diana and I facilitated through our surrogate work; on behalf of someone who had sought our help.  Prior to starting the session Diana was experiencing freezing cold in her feet, ankles and

Can nuclear weapons be used against aliens?

Supposedly some extraterrestrials disabled a timing mechanism that controls a portion of the fire system for our nukes. We could design some that would not be subject to that tampering, and thus use them, if needed. The bigger question is why are they that interested in our nukes. If they are so powerful and

What are your thoughts on the NBC article stating the Oumuamua object may have been an alien probe?

I think that they are full of unfounded crap which they have to say because unless it's about aliens, bigfoot, nessie or some other happy crap they figure the average, ignorant doof on the street cannot possibly be interested.They are talking

If aliens from another world visited Earth, what effect would it have on the world's religions?

It would not change anything. Alien civilizations from Earth like planet would be humans or humanoids; they may be more interested in experimenting on your species scientists who are so arrogant that they don't know where to shove their PhDs. Since the 60's, the scientists of

Do you believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life?

Do you believe in aliens and why?I belive intelligent life exist elswere in the universe but i dont belive they are visiting the earthThere are millions of galaxies out there. with millions of solar systems each. to belive that there is no other planet among the untold billions of planets that exist that

What would the discovery of aliens do to mankind?

That would depend on where you hail from. People who are starving probably wouldn't give a rat's ass. People who work in NASA and national security might have sleepless nights. People who always have God on their minds will hail it as divine proof of his

What would happen if the world's governments made contact with intelligent extraterrestrials?

The first thing you have to recognize is world governments HAVE ALREADY been in contact with factions of extraterrestrials (ETs) and this has been true for thousands of years. The second thing is interaction with ETs is done with supreme secrecy

Do you believe aliens exist on another world?

Mathematically speaking it's almost impossible for there not to be alien life. The only thing we lack is actual evidence.However, I also believe that whatever alien life is out there is no more advanced than we are. Which is why we have no evidence.It is my personal belief that it

How to help finding aliens

You can participate in SETI distributed computing.

Why do we always think of space faring aliens as super advanced instead of medium advanced?

I would think that there are aliens out there at all different stages of development and I'd place us somewhere in the middle...possibly a little less. I also believe that some of the more advanced are in fact visiting us,

If people have seen ufos why is there no evidence of aliens, where are they hiding what are they?

UFO sightings have benn reported ever since flying machines became a mainstream thing. Humans have a tendency to fill the gaps, overlook that which doesn't fit or alter what almosts fit. They THINK they saw an alien and therefore their brain accepts they saw

What would it be like humans invading an alien planet?

Much like the movie of Starship Troopers:

What would happen if a Independence Day movie-like alien invasion happened today?

What could present say humanity do to fight of an alien invasion, like the one from Independence Day.So far the only time a technologically inferior force beat a technology superior force was when the Afaganastan mujahideen were able to slowly wear down both the Anerican and Soviet forces and forced them to retreat. We would try and make it

In movies, why do aliens always land in the USA?

You mean Hollywood movies, right?Yeah, and aliens are going to be defeated by US Army. And Mr President takes the leading role to save the humanity.Why? Hollywood film makers are patriots. And American audiences love that. These are the reasons I can think of.In the non-Hollywood movies, it's definitey NOT the case.

Why are only white people abducted by aliens?

Q: Why are only white people abducted by aliens?Abduction accounts cover all racial groupings. As a matter of fact the first widely publicised account was of Barney & Betty Hill, in 1961.I'm unsure if their dog was abducted too!

Will aliens be coming to visit us?

Have you sent out the invitations, organised food and somewhere to stay, arranged their passage across the border..?Oh wait, you mean the ET kind...Sorry, my bad.Not likely.If they could get here, there is only one thing at the bottom of the Earths gravity well

Do I have to run for President of the United States and win before I will really learn the truth before I die about whether or not aliens exist?

Possibly .. though I doubt the ones in charge of the presummed cover-up would even tell you then . Presidents are basicly popularity contest winners .. many of whom likely would have never been security clearances except for having won the election ( or electorial college vote

Would extraterrestrial beings be likely to believe in capitalism?

It is possible they believe in capitalism but wouldn't see us as worth having anything to trade with.They'd still have to cope with economics, the allocation of energy, talent and resources. For example, they may have much more advanced technology but don't have unlimited resources to decide how many ships to

When will we find extraterrestrial life?

You could just as easily ask,

Why did the US government cover up the Roswell UFO incident?

Let's replay the events as they actually occurred in 1947:In order to genuinely understand what occurred at Roswell, one has to compare the original report issued by the Associate Press that the Army Air field had reported that they've recovered a

Assuming extra-terrestrial life (aliens) exist, what is the most likely scenario for them to make themselves officially known?

It's possible this is already happening.  In the past several years there has been a huge increase in UFO activity, crop circles and channeled messages.  It's like (presuming this is all true) they are making us aware of them through grassroots efforts.  This

Would alien life be more likely nutritious, toxic, or inedible by life on Earth?

The question is: Would alien life be more likely nutritious, toxic, or inedible by life on Earth?.Why, on earth, would you eat aliens? Apparently the questioning person is mad from starving.At first thought, I would not start eating a newly discovered foreign species that would make the

If aliens land on earth and say people 5000 years back were much more advanced than people today, how will the current human race react?

Its just my imagination,and has nothing close to reality.If we are 5000 years ahead of the technology we would have definitely found out the 5th dimension and if that happens the aliens have no necessity to reach us we would have already started trade with them.....and even if the aliens are dangerous we have the possibility of time travel!

If aliens walked among us, which famous people (now or historically) would you argue were most likely to be from another world?

Stephen Hawking.Given his extreme intelligence and physical attributes, it's obvious he's an Alien from a low gravity world. He needed to use ALS as a cover for his physical weakness. He was thought to be the longest living ALS patient before ‘going home'.

Is the US ready to protect Planet Earth in case an alien invasion happens?

It is troubling to encounter the viewpoint that only the U.S. can (or should) attempt to

Can 1900s X-COM fend off the alien invasion?

I think Man shouldn't worry with alien invasions because in the History of Man, that started million years ago after his evolution, according to Man, he didn't see any alien invasion and God knows if Man shouldn't need the help of aliens to stop destroying the nature of his own planet that Man

If NASA is hiding intelligent alien life, what would be their reasons?

Bear in mind that, to an alien, America isn't the be-all and end-all.If extraterrestrials visited Earth, they'd have turned up all over the place, not within the exclusive geopolitical boundaries of one nation. So it wouldn't just be the NASA/CIA axis hiding aliens,

Is the nuclear weapon our last defense against alien invasion?

A nuke probably wouldn't be that effective. Because a nuke mostly works by blast effects, which are greatly helped by the atmosphere, and as you'll recall in space there is no atmosphere. Then, these guys came from another star system, presumably quite fast, so presumably have some form of shield against radiation

What would you show of humanity to aliens if you could only show one thing?

We're talking the fact that our entire race's survival rests on this show and tell, right?First, and most important, I'd learn a bit about the alien society: what do they value, what do the aliens hold up as an ideal?Then whatever that