Would you be excited or afraid if SETI @home gets a confirmed radio signal from an alien race?

Both. I believe that in a sense, those of us who grew up in the so-called

Would the earth be noticeable by aliens from far away due to how many radio waves we've put out?

Our radar signals would be more obvious because it is on frequencies not overwhelmed by other phenomena.What an Alien SETI Program Would Learn from Earth's Signals

Are there demons living among us?

There are indeed evil beings among us, both human, and alien. Are they evil by nature or by design? That is an unknown. For one to determine if demons exist, one must first define the word demon. If you mean from hell or associated with evil,

What rights do aliens have?

Do the rats, the rabbits or the guinea pigs ask what rights do we have ???No.Now as we are kind of Rats and rabbits to them as they are super powerful with their technology and all.now what we are doing here is aliens will be acting

If technically advanced aliens contacted Earth, what is the most useful information they could potentially share with us?

The most useful information we could get from technically advanced aliens would be how to build machines that can replicate themselves. Humans can't do that yet, but knowing how would advance our civilization by centuries, and put us on the path to becoming like the technically advanced aliens we got the

What is the best weapon to use against the spaceship in Independence Day?

The problem wasnt the ships. They were mechanical in nature and could be defeated somewhat easily.(Not with AIM-120 AMRAAMs tho. Bad job on the writers. Didnt do their homework.)The problem was getting thru their shields. Outside of the virus, one could consider maybe a

Could intelligent life have existed on Mars?

Unlikely. Mars was dead before any nascent life could have evolved to an intelligent state.Mars has no magnetic field. So, whatever atmosphere and surface water it had has all been stripped away by the solar wind.Consider our own planet. Life emerged about as soon as it could, about 3.5 billion years

Would you consider marrying an alien who came to Earth?

Yes.Note: You didn't say whether you would, just whether you would consider it. Regardless of what the alien is like, everyone would consider marrying it, it's just that some would dismiss the idea faster than others.Now, if the question is

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?I am not a statistician, or a mathematician. All I can do is read. However, it seems, from what I do read, that the odds of

What would aliens think of us if they visited today?

There are a number of books written by contactee which clearly show how extra terrestrials regard Earth and humanity. They are saddened by our deplorable [my word] social sciences and lack of equality and worried at our meddling with nuclear fission. Our Elder Brothers Return This page leads to many contactee books.

Are there other planets with life on them?

We don't have a clue. May be billions. Or may be none. It's all conjecture until we have a fundamental understanding of how life can result from non-life. If it takes extremely fine tuning, then it's possible that only earth has the specific

Why aliens still not communicate with human?

theyhave been here since the begining ,started by warring nations ofother worlds 。thier progeny jnfiletrating our world at the highest levels,to use us as pawns。to settle thier ansester wars。its thier game。

What would happen, if we encountered a less advanced alien species?

To us? It will confirm the existence of alien life - this will ruffle the feathers of our understanding, and there will be some upheaval considering our religious attachments, scientific misconceptions, etc.To the Alien? If they are very lucky, we don't depend on the same resources as they do. Their planet is useless to us, and we

If hostile aliens were to invade Earth, where would be their first point of landing?

Where ever they chose. They might pick close to some capitals (Washington DC, London England, Paris France, Moscow Russia) or they might pick larger remote areas to land. Without knowing what kind of weapons they have or how big a force they can land with, your guess is as good as anyone else's. They might land at multiple

Why has there never been even one unequivocally convincing photograph of a UFO and/or alien taken, considering the huge number of people who have been carrying camera phones in recent years?

There have been many many ‘authentic ufo photographs and videos' but this is a field where anyone can cast doubt on the ‘authenticity' by bringing in a myriad of arguments, some seemingly sensible, and some with no weight at all. The photographs from decades ago, the ones that have been widely studied by researchers and organizations and were declared

What would happen if an advanced alien race came to Earth just to mock us?

Aliens? You mean those ugly lookin creatures coming to mock us?Dude forget Aliens bring any advanced race to earth but we have one guy who will come to our rescue and defeat the whole race alone.I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY.

If you are an alien abduction victim, did the aliens tell you why they did it?

Hello !First of all let's just focus on why alien abduct humans? According to ufologists , they abduct for studying about the human body , maybe, they wanna to see how are we able to think , talk or how humans have such intellectual .... If you get a new thing that you have not seen before you will

How to tell the difference between an airplane and an alien UFO at night

It depends on the amount and type of drugs you are currently taking, prescription or otherwise.If you are free from chemical influence, all of the lights in the sky that are moving are either planes/helicopters or satellites. Use your other senses, like hearing; if it sounds like a plane or helicopter, see if there are red and blue lights

Have you ever experienced proof of aliens?

Please and Thank You; what do you mean aliens? Not people from other countries, correct? What would be proof of aliens? What are aliens? Do you have a picture of one? Are they big as a bread box? Do they look like a kind of biological animal? I was going to ask if they

What would happen if the world found out that the U.S. is hiding alien technology?

Nothing, It is quite evident that concealing the alien technology is common in most foreign governments.  With the many alien transports that crashes are acknowledged, there are some who are still have live occupants.  Those alien's are held in various locations around the world and used to extract advanced Alien

What would become of religion if an intelligent race of aliens were to make physical contact with earth?

basically try to see the diffrence between dogmatic and nondogmatic religions. there is the key for you. most of the dogmatic religions are little dictatorships. most of them are found to biuld force only (behind the curtains). most of them have their origin in mesopotamia like the

Have you ever met an extraterrestrial?

I am writing Anon because people usually think such accounts like the one I am about to say are fictitious or that maybe I am crazy. But since I am anon you can now think what ever you want. I know what I saw what happened to me. I am not crazy and I know they

How would alien technology be reverse-engineered?

The same way human technology is reverse engineered - take it apart and see how it works or try to figure out what individual parts do. It may be much more difficult, of course, or even impossible, if they use materials or physical effects unknown to us.

What is something that almost nobody knows about extraterrestrial life?

Eric's Simple Law of Cosmic Distribution:Many use the familiar Drake

DNA: Is an alien message embedded in our genetic code?

Sure - but not the way the media portrays it - there is a reason we all have tails, and gills, and webbed digits, etc. in the womb - our ancient evolutionary past is never eliminated, it's just locked down by the genomic regulatory apparatus - read up on comparative genomics and evolutionary

If aliens visited Earth, would that help or hurt humanity?

If aliens visited Earth, humanity would benefit a great deal- assuming we survived it. We can imagine all of the alien invasion scenarios where we are exterminated- even the War of the Worlds/Independence Day scenarios where we are on the brink of extermination but miraculously saved. But let's set aside all of that and imagine a

What are the most alien things ever found on earth?

The most alien things according to me are the roswell crash where US army recovered the bodies of aliens and destroyed spacecraft. (conspiracy theories).Second is Mothman. He appears few days before a disaster is about to strike a place and after disaster vanishes from that place

What is the definition of intelligent life? What achievement makes the life form intelligent enough to be called intelligent?

Intelligence is a matter of degree, not kind. Elephants, crows, dogs, pigs, dolphins, great apes, and octopods have quite noticeable amounts of intelligence. Humans have most (with a nod to Douglas Adams, whose popularity woll rise high when dolphins learn

Did Allah create aliens?

I'm absolutely, positively, convincingly sure He did. He's GOD. He can create ANYTHING He likes. Only our feeble minds are not up to it.Cheers.

Does the Pakal carving in the Mayan temples show proof of an extraterrestrial visit to earth?

No. It shows some human's portrayal of what they thought happened at one time in their life. This is an attempt to explain an event they recalled that they did not have the mental comprehension or language to express properly.Think

If you are the general of the military of an alien race with space travel, how do you go about attacking and conquering Earth?

What an interesting twist on this question; a plausible reason to abstain from orbital bombardments. Yet, this constraint of wanting an unspoiled colony does not preclude our hypothetical aggressors  from genocide.So that is what this little exercise becomes:1) The planet's native flora/fauna must be preserved, except in

What are the best relics or artifacts that give clear evidence of extraterrestrials/ E.B.E's?

What are the best relics or artifacts that give clear evidence of extraterrestrials/ E.B.E's?In order for there to be

Are there any HD recordings of UFOs?

Well, from my own experience and observation (and after talking with other investigators who were present) we actually wondered whether this could be part of the phenomenon.  What we witnessed was very close, much bigger than Sirius, bright amber, sparkling, moving up and down, fairly quick and completely silent.  It went round a reservoir and then over a

Can aliens come down to Earth?

Realistic Scenario (and some background information):In a hypothetical scenario, fully based on real science, hypothetical extraterrestrial aliens could accomplish such a feat by following measures:Large scale multigenerational ships which can sustain a stable population. (Such a technological feat would render

What would happen if aliens declared war on us?

Mankind will finally get united and will fight against aliens together.Then mankind will get extinct, because crores will die fighting and the remaining will die of hunger, famine, disease etc.

What possible reason could intelligent alien life have to visit earth?

NONE!No alien will ever travel trillions of miles to actually visit Earth. Ever. Yes I said it. Aliens if they exist, should be very curious as a fundamental function of intelligence and learning. There will always be much more abundant resources closer to them than Earth, so all the fun

How would you describe human nature in 2018 to an alien visitor to Earth?

Upright walking apes evolving toward abstract thought, equality and monogamy, though we are still fighting instincts for emotion based decision making, hierarchy and polygamy.It is actually possible that rationality is unnecessary for survival and can be counter-productive to it.

Has there ever been any undisputed, physical evidence for UFOs or aliens?

No, not one shred of physical evidence has been produced to date. Although there may be thousands of bonafide UFO sightings over the past several decades, no one has come forward with physical evidence of aliens, extraterrestrial spacecraft, or other such artifact. The logical assumption is that such evidence does not exist.

Are there aliens under the ocean?

There is quite a bit of evidence that aliens have no problem going under water, in our oceans, and spending significant time there. See, for example, the Shag Harbor incident in 1966 in Canada (or 1969), when dozens of witnesses saw a UFO go under water

Do you agree that people have been alienated by the Internet?

Its easy to blame internet for it, but I'm not sure how much is that true. Out of all modern technologies that is being accused of this, I believe internet can be least blamed for

Why would aliens continue to be so evasive and not want to be seen by humans if they existed and are so interested in our planet?

A good question, and probably one which cannot be answered from our own limited human viewpoint.If aliens as you imagine do exist, then most likely their general biology is relatively similar to our own. I say this from the stand point that chemistry, and its laws and properties, will be the same throughout the universe.Beyond that, we don't

Is earth being visited by alien from another planet?

I would say the answer is yes. You might want to look at some of the documentaries out there like out of the blue that you can get on Netflix or Amazon and YouTube. If you're wondering how they reach us when other planets are hundreds of light years away from us you might want to look at the

Have you ever seen anything that absolutely made you believe in alien life?

Not near me, but almost all the time online.I'm not talking about those SF movies. I'm talking about a kind of behavior on social media - Quora included - that is not typical for common Humans.When you write about things that

If an alien was visiting Earth for the first time, where would you take the alien to get coffee?

Velicity Brew at my house and specialty coffee blends from Olive Branch Coffee.

If the Earth is attacked by an alien army, which nation would fend most of them off militarily?

No nation on Earth has the capacity to fend any Alien attack. You talking here about entities capable of travel in time and space and arrive here from other planets.Their technology is much more advanced than ours by millions of years. We will not