What will happen if an alien encounters a demon?

I am an expert in Demonology, have suffer possession from demons of all rank and have a demonic haunting in my home.Demons will target any spiritually advanced race which also includes the races we refer to as

What is a sign of an alien living among us?

Hybrids are all around you and you might be one. There are 2 main types of humans from earth. The originals and the hybrids. The originals are temporary beings...when the body dies they are no more...their soul dissipates upon leaving the body. Hybrids are spirit beings who are immortal, psychic, etc. When we leave

If aliens took over the world, how would you respond?

If aliens took over the world, how would you respond?I'd hope they will do a better job than most of the current Managers of the World.Peace!

A UFO lands in front of you, what do you do?

Ok the question is about «an UFO» not about «a spaceship». The problem is that we do not know what UFOs are, so the question is: «an unknown object lands right in front of you».Well, that happened several times, and that unknown thing

If intelligent aliens wanted to sequester Earth, and make humans believe that no other alien species existed beyond Earth, how would they do it?

They probably wouldn't have to do much: Presently the only way we could detect extra-terrestrial intelligence would be to receive a sufficiently powerful electro-magnetic signal from them.  So unless they were beaming light signals directly towards us we would be (are) oblivious to

Why doesn't the government just admit aliens exist? We all know they do anyway.

Actually this is a good question, but the answer may surprise you.The Apricot Arsehole in the White House is proof positive that the US government has not encountered aliens. The Trumpeting tweeter could not possibly have kept quiet for so long

How can one contact aliens?

Aliens doesn't exist. Aliens are the superstitious belief of Western world. Similarly in Asia , demons or giants are shown and written in books. In fact these are not true. The weakness inside men and women was pictured as ten head Raven. one

Why hasn't anyone shot an alien?

So aliens would be advanced eh? Let's go with yes for now. That being said, they have seen samples of what we do as a collective human race. We fight each other with deadly weapons all the time. We test weapons that

Does the History Channel show Ancient Aliens have any truth to it?

Not really, they merely slickly produce regurgitated theories on this silliness.I've been somewhat disappointed in the direction that Discovery has taken with the History Channel, which doesn't do much history at all, and with some programs on the Science Channel.I'm particularly annoyed with

Do you think that Enemy Mine is better than Aliens?

Although they both deal with human and alien interaction, they are two entirely different types of movie. Both are well executed and have good direction and production values. And I liked both of them for different reasons.So I would say that any preference for either is a matter of

Would aliens think of us as a human or an alien to them?

Q: Would aliens think of us as a human or an alien to them?Yes they'd think of us as human, but what they understood by human would be open to question, unless they though human = tasty lunch, and were carrying around their holy book to serve man.

Do aliens really exist... What does Quran say about Alains?

Quran details about earthy iife and humans but every now and then it says Rub al Aalameen that is worlds not only what we are in but other Modern days we are all searching life beyond earth like Mars etc see under

What if we discover aliens on another planet that are older than us humans and are humanoid? Does that mean we look like them or they look like us? Would that mean humanoid would also apply to us?

We would continue to hold the ‘humanoid' term, created for us, and while it could be argued that we looked like them, it would just be a resemblance unless they created us or we were both created by a 3rd race.Incidentally, there is no ‘pinnacle' of evolution, as that's not how evolution works.

If aliens were to invade how long would it take to decimate the world population?

Without exception, every question I've seen on Quora about aliens coming to Earth, is about attacking or decimating Earth. Why this thought process? Is this a reflection of the hatred and aggression on Earth?Perhaps this mindset has been implanted by sci-fi books and films. Maybe the word ‘alien'

Has SETI considered that aliens might be using the sun's gravity-well, as a wormhole generator to try to communicate with us by modulating its gravity-waves like a radio-signal?

There may well be communications modalities used by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that we lack the ability to understand. In the past, I have joked that the aliens must be upset that we have been ignoring their blatantly obvious neutrino signals for years.I have not heard about speculation

Why do people believe in ghosts, demons, aliens, etc.?

Q: Why do people believe in ghosts, demons, aliens, etc.?I conjecture this is related to our anthropoid evolutionary heritage in that humans have a tendency to infer intentionality from natural events of personal significance as a result of our hierarchical social nature. There's probably a contribution from various outré artefacts of human physiology

What will happen if an alien attacks Earth just to steal all the nuclear warheads and leaves us as we were before the attack in peace?

Internally all countries will be aware that their nuclear warheads are gone but they will not accept it on media due to obvious security reasons. So, each country those were having nuclear warheads before the attack will again work on creating them in flash speed to show their power to world ( POWER is addiction).Ultimately,

If you were an alien, what would you like to do?

I would probe all day, and probe all night.I would probe in the dark, and probe by the light.Probe from the bottom, and probe from the top.I would keep probing, because I could not stop.Probing everyone that I could possibly meet, sounds like a

What is the most realistic portrayal of an alien invasion in literature?

In order to describe something as realistic one must be able to compare it to something that actually did happen or based on what we know could happen.This then becomes a problem when dealing with a subject like alien invasion. As far as we know ..... wait we know nothing. We don't know life exists elsewhere in the universe.

Have you ever had an encounter with an alien?

Yes. On a camping trip to Devils Den State Park in Northwestern Arkansans in 1977. My friend and I were camped on a high plateau deep in the woods hoping to photograph eagles and other wildlife. On the evening of our first night in camp it was late and we were sitting around our campfire. It

Can aliens not exist?

They can exist. We are living beings, so life exists, so it is possible that there is some life somewhere else.But now the question is : Is it really probable, or is there only a tiny chance ?There are, from my point of view, two different possibilities :

In the actual event of an alien invasion, how long would humanity last?

Here we go.As far as motives are concerned, that's not as easy as it may seem. It can't be natural resources, since these are abundant throughout solar systems. Asteroid mining is a completely reasonable perspective, even from our own standpoint.The logical conclusion would be that it has

Were the aliens made by our God?

Only human beings were made in God ImageIF there was an life on other planets, they would have to evolve faster than us, And IF God made other civilization on habitable planet(not moon) then they would been already sharing their presence in the Galaxy, This means with capacities to travel

Did Churchill know the truth about aliens?

Did Churchill know the truth about aliens?Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill may have known about aliens as far back as the 1950s a book claims.Codename Angel is a historical science fiction novel based on true events that occurred in the 1950s during Churchill second term in office.During the summer of 1952 Churchill wrote a memo to his head

If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?

If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?Our purpose should be to send those who best understand morality and the possible moral aspirations of our species. If the aliens are morally mature, then that

Did Neil Armstrong really see aliens on the moon? Or is the whole story made up?

Yes,Neil Armstrong and his crew of Apollo 11 encountered alien spacecraft.This of course kept secret by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) for obvious reasons,panic,hysteria,chaos etc.Now as for Neil Armstrong himself not admitting to the public what really happened,he probably opted not to

Could extraterrestrial life develop into a form similar to humans, or does the environment dictate the form?

Well, basically it of course depends on the environment they developed in, but if we are talking about life that is capable of the things humans can do - e.g. creating technology - there are some assumptions we can reasonally make:1.) They will probably be carbon

Do aliens or any extra-dimensional entities contact us in dreams?

I've had very similar dreams myself, but not all the time. They are most memorable not just because of the content, but rather they were more 'holographic'.One of them was where I was pulled to some gathering of different races. Some of their faces along with their bodies were deformed somehow.

What are some good websites for people who already believe in UFOs and aliens?

This is the site i tell everyone to go visit for facts and latest happening about that Subject.www.siriusdisclosure. com (Home)Just have a look at it, watch documentaries and has great news on it and also there are other links on that site which has many interesting websites to research and news.Also,

If extraterrestrial aliens do exist, what might they want from us human beings?

Consider the relationship between human beings and ants. What do humans want from ants? Mostly, we want scientific knowledge. There is a small but significant scientific community devoted to the study of ants. A quick google scholar search shows that there have been over 5,000 scientific papers

Are we gods or aliens?

No we are not Gods. All good qualities are belong to God. In the universe evolution occur, if we see the animal kingdom we will see from protozoa to mammals, there is evolution. If a home sapiens achieve the good qualities of God, he becomes super

Should I move to the mountains and build a bomb shelter if I want to survive nuclear war or an alien take over? Or am I destined to die in these events no matter what I do?

I've built bunkers, but I'm not sure whether aliens could get in. One does have 2.2 tonne doors, so they'd need to use their strongest ray guns or blasters, I'd imagine. Nuclear fallout dies down by 1000 in 2 weeks, so a bunker could be a

What do I have to do to get aliens to get in touch with me?

I noted several previous answers ranging all over the board from true believer to true disbeliever. Since I have studied this phenomenon for a long time and have worked with many close encounter experiencers I will add my $0.02 in here

Do you think alien teleportation is possible?

It will only be possible if alien life is demonstrated to actually exist to begin with, then if such aliens are intelligent enough to develop any kind of technology, and then capable of such technology before assessing if such technology is even possible, even for them.Let's not put the cart before the horses... or take the cart out

How true is the famous Roswell Incident video which shows the autopsy of a proclaimed Alien?

Haters and so-called skeptics claim that the figure in this grainy video is obviously a doll. However, isn't it true that this video might show government scientists operating on the tooth fairy? Don't you think that stories of alien abductions contain REMARKABLE similarities to stories of visits by the tooth fairy (well, without the part about the

Would the world's great powers ally against alien invaders today?

This brings me back to Dr.Strangelove the film. In this film even with a confirmed nuclear catastrophe, the leaders sit and quibble over how they can place themselves as the leaders of a new world once the nuclear damage has been cleared up in

If I shot dead an extra terrestrial in my back garden, is there a law under which I could be charged with a crime?

First, the ET that you shot in your garden is a member of a species that is far more advanced than humans, as evidenced by it's presence there.Second, you would need to know something about the laws of its alien society, and that alien society's ability to enforce them on Earth.Third, if the alien society

What would happen if aliens discovered the Earth?

I could only hope that the horrible pattern in history when a more advanced culture discovered another culture would not turn out to be the case for us. The conquest and near total annihilation and forced assimilation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas over the past five centuries being a major example. The brief history

Do you really care if we did find Extraterrestrial Life in another planet?

Yes. It would be shockingly disappointing to discover life elsewhere is common enough to be found with our primitive tech and yet find that intelligence is rare.To be clear, an intelligent civilization with a thousand year jump start ahead of ours would likely be leaving obvious trails or signs in the

Why do some people think that white people are aliens?

One of my favorite science fiction stories was written during the Vietnam War. A pilot has suffered the deaths of all his friends and is in torment because of all the things his fighter-pilot career. Finally he gets into an air fight that he can't escape from.

What movie/franchise depicts a plausible and realistic alien race?

2001 is above all the others. Arrival is a far second place.All the rest are pretty much nonsensical.True Alien contact will blow our individual and collective minds. Most films do not come anywhere close to showing that. Most alien contact stories are thinly veiled subconscious nightmare scenarios.

Could an underground bunker protect us from an alien invasion?

Could an underground bunker protect us from an alien invasion?A well-fortified underground bunker cannot even manage to protect us from each other. Modern military forces even produce bombs and missiles specifically for that task... to penetrate into deep, armored underground bunkers and destroy the enemy inside.If any

How would an alien race exterminate humanity?

Get humanity addicted to technology, have it replace normal social interaction and slowly take over what they are exposed to through it so they can be directed to do the aliens bidding. Get them to the point where they merge with the technology, losing most of their innate, individual humanity. Open the back door that