How much of Facebook (product)'s PHP codebase has been transformed into Hack (programming language)?

I can't give you official numbers for a variety of reasons, but I'll just point you to this page:Introducing Hack – A Programming Language for HHVMOver the last year, we have migrated nearly our entire PHP codebase to Hack, thanks to both organic adoption and a number

Is Mark Zuckerberg the best programmer in the world?

Being the best programmer in the world is like being the

Are there any good computer programming Facebook groups or community available for programming practice and coding competitions?

I believe we have the exact thing!A little bit of introduction first : Koderunners was founded by me and co-founded by my friends back here at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. It is a non profit organisation which is promotes creative as well as competitive coding among students and organizes coding workshops and talks. It's a very young organisation

In the movie The Social Network, did the hacking/drinking scene actually occur in real life? Is the hacking they're doing actually realistic?

It's a hackathon, but not in the way a startup or university event would do it.Maybe would organize something like this, but I'm not a hacker or reverse engineer, I'm just a forward engineer.There are techniques to break into any server