How Google/Microsoft/Facebook etc store clients password s?

No, big companies wouldn't store plain text passwords. They most likely use some method of encryption to encrypt the passwords. These hashes can't be decrypted, and passwords are checked by encrypting the string the person entered using the same method and seeing if it is a match.

Which stock is the best to buy now, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?

Facebook has remained a high-profile company that has consistently captured the public's imagination since its initial public offering in May 2012. Facebook stock is the key member of the popular FAANG group of tech industry superstars including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet, Stock of Facebook has enjoyed an exceptionally strong and relatively smooth rise during the several years

Why is Facebook's market value so high?

First of all, Facebook is the leading social network in the world. It even drives more traffic than the leading search engine i.e. Google (Which means a lot).I don't think there is a company left that is not advertising on Facebook, whether paid or not. The paid advertisements on Facebook have

Will Mark Zuckerberg truly make any significant changes at Facebook?

Facebook doesn't sell your data.But, humans are lazy. Who likes to fill up lengthy forms?So, when you download an app, instead of filling out a traditional form, you hit the

Which of these places is the toughest to get an internship in: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, or Facebook?

I interviewed at all of the above this past fall with the exception of Apple. Remember that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook all have considerably larger internship programs than Dropbox that hire hundreds (if not thousands) of interns each summer so this is an unfair comparison.That being said, the Dropbox

Who will lead the world: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any other company?

Please do note that I'm no pro on this topic, so some statements in this comment may be inaccurate or biased.To understand how these technology companies could

What would happen if Google bought Facebook?

No, I don't think a successfully running billion dollar company will try acquiring another profitable billion dollar company unless the latter is losing its assets/people/name and just want to bailout by selling it (Most of the times it should be

What are some of your best hacks at using Facebook?

How to have two profile pictures at same time Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that there will be two profile pics 1 on your timeline and the other for public posts and comments. So set a profile picture in a normal way which you want to

What will happen if Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook merges together? Will it be useful to people?

Its the same thing , If all 200 Countries come together under one roof ! or If lets say a city in Delhi- all business comes together under one name ?If I see the history, I don not recall any such instance ?, Its too hypothetic ? Lets say one case they are together, may be Google

How to hack a Facebook account easily

Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life in general, but still we have to be sure of what we are getting ourselves into these days, in this life one thing i know

Who are the major Facebook shareholders and what percentage do they own?

The only worthy answer from posted before is answer of Shubham Srivastava   that provides link to Facebook, Inc. Stock - Yahoo! Finance. And according to Yahoo Finance, Zuckerberg have 0%  and all physical holders have together only 3%. And here appear interesting questions: Who are these people that posted and

How to hack fb on a cell phone

I will be honest..Facebook is not a jokeIt will need you to have a $100 Billion + to hack it for some timeInstead u can do Social EngenderingLike Call the Victim and pretend to be a fb officialUse a service to spoof ur numberAnd send him SMS 2–3 times that

How often are Facebook servers being hacked?

AFAIK Facebook (the system) has never been cracked.However Facebook account passwords have been hacked frequently, often with phishing attacks and in some cases due to other systems being compromised and users using the same credentials for multiple services.

How do big tech companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.) do their employees attendance management?

A2A:All of the companies you list have Flextime policies in effect.Attendance is generally something you negotiate with your manager, and the room they have to negotiate will depend on your job role and responsibilities.If you are an admin assistant, then one

How do companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft hire employees?

I am assuming this question is about industry hires as hiring freshers directly from campus might be slightly different process.It usually starts with discovering the candidate. It can be via:Employee referralRecruiter reaching the candidate via forums like LinkedIn, Indeed, Stack-overflow etc.The candidate explicitly applying for a job by himself.Through any competitions/hackathons arranged by the

How do big companies (like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) fire their employees?

At Microsoft, firing experience is similar to others here. You're called and asked to come in for a face to face meeting with HR and your manager. Depending on the sccenario, you're either given 2 weeks to wrap things up

Why do people deactivate Facebook accounts?

My personal reasons? Because they are not real friends. I simply realised one day that I have 80 'friends' on there and not a single one ever messages me, wants to meet, starts conversations, etc. Keeping in mind these are all people I went school with or am

How did Zuckerberg code Facebook so fast?

To round off this discussion, compare the roles of three computer-industry pioneers in the business: Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. When it was time to implement Microsoft's first big order - the order from IBM for a disk operating system for their

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

In circumstances, where you can't recall the Facebook password as well as that of the email, there is no reason to panic. The fact is, I too had been in a similar situation but somehow managed to pull through.There are some proven ways by which you can recover the account. To do

Which company has the best intellectual capital: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Linkedin?

I would say Microsoft mainly because they provide a lot of the same services as Google like Bing, Advertising and Maps (which might not be as good) but are also very big in other markets such as gaming (Xbox), Office Suite and Operating Systems, mobile (WP8), Mp3 players (zune), tablets (surface) and a LOT of enterprise

What are some cool Facebook growth hacks?

Advertising, Influencer Marketing, and Viral Curation.Targeted advertising really is the best bang for your buck on Facebook, and even though you may not have a huge fan-base from it, you'd have the right people.Influencer Marketing is also really fun. With this, you'd connect with larger and more engaging pages with audiences similar to your target demo and

What is the easiest system to hack?

First, the question is why do you want to hack/what is your purpose? Depending on your response, one would be easier than other... And obviously, I hope you are NOT hacking illegally or for malicious gain.Anyways, for the sake of this question, lets pretend you are researching and

Will Mark Zuckerberg change the color of WhatsApp to blue?

No,  because Jan Koum and Brian Acton are against the very idea of changing the core and fundamental values of Whatsapp after partnering with Facebook. I quote, a post on, titled Setting the record straight , dated April 22nd, 2014 - If partnering with

How does Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis compare to Google Home?

I think it's too early to compare the performances of Jarvis and other commercially available digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In his own words, the current solution works well as a result of the heavily customized configuration of daily-use products at his home

Have you ever hacked a Facebook account?

Let's plot this like a story. You're engaged in a titanic battle with your good friend and mortal enemy, over that girl you both met during your college techfest. Last week he went too far, and did something which literally gained some extra hand over her. And you don't wanna talk

Why are my Facebook ads less effective than last year?

Have you tried better creative? Maybe change up your messaging within your ads and within your ad creative? What about using different positions? Maybe sponsored posts? Have you tried raising your average bids? Changing your targeting or geo?You could have saturated your current group, or not getting the same impact because of increased competition.Cheers,Kevin

How to hack Facebook ads

like most people,

How would Google, Facebook or any big company be valued at a trillion dollars? How is Apple valued at a trillion dollars?

Businesses are usually valued at their market cap plus or minus their projected future potential. Market cap is calculated by what investors are willing to pay for it but can be over or under valued. A common way

How was Mark Zuckerberg like before becoming 'the' Mark Zuckerberg?

A very naughty, disobedient student at Harvard University, making plans of doing something big in the hostel conference room. After that.... he became the person you are talking about, but not before many small glitches.

Among Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, which company is the most benevolent and has contributed the most to humanity?

Most benevolent =/= contributed the most.I'm leaning towards Google as it provides people with a means to get random information.Next, Microsoft because it popularized tools to allow us to work more efficiently.Amazon allows you to save money, Apple sells stuff people need.Facebook

How to block Facebook

There are a lot of reason to stop using Facebook.However if you are an online marketer and running Facebook ads you need to use the Business Manager to manage you Facebook ads.Until recently it was impossible to block access to the regular Facebook and still be able to

Is working for Microsoft less prestigious than Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.?

A dirty secret, working for Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. is not a ticket to earn prestige. But, if you only care about software industry, it might be true.We have a very small percentage in world's population who think working at

In what chronological order following companies will cease to exist - Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon?

The first one is an easy one.Yahoo. Today, Yahoo is worth less than nothing (The market value of the company is lower than its assets), and more importantly, it has no strategy at all. Read Yahoo core business now worth less than nothingAfter that,

How could Apple make its products more social and impact selling more hardware as a result?

Apple could care less about making its products "more social". Whether or not an iPhone connects to Facebook in a certain way or has a Twitter icon on every screen will not impact sales of its hardware.Instead, Apple will continue

Among Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, which company is the most powerful today?

It has to be Facebook then Google, both of these make money only on quantity and quality of data they have. The next big thing in I.T would be Internet of Things(IoT), for which along with google, amazon, microsoft and apple have all placed their bets.

How bad is Facebook's recent hack?

It's probably the worst time for Facebook with back to back data breach incidents coming in front.This time, the number of affected people is huge. Hackers had managed to compromise 50 million accounts bypassing security measures and got full control of the accounts as well as

How to hack my partner's Facebook

There are lots of telltale signs, but sadly, there's no one set of behaviors.

Can two corporations of massive size such as Apple and Google, or Facebook and Amazon legally combine or buy the other?

The US he a variety of anti trust laws that on the face of it would prohibit this but the laws are subjective meaning that the Department of Justice would have to sue to prevent a merger. No doubt they would.

What are some ways to delete a disabled Facebook account?

Disabled id is itself disabled your info is not shown on your profile.

Which company or next big idea do you think will dethrone Apple?

It is impossible to say today, but keep an eye on Big Tech in China.China is the largest producer and exporter of electronics and has a domestic market of 1.4 billion people, twice the population of the US and the EU combined.Artificial intelligence will

Are Googlers allowed to use Facebook, Microsoft products and Apple products?

I'm not sure where this idea that companies like these don't use products made by their competitors, but it's not true. Googlers, and for that matter, any employee at any of these companies are generally allowed to use whatever products they prefer. There are some exceptions

Do Microsoft and Facebook have the potential to merge?

If you read David Kirkpatrick's "The Facebook Effect", it actually goes into depth about Microsoft's attempt to buy them a number of years ago, around the same time that Yahoo was considering a purchase. Microsoft made a big investment in Facebook (hence Bing integration, etc.) but

Is Mark Zuckerberg a good human being?

It may be reasonable for an individual or a collective to judge the words or actions of another human being.I do not think it is reasonable for anyone to presume to judge the moral worth of another human being.I don't think anyone -- entrepreneur, public person, or private person -- really