How does the Jewish faith consider divorce?

It's considered undesirable, but sometimes necessary, like having to amputate a limb from a patient whose life would be at risk from the infected or cancerous appendage. Torah and Jewish law have very specific requirements regarding grounds for divorce, the divorce process, and for post-divorce relationship. It's not to be taken lightly. This helps reinforce

Is anyone faithful in marriage anymore?

I am. I love my wife. I am plagued by temptation every day. I work in a people rich environment, which includes attractive women. My wife has health issues that affects our intimacy. It's hard, but we have found ways

Is it possible to be faithful in a marriage?

If you are comparing with something like live-in relationship and marriage relationship and then you are asking about in which relationship one can be more faithful, I would say it will always will be Marriage Relationship.Why, because it's formal business. It's not about in-love relationship. It's about reality relationship where check and balances are need to taken care.Faithfulness

Why do people believe in God and how can they say he/she exists?

Question: What has happened to make you believe in God?Instead question should be:What has happened to make you NOT believe in God?Why: Because in India every child is taught (read as forced) to believe in GOD. So by default everyone here believes in GOD.Hope you are aware

Why should I be faithful to my marriage?

You shouldn't - if you think like that, you shouldn't be married because you obviously haven't found the right one. How would you feel if your partner was thinking the same thought?I've been a real sh*t my whole life, never could stay with

How to keep the faith when everything is going wrong in my life

Its just a bad day or a bad week not a bad life !Life is not easy to play on. All of us had gone through the bad times in our lives and we get through them, however some get through them more easily on the other hand some people had to fight for a

Is it true the more we pray the more we are prepared for the circumstances in our lives? How might faith and the power of prayer and religious beliefs help us to cope with life better?

It's good to pray.If you really understand that Jesus is near by, you can unload all your problems into Him.He is your best friend, your lord and savior, and your king.He is waiting for you to come to Him, not just

Why is religious faith difficult for some people?

Forget about atheists not having an incentive to believe in God. It's not about lacking the incentive. It's that you can't just force yourself to believe something that you "know" is false.Suppose I paid you a million dollars:Could you believe that 1 + 1 was 3?Could you believe that

As a Mormon, what would you like non-Mormons to know about your faith?

I'd like them to know these things in this order:WE BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND WE STRIVE TO FOLLOW HIMGOD THE FATHER IS O U R FATHER-The Father of our spirits and he loves us more than we know-more than any wrathful depiction or misguided

Ex Mormons - What made you give up your faith?

I am not sure that any of this will be helpful to others.I was required by the Church to be a leader, a branch president, and serve in a mission office. I served in the mission office with Tom Monson's son, Thomas Lee Monson. I went to communist Yugoslavia on a special assignment with KreŇ°imir

How to know if your wife is faithful or not

If you really want to find out thenNotice her behaviour.Install a call recorder in her phone.Watch over her whatsapp account, Message me if you want to know how to do this.Recover her Facebook password from her laptop. (I Know a solution).Install Cerberus in her phone. It is a software use to

I am losing faith in God. I can't seem to find that personal relationship with him others have. Why is this happening and how can I change this?

This is actually happening to me right now but first let's look at some history.The primary notion of God was brought to man (whether he exists or not) to control man by imposing fear on him; that is, to instill the fear that his deeds have consequences and he does have to pay for his sins. If this fear

Is conversion of religion for marriage bad?

It is everyone's individual choice. It can be bad if someone emptily or mindlessly goes through a conversion. Ideally it would be a conversion out of religious devotion, timed so that two people can get married. If there is an ultimatum such as,