Are there any projects like for fashion/clothing buyers?

Hello,If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of apparel & clothing, you may want to try the media partners of the Magic and Sourcing At Magic Trade Shows. Wholesale - Wholesalers, Importers & Manufacturers and are both partners of the show. If you visit the sites, you

How can a regular guy succeed in fashion?

The Life of a DesignerFor those of you who don't already know me, my name is Christian Yasser Massuh and I am the designer of Runwaydreamz. I was born in Queens, New York, but shortly after my mother gave birth to my first sister, we moved to Ecuador. After the birth of

What are some affordable fashion tips?

Most Sought Fashion Jewellery and Accessories in IndiaFashion Jewellery and Accessories have become a trend over the past decade and new generation women prefer fashion jewellery over traditional jewellery as the former is very much low on cost. Fashion Jewellery is nothing but ornaments that are made particularly to

What are some beauty hacks used in the fashion industry?

Pins are used to make clothes hang better on models. For the best look show off your ankles and wrists. For example, blazers look great with the arms pushed up to the elbows, and jeans look great when they are rolled, cut or hemmed so they reveal some ankle.Pointy shoes make you look taller

What are some fashion laws that all men should follow?

There are no fashion laws that all men should follow. Where did you get that crazy idea?First - we live in different cultures with different customs, fashion and behaviour.Second - usually only gay men are really interested in fashion. The

What are some good fashion clothes for guys?

For guys, Jeans and shirts give him a casuals looks. If they are in a meeting or in some official work then trouser, shirts, and blazer with wrist watch give him a professional look. There are no specific fashion clothes for guys, they just need to remember that wear clothes should be according to his physics. Such as, for

What are some tips for guys to get better at fashion?

Hello there, look around. What do you like? Buy simple onservation you can decide and conclude what looks good, what you think would look good on you, and most of all are you comfortable wearung it? Hey a vintage tee shirt and

What are the best fashion related websites out there?

According to my point of view it is very difficult to specify any particular name.because its depend on each and every person's choice what he / she like. but i take it as a normal way , here i mentioned

What are the few best fashion tips for men above 32?

One wants to look good always as this gives the confidence to face the world and also other people perceive you with seriousness and you will be looked upon as an inspiration.Few Best Fashion Tips For Men in their 30's are:-Invest in good polo shirts and chino pants as combining both

What are your most useful fashion tips?

Avoid clothes with busy prints. They go out of style about ten minutes after you buy them - and then they look outdated.Prints and patterns make women look bigger than they are.If you work in an office and would like to be perceived as a professional, wearing busy prints or patterns make you look

What is the best source to find fashion buyers?

The best place in the world to find fashion buyers in your category of fashion is a trade show.  Trade shows like Magic or Capsule can cost you $5000 for a small corner booth, or $20 000 for a big center booth.  These trade shows are divided by fashion

What should I do to become a fashion buyer?

Fashion buyers are in charge of deciding the best quality and price of materials and fashions to purchase for their company to sell. Fashion buyers need to be well-organised, good at negotiating and able to deal with paperwork and computer work as a lot of their

Where do fashion buyers shop?

I think that fashion and tastes are very subjective, so it all depends on what styles you like. Another important aspect is obviously the budget. As we all know, it is one thing to love a brand and it is another to be able to afford it. But since the sales are on in most shops right now, you

Which are the best clothes fashion website?

New technology makes it possible to buy or sell clothing, shoes, apparel, watches, cell phone online. There are numerous online sites who offer best quality product to their customer. Blingby is also best website for those who are looking for latest and greatest styles. Have you ever watched a video and something you are watching grabs your