Any men's fashion tips for teens?

Developing your own style takes some time and work, but by understanding your body type and current trends, you can easily upgrade your style and be a fashionable young man.Accent your wardrobe with accessories. Small accents to your wardrobe will go a long way in enhancing your style. ...Wear a watch. Being a fashionable

Are culottes unflattering for short girls?

It's not like you can't rock the trend. Generally short girls like to stay away from midi length anything.I would wear one which is in a soft jersey material so it's more figure hugging and a high waisted one for sure as it will help you with the height issue.

Are skinny jeans in fashion for men?

Yes they are.The description,

As a man who enjoys wearing womens clothes, what dress size should I go for?

I would suggest going shopping in a real store first and trting on a few things to get your sizing.Charity shops are also great because often the racks are such a mess and so mixed that no one could see what section you are

Can men wear short shorts?

Yes! It's done all the time. Most men's shorts are very long so you might as well wear pants! In the 60's men's shorts had 2″ to 3″ inseams which were as short as women's short shorts today. Fashion changes!To find short shorts go to the women's side of the store and check them out. Some are perfect for

Do women notice what men wear?

Five things women notice about men even before they start communicatingThey definitely notice what he's wearing and how he speaks to even his body language and good gestures.If you want to probably wear a five day old shirt for a date, Don't ! Because she will notice in all likelihood,

Do you think buying work out clothes would motivate you to work out?

Possibly, if you are conscious about how you look when you work out, or don't have any exercise clothes to begin with, it could help you to get out more.I would personally prefer to be motivated to work out due to the way I feel awesome when I do

Do you wish you wore a different wedding dress when you got married?

This is a good question, especially since wedding dresses are typically the biggest clothing purchase of your life. I'm afraid I'm an outlier though, since I designed and stitched my wedding dress from scratch. (I also sewed both bridesmaids' dresses

Does shiny hair actually mean healthy hair?

Healthy hair should have a bit of a sheen to it, but adding products just to make your shiny will not in turn lead to health.  Products with silicone and other chemicals that artificially create shine imitate rather than improve hair health.  However,

How can a regular guy succeed in fashion?

The Life of a DesignerFor those of you who don't already know me, my name is Christian Yasser Massuh and I am the designer of Runwaydreamz. I was born in Queens, New York, but shortly after my mother gave birth to my first sister, we moved to Ecuador. After the birth of

How to be a successful fashion buyer

First, get into fashion industry and become an assisting buyer (or lower). Learn everything by heart and expect a lot of overtime work.Familiar yourself with everything related to fashion (trends, models, celebrity styles, names of accessories/ compartments of clothes, shoes and bags).

How to decrease my abs definition

Hi, this is an interesting question... I'm struggling to understand why having well defined abs has become a problem for you?Are you getting unwanted attention from unwelcome quarters? Perhaps cover up more? Or tough it out? Tell them firmly and politely that their attention is unwelcome... Or become aggressive (joking)... But don't change who you are or what

How to get fashion

first of all.. u can never get fashion.. U CAN BECOME FASHIONABLE though...!1. If you're unfamiliar with fashion, reading up on the latest styles might be helpful.2.Good fashion sense starts with your personality. Ideally, your choice in fashion should express something about you as a

How to dress well as a teenage guy

Yes. This depends on what look you are going for, but since you haven't indicated that, I am going to advise you on how to look neat and presentable by not overkilling it.Keep your hygiene in check. It's okay to not get manicures and pedicures but staying clean by showering

How to get better at fashion

I did an Essay in History class H S , hated history by the way got by mostly with Cs the only project I got in an A in was History of fashion.Make sure you realize that Fashion goes around in a circle, ex 1st year 1940, 1950, 1960 1970 up to 2018. You will see that in fashion

How to get into male fashion

Women seem to have dominated the modeling market for a long time. When you think of fashion models, it's likely famous women that come to mind. From Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne, models from different generations have become iconic, and their names

How to reach out to fashion buyers

Having been a fashion buyer in the UK for over ten years, here are my top tips apart from the obvious trade shows! :-)Ask your audience to tag their favourite boutiques that they would like to see you in!The boutiques will see you under the post they've been tagged in – win win!Build a list of stores that you

How do Victoria's Secret models work out?

Everyone knows that Victoria's Secret Models are beautiful,  with great bums, and nice figures.  There are many women who want to know what their secrets are.  But that is a Secret that Victoria does not keep for them.  VS models workout like many other beautiful figured women who

How to hem pants without sewing

This answer has been edited to include more detail.PERMANENT HEM - The simplest, cheapest, quickest solution is to use glue. Make sure you are selecting a craft/fabric type of glue which is also dry-cleanable. If the glue is not dry-cleanable, just make sure the

How to temporarily hem pants

It's pretty simple. If u know basic stitching then just fold your pants inwards(make sure it's even on both sides) and stitch it around. And if u don't know how to stitch at all, just take a needle and put a thread through it (colour similar to that of your pants). Make a knot on one end of

How does one become a Victoria's Secret model?

Victoria's Secret says,"We select models from both the Ford and Elite  Modeling agencies in New  York City. Unfortunately, we do not have  information to release  regarding specific criteria they must meet. We  suggest that you contact a  modeling agency if you want to pursue a  modeling career."Go  to the open call at Ford or

How does Victoria's Secret choose its models?

Victoria Secret require natural (not physically enhanced women) for their fashion shows. Traditionally over 5

How fashion affects fitness?

Any activity as an addiction is bad for mind, body and spirit. if you are a narcissist and becomes over conscious of your body, clothes and physical appearance then you will definitely land into trouble. Men should follow fashion and grooming trends at MALE GROOMING ACADEMY .COM , you

How long do running shoes last marathoners?

Generally 300–500 miles but LOTS of variables here:Type of miles (pavement, gravel, dirt; flat vs hills)How much you weigh and how

How should I make a good fashion sense?

I believe Kryptik Rose offered you a nice and to the point answer. However, nothing stops you from being innovative, brave and formulate your very own dress style. Many people do that, some become trendsetters and others not. Have you seen Cam

In fashion, what is the protocol if my tailor hemmed my pants too short?

Ugh, the "tailor blew it" issue....and you probably can't buy a replacement pair!The protocol is they should offer to make it right; that is, let the hem out longer.How much longer do you need them? How much of an inseam did she leave?If

Men's Fashion and Style: How can I follow men's fashion?

First You should know all basic fashion should wear that types of clothes in which you feel comfortable as well as it is fashionable..if you like any outfit then you should imagine yourself in that outfit because sometimes a particular dress does not look good on everyone.For good dressing

Men's Fashion and Style: Is it ok to wear blazers with jeans?

Definitely. But the jacket must truly be a casual sport coat. One of the worst looks IMO is a suit jacket worn like a sport coat. To qualify as a sport coat it can't be sleek and refined. It can't be a solid or pinstripe

Men's Fashion and Style: Where can I get a sweater like this?

Looks definitely Italian made/styled -- fine gauge yarn -- merino wool /pima cotton or silk blend. Model is wearing one size smaller for snug fit. Moderate to upper scale dept stores should have. For designers, try Brunello Cucinelli,  Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna.

What are essential fashion tips for men in their 20's?

Hello !I would say, that as a girl, I might not be the best person on earth to answer you, but I think I can still be helpful, so here we go !For me, men, of any age should be

What are fashion tips and advice for women who are overweight?

Being overweight doesn't mean you can't look fabulous! All it takes is a little know-how and a healthy dose of confidence.Know the basics of how to accentuate or hide certain areas of your body.The colors, cut and patterns you wear can draw people's eyes toward or away

What are fashion tips for a short, obese man?

Having a decent wardrobe will help anyone make a better first impression, even if you don't have the best body. Being short and overweight doesn't mean that you have to dress poorly. It is possible to be a very stylish, heavyset man. You just need to pay attention to the details and select clothing that suits your

What are good fashion tips for bald men?

As opposed to stressing over the hair which has abandoned you and make all of only you with the sparkling hairlessness here are the brilliant tips that can spare you from the design stresses. Like the men with head brimming with hair your arrangement of design fluctuates. Not all that matters works awesome but rather there are

What are good men's fashion blogs?

There are several men's fashion blogs. however, whenever it involves my selection I continually opt for Nelle Rome that has you with the foremost updated fashion's that's within the market. you'll get the simplest choices for the newest fashion in the city. you'll get information concerning everything together with - clothing's, watches, and plenty

What are good men's fashion magazines?

Magazines have always been a main hub when looking for beauty tips, latest fashion trends, sex, relationship and more. They are great to get all the details or information you need. The market is flooded with a number of magazines catering specifically to men. When talking about the

What are some affordable fashion tips?

Most Sought Fashion Jewellery and Accessories in IndiaFashion Jewellery and Accessories have become a trend over the past decade and new generation women prefer fashion jewellery over traditional jewellery as the former is very much low on cost. Fashion Jewellery is nothing but ornaments that are made particularly to

What are some basic fashion tips for a guy who knows absolutely nothing about fashion?

Clean clothes of a reasonable price that fit will look better on you than dirty clothes that are too big (falling off if you don't have a belt or suspenders holding them up) or too small (if the seam breaks open down the

What are some basic guidelines for men's fashion?

I'm going to delineate this into roughly two broad groups; men's formal wear and men's casual wear. Casual wear1.  Every man should have several pairs of great sneakers.  Be adventurous - get them in different colors, and ideally have one that is not a standard color - get one bright green / orange / red

What are some beauty hacks used in the fashion industry?

Pins are used to make clothes hang better on models. For the best look show off your ankles and wrists. For example, blazers look great with the arms pushed up to the elbows, and jeans look great when they are rolled, cut or hemmed so they reveal some ankle.Pointy shoes make you look taller

What are some beauty tips for women by men?

This answer shall serve as an experiment to determine how closely my wife and mother follow my content here, for I shall bait them by answering this question as though I were single. So take these to heart, since it might be the last thing you ever hear from me:Looking like a salon bunny screams

What are some dressing hacks that girls should know?

Edit: I know I gave tips and not hacks, so here are some that I know of:use panty liners on your shirt's armpit area to absorb excess sweat. this helps in avoiding body odour along with keeping armpit area of the shirt clean and stain-free.Running late and having a bad hair day- no time to shampoo? Dust a little

What are some dressing tips for tall and skinny (very thin) 28 year old men?

Funny thing is you don't have to worry about anything!Reason: (Don't take this the wrong way, if anything it's good) You are like a store window mannequin.Literally, you could walk into tons of clothing stores - take the clothes off the mannequin and they would fit you

What are some fashion laws that all men should follow?

There are no fashion laws that all men should follow. Where did you get that crazy idea?First - we live in different cultures with different customs, fashion and behaviour.Second - usually only gay men are really interested in fashion. The

What are some fashion tips every Indian girl should know?

Women fashion in India is very diverse because of the cultural differences in every state, personal preferences and thousands of clothing options.However, I'm mentioning a few basic fashion tips which most of you can follow to look stylish-1) Dress according to your

What are some fashion tips for middle-aged men?

Don't try to look young, as maturity has a different charm and sophistication.The level of formality in the outfit should be a notch higher than your juniors. Color combinations with a high level of contrast, firm fabrics which do not cling to the body look good.Avoid trends such as red shoes, sockless sneakers, fancy

What are some fashion tips for overweight middle-aged men?

NOTE: This answer may trigger some people out there, so be warned.For the record, I do not consider myself to be overweight nor middle aged but I will give my 2c worth of advice to those who are.Wear clothes that are appropriate for

What are some fashion tips on casual clothing for girls?

So, there are a couple of low-support measures to take in the event that you know you will be snapped-regardless of whether professionally or amateurishly-that'll make you right away look more slender. Read on for 12 helpful hints on the best way to look thin

What are some good fashion clothes for guys?

For guys, Jeans and shirts give him a casuals looks. If they are in a meeting or in some official work then trouser, shirts, and blazer with wrist watch give him a professional look. There are no specific fashion clothes for guys, they just need to remember that wear clothes should be according to his physics. Such as, for

What are some good fashion tips for men in Pakistan?

There's a reason Pakistani men are 3rd sexiest in the world. The youth of Pakistan is too fashion fanatic. Be it winter, autumn, spring, any other season or any festival or eve, the youth of Pakistan never compromises on being the talk of the town. Also, there is a constant need for remaining updated about Pakistani

What are some good men's fashion channels on Youtube?

When it comes to fashion,this is my list of favourite channels which provide you all the fashion tips you may need.1)alpha m.It is the best men style channel on the planet because the man behind it is a stand up character and he works really hard and it shows in the passion that he creates his videos

What are some great fashion tips for short men around 5' 3' tall?

Short men have always had a tougher row to hoe than their taller fellows. It can be frustrating to be picked last for the pick-up basketball game, to feel like you're overlooked when walking into a party, and to struggle to see your favorite band at

What are some great men's fashion (sartorial) link roundups to follow?

A few of may favourite bookmarked sites -Home – mens style forums and reviews Film Noir Buff Style Forum Home Page - The Rake Put This On The Sartorialist Ask

What are some great men's fashion tips for humid areas?

As you have not mentioned you gender, for males the Aussie uniform of singlet and boardies should serve well. If you want to dress up a bit - a linen suit would be good. For ladies, loose dresses that fall away

What are some grooming tips for men by women?

Keep your nails short and clean (long or dirty nails mean your fingers won't get to do any exploring...if you know what I mean).Same goes for toenails, minus the "exploring" reason. This is just because long toenails are off-putting and makes it look like you don't care about

What are some grooming tips for women by men?

10 grooming tips for women 1.Never Makeup so much that you look like an cream machine.2. Always try the clothes in which you are comfortable.3.Always try to have kohl in your eyes (.) I personally like it very much .4. Teenager should

What are some men's fashion tips for trendy look in 2019?

There are so many styles that are in the 2019 trends likewise:-Summer Must-Have:-A denim jacketA bomber jacketA leather jacketA sweatshirt pull-overA sweatshirt button placketCasual Must-have:-T-shirts; colors: white, black, sky-blueJeans; colors: blue, black, whiteShirts; colors: white, navy blue, black, red, maroon, olive greenPatterns; colors: tartan, plaid, solid, floral, vertical-stripedshoes; color: white, redAmogue Your Personal Fashion Stylist

What are some men's tailors in Mumbai?

Though there are many tailors in the multiple streets of Mumbai, the one you can trust is difficult to find. Also many of the designs need specific fabrics and machines for the final finish. With passing generations, the art of tailoring

What are some of the best fitness apparel brands out there? Which ones help boost performance?

i don't think there's any apparels or clothing brands that can actually help boost performance. in the end it's just a piece of clothing you wear and things like a weight lifting belt, shin sleeves, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, gloves, straps, and etc. i count them as a accessory/gear/equipment rather than apparel. in

What are some of the mistakes in mens fashion?

I think that the biggest mistake is having the misconception, the idea some men have, that being fashionable equals dressing up; that it is time consuming or requires extra work and thought to accomplish; wearing expensive designer clothes; weird looks as seen in a fashion show; and/or that it equals wearing outfits

What are some style and grooming tips for guys who are bald or balding?

I've never seen you so I don't know how much hair you have. The worst looks to me is when they try to do a come over to hide their head and the hair is too thin. It makes a big

What are some tips for dressing fashionably?

There are two ways I can interpret this question.Fashionably as in Trending at the moment and to that my answer is plain simple:Follow the fashion shows, copy what the

What are some tips for guys to get better at fashion?

Hello there, look around. What do you like? Buy simple onservation you can decide and conclude what looks good, what you think would look good on you, and most of all are you comfortable wearung it? Hey a vintage tee shirt and

What are some top fashion tips tailored for attractive men?

Okay gentlemen, listen up. Now, we know that there are dozens of different reasons why men dress the way they do, why they make certain sartorial choices, and why they favor certain trends over others. Men that dress stylishly do so for

What are some top fashion tips tailored for short men?

First off go get fitted and know what your measurements are, so you know how to shop. Most dress shirts, jackets, pants, require you know your measurements. Everything must be fitted well as to not be too big that they make you look smaller or that they are so tight that they make you look like

What are some useful fashion tips for men?

The best way to dress well is understanding and figuring out your sense of style. To say that is easy requires that you already know what your style is and can dress for any occasion.For most people that simply isn't the case. So here's are

What are the best fashion blogs out there?

There's no secret that some of the most popular blogs in fashion are just the online version of the famous magazines that we all know: Vogue, MarieClaire, GQ and Esquire.And it's also no secret that these magazines often take inspiration or collaborate with other smaller, but yet very popular,

What are the best fashion blogs?

Over the last decade, the number of style blogs has exploded. Unfortunately, many are cookie-cutter sites showing the same looks, same personalities and same sponsored product.The following style setters are a little different. And blogs are only one these stylists' channels. Be sure to

What are the best websites to get fashion news?

emploi New YorkFine jewelry, luxury watches & perfumesNellyRodiGiorgio 1958 Spring Summer catalogue 2015Cropp Shop OnlineRVLTValentina GalloFrench fashion

What are the best fashion related websites out there?

According to my point of view it is very difficult to specify any particular name.because its depend on each and every person's choice what he / she like. but i take it as a normal way , here i mentioned

What are the best fashion style tips for guys (16-19 years)?

Secret Style Tips For Teens | Easy & Affordable Fashion For Students1. Invest in basicsThe first thing you gonna do is invest in pieces that you can wear over and over again. For example – black jeans because we know that teens and students are usually on a budget. Right well, you can literally wear the same

What are the best fashion tips and tricks for short men?

You should wear sporty outfit if you are short men and now a days, fitness is quite important to keep body fit and every men want to look fit so i will suggest you to buy the sporty dresses for short men. Decathlon is the biggest online fashion and sports company in India which provides amazing products for short

What are the best fashion websites?

There are several fashion websites that offer amazing fashion trends and hacks like instyle, stylecaster, refinery29 but if you wish to be updated with all the innovations in the fashion and lifestyle world, FlairTales is the perfect media platform to visit. Check out the

What are the best-kept secrets about fashion and style?

These aren't a big secret, but assuming your budget is not unlimited, buy good shoes, if you can't buy anything else. Buy a few good pieces instead of a lot of cheap pieces. Only buy things you love.Black looks good

What are the best mens' fashion guides around?

First, I'm biased as I feel the men's style guides I've created at A Tailored Suit & Real Men Real Style are best on the web. However if I had to choose style guides that are not my own, I would point you to these.   Formal

What are the best men's fashion websites, magazines, and blogs?

There are quite a number mentioned from earlier response, however here are my personal picks for forward-thinking menswear and styling that are worth mentioning than generic publications from your next door supermarket/drugstore aisle:Styleforum - a really large forum on menswear for understanding traditional and contemporary menswear, discussing menswear collections, and what people are purchasing for

What are the best tips to choose winter wear clothing for mens?

These tips will definitely help you out:Dress in layers. Use many thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature climbs.Buy or find a pair of insulated boots. Ideally, the lining should be wool or

What are the best ways to lose weight in areas for a bikini?

Stop eating the wrong foods. Give up the burgers and fries, fish and chip combos, pancakes with sausage and any other foods that are high in saturated fat, sugar and sodium. Choose lean beef, chicken breasts, greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and beans.Step 2Cut back on your calorie intake.

What are the best websites for fashion recommendations?

As fashion trends changes day by day because the fashion industry is vast and regular updations comes in the market. But the vegan fashion trend is in rise since some months. As there are numerous online websites that give you detailed about the fashion while you found very few websites that give you complete understanding of vegan

What are the differences between running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes, and other kinds of sneakers?

Most people are familiar with the concept of golf shoes, so they do understand the general idea that shoes might need to be different for different types of activity.Golf shoes have existed for many decades, as have baseball spikes, football cleats, and other shoes with specialized outsoles related to the needs of athletes. Golf shoes have

What are the few best fashion tips for men above 32?

One wants to look good always as this gives the confidence to face the world and also other people perceive you with seriousness and you will be looked upon as an inspiration.Few Best Fashion Tips For Men in their 30's are:-Invest in good polo shirts and chino pants as combining both

What are the good tips to choose men's fashion clothing?

When it comes to choosing men's fashion clothing, it can get a bit problematic. This is true for women who are shopping for men's clothing brands. But it can be done. Here are some great tips that are going

What are the good ways to be fashionable?

Always wear what you are comfortable in, don't follow someone else's style.Never follow the trend. Keep your choice unique and which fits your personality.Always dress according to occasions. Wear formals to work and casual dresses at outdoor events or party.

What are the latest fashion trends for men in 2018?

Get versatile in latest fashion trends with just one suitStop restricting suits to a single type of occasion.Today suit is a versatile men's wear. You can style this wear in different waysand make a new fashion statement every time you wear. Here, you will find a number of ways of wearing this formal wear

What are the latest trends in men's outerwear?

In the Fashion Weeks, for Spring 2015, there have been some new trends, some new spins on the classics.Leather Jackets - It's a classic and always will be. But this year, I saw some statement leather jackets, with different textures and colors (white is looking good!) and side-zips.Color-blocking -

What are the most important grooming tips for men to look good?

Jesus Christ, if having curled locks or eyeliner were considered mandatory for me to look good, I'd kill myself, and I already have naturally fantastic cascading tendrils and smokey, seductive oculars.In order to look good, most men must present themselves as having actually been groomed.This usually meanshair cut/maintenance at least every two weeks,

What are the most interesting fashion styles?

Hi !First things first !!To each, his own. Fashion is a huge and colossal World. Everything wouldn't comfort everyone. What seems weird and uncomfortable to you and me, might not be as bad for someone else. Carrying something bold and edgy

What are the top mens fashion essentials?

HI,hi,Brother-sister duo from Colgate University pitched a novel idea in 2015 to Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hyman, Neil Blumenthal, and MC Hammer, panelists at an entrepreneurship program: swimwear made out of recycled plastic bottles. They didn't know much about the technology then to convert old, used plastic bottles into clothing, but as children who grew up on

What are the Victoria's Secret models like in real life?

I met Lindsay Ellingson at the opening of the VS Store in Vancouver, where she opened the store. I got up early in the morning with my friend so we could wait in line for some of the deals they had. Only

What are the worst fashion tips for guys?

Some of these conflict with each other, but I'll just throw them all out there:Don't worry about fancy labels or nice clothes or following fashion rules - anyone who cares about fashion is a shallow snob anyway, and by dressing comfortably you'll meet genuine

What are top fashion tips for guys to look stylish in tropical regions?

You want to dress better, but most style advice revolves around suiting up or just around whatever trendy this season.But that's not what you're looking for.You just want to make a better first impression on people you meet in everyday life.

What are your most useful fashion tips?

Avoid clothes with busy prints. They go out of style about ten minutes after you buy them - and then they look outdated.Prints and patterns make women look bigger than they are.If you work in an office and would like to be perceived as a professional, wearing busy prints or patterns make you look

What beauty/fashion things do men not like on women?

I'm not a man, but I am attracted to women. My longest relationship was with a woman (5 years). I can tell you quite a few things I find unattractive about women, things that might put me off dating them:. Too

What clothes do people commonly wear at the gym that actually hinders their workout?

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR GLOVESIf you are planing to do strength training and lifting weights, always remember to use good quality gloves. The gloves should have good padding to protect your palm from any damages and calluses, a good grip for the perfect workout - look for a silica one (you can test it

What do you think Victoria's secret is?

Victoria's secret is that she hires incredible designers to make products that are so gorgeous that customers will want to buy everything. It's dangerous. I had to stop myself from spending $125 online shopping yesterday-I realized what I was doing and closed out of the browser.But seriously, the company's

What does a fashion buyer do?

It entirely depends on the job. Some buyers are involved with a department store chain or a buying office, some for a boutique with one or two stores. It depends on the type of merchandise, the price range, the fashion level, the commercial expertise. Some

What fashion advice do men want to give to women?

It depends on the man. Some men like less clothes. Others like edgy looks. I myself am the type of person that really likes it when a girl wears cute things and rarely shows skin. I really do fall in

What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men?

Contrary to the popular belief, I think most of the Indian men have a good dress sense. (At least, they're not wearing boxers, Yoga pants or Justin Bieber kinda low waist pants to the mall).Unless Govinda is your fashion icon, you're doing pretty much alright with

What fashion style makes a man to be outstanding?

The truth is that image and appearances matter a lot in today's times. Perhaps they matter more than they should but one cannot change the world and people's perceptions. That is why paying attention to what you wear is so important. Here are

What is a good fashion site for men?

Fashion is one of the most common word used in women's discussion. We are confused with the fact that only women are concerned with fashion, infact, nowadays , men are equally participating in fashion. Where women carry handbags to look fashionable, men carry tote bags . Men try their best