What are things people get wrong about the fast food industry?

Misconception 1: Fast Food workers don't deserve a living wage.Let's get this out of the way; no liberal pundits needed.I know people who work there asses off, who want to go to school and get a different job, but are stuck making ends meet simply they

Are fast food burritos unhealthy?

If it's fast food, typically it's not healthy. Especially if you're referring to the burrito served at Taco Bell. I love burritos, or burrito wraps, they're one of my favorites; but I either make them at home or occasionally go to a local casual restaurant that mainly serves a variety of natural healthy foods, including

Is all fast food unhealthy?

No food is unhealthy in moderation. Even drinking too much water at once can kill you. The problem people run into with fast food is that it's easy to consume a large amount of calories at once. Combine that with eating tooany calories multiple times per day with

What was the most disgusting experience you've ever had at a fast food restaurant?

While I sat drinking coffee with the other moms at McDonald's, our kids, frolicking around the play place, began a game called,

Where do most fast food restaurants in the U.S. get their food products?

I can't speak for everywhere, but as an ex employee of McDonald's and a truck driver who constantly picks up and delivers for GSF/LXP/McDonald's, most of their product is grown and processed in America. Specifically the beef and produce, I've picked up beef that had been grown and

How much better is restaurant food than fast food?

It depends wildly upon the restaurant in question. And the fast food place you're comparing it to, for that matter.I've been to sit-down restaurants that were fairly dingy affairs, offering middling quality fare at best. Their burgers, their chicken nuggets, their taquitos: all were "made" from the freezer section of a local warehouse store. And I've been to fast

Why don't more people use supermarkets as fast food?

Looking at 2010 US numbers, Deli sales represented about $121 billion of the $444 billion consumers spent in grocery stores. Of that, $58 billion was on prepared foods - that's over 10% of total grocery. Add another $8 billion for beverages purchased at the deli (presumably for immediate consumption) along with

What is the most disgusting thing you found in your food after finishing your meal at a restaurant?

Honestly I could tell you things about eating out in public that would make you never want to leave your home's kitchen for a meal ever AGAIN!!However- I'm running short on time so I'll skip the REALLY most disgusting thing I've seen in food personally

Which startups are focused on fast casual restaurant's PoS?

Hi there,For a fast casual restaurant POS I would like to recommend you to opt for a software named ‘Netree'. It is a startup and a cloud based & retail engagement networking platform, and has recently won Manthan award 2017

What restaurant franchise would you like to own?

Restaurant Franchise OpportunitiesThere are various Food and Beverages franchises that I would love to own. As consumers travel more widely and experience new flavours and foods, a new wave of global cuisines is emerging, driven by consumer curiosity and greater exposure to international foods and flavours. Consumers today are driven by a sense of exploration

Are vegetarian and non vegetarian kitchens separate in fast foods restaurants like McDonalds and Dominos?

The following is an explanation for McDonald's. I have no knowledge of the functional details of Domino's or any other restaurant chain.McDonald's, in addition to fast service, is huge on serving, storing and handling food safely and properly.

How to start fast food outlet in Chennai

Fast Food Business in ChennaiChennai,the Detroit of India, as a city, is very much interested in food. People are definitely more inclined to try something new besides what they're most comfortable with.Chennai is the first city in the country to open an Ethiopian restaurant, Chennai also has a multitude

How do restaurants serve food soon when it takes more time at home?

There are quite a few reasons for this. Let me try to list what I can think of.1. There are several people working in restaurants with different specific tasks to work in sync. But at home, its just 1 person who prepares the food. May be another helper but usually, not more than 2 people.2.

Why do people say eating healthy is expensive? Fast-food isn't cheap!

Perversely, wholesome, healthy ingredients are more expensive to buy than a dollar meal at McDonalds.Actually, forget McDonalds and outdoor fast food; compare the same product in the supermarket. Beef from grass-fed cows without any rBGH or antibiotics/drugs/additives is more expensive than a cut from corn-fed antibiotic filled bovine.Processed food is the

Why don't fast food restaurants use the first window to pay anymore?

Fast food restaurants have to balance cost effectiveness with their time metrics. Most anything that reduces the total time it takes for you to go through the drive through, costs more.Having two open windows in the drive through decreases the time it takes to go through a busy drive through by, let's say, 10 seconds (this varies

If a fast food employee stick around the work premise after work and ordered some food but then slipped and fall on the wet floor as he was about to empty the tray. Is he entitled to sue as a customer?

It doesn't sound like workers compensation will cover any financial or medical reimbursements, since he was officially off the clock.I would say a ‘slip and fall' case outside of working hours places him in the same category as if a regular customer slipped and fell in your store.I'm not an attorney, but I

What is a food item from a fast food restaurant that will make you (personally) nauseated?

A few restaurants come to my mind:KFC: Greasy as hell. It's chicken tasted stale and heavily processed with chemicals. I mean I just had it a few months ago in Amsterdam, where it was kinda ok. But I was really hungry at the time and I didn't choose to go there, the people I was with did. Also I

What happens to McDonald's employees when they are completely remodeling the restaurant?

From personal experience at another fast food chain, the employees are given the choice to either work at another closer location, take that time off without pay, or find another job. Usually people will travel to another location because they need money and finding another job is

As a fast food employee, what is the weirdest burger order you've had to make?

I used to work at Burger King .. We used to make a lot of fun of this.. This one customer kept ordering cheeseburger menu online, but asked we put no cheese in the burger. One of the times our courier told us that

Is American Chinese food like McDonald's fast food in China?

In a way it is.Americanized Chinese food is adjusted and adapted to the area's it's been made in. Most Americans/Canadians do not like authentic Chinese foods.Chinese food from China is a very broad term. Each region in China serves different foods. Nothing in wasted.From pork/beef insides, hearts, liver, kidneys,

What fast food chain makes the best Tacos?

Being a lover of Mexican food and after tasting multitudes of different tacos and burritos across California, I think that the best fast food tacos are definitely from Chipotle. First, the ingredients at Chipotle are of a higher quality than virtually all of its major competitors. It's meats are pasture-raised,

What made you stop eating fast-food?

Research.When I was little I'd love going to McDonald's or TacoBell but lately fast food has been the last thing on my mind.For a while the taste of fast food has been fading. Looking at TacoBell meat makes me sick. Have you ever just looked at it? It's

What is the most money someone has spent at a fast food restaurant at one time?

The biggest order I handled was for 20 $50 gift cards, totaling $1000. That was an educational experience: first, I learned immediately that the register had a hard limit of 999.99 per transaction. So I split off one card to a second transaction. The second thing I learned, a while later, was that the customer reported the $950 order

How is fast food addictive?

Several things:Fast food is typically loaded with salt, fat, and sugars, things most bodies crave.Fast food often contains MSG, which not only tastes good, but activates the pleasure centers in our brains, causing addiction in a similar fashion to cocaine.Fast food restaurants typically sell soft drinks with their meals, the bulk of which contain caffeine, which is addictive.Fast

How to have a successful fast food restaurant

Be passionate first, be disciplined, be dedicated,be fair,be honest,most of all LET YOUR OPERATIONS MANUAL GUIDE YOU STRAIGHT TO SUCCESS, you can have all the money in the world and be a loser in that industry, Wonder how you became so rich but can't run a business that you always looked down at, unaware of the hundreds

What is the grossest thing you've had happen at a fast food restaurant drive-thru?

My girlfriends and I were ordering at the drive-thru of a Carl's Jr., we had ordered three milkshakes. While we were waiting at the pick up window, we were casually looking inside, watching as a pimply faced young man made the first milkshake.First, he mixed the milkshake in the large metal cup.Next, he poured the milkshake into the

What can replace fast food?

I'm not sure what you are fishing for with this question. You don't have to eat fast food and can replace it with whatever you like. But if you're asking about a bigger scale, like how does society replace all

How do fast food restaurants handle very large orders?

With that large of an order (600 Big Macs) it is likely that no individual store would have enough actual food on hand at a time to make that order immediately on demand and still be able to handle walk-ins. If you called and ordered 600 Big Macs for a couple days in the future, I'm sure

What would happen if I ate everything from the McDonald's menu for the rest of my life?

A few years ago, I was teaching Earth Science to college undergraduates, and I had brought in a bag of small oranges and a bag of larger grapefruit-because you can stack them in various ways, as a visual aid to demonstrate how atoms are packed together in mineral crystals. Sort of like this:

What do KFC stores do with leftover chicken?

I used to work at a kfc in Australia for 5 years as a teen, worked in 4 different stores.Staff were allowed to take food home after the shift or at one store we had a homeless guy that came around after closing and we used to give him food.But that

Is fast food as bad as they say?

With "fast foods" is typically meant the food that comes from chains like McDonald's, Burger King etc. The foods are often deep fried and they offer you French fries, burgers, sausages etc.  In the past they all used TRANS fats, which they

How often do you eat fast food per week?

Hardly ever I think about it often how it will taste how much I enjoy it,due to the fact that is not often have option to eat fast food, however when I do finally get it. I find it was nothing like

Why are there pictures of food on takeaway menus but not on menus within restaurants?

There is no hard and fast rule for this, however my thoughts would be that with Take Away you are not being tempted by food passing by you to another table, the smells and sights you see in a restaurant

How much increase in sales do Fast Food restaurants get from using Food Delivery Services such as DoorDash?

The answer varies based on the location of your store - if you have offered delivery before and what your average sales for take out are.To better answer your question, I live in NYC and can tell you that in

What are the reasons of choosing to eat fast food?

Families with kids and extra activities. No time to cook in between, they end up grabbing something on the drive through. It is practical, cheaper, and quickly.Or people who live alone. They just do not want to cook for themselves.

What is the origin of French fries?

If you ask someone in France what french fries are, they'll probably say they never heard of it.  Over there, they call them "pomme frites."  Weird, huh?  It's like those French people have a different word for everything.  Go figure.We don't know his (or her) name, but somewhere in the 1840s, someone

In general, which type of restaurant has the highest net profits in general: fast food, fast causal or fine dining?

Fast food or fast casual, if you have a few of them. Fine dining can make an impressive cash profit, once you have filled the place. It is difficult to scale up fine dining beyond something local.On the whole the fast sector can be cookie cut. Find a suitable venue, repeat the fit

Why is Burger King called Hungry Jacks in Australia?

From the Hungry Jack's Wikipedia page:When Burger King moved to expand its operations into Australia, it found that its business name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. As a result, Burger King provided the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, with a list of possible

What are some clever ways to get your fast food order fast?

Order the most popular items on the menu with no modifications. I'm a vegetarian and I can promise you I wait twice as long for a veg burger as others wait for a hamburger. Saying you want extra cheese, no pickles, etc will mean the workers have to build

What are some fast food restaurant hacks?

Breakfasts of champions:1. 10:35 Sandwich (McDonald's): It used to be called this because you could pretty much only get it during the magical few minutes between breakfast and lunch. Now that McD's sells breakfast all day, you can probably get

How to start a fast food outlet

Fast food Business Opportunities in IndiaFast food in India continued to record healthy growth in 2017, thanks largely to a rising number of millennials, with the median age in the country being 27. India has a relatively young population, with many choosing not to cook at home.Indian fast food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of

What should we never order from fast food workers?

Steak.But really, most fast food (other than being fast food) is safe, because most of it is packaged premade and cooked in as fool-proof of a way as possible.I've worked at McDonalds, Wendy's, and KFC - and provided you like the food, pretty much everything is done

Why don't all fast food restaurants follow Chick-Fil-A practices?

I've got a couple thoughts.Chick-Fil-A (CFA) is founder-led. Founders have a much, much deeper connection to the business because they view it as their baby. Hired guns only care about maximizing their short term compensation, usually viewed quarterly at the public level. Why did Amazon create AWS when it should have easily been IBM

What is the most unhealthy fast food?

The Most Fattening Menu Items At 10 Fast Food Chains1. BURGER KING TRIPLE WHOPPER LARGE MEALThis famous item from Burger King may be a household name, but this enormous sandwich, paired with a side of large fries and a large soda,

What is your least favorite casual dining establishment?

My least favorite is Denny's followed by Bob Evans followed by Olive Garden followed by Cheesecake factory followed by Hooters.This is based on considering these casual restaurants I've been to:Cheesecake factoryCracker BarrelChili'sChevy'sCarrabba'sBuffalo Wild WingsBuca di BeppoBob EvansBertucciBenihanaApplebee'sDenny'sFamous Dave'sIHOPHoulihan'sHootersHard Rock CafeFriendly'sLogan'sLonghornMaggianoOlive GardenPF ChangOutbackOriginal Pancake HouseRed LobsterMacaroni GrillRuby TuesdayShoney'sSizzlerTexas RoadhouseFriday'sRed RobinVapianoWaffle HouseUnoMelting Pot

Why do fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's not have delivery in the UK?

Western fast food chains do not have delivery at most locations in most of the world.   This is due to  a combination of factors mainly efficiency, cost and liability factors as well as population density and a desire to present a uniform experience to diners.  The availability of personal transportation  to most customers and the