What do you order when you go to McDonald's?

I had not gone to a McDonalds for about twenty years. (other than to use wi-fi, which required me to get a $1 coffee), but out with my daughter's friend and her family, the kids decided on Mc D, so I decided to try it again.Now I am hooked on the

What fast food can you eat on the keto diet?

You can turn virtually any fast food joint into a Keto-friendly place, for the most part you just have to order something without the bun, bread, or other grain.A few of my favorites:Jimmy John's' J.J. Gargantuan Unwich (Mayo / No Mayo)Calories: 742 / 540Fat grams: 54.4 / 33.5Net Carb grams: 5.5 / 5.86Protein grams: 56.2 / 55.93Chipotle's

What is the most unhealthy item on the McDonalds menu?

Most likely the Double Mighty Angus burger, the bacon peices put on the burger have allot of fat with them that isn't drained out half the time, also the sauce it very fatty. Very fattening and Gros to watch someone eat. When McDonalds had CYT here in Winnipeg there was a guy I

What should I not order from McDonald's?

YOU SHOULD NEVER ORDER ANYTHING AT MCDONALD'S OR ANY FAST FOOD STORE1. What you're eating IS FUCKING UNHEALTHY. The Ingredients range from msg , specially engineered oils to fake meat.Fast food is a death trap in today's world. It's designed to be attractive and downright tasty to our tastebuds and give us a

What was the biggest mistake McDonalds ever made?

You have to look back years for this one, but after it occurred, within about 5 years there was general top management agreement that it had been a short sighted decision for quick gains resulting in a terrible price being paid.A suggestion was made, among others,

Why is it not customary to tip fast food workers?

I used to be a fast food worker, and am now a server. From my pay as a fast-food worker, I was paid $9.35 an hour. It's good pay for a Midwestern like me, and especially for a place of just simply flipping burgers and taking orders.As a server,

Dieting, but have to eat out at a burger place with friends, I don't see myself able to order relatively low fat foods since I miss food so much. Should I just not go?

You can still eat healthy at a burger place. Get a lettuce wrap on the burger, avoid the fries and soda and get a side salad or carrots to sub for the fries and either diet soda, water, or iced tea for your drink. I'm currently dieting and I'm still able to fit

Do you know any healthy fast foods?

Healthy Fast Food - BreakfastHealthy Fast Food - BreakfastAs we all know that in today lifestyle where there is lot of work tension plus there is paucity of time specially, in morning because of office time is been mention approx 9:00 AM. So there is also focus on Health and Health come from your

How can fast food harm the human body?

What do you consider as fast food & what not, this I don't know. But I'll write down the points starting from the most harmful -High sugar - Soft-drinks, sauces, ketchups, etc are all high in sugar. Unknowingly, people consume more than the required amount of sugar daily through these products. Sugar is

If I have no choice but to eat fast food, how do I eat healthier?

Fast food is evil. The goal of the entire industry is to sell the lowest quality food possible in massive quantities. That's their model in a nutshell. I hate fast food and everything it stands for.That being said, fast food is inarguably convenient and inevitably part of some lifestyles. I can't recommend it, but if you have to

Is all fast food unhealthy?

Fast food. It's cheap, convenient and marketed to us when we're young, in the hope that we'll be consumers for life. For many companies, that strategy has paid off. But there's a wrinkle in that math. If we eat too much of this stuff, that frequent consumer's lifespan

Is it better to eat nothing at all than eating fast food?

So we can assume this question is, whether you should skip a meal if your only other choice is fast food.So let's break it down.Why is fast food generally considered bad for you.High levels of fat, carbs, salt and sugarLow levels of fresh fruit and vegetables (yes a Subway sandwich without

What are some healthy alternatives for fast foods that are easy, and relatively inexpensive for a busy family, or single person on the go?

An entire meal could be two hard boiled eggs, an apple, and a handful of almonds. Decent protein, healthy fat, low glycemic index with all manner of vitamins, minerals, and whatnot. Total cost? $1.50-$2.00.Cook the eggs 12 at a time, they

What are the healthiest fast food items to eat when I am very pressed for time?

Healthy eating is so important but it is equally important that you enjoy your food.Here are some key tips I have found useful when deciding to eat out:Check the menu onlineDo your researchPlan aheadFocus on protein and vegetablesPractice portion controlAsk questionsStick

What are the hours for McDonald's breakfast menu?

Thanks for the A2A. Hopefully this helps and as I see the other answers, this is definitely quite late. But here it goes.So McDonald's has quite different times from others might have answered. When the stores are operated 24-hours, the times usually start around 3:30 AM. It is because it to give sufficient time for the changeover giving

What is the most unhealthy fast food?

The Most Fattening Menu Items At 10 Fast Food Chains1. BURGER KING TRIPLE WHOPPER LARGE MEALThis famous item from Burger King may be a household name, but this enormous sandwich, paired with a side of large fries and a large soda, can do a serious number on your waistline. Coming

What is the typical ROI on owning a Subway franchise?

A typical Subway store does around $422,000 in sales annually, according to QSR magazine. Profit is about 20% of that income. This means a typical Subway makes a profit of $84,000, and the average opening cost is between $160,000 and $180,000.Therefore, taking into

What would happen to your body if you only ate fast food while doing the necessary exercise to burn all the calories?

That really depends on what fast-food you're eating.Fast food has evolved quite a bit over the years. There are places like Chipotle which center around real meat, rice, beans, and vegetables. Where I am there are places like Just Salad which obviously specialize in salads. There are places here like Dig Inn and Roast which

Which fast food restaurant is the healthiest?

There are healthy options at virtually every fast food restaurant. There are many ways you can customize menu items to decrease the calorie and fat content. For example, at a burger place like McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King, you can order one of their smaller burgers without cheese and mayo.

Why do people still put billions into fast food knowing its unhealthy?

I order healthy fast food. You can do it at any location, including McDonald's. All it takes is customization of your order. Any chicken or meat I order is grilled rather than fried. I don't order fries. My sandwiches don't have condiments or dressings and tend to resemble salads

Why do some obese people continue to eat fast food and drink soda?

There was an experiment that tested 43 cocaine-addicted rats and gave them the option between sugar water or cocaine over a period of 15 days. 40 out of those 43 rats chose sugar water over the drug to give you some context behind how addicting sugar is to the human body. Scientists have produced

Why is fast food considered as not healthy?

Iffast foodis your go-to comfort food or any-time-of-the-day food then you're doing it wrong. The greasy, sugary and full of fat food makes you happy with every single bite but is it really worth it? How bad can this indulgence be for you? With risks

Why is fast food healthy?

I am going to assume you mean ‘why is fast food unhealthy'?Fast food is usually convenient,overpriced and laden with fat,high in calories and processed fats with no nutritional value i.e. McDonalds,Burger King,Take Away Shops,Chip Shops (hamburgers,pizzas,fries,chicken nuggets,onion rings etc!) As a general rule of thumb I would say that if it

Why is fast food unhealthy?

If you eat fast food regularly, the effects on your health can be disastrous. Studies have shown that people who eat fast food more than twice a week drastically increase their chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a host of other chronic problems.Fast food's bad reputation

Why is Subway considered the healthy fast food?

1. When you look at Subway superficially, it looks as if they have a healthier choice of items. They have salads, tomato slices, shredded lettuce, some onions, some olives etc. But everything is mostly served in unhealthy submarine buns. Even the

Why is Subway more popular than Jimmy Johns?

Subway is definitely a lot cheaper than Jimmy Johns, and has more locations around the country than any other sandwich restaurant. I personally prefer Subway because I can get a footlong sub for roughly the same price of a regular sandwich at Jimmy Johns,

Are French fries low fodmap?

I'm not a nutritionist or even a food scientist, but potatoes are a complex carbohydrate and depending on the variety, they are generally considered ‘resistant' carbohydrates. This means they don't break down into sugars as rapidly in your gut and generally

Does dominos pizza has animal fat?

Yet a wide range of foods contain hidden animal ingredients, the variety of which may shock you. Animal rennet is used in the production of many different kinds of cheese. It's a coagulating enzyme that's extracted from a freshly-slaughtered calf's stomach.Domino's shredded provolone,

How unhealthy is it to eat at KFC once a week?

KFC is worldwide famous for providing chicken and chicken-based items to all its eaters and users. However, you will be surprised to know that there are certain facts about KFC that even the ardent fans of the restaurant chain do not know about. We are not talking about fun facts; we are talking about hardcore

I'm 14 and I have eaten fast food practically every day (excluding weekends) for around 4-5 months. Will my health be fine if I stop now or is the damage permanent?

Food usually taste good to delicious, in fast food places due to the amount of sugar, salt and grease that is added to it.I would suggest you start eating more veggies and fruit - it isn't altered and much healthier for you and yes, your health begins when you change diets.The body is an amazing instrument,

What is the most healthy fast food service, and why?

If you know me... you know I LOVE to eat. I'm currently in between moving and haven't had much time to make my own food; therefore, I have to resort to eating out a lot. Unfortunately, fast food does not always have the best of choices. When I go out to eat, I make sure I check the

What is the most overrated fast food restaurant?

I think the obvious champion is Taco Bell, which is just ghastly. But to call it

What should everyone know about fast food?

The   history   of   fast  food  is   about  100  years  and   it   is    in   order   to   fit   the   modern  and   busy   lifestyle.In  1937,  the   McDonald   brothers   set   up    the    first   fast   food   restaurant    in   the    world.At   first,  they    just    wanted   to   run   it.    But    they    found   that   people  almost   had   no   time  

Do you think it is appropriate for President Trump to serve Americans 'fast food' when they visit him at the White House? And, do you think he serves 'fast food' to foreign representatives (prime ministers, diplomats, etc) when they visit?

The Clemson football team said their favorite food was fast food. President Trump gave them what they said they likes. Usually, the teams honored by the President are not given a meal. The Clemson team said they enjoyed the fast food and ate it all.President Trump had a formal state dinner

What will happen to my body if I eat McDonald's for lunch for 3-4 months?

I personally am not an expert on this subject but I happened to read about it. Here's what David Nield has to say about it.Fast food is incredibly convenient, and usually very tasty too, but it's not always the best option for re-fuelling our bodies. Over at