Are fathers treated fairly by the courts during divorce proceedings?

That is a good question. There are many variants to how the answer can go. For instance:What country or State are you in;Employment and support. They will use a program to calculate what spousal support and child support you will pay. You may

As a child of divorce, has anyone else had their mother pay their father child support?

I laughed every time I had to write a check for child support to my ex-husband. It's all numbers and overnights. The 162 was nothing in comparison to paying the mortgage while I was out of the house, because he refused. I needed

Can a father get a 10-year-old daughter's custody after a divorce?

A lot will depend on where you live. But a dad can get custody of a 10 year old daughter. There is just a lot of things a dad needs to work through and understand to do it.First, there is a predisposition for people to believe that the mother should be the one with primary

Can I get child support if the father is on disability?

There's no simple answer to that question, and any answer would apply to either gender (not just fathers). Does the disabled parent receive income of any kind? Is he or she capable of working even with the disability? Has the disabled parent applied for (and is receiving) any

Do divorce court judges grant any legal protection for dedicated fathers and/or good husbands?

Custody cases are decided on a "best interest of the child" standard.  While I'm sure that most judges are happy to hear cases where both parties are dedicated parents, a lot of times this description fits neither and it comes down to "which party has a better chance of offering

Do introverts make good father/mother/husbands/wife?

It's not based just on introverts. Actually, introverts can also be of many types. They could be brooding types. They could be artist types. They could be kind types. You know what I mean? So, the introverts which are not 'the

Does a wife have rights on her husband's father's property?

Indian Wife in India, especially the Hindu wife, has hardly any right on the property of her husband during his lifetime leave aside the father of the husband.The right of the wife is limited for claiming maintenance and place of residence only from the husband under the Protection of Women from the

Does my dad still have to pay child support?

A2A If you are under 18, your dad or mom will pay child support. If you spend 50% of time with mom and 50% time living with your dad, finances have to be figured out between your parents or with the court. With the court means your parent's lawyers.Having

How can a husband/father choose the another woman over his wife and kids? Their marriage was great.

Maybe it's was a terrible relationship....Everyone is quick to put the man down. What if the woman lied and said he assaulted her and had him thrown in jail. I just watched a video of a woman shooting a gun off making her partner admit on video he is in

How to convince my father to divorce my mother

You got stuck in a cumbersome situation. It is really difficult to solve the quarrel of parents. You should understand that they are older than you. So any kind of comment from you about their life will not be accepted by them. Perhaps the best solution is making one of

How come you can be a great dad but a bad husband?

You can't cheat on your kids.You can't steal from your kids.You can't talk behind your kids back.You will most likely be selfless before your kids.You can't divorce your kids.You will most likely be selfish before your wife.It does not require enormous emotional input to love and care

How did your child's mother react to a custody order that was ruled in favor of the father?

A little background history:I am an American and living in Germany for more than 30 years. My wife is a German citizen, but originally from the Ukraine. She has lived here in Germany for almost 18 years.5 years ago my wife decided that she did not want to be married

How to deal with a terrible father

I know exactly what you are going through but believe me you have plenty of options . its your life and you should have it your way.most people donot really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility and people shy away from responsibility. you should think of moving out of your house. you must be aroun 23

How to deal with a very stingy father

You should be thankful at least you have your father with you.UNICEF and global partners define an orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents. By this definition there were over 132 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2005. This large figure represents not only children

How to deal with an irresponsible father

You don't deal with him.You step up and take all the responsibilities.Take this as a golden opportunity.Someday you will be in his place and you have to take up the responsibilities which you are talking about.Suppose your team lead is irresponsible and your manager wants a new new lead from your team,

How to deal with my stubborn father

Hi Isa sorry its took me a long time to answer :(Sorry to hear its a frustrating time, father's have to be protective, supportive, caring and there for you at all times, it sounds like he's scared, hurt no one is listening, which makes him mad, he thinks he's right, he blames you and your mother

How to deal with neglectful father

I'm sorry you have a terrible father who abused you physically and continues abusing you emotionally (even though the physical abuse was apparently in the past). I don't know your age but it is not too late to go to authorities and confess the secret you have been keeping. You may not want to

How to get my 14 year old daughter away from her dad

Why would you want too? Is he abusing her? Does he do something to harm her? Or are you just a jealous mom who wants the type of relationship with her daughter that her daughter has with her dad????? IF he's basically a good dad don't fuck that up

How to overcome anger toward my irresponsible father

I have been where you are. My anger and my fear of my father was so great in my teens, I thought one of had to leave this world. I could not bear life in a world where we both existed. I tried to commit suicide. Then I got a little older and one day when i

How to survive an abusive father

shit.. i had it bad, but not this bad.This is a hotline for parental abuse in the USA and canada, if you are neither in the USA nor Canada, find a local hotline. They will advise you better than me.Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline1-800-422-4453What you must prepare for is to leave the

How does one deal with a controlling father?

A controlling father is not necessarily an abusive father, but an abusive father is also usually a controlling father.  A helicopter father may be overprotecting his child, but he may doing so out of a misguided concern for the child's safety.An abusive father has little concern for the

How much does your mother and father's divorce impact you many years later in life?

My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old, my sister was ten.Disclaimer: I am fortunate enough to have two respectful parents with regards to who has the right to parenting, my dad has always been forthcoming with financial aid, he paid more alimony than necessary when he experienced affluent periods and helped her

If your father came to the funeral of your mother and you haven't seen them in years since your parents divorced, how do you react if you see him after 30 years?

Let me share my story about just this situationFirst, a bit of background: My father has one brother (let's call him D). My father passed away when I was very young. D left after he died and abandoned us. He provided us with radio silence....for 12 years...until my mom died.*Morning of Mom's Wake*We have

Is it legal for a father to shower with his 15 year old son?

I had a dad who also felt as if he owned me - doing whatever he pleased, anytime he pleased.There were no cameras in our house, yet holes in the ceiling. Whenever I'd enter the bathroom, he'd enter the attic and watch me through the holes. With the bedrooms in the house, mine was the

Is it possible for a father to look after his 6 year old daughter after divorce?

Absolutely. Why would it be otherwise?Like any single parent, it will take juggling work with parenting needs as well as household management.You might need to hire people to help with after school care or after school pick up especially if you cannot miss work to do this. You might also consider help with dinner if you

Is it true that a woman will treat her man the way she treats her dad?

I'm going anonymous on this one because I have never made my feelings public about my father. I have never disclosed that I have an extremely strained relationship with my father to anyone. Maybe because I don't want my dirty laundry to be made public and

Is it wrong to hate my dad?

Yes its OK. Try not to to have weapons of mass destruction laying around. Don't tell everyone. Thats motive.There is a fine line between love and hate. Sometimes we hate someone because we love them. Because they have expectations of good behavior. They are a mirror of your actions. Your being watched.

Is the ex-husband or biological father the legal father in Florida?

Florida appears to continue to recognize the doctrine of

Married men, if your wife ever made enough money to support the household with just her pay check and she wanted you to be a stay at home dad, would you? Why or why not?

Be with my kids, or be at workbe with my kids....or work....Listen, yes, kids are work, I'm the eldest of 8 and practically raised a few of them, but if I didn't have bills to worry about, where do you think I'd be except with my family?I'm not

My 7 year old daughter wants to stay with her father and granny. Me and my husband are planning for divorce. I want my daughter to stay with me. What to do?

Please, both of you study intricacies of happy marriage and take a prudent decision in the overall interests of your progeny. Details follow------------WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER LASTING RELATIONSHIP/CO-HABITATION!!!Ideal Marriageable age:19–35 Male- To be employed/self-employed to maintain family.19–28 Female -WHY SHOULD A GIRL GET MARRIED BEFORE 28 YEARS?So that pregnancy

My baby's daddy is going around telling people I won't let him see his son. He doesn't pay any support nor has ever called me. My husband is the only dad he's known. How do I go about this without hurting my husband's and son's relationship?

You can do what I did. Figure up your back child support from birth until present. If you can't figure it out and don't have a court ordered amount that was suppose to be paid bite the bullet and hire an attorney that will fight for you and your child.(If

My boyfriend's mother doesn't like me because my parents have been divorced (my dad twice). What should I do?

I cannot answer your question about what you should do, but I can explain why parents would not want their child to date (and possibly marry into) a family of divorce.In my family of origin, nobody divorced. They stuck through it, thick and thin, better and worse. People worked, supported one another financially and

My father used to abuse my mother a lot by beating her and verbally abusing by saying bad words like you slut, why don't you die? He did the same with my older brother and now with me,what should I do?

First of all support your mother and save her from your father. Make her feel special so that she can be comforbale with you give your love. Try to know whether she is ready to love you as it is all human

My mom said that if it came down to it she'd choose her husband (my father) over us, her kids. Is it unreasonable for me to be genuinely hurt by this?

Before you were born, your mother and father WERE.They had existed for decades before you came into existence. They met each other. They pledged their love to each other. They took holy vows to honor and cherish each other-in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.If the love breaks down between husband and

What can I do if my father is disappointed in me for being irresponsible?

Yep, your father is being pretty rough on you. It'll make it easy for you to leave home and strike out on your own when the time comes.You may find that some employers act similarly, but none of the good ones do.Keep in mind - remind yourself often - that your father's

What happens if the husband is not earning and is dependent on his father for income? Can a wife claim maintenance from her husband or can she claim it from her father in law?

Her husband only .. how he earn and arrange is his problem.Why you got married to such a person? Perhaps business family and he may be having interest in business of HUF.Do not say he is not having are spoiling your own case. . Actually he is working with his father and

What is my father's daughter with another woman to me?

Half-sister. My sister and I share the same mother, but different fathers. We have a great relationship because my mother had primary custody, so we lived at her house together every day, aside from every Wednesday, and every-other weekend. We got to grow up together, so it didn't feel like we were

What is the prevalence of a father unwittingly raising another man's child?

In my 60 years on this planet, the first time I heard of this I was shocked. However, there have been several people I know that this situation rings true. My best friend slept with another man while married, got pregnant by

What is the relationship dynamic between a 27-year-old son and his narcissistic, 56-year-old father?

Pretty messed up. The father is a narcissist, so he is unwilling to give any sort of love or true emotional support to the son, who is in consequence messed up. And he is messed up enough to keep the father around to want something that the father will never give. At this point I would

What percentage of the financial burden should a husband with children be responsible for?

It should be based on the division of duties between both the mother and father. Couples divide responsibilities differently from relationship to relationship. However, even when both parents have full time careers, statistically the mother has more responsibilities within the household, including

Do children inherit height from their mother or their father?

Every daughter has exactly 50% of their chromosomal DNA coming from each parent. Every boy has very close to 50%, altered only by inheriting an X from their mother and a Y from their father. The X chromosome, being much larger than the Y, has more DNA, so a son has very slightly more DNA from

Does height come from your father's side?

Not really. Height isn't from one thing - there are lots of factors including environment, diet when growing, genetics and many others. But looking at just the genetic component, the mother's side is more influential. Not completely but someone is more likely to have a height that is influenced more by their mother than their

Father's age is double the elders sons age. After ten years, the father's age becomes triple the age of his younger's son. If the difference of their age is 15 years, than what is the present age of the father?

Answer: Present Age of Father is 50Today:Elder son's Age = xFather's Age = 2xYounger son's Age = x - 15In 10 years' time:Younger son's Age = x = 15 + 10 = x - 5Father's Age = 2x + 10 = 3(x

If it was somehow possible, and I think it is, would you consider implanting a tracker in your child so that you can track where they are?

Under no circumstances. Never. I think it is against humanity and undermines the child. Besides I have seldom felt the need for spying on my offspring - luckily. Because I have been part of their lives, always, and they have of mine. Therefore I know them and I know  how much  and in which

What is the best advice your father ever gave you?

It was one summer evening of 2006.My younger brother and I were back home for the summer vacation.There was a knock on the door. I stood up from the chair to see who it was. We had to religiously spend a couple of hours on the study table even in our holidays.The vacation was never actually

How to stop my father yelling at my mother

Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships You are in a difficult situation which at that moment you cannot engineer an escape. I suggest you call one of the crisis hotlines in the webpage. These are people with extensive experience in your situation. They will have resources gained from

I think my father is a psychopath and I fear he might kill me. What do I do?

Leave now and don't let him know where you are and cut off communication with him forever. If you are a minor, get cps involved. Or go to a teen shelter in your area.If you are an adult, no contact. Get a restraining order if that is an issue. Go to a domestic violence shelter

I'm nearly 16 and want to move out of my mother's house, my father lives quite far and I'm broke. What do I do?

I'm assuming you have loving parents who take reasonable care of you. If there's no problems at home. Than you should stay with a parent for now. Finish your education. Slowly save up some money for now. By all means be very careful when making major life decisions like this. Have fun, learn, grow wiser, and don't

Is it wise to father a child after age 50?

It all depends on your health, your income, your marital situation, your family, and more. You have a lot to take into account. No one is guaranteed a lifespan of any particular length. But we know approximately how long human beings live and how long we are healthy and sharp

My father has been smoking for more than 20 years. How do make him quit smoking?

This will be very short. I facilitated approximately 350 people wishing to quit smoking. In my experience, NOBODY can make a smoker guit. Wives, children, doctors and others may give input to support or give options for quitting and not quitting; however, in my experience, the smoker will only quit when they themselves make the decision to do so.

My friends father has mental health issues (bipolar/OCD) but he refuses to acknowledge it & won't partake in any form of treatment. He doesn't have a job. They won't get divorced but It's affecting her And her mother's life. What can they do?

This scenario seems like it is so specific, yet I bet it is more common than one would expect.He is ill. He will never get better. This will not only not end until death, but may get worse. He is not less ill than someone with

What is the best way to a massage person's feet? I have a dad who has diabetes and he is struggling every night with his feet. Without massage, he wouldn't be able to feel his feet and legs.

It is due to the diabetic foot neuropathyDiabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if he have uncontrollable or long time diabetesPeripheral neuropathyPeripheral neuropathy is the most common type of diabetic neuropathy. It affects the feet and legs first, followed by the hands and arms. Signs and symptoms of

What is the hardest part about being a dad?

I have to remind myself I don't have to repeat my father's ways of discipline, like yelling or using harsh words. I am different and understand new ways when I have to correct and teach my kids.Also, trying to make a balance between

What is the hardest thing about being a dad to a daughter?

If I would have to guess, it would be while she is a teenager, often they start exploring their body with guys, hopefully ones her age who are decent people who actually care about her. Yes it is a double standard, but it's something men cannot explain. A son having sex is much less stressful to a father than

What is the hardest things about being a single dad?

Trying to find the balance between job and your kid. You may find that at times you have to sacrifice one for the sake of other. If you don't meet your work schedule, that's one thing, if you don't pay enough attention to your kid, you inevitably receive a new challenge of addressing his/her stresses.

What psychological issues might someone have that has ‘daddy issues'?

I really like this question, I honestly wish that it had more followers. As someone who is active in the collective mental health in the community, this is an important issue and an important question because of how totally absent fathers have become. My

After 34 years of marriage, my mother want divorce. She spent her loveless life with my father because of me and my brother. I am worried about her. Is she taking the right decision?

Yes, she is making the right personal decision. I divorced after 32 years of marriage and I had adult children. I too, spent a loveless lifetime in a marriage because of my children. Your mother will be fine. It will be a huge adjustment for her

As a child of divorce, has anyone else had their mother pay their father child support?

I laughed every time I had to write a check for child support to my ex-husband. It's all numbers and overnights. The 162 was nothing in comparison to paying the mortgage while I was out of the house, because he refused. I needed to be sure

As a gay dad, how old were your kids when you told them?

My son was 12 when I came out. In fact, it was because of him that I came to accept my own sexuality. I've had an inkling that I was bisexual since I was very, very young... right around when I first started to hear about sex. However, when I grew up, being gay

Can an absent father get half the right for a child, even when he pays child support?

This is definitely NOT the right question. Half of what? It doesn't sound like an absent father is looking for half the time with the child. Courts do not look kindly on parents who look at their child as a

Can becoming a father change a narcissist? He really wanted a kid.

Becoming a father entails being loving and caring to the child. A Narcissist is incapable of ever loving a person even their child. A Narcissist is incapable of caring about anyone even their child. A Narcissist is incapable of caring about anyone's feelings including their child. These traits are due

Can CPS make the father of my children pay me child support if I don't want it?

CPS is not the department that handles child support. You would need to talk to the division of child support enforcement in your county/state. If CPS is involved it's usually ordered child support to be paid to the state while someone else is

Can I marry my father's mother's sister's son?

Your father's mother is your grandmother and her sister is your great-aunt which makes her son your 1st cousin once removed. So no, that is close incest and you run the risk of genetic disorders and if you have a close knit family that talks to one another they will

Can I marry my father's sister-in-law's daughter?

Technically, Father's sister-in-law means Father's brother's wife which would mean same family (Father's brother). However from the query it could be implied that father's brother's wife's sister since daughter of father's brothers wife would be father's brother's daughter but querist specifically says daughter of father's sister-in-law; so to say,

Can you give me few examples of how my personality has been shaped, as a result of short emotional abuse of my narcissistic father (I assume he has NPD) when I was really young before he decided to leave my family? I was afraid of him.

I don't know you and I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist but I would wonder if, because of what you went through, you now believe that you always have to look out for yourself and only yourself always.If that's the case, that kind of thinking can turn you into a narcissist as well so be careful.

Could you tell some good parenting practices that your parents had with you during your childhood?

If you want to instill in your children that they must tell the truth you can use this method that was passed down in our family for generations.The law of the land was as follows - if you had done something wrong like broke a vase or made

Do mothers and fathers allocate their life insurance differently? (For clarity-Moms always include kids, dad will leave all to his wife or any variation of...)

Do mothers and fathers allocate their life insurance differently? (For clarity-Moms always include kids, dad will leave all to his wife or any variation of...)My parents always had their insurance list each other as the primary beneficiary. When I had insurance, I listed my husbands and they listed me.Once my father

Does a foster daughter have any right to claim her share to his father's self acquired property and ancestral property against a will?

Laws go by country/state/province, but I don't know of anywhere that gives rights to inherit to foster children, sorry.I'm not sure what you mean by ‘against a will,' but if you mean that the will made no mention of the foster child, the child will lose if she contests the will.If a foster child is adopted, that can change

How can a father teach his son to be a man? When his son was raised very poorly and grew up spoiled, getting anything he wanted and in turn has no respect for the women that raised him and has serious anger issues?

My dad wasn't a good dad, so I opted to take what I saw and do the opposite.I never favored one child over another or compared them as they were 3 different people with 3 different perspectives and personalities.I made sure the rules were fair, that is the punishment fit

How to ask my son's father for child support after 15 years

Get a lawyer. Compile a list of all the expenses that you have had including but not limited to medical bills, medical insurance, prescriptions, clothing and sport equipment. Be reasonable, but thorough. If you are awarded child support by the family court, payment will be made by the courts or the local district attorney's

How to claim my father's EPF and pension things while my father is missing from 8-9 years

You say your father has been missing for 8 to 9 years. Have you filed a missing complaint with the police? If yes, and it has been seven years or more, you can approach the police again and get a certificate that in spite of their efforts your father has been untraceable.If

How to deal with a 13 yr old child who refuses to visit (shared parenting) his narcissistic father after his father has ignored him

This is easily a legal matter. The logical thing would be to apply for total and complete custody of the child on the grounds of neglect from the father. Point being both you and the child should walk away from said

How to deal with a crazy father in law

When you say crazy, just curious to know what are the kind of things he does which makes you go nostalgic. One question I have in mind is "Is he staying with you?". If yes then "What is the reasoning behind this?".  Even if he is

How to deal with my son's unreliable, disrespectful, irresponsible being of a father without making the situation worse or hurting my son's view of him

It is nice that you know it would be easy to corrupt your son's view of him. Ideally, you will be a champion parent and not talk about your son's father. Believe me, your son will discover all the truths about his father over time. He will grow up and recognize those traits because of the way his

How to deal with my stubborn and perfectionistic father

With love, compassion, and courage:Love him for who (your dad) and what (a

How to get away from a physically and emotionally/verbally abusive father

In the US, there are state child protective agencies that will have information posted on the web, like this:CHILDHELP USA® National Child Abuse Hotline: 800-4-A-CHILDCrisis Counselors Available 24/7: Welfare Information Gateway Children's Bureau/ACYF Eighth Floor 1250 Maryland Avenue, Southwest Washington, DC 20024-2141 Toll-free: 1-800-394-3366 Telephone: 703-385-7565 Fax: 703-385-3206 Internet:

How to get my elderly abusive step father legally away from my mother

It has to come from her from what I understand. This happened with my grandmother. She married an abusive man in her sixties. We couldn't get him away from her, because even though she would have a black eye or whatever it was that day, she forgave him and didn't want him to leave. If

How to overcome the anger directed at my irresponsible father who abandoned me as a baby

Are you sure that your father abandoned you, or is it possible that he ended his relationship with your mother?Are you sure your father is irresponsible? If you're sure he's irresponsible, you can choose to believe that by leaving, he saved you from having a worse life than you have.If you think that

How to respond when my father tells me that he's divorcing his wife

Depends on the relationship that you have with both father & his wife. When my father married his second wife I told her that s long as she was good to him I was fine with it but if she was ever abusive to him I would whip her butt. ( She was my age & 100 lbs larger

How to approach a relationship with your father after he cheated on your mother, asked for a divorce, and then took half of her hard earned money in the divorce

You get to be incensed as you want to be over the injustice of it's really none of your business. That's between him and your mother. He is still your father so the dynamic between you two should be separate from his

How does one deal with a strict and stubborn Indian father?

You ignore his criticisms, as chances are he's not even interested in what you have to say he's just forming his own biased views to stroke his own ego, you stop identifying as

How is my father's father's son's son related to me?

int main(){/*some declaration statements.**/If (your father's father's son's son == the only child) {Printf (

How should I deal with a toxic father in law who wants to see my husband of 8 years and our baby but not me? He disowned my husband 2.5 years ago after he didn't want to 'dump the bitch' (his words) and now he is back in our lives.

Sometimes the Christian approach can be the best: Forget (your anger) and forgive !! I am always in favour of giving people a second chance-don't you ? When you enter a new family is like entering in a new

How should I deal with an anti-entrepreneurial father?

How about, in a mature fashion, asdume an even balance is most responsible.  More start up businesses fail than succeed every year.  That direction is a gamble.   If youre good at it then it may be worth it but you need to also look at

How true is it that my father is my father?

Luke? that you?If it is... then I'm afraid you have to come to terms with reality. Your Teacher, Mr.Obi-Wan, has been lying to you all along. Anakin Skywalker IS Darth Vader. Your father didn't die a hero. He was the one responsible for the fall of the Jedi race. He killed CHILDREN!!I know it

How will you react if you found out that your father is having an affair, and will you confront him in front of your mother or give him another chance?

It may be best to confront him on your own first to ascertain whether he is in fact having an affair rather than presuming so. There may be a misunderstanding. You would not want to confront him in front of your mother if the

I caught my mother-in-law cheating. Should I tell my wife or my father-in-law?

Wife - yes, if you don't ... she will channel her inner Zule and grind your boy bits into a fine powder; there's a good chance it becomes a trust issue...You: Hey hon, you favorite movie is on!Her: Ok! (What isn't he telling me? He hates that movie... OMG... he's cheating on me!

I have been raising my grandson for eight years and now his father wants custody though he has not provided any financial support. Does Arizona have de facto custody laws?

Do you have legal guardianship? Has the father known about this child? Where is the mother? there are a lot of issues here and I suggest you get a lawyer that does family law to help you. If you do not have any legal papers saying you have custody over the child, you might not have a

If a father has full custody of his child and becomes intimate with his baby's mama again, does that affect the court order that's in place? Can a father lose custody in this situation?

I can't speak for every jurisdiction. But for the most part, no, the current court orders should be the current court orders regardless of any reconcilation. The parent paying child support may get a

If a husband transfers property to his father's name, what should a wife do in that case?

If your husband owned the property before marriage and he used no community assets during your marriage then he can do whatever he wants with it and you have no say in the matter. If he paid taxes on that property during marriage using community income, then you

If the father does give support, can the mother still take him for child support?

The law may vary lots of places, but in most US states that I know of you are responsible for child support whether or not there is a court order. If you do it without going to court you could later be taken to court against a claim that you have not paid

Is it normal for fathers to distance themselves emotionally from their sons once the son marries?

It is not normal - nor should it be, but unfortunately it happens. We were created to be a part of a family and enjoy the blessing that comes from older wiser people in our lives. Fathers can play an important role in the lives of their sons after marriage. Does your husband want to initiate contact? Do

Is my dad acting immature?

I assume from the fact you've been saving up that you have a job and pay your own way?Or do you continue to accept handouts from your father, claiming you can't afford the essentials?People who buy themselves luxuries while

IS there anything I can do to get custody of a sibling? My Dad and Step mom are very unstable and I fear for my brother everyday. How can I get him with me?

Call child protective services. Don't mention that you want to get the child, but documented evidence of neglect or abuse. Give your name and information. If it is corroborated, they will remove him. Make sure you follow up with them and offer to be kinship care. You will need a background check, a fingerprint card,

Me and my dad have had a rocky relationship due to something with his marriage to my mom (who are now divorced.) We have been getting along very well lately, but every time we get along, he goes and does something to ruin it. What do I do?

Stop expecting him to act the way you wish he would. He should neither expect the same of you. You are dealing with an inevitably flawed human being. I doubt he is ruining anything instead of just being himself. Perhaps you are expecting him to make up for the past and have put

My abusive father wants to see me but I don't want to see him. What can I do? He found out where I live (not sure how he did that).

I just want to say that I am sorry for what you are going through, I know this is diffucult but coming from a person who suffered abuse from a grandparent I ended up meeting with her and ended up getting closure. Although emotionally difficult to do, I was able to forgive

My brother is leaving with my father but my father is dying. The house is left to my sister and I. How do we get him out after my father passes away?

OK why would you want to get him out? Is he a deadbeat or you the deadbeat? Someone is taking care of your dad in his last days. If you are not the one, then likely your brother who lives there is doing the hard work. If he is not, then

My father is forcing me for marriage & I don't want to get married now. What should I do in this situation?

Understand one thing, parents have a right to worry about your future, and ask to marry. But the ultimate decision of marrying is yours. Why? Because you have to stay with that person for rest of your life, you will part of their life and vice versa.. if your not ready