As a male, what steps can I take to remove gender inequality and male domination?

I myself belong to a baniya family. And I have undergone a few of this. Nothing will happen unless the women themselves want things to change. You as an outsider cannot go and fight with their family members. While it will

Do feminist women divorce more often than non-feminist women?

Yes.A Norwegian study found that couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce than those with an unequal division of the chores (Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds - Telegraph).The researchers suggest that this is partly because where there clear gender roles,

Do women feel they live in a male dominated world?

This answer may end up flagged or some may not agree with what I might say. You have been warned.I see myself as a feminist. I believe that women and men are equal, we were made to co-exist with one another, and I think we do.But, when you look at psychology and science.

How does our protective attitude towards women and the fact, that we value female life over male's (see 'women and children first'), influence or help the success of feminism?

It's why feminism has become such a prolific monster. Feminists don't want equality, except on payday. Monday through Thursday, they want to be treated like delicate snowflakes.The only reason feminism has any power are the legion of white knights who put women

Is feminism responsible for the rise in divorce rates and single motherhood?

In a way, yes.Before feminism, a woman in a miserable or abusive marriage had no option but to stay with her husband. Men could and did treat their wives however they liked, knowing that the woman had no option but to

Is feminist utopia actually divorce-otopia, per how science finds 'marital stability and satisfaction are lower when women earn more than their partners' and divorce rates increase -- even in the most egalitarian countries?

Think about an institution, any institution.A restaurant, a bank, a temple, a clothing store....How would you analyze it's success, if you had to?Would you say,

Is rising feminism in India leading to more divorces?

I would say both feminism and education are some of the major reasons for rising number of divorces in India. Earlier, women couldn't own assets nor work for income and depended on men to support them and their kids. They couldn't walk out of abusive relationships even if they wanted to because of lack

Is there a need for marriage in a progressive world?

I assume you are talking about India because all cultures and societies are different. What might be possible in one culture may/may not be possible in other culture. In India, we follow a strict moral code of conduct as compared to West. or

What industries are 'female dominated'?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics,  of the 108 distinct professions surveyed in 2012, there are two jobs in the US where women make more than men do:1. Counselors (102.6% of what men make)2. Health practitioner support technologists and technicians (103.7%)To address some of the other answers here, registered

Why are some white men so threatened by the success of women and seek to discredit them? Look at the social backlash against AOC and now Katie Bouman.

Most normal people are not threatened by anybody being successful, but in the case of AOC she came to prominence not because she's especially intelligent or diligent - it's because she is a box ticked for the USA Democrats.If she had some nuance or if she did have

Why do some believe that feminist women 'having it all' equals pursuing a career and raising a family rather than 'having it all' equals variety of choices during one's lifetime without guilt: full-time or part-time homemaker; career; or both?

Three years ago, I ran the IT department in the US for a multinational corporation. I had it all. I have four children, incredibly successful, a wonderful family, and beautiful home. Life was great.Life is not what it appears. Being successful in your

Why do wives consider maintenance from husbands as their right?

If I have to interpret the above explanation, then I am here to understand that  a woman bears a man's child. For bearing a child, a woman let go some some opportunities. And through maintenance , women seeks compensation for such opportunity cost. So, basically, women doesn't have any interest in child. The

Why do you think the divorce rate is so high nowadays in 2019?

It isn't.Add divorce to the list of things Millennials are killingThe True Facts About Divorce in the US in 2018--Divorce Lawyers For menThe divorce rate has never been at 50%, and it's been decreasing since the year 2000.Divorce rates

Why don't Indian women take their husband's name?

In India specific context, calling someone by name is considered disrespectful. e.g In western society calling ones parents by name might be accepted but it is strict no no in India since it shows lack of respect.Teachers are given special respect in Indian culture

Why is being a gay man looked down on more than being a lesbian?

I asked my mother this before because she used to really dislike gay men, but she had no issues with lesbians. She told me it was the extreme promiscuity that so many gay men practiced and the diseases that often result from this.

Why is it that, despite the fact that I live in a patriarchal society, every time I look around, it seems as though women and girls have many privileges of which I'm jealous? Why does it seem to me that they are more privileged than men?

That depends on the circumstances.Are you a man who has to register for the military draft? Well, that's because your country doesn't want women to risk their lives when they could be making babies at home. Some countries allow women to enlist voluntarily, but they

Are there any female dominant societies in history?

There are many societies in history that are matricarchal, and there are even some that still exist. Here are a few.1. MOSUOLiving near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, the Mosuo are perhaps the most famous matrilineal society. The Chinese government officially classifies them as part of another ethnic minority known as

Do some men find feminism a turn off?

As a man, I do not feel that there is anything bad or wrong about the idea that women and men should be equal. I believe it is good for society, and from a moral perspective everyone deserves equal rights.However, in social movements for equality, sometimes you will come across a sub-group that goes too

Has feminism made men afraid of women? If so, how?

Oh, boy, yes: extremely so. At least to me and many guys I have spoken to, we are terrified to fully express ourselves around women in a natural, healthy way. We can't hardly go around or speak to some individual women (the hardcore feminist variety),

Should men be allowed to vote on women's issues such as planned parenthood and if abortion should be legal or not?

Should men be allowed to vote on women's issues such as planned parenthood and if abortion should be legal or not?No. Here's something else for you. Women shouldn't be allowed to vote on such issues either. The decisions on what you are allowed to do with your body shouldn't be up for vote. Either you

What is a male dominated field that could benefit from having more women?

Weirdly enough... Police...It has been shown that women are usually better at conflict resolution, although only if accompanied by a man. The combination of the more diplomatic female officer and the intimidation of a male officer can help quite a bit and reduce use

Where in the US is there gender inequality (I am not against feminism but I don't see any gender inequality)?

Question: Where in the US is there gender inequality (I am not against feminism but I don't see any gender inequality)?Modern day feminists believe that women are still oppressed in society. At the end of my answer you can find a comprehensive list of court cases and laws that prevent the same discrimination that they claim to experience regularly.

Which industries are dominated by one gender or the other?

Women are teachers and nurses.I hesitate to say women dominate education when so many men seem to be administrators.In my experience, women have a strong and growing presence in Human Resources.I am seeing more women in environmental engineering.Women are becoming a stronger force in many industries. In my

Why do anti-abortion activists avoid discussion of the woman's life, if they consider themselves to be 'pro-life', since the woman will be the eventual baby's mother?

Originally: Why do anti-abortion activists avoid discussion of the woman's life, if they consider themselves to be "pro-life", since the woman will be the eventual baby's mother?You have to be lying. There's just no other way to explain this ignorance. Anybody who has spent any time observing

Why do some people hate feminism?

I was sexually assaulted by female once and I was falsely accused for sexual harassment for twice.After it, Feminism gave me hundreds of reasons to hate it. Before coming on any conclusion, I request you to read complete answer.I was feminist; I am no more now.Just

Why is anti-feminism so popular (at least on the Internet) these days? Feminism is still valid, but apparently now a lot of people consider that as an equivalent of 'whining although sexual equality has already been achieved.'

So we have feminists answering this question.  Their responses usually range from "oh they don't understand our movement", "they are afraid of losing privileges", "they are straw-manning the extremists of our group", to "they are all misogynists".  Not one of them questioned their ideology

Are feminists fighting for equality or equity?

The definition of equality that I found was , ‘the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities', as opposed to equity, which simply means, ‘the quality of being fair and impartial.' These two concepts are very very similar, in fact, there

Are there openly anti-feminist politicians?

Plenty!These remarks made by various Indian politicians after rape incidents prove it:Om Prakash Chautala, Indian National Lok Dal leader, former Chief Minister of Haryana:

As a male, what steps can I take to remove gender inequality and male domination?

I myself belong to a baniya family. And I have undergone a few of this. Nothing will happen unless the women themselves want things to change. You as an outsider cannot go and fight with their family members. While it will be very difficult to change the mentality of the elders.... you could tell

As someone who believes in equality, why do you not identify as a feminist?

In high school (secondary school), I was about 14/15 years old when a classmate of mine stopped coming to school. She wasn't my friend so while her absence was noted, it wasn't alarming to me. About 3/4 into the semester, she came

Do feminists find alpha males attractive?

The only Alpha males I find attractive, are the ones who are so naturally and usually are not aware of it.Take for instance, two men, Bill and Ted.Bill is open to people, talkative, and does not seem afraid to open himself up to others.Ted is defensive and tries to be

Do Indian women lack respect for Indian men?

Yes they do disrespect men and I don't even care. But they think they are too much oversmart and trying to dominate us with their fucking feminism .Men and women are equal my FUCKING ASS. In their views only women are equal and we men are treated as shit in

Is it possible to support gender equality but not identify as a feminist? If yes, what are the differences?

I am simply agog at certain feminists here on Quora and certain types of feminist as a whole who feel they get to label me or deny me my own label of "egalitarian".These types of people are frightened, yes, frightened that the world

What are some misconceptions about feminists?

Ahem ahem ahem... where do I even begin? (Verbally and mentally assessing my ability to answer this tough one )I shall just put down things - and may sound a little random - but bear with me.Men and women BOTH not understanding what the actual dictionary meaning of Feminism is all about! And me having to start

What are the most common misconceptions feminists have?

Feminism is the great myth, the great misconception of our time. It can be summed up as follows:  Prior to the Sixties transition (1965-1975) women as a whole were oppressed by men as a whole who were privileged

What do you think about Victoria's Secret?

It may not be the Victoria's Secret you meant, but there's a song by that name that is very special to me...Dancing on the path and singing now you got away.You can reach the goals that you have set from now on , every day.There is no

What is feminism?

After being immensely popular word in the past decade, a whole lot of people are aware of it but hardly few understand the real meaning, importance, relevance and application of it. Yes controversial word here is feminism.Its repetitive use has started to bother many ears, as it somehow does not fit

What is the worst thing that a woman can do to another woman, in Indian context?

Diminishing a woman's accomplishments, success, intelligence, hard work. Reducing her to the equivalent to a maid who can cook, wash clothes and raise good kids. Be a good wife.Do I sound bitter? Why is this so common in India? Why do we

What steps must be taken to improve women's condition in India?

Legislation does help a lot. Yet, it cannot achieve much without social change.So, where do we begin ?At home:All the women, who are mothers, and all the men, who are fathers and willing to bring a positive change in the society,Please treat your children, boys and girls alike.Tell them that

Why do feminists fight for equality but only women's equality not male equality?

This is a common misconception about feminism. The best definition that I ever heard regarding what feminism is was one shared by Professor Bettina Aptheker. I had the pleasure of being a T.A. in Professor Aptheker's Feminism and Social Justice class at UC Santa Cruz and found her to be refreshingly honest and self-reflective. The first assignment

How to convince my husband to leave his job to raise our child

Please consider the facts exposed in this post:How can I convince my wife to leave her job to raise our child?I can't make any specific judments or suggestions regarding the status of your personal relationship but there is are very clear and important

I'm a feminist who is strongly against of men. I'm now pregnant. By the way, I got pregnant only to give birth to a girl. I'm sad, because I learned that my baby is a male. What can I do?

This question appears to be insincere. For the record, hating men is not a feminist belief. I strongly suspect this question was written to stir up hatred against feminists.In case you're sincere, I suggest going to your local women's clinic or finding a therapist to discuss your disappointment in not being pregnant with the

Should I be offended as a woman if my husband calls other women chicks and butterflies?

I think that you need to determine whether he objectifies women by how he treats women, you included.  I've know more than one man who believes to the bottom of his soul that calling a woman a "chick" or a "great broad" is the highest compliment

What religions do LGBT people follow?

LGBT people come from all walks of life, all social groups and all religions.They're also not the Borg, so they aren't all doing the same thing and thinking the same way.What religions they follow? Those who do will likely follow

Why should women not be seen as equals? I myself am a woman, and I am currently writing a paper that why women do deserve to be seen as equals. I just want to get both sides of the logic.

Your fundamental premise is flawed, if I'm reading between the lines of your question correctly.Barring a few radical extremist reactionaries, like the people who, until recently made up ISIS, and other hard-line religious fanatics, pretty much anyone you could possibly name does believe in equality for women. Yes, this does include a supermajority of American,