If the Terminator was sent to defeat the Alien from the original aliens, would it succeed?

Without trouble, the Alien isn't a super being, and despite being a great killer, its not as great of a killer as a terminator. The xenomorph from Alien is the same as in Aliens and we see colonial marines kill numerous

I'm a lover of fiction. Where are the best places to read it?

Hmm, best places to read fiction. Let me posit a few for you.Home. Can't think of anyplace more comfy or more suited to you. The food you like, the drinks you like, and if you need to take a nap no one will

What are some horrible aliens in works of fiction?

In my opinion, Larry Niven's Pak Protectors.Pak Protector - WikipediaThe pak are a third stage in human development if you take children as first stage, adults as second. Faster, stronger, enormously smarter. The huge advantage in intelligence is what makes them so dangerous, that and that they

Is there any science fiction story that explores the legal and diplomatic aspects of alien invasion?

Not specifically about alien invasion, but about politics and diplomacy with alien species:Patty Jansen's Ambassador series.The legal and diplomatic aspects aren't explored in depth, but they are a key feature of the stories. It is as close as to what you're

What is science fiction?

Science fiction is fiction that examines the effects science and technology might have on the human condition and experience.  It often extrapolates a future state of science and technology, to do that.Setting a story in space or on another planet does not necessarily make that story science fiction.  Nor is space a requirement

What are the best selling popular novels?

That is a slippery term, "best selling."  Do you mean best selling right now? Of all time? In a particular language?Anyway, depending upon your opinion of the Christian Bible, it may or may not be a novel -- but that is the best selling book of all time. It is also the most

How does reading fiction help?

When you are reading fiction. You live in a world away from your real. It's a feeling of being in a body of a character in the fiction. You feel like it's happening to you. It's all coming over to you. Reading fiction is not for growing your knowledge... Never read fiction for help. Read it for pleasure.

What is the best explanation in fiction for how alien species can understand human language?

The aliens, being very advanced, have monitored human communications for a long time prior to contact, studied them carefully, and learned human languages from them.

Why is science fiction all about aliens?

Maybe you should expand your horizons. These are not about aliens:Blade RunnerThe MatrixHollow ManPlanet of the ApesWar GamesBack To The FutureThe FlyThe Time MachineTRONAI (despite presence of aliens at the end)GattacaBicentennial ManI RobotMetropolisGhost in the ShellPassengersWall-E

Who is your favourite science fiction author and why?

I've been reading science fiction my entire life, with the first

How to enjoy reading fictional literature

Stay away from your phone and electronic devices ( unless you are reading from one ). Get comfy , have your favourite beverage and start reading. Within few minutes you might either doze off or visit another world through the novel.All the suggestions apart (though I highly recommend it), if you are starting out

What are some sand creatures in works of fiction?

Let's ask the internet, shall we?Look! Answers!http://www.sparknotes.com/mindhu...A Writer's List of Mythical Creatures and Beings!Index of Fictional Creatures - TV TropesList of legendary creatures by type - Wikipedia

What are great examples of love at first sight (fiction or non-fiction)?

In literature, love at first sight often ends badly or can be nothing but a literary trope.Bad endings: Romeo and Juliet; Paolo and Francesca (in Dante); Heloise and Abelard; Werther and Charlotte (in Goethe); Jason and Medea; Phedra and Hippolytus.Transformed into a literary trope, but possibly grounded in reality: Dante and Beatrice; Petrarch and Laura.

What are some of the most famous science fiction movies?

Here are the highest grossing (inflation-adjusted) science fiction films (superhero films excluded):Star WarsE.T.:The ExtraterrestrialThe Empire Strikes BackAvatarJurassic ParkThe Phantom MenaceJurassic WorldRevenge of the SithBack to the FutureClose Encounters of the Third KindMen In BlackTransformers: Revenge of the FallenThe Hunger

What are the top science fiction movies ever?

I am gonna give you a brief of all the good Sci-fi movies that I have watched.InterstellarI keep this one at the top of my list. It's a great movie to watch if you are interested in things like black holes or time travel because everything in this movie is related to these core concepts.Fun fact:

Why are humans almost always portrayed as good in science fiction?

It's easier to sympathize with someone that looks like you. Hence, movies such as what you're describing take the easy way out by making the humans look better in comparison with the aliens. This way the audience has someone to connect with. But not all science

What work of fiction has the most interesting and creative alien races?

I personally am rather fond of the aliens in Stephanie Meyer's The Host.Not only is there the main alien race of centipede like parasites, (Souls) there are 6 other races that these parasites have taken over. The Souls insert themselves

What are the best science fiction novels?

"Foundation" by Isaac Asimov"The first Foundation trilogy (...) won a Hugo Award in 1965 for 'Best All-Time Series.' It's science fiction on the grand scale; one of the classics of the field,"wrote Brooks Peck."Dune" by Frank Herbert"Herbert created what was, in 1965, the

What are the best little-known science fiction books?

One of my favorites is Space Relations, by Donald Barr. The jacket of the paperback copy I found in a used bookstore many years ago (Fawcett Press, 1975) describes it as a

What are the best fiction or historical books on revolutions?

America's First Daughter: A Novel by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie: In a compelling, richly researched novel that draws from thousands of letters and original sources, bestselling authors Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie tell the fascinating, untold story of Thomas Jefferson's eldest daughter, Martha

What are some ancient aliens in the works of fiction?

I don't recall reading any fiction whatever that featured the scenarios of the current

Are aliens fictional?

Nearly all stories of UFO abductions and visitations have been shown to be hoaxes, delusions, or mistaken natural phenomenon. The rest are most likely false too.These questions usually are talking about whether we can

What are some horrible aliens in works of fiction?

The ones from H.P. Lovecraft stories. There is Cthulu and this invisible shadow monster that lives in antarctica with a million eyes. And this one in australia made up of just dark. Just darkness. You can't see it but its the worst thing you could

What are some bone demons in works of fiction?

check this bookDemon Bone (The Demons of Oxford) Paperback – September 11, 2018Ancient demons at Heylel College are taking tuition in payments of blood. When eighteen-year-old orphan Kennedy Smith wins a scholarship to Heylel College, Oxford, she's too excited to be

What is your favorite non-fiction song?

Bulat Okudjava, The Prayer Of François Villon - in the original Russian, but here's an English version.

What is your favorite fantasy animal?

Instant solution for those of you who don't want to have trouble searching on GoogleAnimals Real and Imagined: Fantasy of What Is and What Might Be

Which are the best 'latest' science fiction movies?

Well that depends on your definition of "latest."  I can say that the 2 best science fiction films I saw last year were The Martian and Ex Machina.  I was definitely more impressed by the former than the latter, but I don't think you can really go to far wrong with either.

What fiction books should I read?

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne CollinsThe Mediator series by Meg CabotHow to fall in love by Cecelia AhernConfessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie KinsellaThe Selection Series by Kiera CassWindswept by Gwen Cole on the ebook site Wattpadalso The Cell phone swap by Lindsey Summers also

What fiction realistically portrays future war?

Realistic in what respect?If you mean realistic in the sense that "yes, this is how warfare will develop in the future," your question is unanswerable.If you mean realistic in the sense that the author is good enough to make you believe that this is how warfare could develop

Why is magic dismissed as impossible by science?

I'd say a true scientist would be unlikely to say something is

What science fiction books have realistic technology?

There are a few out there- it's possible to have futuristic technology that doesn't (yet) exist in the real world, but is still realistic in the sense that the author attempts to realistically envision how technology in the future may

What are the best historical fiction books you have ever read?

According to my personal opinion, from the range of historical fictions I have read, I would recommend

I'm used to reading non-fiction. What are some must read fiction books?

If you like mainly non-fiction, you might try reading some of the late author Michael Crichton's novels. I do not consider these must reads, but they are extremely entertaining, well-researched and contain tons of facts (which might make the transition to reading fiction easier for you).His books tend to

Why is humanity viewed as special in works of fiction?

I would turn this question around to make the answer easier:Why every other species (either alien or fantasy) is NOT special in works of fiction?In most cases, every non-human race is characterized by a set of traits that every member of this race possesses to a

Why would aliens in work of fictions become rogue?

Characters in fictional works ‘become' what they become because the author writes them that way. There are at least as many reasons an author can write for a character

What are some exotic and beautiful aliens in works of fiction?

Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence universe has, as a backdrop, a war between the Xeelee, a Type IV race that is nearly as old as the universe, and the

Are science fiction books worth reading?

You can find a variety of Sci-Fi books. Humorous ones, Sci-Fi thrillers, Sci-Fi with some kind of social commentary and so on.I highly recommend you to start with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Its one of the funniest books you'll ever find. The book itself is a parody on the genre of Science Fiction and

Which fictional alien species would you want to be a member of and why?

Klingon or Andorian.Most of the Klingons are honorable. On Earth, right now there is Klingon language and people who actually spoke Klingon! How cool is that? :)IMO the Andorians are the perfect combination of strength, scientific knowledge and... fun.

What is the ugliest fictional alien?

What is the ugliest fictional alien?Like most value judgments, that would depend on each person's definition of ugliness.That point was neatly side-stepped in the Star Trek Original Series episode

What are some four armed creatures in work of fiction?

Lois McMaster Bujold includes such a race of genetically compatible humanoids in her Vorkosigan series. They are lovingly (or not so lovingly) dubbed