Self-Improvement: Does reading more, even fiction, make you smarter?

We won't be able to agree in a definition for smart. Some say it is your mental alertness and resourcefulness, others will argue it is defined by how quickly and easily you learn. Maybe it is all those things, since they seem to be invariably connected.No matter what,

Which 5 people can defeat Superman and how?

Superman has been defeated by quite a few people with kryptonite like the Batman and Doomsday with only brute force. So is there anyone who could defeat him without kryptonite? Yes. I am going to consider Superman Prime one million of the future in this case who is immune to kryptonite and is

Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk?

A straight-up, no holds barred fight? Superman. In a fight that actually allows the Hulk to compete? Superman. While this question will be asked until the side gets what they want:

What are the best life-changing must read fiction books?

Thanks for the A2A! Each book affects each person differently so what rocked my world might not have the same effect on you. So buyer beware. 1) To Kill a MockingBird - This is probably going to be on a lot of people's lists

Can reading fiction improve critical thinking skills or make a person smarter?

Yes, reading fiction can really change your perspectives and teach you critical thinking, making you smarter.Remember that books are written by people, and people have their own world views. Writers are attempting to tell a story which is set in their world view. When you read a story, you are getting into this world

Does reading books make me smarter even if I only read fiction?

(Warning spoilers)The answer is, of course. But the real struggle lies in the how.Let's take To Kill a Mockingbird as an example. I started reading the book after a friend said that he thought Atticus Finch was the perfect blend of human characteristics: tough and skilled, yet

How does reading fiction make people smarter or more intelligent?

If you mean "intelligent" as in pure IQ, then good, serious fiction can help you by presenting tough riddles in story format. For example, The Name Of The Rose by Umberto Eco describes a labyrinth which is quite interesting. See

Which would make you smarter: reading textbooks or reading fiction books?

By smarter, do you mean more knowledgeable?Or more able to think?Those two things are different.I would say that, by and large, textbooks would make you more knowledgeable.Though there are many fictional novels written with a grounding in history, math, science, etc. There are

Have you ever seen a character who is more evil than Ramsay Bolton?

I have, and i'm certain most villians are better than ramsay bolton in many ways. I've you've ever seen breaking bad you would remeber Gus Fring. One of the best villians in tv history. Subtle, strong, smart, business oriented and cunning, way more cunning than ramsay.Ramsay is is phstchotic and challenged. He loves blood and

Who are some asexual characters in fiction (including ambiguously asexual characters, or characters that don't clearly identify as asexual)?

One particular "bachelor girl" (as her author termed her) stands out, but the Asexual Visibilty and Education Network mentions a number of characters who are often perceived as particularly sexless, including...Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by J.R.R. TolkienDr. Susan Calvin in I, Robot by Isaac AsimovLily White in Lily White