Why aren't there as many black men with white women on TV as there are white men with black women?

I'm not black, but I've observed (and fought against) the similar behavior in some of the Chinese men. The sentiment is that it's OK for Chinese men to marry foreign (white, Japanese, Vietnam....) girls, but it is NOT OK for

How difficult is it for an actor or actress in a long running series or sitcom to be successful after the show ends? It seems like career success post-series is the exception not the rule. Why is that?

There are several interrelated reasons for this.There used to be a strict division between TV actors and feature film actors. With the explosion of the cable networks who are now producing their own original series, this has changed completely. For many feature film actors, TV now offers enormous opportunities to appear in high quality productions.

What films or TV shows do you put on to fall asleep to that other people would think as being weird?

This might sound funny to many people, but I would put on a DVD of ‘Heroes' (2006–2010). I had trouble staying awake during that show, for some reason. I didn't find it boring, but I usually fell asleep during it. That could have been due to it having a late time slot in Australia.I never had

Do actors smoke real cigarettes on TV shows and movies?

Sometimes; it's even written into the California state smoking law that it's permitted in closed quarters as long as it's part of ‘necessary theatrical production.' This, from the state that rolled out the first-ever comprehensive ban on indoor smoking in the first place. A lot of actors smoke in general because

How do movies and TV influence children's behaviour?

To significant extent I can say. This is mostly about observing the things and our enthusiasm to experience the newness. And for kids the word newness is broader in scope. This is our experiences with things, with life that tells us what's right and what's

Is Mr. Robot a Fight Club ripoff? Is it loosely based on the same concept as Fight Club? Should we think less of it because of the parallels to Fight Club (and other movies like The Matrix and A Beautiful mind)?

The other answers here are missing the point.It's not an either-or deal. And if you're a fan of Mr. Robot, there shouldn't be a gravitational aversion to acknowledging that the ultra-derivative nature of it detracts from it as a show with pantheon potential, so to speak. Is the show brilliant? Definitely. Is it off-the-charts watchable? Yup. Great

Psychology: My favorite movies/TV series characters are psychopaths/sociopaths like Dexter, Hannibal Lecter, Elliot (Mr. Robot).Is there anything wrong with me?

No, nothing is wrong with you unless you try to emulate their actions in real life.These shows are designed and written in such a way that they target the most primal desires and intentions of human beings, some of them overly dramatized.

What are some of the most common things you always see happening in real life, actually never shown in movies or TV shows?

1. The villain doesn't give a huge speech before killing the hero in real life. He, mostly, just kills.2. Everyone isn't beautiful in real life. 3. Money. It's almost as if money doesn't exist in most movies. Most action/spy film heroes don't even carry a wallet. Do people pay Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense

What are the movies or TV shows similar to MR.Robot?

1.Scorpion (TV Series 2014– )is the best TV series for you.because it is based on true incidents of WALTER O'BRAIN, who has IQ of 197. He was brought to USA by US government on special visa (The specialty is after ALBERT EINSTEIN , Walter was

What do movies and shows often get wrong about hacking?

Just about everything - with the possible exception of Mr. Robot, which is actually somewhat accurate.Here are my top observations

Who are some asexual characters in fiction (including ambiguously asexual characters, or characters that don't clearly identify as asexual)?

One particular "bachelor girl" (as her author termed her) stands out, but the Asexual Visibilty and Education Network mentions a number of characters who are often perceived as particularly sexless, including...Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by J.R.R. TolkienDr. Susan Calvin in I, Robot by Isaac AsimovLily White in Lily White

Who is Don Draper's character based on?

According to everything I've read about "Mad Men," Don Draper isn't based on any particular person.According to Matt Weiner, the pilot script was inspired in part by the 1970 memoir From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl

Why are TV shows/movies so different from real life?

Because they begin and end. All stories can only be told by starting to tell them, and then stopping. But in real life, nothing begins and ends. So stories are inherently artificial by deciding what to leave out and what to leave