Are financial problems never-ending?

The financial problem never ends in the life of human he might be the richest person. There is a very short story a person was going to his workplace by walking. He thought that is there is a one bicycle

As someone who paid off all your student debts or never had any to begin with, what would your indignation cause you to do if those Democrats steal your tax money to bailout those who haven't paid off their student debts yet?

Here's the thing everyone is missing about student loan debt forgiveness. The US Tax code says that forgiven debts taxable. This is not something that the Democrats can likely change... it's a HUGE amount of money and I don't see how they could get the legislation passed.So, you're

Do countries have debt the same way I have credit card debt?

Yes - and no.For a start, because they are seen as a good risk, their debt it much, much cheaper. Sometimes, this can make the interest lower than inflation, meaning they are effectively earning money by taking on debt. Investors buy these bonds because they are seen as safer

Does the Dave Ramsey debt snowball method work for the average person?

I'm not sure that it's Dave Ramsey's idea, and snowballing is a hard habit to get started, but yes, it will also work for an

Getting into debt is caused by bad behavior and so getting out of debt cannot be accomplished until the behavior changes. Why or why not is this true?

Well...for starters you made a bold statement vs. asking a question! It's true that a lot of debt is caused by bad behaviour but in doing my job over 20 years I can attest that everyone's circumstances are quite different. Student debt is a cycle caused by our flawed

How to be free of a financial problem

Hey,A great way to start this off with, is a plan. Create a plan to sell items, pick up a new job and budget.In general, an extreme thing that can be done is selling items. Whenever people are low on money they may have a yard/ garage sale that sale many items, like clothes, furniture, DVDs and miscellaneous items.

How to get money

Three simple steps to easily make 105.000$ a year:Step 1 : Go to Uber and signup as a driver. After your account got approved, start driving. The average UBER driver makes 50.000$ a year.But wait, we want even

How to pay off my debts fast

This is how you do it.Start shopping around looking at banks in your country and outside.You may find your rates are higher than other banks in country you are living in AND you find the rates are even lower outside your country.When I found this out, I flew to the

How to pay outstanding debt

I remember of a recent incident, where a young man of about 30 years, who came to me for a consultation. He wanted to check with me different modes of borrowing money at a lower interest rate to pay off his high cost

How to solve my financial problems

Hi there,Solving your financial problems is possible, do the following steps and make your Life emptier, less stressful, and more free + happier:STEP:Use a sheet of paper (paper or in your PC), but paper is best. 1 for EVERY MONTH, so write the

How to ask my husband to support me financially while I am unemployed

As a wife and a freelancer, I have often found myself in situations of little to no work at all. In these times it's quite hard to ask my husband for financial support, however, I've found that in my own

How should a young person invest money?

Investing is not just about the numbers or calculations but about behaviour too.Let me share with you some some basics about money and investing. I feel these are what truly determine investment success.  #1: Never let your money be idleWhat if I say that I

I am starting medical school next year. How do I plan for finances and student loan debt reduction?

From someone who had no student debt before graduating medical school through intricate planning and imaginative ideas that are replicable:Ignore military

Is finance a noble profession?

[Notable: worthy of attention or notice; remarkable.]Who do you remember more, the founder or the funder of their work?FaradayNewton Einstein Jobs Gates Brunel Pasteur FlemmingHarrisonBerners-LeeThe management of assets & liabilities has helped facilitate the great engineering, scientific and technological discoveries of our time. However,

Is individual credit card debt essential to a healthy economy?

Before we had credit cards, we had dealer financing. If you wanted to buy a washing machine, the dealer would offer a payment plan. This really brought modern conveniences to more people faster. I think such financing really improved the overall quality of life.Credit

My husband is an addict and I no longer can keep putting my children and myself through this constant roller coaster of ups and downs but I don't have a job. How can I leave my husband and give my children a life they deserve?

Prepare to leave him. This means finding out everything you can about any assets, including retirement assets, that he owns, whether your name is on that asset or not. if you can copy statements from banks, etc., even better. Put those copies in a safe place, possibly with

Should I just not pay my credit card debts?

I am not going to go all moral on you, that's just senseless. Giving away loans is calculated business risk, and sometimes the lenders miscalculate. It's obvious that the credit card companies truly made a bad decision when they let you borrow from them. So, when you stop paying them,

What are financial derivatives?

Derivative is a security which derives it's value from another security. Example - ABC Stock Future, this consists of ABC underline stock one can either go short or long based on their particular belief. Suppose you go long on the ABC stock future when it was trading

What are good websites & blogs for personal finance in India?

Internet is crowded with personal finance blogs. I divide finance literacy in three categories. News/Updates1. Money Control2. Rediff Money3. Yahoo FinancePersonal Finance Blogs1. Jagoinvestor2. Subramoney 3. The Financial Literates 4.

What are some financial tips for middle class people?

Middle Class- the most hard working yet the most drained financial class of any nation. Middle class mostly consists of salaried people who bear the maximum burden of the taxation system. There are small business houses too which are generally unorganized and evade tax to a certain extent.Being a part of the Indian middle class system there

What are some good resources for getting out of debt?

Debt reduction begins with the first step of spending reduction. If you are unwilling to implement spending reduction stop reading this, save yourself the time.  The mall is more enchanting and those shoes are still on sale. It is virtually impossible to reduce debt

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about economics?

How prices are set - prices are generally set at by determining the profit maximizing price, many people believe that prices are generally set on a cost plus basis.  This misconception is behind the belief that businesses will simply 'pass the cost on to consumers'.  In

What can I do to get out of debt and stay out of debt for good?

Take all credit cards and put them in a bag of water and put them in the freezer, or better yet, shred them. The point is to not use them. If you buy something on sale at 10% off and use a credit card that charges 15% you didn't save

What is the best exercise for every age?

Hello ,First of all you can Exercise at any age. Recently on TV , in Marathi new channel I had seen 100 years old person doing yoga with limited amount of food.Age is different factor , I had seen videos of Yoga and heavy Intensity exercise. Many people feel good after joining

What is the best financial move to be able to retire at age 55?

It depends on what is your current age. Now let us take an example. Say i want to retire at 55. I am today at 35 years of age. So i have 20 years to work and save to create a

What is the best solution For Marital And Financial Problems?

For financial problems I did these :save six months of your monthly salary in a fixed deposit or some form of savings which you can have accesss to!List down your assets and liabilities. Going forward decrease your liabilities.Pay off that damn credit card bills and if possible don't use that card !Buy anything only if you

What is the easiest way to make an extra $1000 a year?

There are various opportunities online. Due to technological advancement, many people opt to stay at home and find something that could generate income.Here are some online jobs that you can try:Virtual AssistantContent WriterSocial Media SpecialistWeb DeveloperOnline TutorVideo EditorBusiness AdminGraphic ArtistBloggingData Entry JobsFreelancingThere are many online sites as well by which you can find these jobs. But before

What is the most valuable asset available?

Without sounding flippant, it depends on your risk tolerance. Real estate is, at best, a hedge against inflation. Cash is a singularly poor investment as it loses purchasing power. The right piece of equipment which can generate $100,000 of throughput per hour and has 25% additional capacity with no marginal cost would be a dream asset.In business,

What problems do junior financial analysts face in the financial industry?

Personally,  one of the biggest issues I see for juniors in the industry is that we have too many managers in a variety of layers within this sector. Lower managers, upper managers, team leads, AVP, VP, you name it. Senior personnel who sits on their ass and don't have to move anymore - and just

What will my body look like if I focus on only the Big Four exercises (Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Military press) and avoid any accessory work?

There are people with the right genes that look right only with the big four.Most normal people look too buffed.I mean, is not a bad look. And for sure you'll be vascular, toned... but I think it will lack in

Which countries use the US dollar as their national currency?

The US dollar is the official currency of the following countries:EcuadorEl SalvadorMarshall IslandsMicronesiaPalauPanamaTimor-LesteThe United States (obviously)It is also used several non-US territories, such as the British Virgin Isles, Caribbean Netherlands, and Turks & Caicos Islands.

Which countries will have the highest standard of living in 30 years?

Which countries have the highest standard of living? Standard of living refers to the rank of getting pleasure for everyday life in luxury and extravagance by an individual or a society. There are certain factors to consider supporting the rankings to find out the answer. Highest standard of living can be measured thru the country's level

Why do super-rich people want to get richer?

Money is not an end in and of itself, it is a means to an end. A tool if you will.When people don't understand about the dynamics of money and wealth, they want more money so that they can buy more stuff or travel more

Why does a financial crisis happen?

There were many causes, but none of them individually was enough to cause a crisis of the magnitude we got.The initial blame was put on subprime mortgages, but this was always silly. There weren't enough of them to matter that much, and losing an average of 20% on

Why when I paid off all my debt my credit score dropped 40 points - how can I get it to go back up?

Assuming you did not close every every account, as long as you charge something and pay off every month, you won't accumulate debt but you will maintain the accounts and continue to build credit.This is what I do and I checked my credit score yesterday and it is 883. I've been doing this for about 5 years so

At what age did you learn about the stock market versus what age were you when you actually started investing?

I learned about it as a senior in high school in 1963 in Mama Nathe's social class. I made a dummy investment in

Does depreciation on equipment begin when it's purchased or when it's installed?

I have set up the financials for a number of production lines, and have worked closely with various accounting teams to make sure the depreciation is started on assets at the proper time.Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (otherwise known as GAAP)

If I purchase a 50% interest in a single member LLC (dis regarded entity), will I have a basis in the assets equal to the purchase price minus book value? Am I eligible to depreciate this basis in the assets?

Pursuant to an adjustment under Section 743, resulting from an election under Section 754 ( of Subchapter K), an incoming partner is allowed to step up his cost basis in the partnership assets equal to the purchase price of the partnership interest. This election ( question #12 on Form 1065) allows the purchasing partner to avoid

Is opening a rock climbing gym a good investment?

I worked at a climbing gym for 5 years or so. It was big for the time (hell it still is) and when it first opened the closest gym was maybe 45mins drive away and significantly smaller. Granted I was very happy to get a discount on gear I was buying I

What are some bad financial habits it's best to lose by the age of 30?

It's difficult to develop an emotionally balanced, subconscious understanding of the value of money if you've grown up in the middle class (or above) in a wealthy country like the US.I think the best way to take financial reality into your soul is to visit the world's truly poor people and spend time getting to

What are some good investment strategies that are unconventional?

Unconventional isn't as good as tried and tested, buy and hold investing. Depends if you mean investing for personal finance or investing in your business life. Anyway here are some ideas;Buying domain namesLoaning your money outUnconventional business strategies. For example, rather than doing

What are some important things about finance everyone should know, regardless of their profession?

from Franklin Parker's answer to What are the ten most important things about personal finance that someone without a finance background must know?1. The Nature of "Risk."Risk is a bad word to most laymen. We are encouraged from an

What are some of the advantages of depreciation?

Depreciation has a lot more negative sides, but sticking to your question:Tax deduction: depreciation is seen as a cost in accounting, so even knowing that there isn't a out flowing of cash, it counts as a cost. That is why a lot of companies accelerate the process of depreciation: because it lowers your taxes.Asset Valuation:

What are the best investments to make at the age of 15?

The very best overall invest is education. Make sure you are doing your best in school, avoid all the noise and drama that is common at that age, because I can tell you that it makes zero difference later in life when things actually matter.Money wise, if you want to put it somewhere and leave it for

What does depreciation mean?

Depreciation is the loss in inherent value of an asset, object or commodity over time.For example, a brand-new $25,000 car just driven off the lot with you as the new owner, immediately becomes a used car worth about $18,000.In business accounting, it is a progressive

What is accumulated depreciation?

Accumulated depreciation is the total depreciation for a fixed asset that has been charged to expense since that asset was put to use. it appears on the balance sheet as a reduction from the gross amount of fixed assets reported.The amount of

What is appreciation and depreciation of currency?

In layman language, it means the value of one currency against another currency has reduced. Many factors can be attributed to the movement of a currency vis-a-vis another (not limited to economic data, future prospects for the economy, natural disasters, etc.).To give a clear idea, please consider the

What is depreciation and provision for depreciation?

Depreciation refers the concept that things lose their value over time. If, for example, you buy a car and hold it for 5 years, it will not be worth nearly as much as it was when you bought it. Depreciation

What is provision for depreciation?

Well to start with, I am sure you are aware that the every business unit or undertaking has to present its assets and liabilities, along with the income and expenses gained/incurred during the accounting period, which could be monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual or as the case may be;Pl refer to the article to understand the

What is the best amount to put away monthly on a tight budget?

There are various options on where you want to invest money. It depends on your risk propensity as to where you should invest. The options include Equity, Banks,Mutual funds, Insurance, Real estate,Bonds,business ventures etc. Of these one of the most convenient and liquid option is Equity.You need to

What is the best strategy for reinvesting to grow an investment balance, assuming there is a fee for every reinvestment?

Dylan, Thanks for the question.Best is a very subjective word. I can tell you what I like and what I have seen work. Find yourself a DRIP program. Dividend Reinvestment Program. By a share of stock... or ten shares or 100 shares.... have the dividends reinvest. There is very little to no cost to have the dividends reinvested.

What is the best way to double the invested money every day?

Well, if you get one of such ways then tell me too. I have said before that getting insane returns in short periods of days, months do exist but they are always risky.Personally, I admire investing long term. Hence, I can't say much over it.What you are asking is a magic wand and I

What is the best way to earn money from an investment every month?

Hi I hope you meant that you need returns in monthly form from your investment or maybe you meant that you want to invest on monthly basis anyways will try to answer both.If you need return in monthly form by investing a lump sum amount you can

What is the best way to invest money at the age of 22?

Best thing is to start and allow compounding to work for you! A simple graph below will show you why its important to start early:3 people, Early - About Time - LateEarly - Starts saving Rs. 500 per month in a Fixed Deposit

What is the difference between impairment and depreciation?

These two words are like but have different meanings.IMPAIRMENT- The carrying amount exceeds the recoverable amount, an impairmentexpense amounting to the difference is recognized in the period. If the carrying amount is less than the recoverable amount no impairment is recognized.Recoverable Amount is the value of the benefits we can

What's the nicest accidental compliment you ever received?

Heard two girls discreetly talking about how good my butt looked while they were walking down the sidewalk behind me. I guess they figured I couldn't hear what they were saying, but after 30 seconds of them going on about it, I thought it would be funny

Which industry has the smartest people?

How you define "Smart"  may effect the answer.So I will answer it this way.  I went to a high school that was located closest to the factory where Martin Marietta engineered and built rockets for NASA and Ballistic missiles for the air force.  Not to mention the local tech sector and high number of

Why do commodity markets exist?

Commodity market is a place where trading in commodities takes place. It  is similar to an equity market, but instead of buying or selling shares  one buys or sells commodities.  The commodities markets are one of the oldest prevailing markets in the  human history. In fact, derivatives trading started off in commodities  with the earliest records being traced back

Why is depreciation an expense?

One objective of the income statement is to measure a company's success in selling a good or service. To do that the income statement matches revenue with expenses, which is known as accrual accounting.Consider the image below, which shows the purchase

Why the financial year starts from April and ends in March?

Inheritance from British Rule:India was ruled by British for around 150 years, who followed the accounting period of April to March after the adoption of Gregorian calendar system of accounting.The East India Company which first came to rule India is observed

Are there any other financial technology incubators like FinTech Innovation Lab?

Apart from Fintech Innovations Labs: headquartered in NYC, subdivisions in London and Hong Kong, you can try to check those ones:Barclays Accelerator: NYC, London, Tel Aviv, Cape TownSeedcamp: headquartered in London with regular programs and camps in US and major European

Can anyone Trade in Forex?

Yes Absolutely. Anyone can trade in forex.Even though the process of forex trading is not very difficult, it has caused huge losses to many inexperienced traders over the years. Following a reliable forex signal providers and stay aligned with market trends. To become a successful forex trader, one has to follow a simple set of rules:

Can I turn 1000 into 1million?

You can turn $1000 to $1m in Two ways:Easy Long Way: invest in ETFs and REITs funds that gives you 10% to %20 annual returns. Year after year your investment is growing in value.But keep in mind you need to forget about it, and the more you invest the more value you will get

Can you bust some common myths or misconceptions surrounding the stock market?

These are 4 Common Indian Stock Market Myths you should definitely know about.Myth #1 -There is absolutely no doubt that Warren Buffet is one of the best investors the world has ever seen but there is a common myth that he buys

Does personal finance blogs really helpful in money management?

I run a successful , very famous personal finance blog . I write simple articles and which really helps a investor. But I would say 90% NO as the answer to this question and 10% as YESIt feels very

How to learn Oracle financials with real time experience

Best institute is one who can provide you real time practical based one-to-one training not only theory.Karnthi Solution is 100% practical based training institute run by oracle certified professionals. Instead of learning oracle on dummy project learn how professionals work in real time and what kind of problem they get while working on

How to turn $100 into $1000

On of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is by launching an affiliate marketing business (or adding affiliate marketing to your existing business).Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online, even if you don't have blog, website, or any products of your own. Following a few simple steps can get you up

How common are Indians on Wall Street?

I assume you are asking about people from India, rather than Native Americans. Obviously it depends on whether you count only Indian citizens or US immigrants or children or grandchildren of immigrants, also whether Wall Street means only New York area financial institutions or all global financial institutions.In general I

How corrupt is Wall Street?

Like me, you probably remember the usually urbane Jon Stewart almost LOSING it, in his epic encounter with Jim Cramer on The Daily Show. The reason? The fact that Jim and his type treat high finance as a GAME.But that is how it is. World leaders, politicians, major bureaucrats, corporate movers and shakers,

How do Wall Street bonuses work?

How it WorksBonus flows down from top to bottom like a waterfall. It's a top-down process, not a bottom-up process (largely)Your individual bonus is determined by the following factors (in decreasing order of importance):1a) How the industry is doing as a whole1b) How your firm is doing as a whole even if your firm

How is the accumulation of wealth among a few people actually a good thing for the world?

When has the number of dollars in someone else's pocket ever prevented wealth from occurring in someone else's pocket? If you were a gambler and someone said Jeff bezos or Sears and roebuck who would you have bet on? IBM or Microsoft? Google or yahoo? Facebook or my space? Ford or

How much should an average partner at a medium size venture capital firm expect to make in a given year?

On a net basis, maybe close to zero after taxes.At least, until many years down the road, if and when your investments make a huge amount of money.  And only if they do.The reason is in a medium size venture firm -- assuming you are a partner in just one fund

How should a 21 year old student start investing?

This answer is not a how to (there are few good, permanent how-to's in investments, if any, because markets change and evolve very business hour of every business day), but it's about the root starting point to making investments and

How should a young person invest money?

Investing is not just about the numbers or calculations but about behaviour too.Let me share with you some some basics about money and investing. I feel these are what truly determine investment success.  #1: Never let your money be idleWhat if I say that

How would you minimize the payoff required to settle a debt after receiving a letter from an out of state law firm that specialized in debt collection?

You need to ascertain their willingness to settle.Speak to the representative in generalities, without suggesting or agreeing to any numbers. If they threaten, just acknowledge without arguing back.You:

Is Jane Street considered more prestigious than D. E. Shaw?

Of course prestige is in the eye of the beholder, but today I'd say basically yes.D. E. Shaw's glory shone in the 1990s when it helped pioneer many classic quant trading strategies. Not only were returns exceptional, but it hired top people, many of whom (Jeff Bezos, John Overdeck and David

Press/Journalists: Who are the most influential fintech or financial technology focused journalists?

I don't know! But I have really quite liked working with Joshua Franklin at Reuters, Sven Millischer at Handelszeitung (Switzerland) and Jeffrey Voegeli at Bloomberg who really understood what they were talking about (and listening to) when we met. Its nice when a real journalist already knows the field and is immediately on the topic

Should I invest my money?

Sure, good investment is best friend for our rainy days, so everyone need to invest for their retirement, below is the some of the evergreen investment options which provide you assured returns.Mutual FundInvesting in mutual fund gives you the added advantage of investing in diverse industries to minimize market

What are biggest misconceptions about finance?

Especially in the context of the last recession, there's still the misconception in some arenas of the far left that finance is all about making money (thanks Wolf of Wall Street) and hedonism, and that bankers are devil spawn.When you leave

What are some best financial saving hacks?

Divide your monthly earning into three Bank accounts and tag them as Income, Spend-it and Invest-it account.The names are self-explanatory and putting a label on money prevents you from using it to any other purpose. this is called behavioral economics.Always create an Emergency fund for unplanned expenses. The thumb rule is that the size of

What are some financial hacks?

First of all finance like our life is pretty simple. It has been made complex by people around us, who may or may not want our well being. Some of the best financial advice you can recieve is going to be so

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do at your job?

Chef here.Whenever I see depictions of chefs in movies and TV they are generally shown with perfectly white coats moving far too slowly. Kitchen work is extremely stressful and you work at a breakneck pace. It's hot, sweaty, brutal, dirty, and dangerous work.The other misconception about

What are some of the mind blowing facts about stock markets?

Mohammed Anwar Ahmed, 60, resides in the sleepy town of Amalner in district Jalgaon, Maharashtra. His father owned a large farmland in the 1970's. The father's untimely death in 1980 left the four sons to lead different paths in their lives. They sold the land and divided the proceeds of Rs.80,000 equally among themselves.

What are some secret investment hacks?

Wouldn't you want to know the best investing secret from some of the smartest financial experts in the world? Well you're in luck!Over 20 investing experts were asked to share their best investing

What are the best blogs on activist investing?

Activist investors often fundamentally espouse the same investing principles as traditional value investors. The best sources for information therefore continue to be the traditional business press: the WSJ, the FT and Bloomberg. Independent blogs have a long way to go before catching up, but posts on Seeking Alpha can

What are the best finance blogs?

So the finance blogs I follow and find helpful are listed below :Musings on Markets - This is Prof. Ashwath Damodaran's blog, he writes about Markets and Equity Valuation. Stock Market News & Financial Analysis - This site follows stock analysis

What are the best FinTech directories?

Our company specialises in mapping the global fintech market. As one of the rising London fintech stars ourselves, our reports are used by VCs and press within the fintech community.This is our FREE guide of the 500 European fintechs to know, which provides a breakdown

What are the best investment blogs/websites?

****Can someone pls recommend a pure growth stock site?Macro - Bridgewater. - Vanguard. http://Vanguard.comData -Morningstar. http://www.morningstar.comNews - The Wall Street Journal.

What are the best personal finance blogs in India?

One of my favorite finance blogs is Money Matters by Rajesh Sharma. It is a very informative financial blog by a group of financial enthusiasts who want to help people with all the matters related to money.The blog's purpose is to provide authentic and quality

What are the biggest misconceptions about investing in the stock market?

I will list down some of the misconceptions and the actual reality for you below:Misconception #1: Let's take a gamble on the stock marketIf you are looking to gamble, try your luck hitting the slot machines at your local casino. The stock market is not the place to gamble unless you want to lose your retirement fund.RealityIf

What are the biggest misconceptions about the stock market, what caused them and why are they false?

The biggest misconception about the stock market is that investing in stocks is the same as gambling.Unlike putting money in slot machines, people who put money in the stock market tend to make money over time.No investable asset class outperforms stocks over time.People do not refer to home ownership as a gamble, but

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about economics?

How prices are set - prices are generally set at by determining the profit maximizing price, many people believe that prices are generally set on a cost plus basis.  This misconception is behind the belief that businesses will simply 'pass the cost on to

What are the most common bad financial investments people make?

New cars: a car loses 50% of its value in the first 10% of its life. Buy a car at 10% of the way through its life and you can expect to save around $100,000 over 30 years. The sweet spot seems to be around 5,000 miles before the factory warranty runs

What are ways to make $100,000 a year or more strictly doing things online?

Who else wants to learn how to earn $100,000 from home...but WITHOUT having to work harder than you'd like? Does the idea of having more free time to pursue your passions appeal to you? Or maybe you are sick and tired

What exactly happens at Wall Street?

In its most literal sense, Wall Street is a street on the southern tip of Manhattan, New York City. It is one of the oldest streets in the city, having derived its name from the fact that there once was

What features does banking software have?

There are many point have to consider for developing a banking software. It's not in easy to explain in few words. The Banking industries is growing and developing the are of financial services. To mange the completed business process we need to safe and secure banking system

What has kept Africa from catching up with the world?

Africa is not a state, is a continent with many nations in various state of development. Some of them are catching up , other are ahead of other continents.For example I read that Morocco will introduce a fast train that is only

What is a undervalued stock I should invest in?

INITIATING COVERAGE - Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited.CMP- Rs25| Target Price- Rs35 | Horizon- 12 MonthsHimachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL) is a diverse telecom infrastructure enabler and delivers innovative, customized and competitively priced end-to-end telecom solutions. It specializes in manufacture of Telecommunication Equipments, Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) and Intelligent Power Systems. HFCL provides single

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of mapping out objectives, procedures, and money to create a rock solid base for your future financial status. A financial plan is a well-researched programme that ensures optimum wealth management.Need of Personal Financial PlanningEach of us has aspirations, a car, a house, a grand marriage, retirement, etc. Each of these life goals

What is Oracle Cloud Financial?

Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete financial management solution that includes the following products: Assets. Advanced Collections. Cash Management.Oracle Financials Cloud Service is a complete financial management solution that includes the following products:AssetsAdvanced CollectionsCash ManagementExpensesFinancial Reporting CenterGeneral LedgerPayablesPaymentsReceivablesSubledger AccountingTax