A flat belly is my dream. Can I get my belly flat within ten days?

1. Avoid saltTo minimize water retention, lower your sodium intake. This means you need to avoid salt. You can flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead.2. Drink waterHave adequate water to flush away those toxins. This will give you dual benefits of a glowing skin and a flat tummy. Drinking water does not only mean having

A friend of mine said, if you want to lose weight You need to work out 6 times a week and stop eating carbs what's your opinion on that?

.....no.Well, ok, that could work. But then you'll stop and 18 months from now you'll be posting the same question on quora.What you need to do is find some ways to refine your everyday routine to make it one that helps you work towards your goals.Starts by making a list of foods you like

A lack of delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS) does not equal a lack of effort, but if you do get DOMS, is the inverse always true: That you did do enough to get it?

You can get DOMS simply by changing the type of training (I. E. Changing the rep scheme to be higher) or performing a new exercises that you are not used to.But still the total training volume could be less than what is required

Aerobics or Zumba, which form helps to lose weight easily?

I am a gym owner ad in my fitness club we have all sorts of activities which help in staying fit and healthy.Aerobics and zumba is always taken wrongly. it looks similar, sound similar but it has lots of differences.Best Zumba classes in Pune at Tranceform Fitness ClubZumba

After a workout, when is the best time to consume protein to maximize muscle growth?

Generally, you should consume protein within 30 minutes after the conclusion of your workout. You should be eating carbs during this time too. And the carbs do not have to be sugar/white flour/etc. As to your second question:- Maybe not directly but that doesn't

After bulking up, how do you cut without losing muscle?

Okay so i am not a professional bodybuilder or a nutritionist or an expert in any field but i do have years of lifting as well as done several bulk and cut cycles. Also i've read and watched enough scientific studies on the body (i'm not talking about workout videos and bodybuilding

After doing push-ups and chin-ups, is it normal to feel weak and tired in the arms, back, shoulder, and collar bone area?

If you have just started exercising then it is completely normal to feel a little tired at the beginning. As you go exercising regularly your body will start to get used it. But I suggest you to go slow with smaller bouts and increase as you go on.You may also not be taking a proper

After how many days do we lose muscle if we stop working out?

I was curious about this too a few months ago, so I looked it up.I couldn't find a right answer anywhere at all. One website said one week, others said a few days, it was all confusing. So I'm going

After lifting weights, how many days should you rest before lifting again?

Depends on intensity/recovery, programme type and goals. For example if you're doing heavy deadlift it may take 7–10 days to fully recover and if your goal is muscle size then you will want to maximise your rest over that period in order to maximise growth and possibly do some upper body work and/or some very light lower body.

After quitting gym does body weight increases?

I will talk to the point without shitting unecessary things here.If you working out and following a dirt of suppose 3000 calories comes from 60 % of carbs and 15–25% of fats and protein both each.And now you have stopped working out ,then there

After training and exercising to get abs, how do you maintain having those abs?

Abs Best Exercises that you can do at home or office without any equipment.In this, you mentioned Which exercises are best for beginners. and which time is best to do this workout.How to start a Workout and what is its amazing benefits?All answers are in this article so read it and These workouts are for men and women both.Read

After what time of working out we will feel improvement?

It depends. I'll assume you mean after how much days or weeks of working out will one start yielding results. There are several approaches; first you'd notice visible results about 3 weeks in if you do high intensity cardio exercises and lift heavy weights (which I

After working out daily, how soon can one expect weight loss?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of weight loss, exercise is neither necessary nor sufficient. It's not necessary,

After workout how long should I wait to eat?

If you're trying to lose body fat and using the diet, "intermittent fasting", you can wait for hours. If you're not intermittent fasting or trying to build mass, you're going to want a protein shake and 50 grams of carbs within 45 minutes of your workout. After that, you're going to want to have a large meal

Am I actually lifting earth while doing handstand pushups?

No actually it's nothing like that . It's just the gravitational force which is deceiving you . When you perform handstand push ups you are applying force (Normal force ) to lift yourself up or simply move your(body's) centre of mass away from the earth's surface . Visualise yourself( your

Am I considered fat?

OK, first, you look fine to me and your weight is normal. You are NOT overweight, and you do not weigh a lot for somebody your height. You're just fine how you are!You're already tall, so let me tell

Am I fat if I'm 12 5 8 and 130 pounds and how much weight should I lose to be at an ideal weight?

Brandon is right, by American standards you are not considered fat. In fact, you are probably only of average weight for a 14, or 15 year old boy. So if you happen to be the same height and weight a few years

Am I making it harder for myself to lose weight if I skip meals?

Yes you are. You NEVER want to skip meals. Regardless of how much you weigh (whether you're a buck and a quarter or 300 lbs), you should still be eating 5 times a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. To lose weight, however,

Am I working out wrongly if I don't feel pain through the day after exercising?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.The soreness is felt most strongly 24 to 72 hours after the exercise.[1]:63

Any advise on how to stay fit while travelling?

Traveling for business or pleasure can actually coexist quite well with following a fitness routine that doesn't depend on weights, machines, etc. In fact, travelers can get in the best shape of their lives with bodyweight workouts that combine high intensity, compound movements (like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc.), and short rest periods. Add in some smart eating strategies

Any good exercises to gain muscles on the lower stomach?

I liked that you asked about gaining muscle on the lower [abdomen] stomach instead of asking about how to get ripped abs. As someone who has dealt with weak and compromised pelvic floor muscles and hip flexors in the past, I believe

Any ideas for working out having back pain?

First I would want to find out what the cause of your sciatica is and then know whether you did proper rehab for it.  I am personally not a big fan of kettlebells.  To maintain your back in healthy way I would

Any way to reduce muscle pain following working out?

BasicStretch after a workout. Reduces the muscle pain >50%.Drink lots of water. Stay well hydrated.Cool down after the workout.Take your vitamin supplements.Take a good night sleep. Sleep helps the body repair and recovery faster with wonderful gains.Try not going all Gung-ho on the weight. Take it slow, eg. If

Apart from eating clean and exercise what else can I do to stay healthy?

They say you have to make your mind and your thoughts healthy as well because happy mind produces happy hormones or positive chemicals that will contribute to healthy body. So here are some tips to make you healthier:Try yoga. Its work out

Approximately how many people have completed a full marathon and half marathon?

That's a hard one you'd need the finishing numbers of every marathon and half marathon in every country in every year since they began. You'd also need all the data from every runner who's ever done either inb training. A crazy question.That said if

Are 1 hour and 55 minutes an okay time to walk 10 kilometers?

Treadmill, or outdoors? There is a big difference wind, elevation, surface, temperature. You do not mention your age, or weight and height.But to answer your question. You walked 10k, and that is great! The goal now should be to take a minute off

Are 100 push-ups, 100 bicep curls, 100 squats, and 3 sets of 2-minute planks every day except Sunday enough to build muscle for beginners?

Not particularly. First, doing so many repetitions is just a waste of time if you're trying to

Are 20 inch biceps attainable naturally?

Mine are 18 naturally with minimal body fat and I'm fairly genetically gifted in this area.Two inches is a lot for arms but I'm by no means the biggest dude around. I'm 6'2 and about 200 pounds here. There are plenty of people who can get 20 inch arms naturally BUT you have to be a genetic

Are 20 pullups good?

How many pull ups should you be able to do? And how many pull ups is good? This post will show how you stack up and give you a good goal to aim for.Save yourself time with this: Solving Problems for Beginners and

Are 3-kg dumbbells good for a beginner?

Yes, it's good for a beginner. But only for a short time.Too light for dumbbell row, lunges.It'll be less effective in terms of providing adequate stress for the muscles to grow after week 1 for doing bench press.You'll breeze through multiple sets of shoulder press during week 2.You'll probably be still using it during the week 3 for arm

Are 3 months enough for seeing visible change in body fitness?

Absolutely yes!The more important question is

Are 3 to 5 exercises per workout, 5 times a week enough for hypertrophy?

It depends on a variety of factors. Hypertrophy isn't necessarily dependent on the amount of exercises per workout, rather the level of muscular contraction achieved. For example if you are getting an amazing pump from 3-5 exercises per workout, that's fine. However, personally I would get extremely bored with that level

Are 30 day arm challenges effective at all?

There is no way you can tone specific body groups no matter how hard you try. It all comes down to genetics. So programs like these are targeted at specific group of audience and are just intended to make money and hardly helpful at all. You might not get the results you want expected at the end.Arms

Are 30 min workouts effective?

What is the outcome you want out of 30 mins of workout.Say you want to loose fat, so you want to do cardio. Do HIIT then. change between running, cycling and rowing.What if you want to do toning ? Do exercises that utilizes compound movements eg

Are 5 days enough for yoga in the week to stay healthy?

It all depends of what you mean by healthy, what type of yoga you practice, and how long you practice for, and what your practice consists with.There are various types of yoga. Some are more dynamic and physically demanding; so, you'll likely break some sweat. They'll develop your flexibility, endurance, strength, and can

Are 5x3 shoulder presses, split squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups enough for strength and size? Would not doing a bench press cause muscle imbalance?

You won't want to do this program indefinitely. It will not result in significant amounts of muscle growth once you get past your linear gaining period. There's not enough volume to elicit a strong hypertrophy responseI would also question why you're doing split squats instead of conventional back squatting. The split squat

Are a lot for the six pack shortcuts a scam?

No, ALL of them are a scam. Also pretty much any marketing material that refers to "shortcuts" or "secrets" is a scam. If you want six-pack abs then you need to do a lot of cardio, minimum of an hour a day 6 days a week. You need a calorie controlled diet extremly low

Are ab exercises efficient for burning fat?

Exercises that directly work your abs are terrible methods of burning fatEspecially if you want to get into the topic of "efficiency".Ab exercises that are focused solely on the abs should be done to strengthen the core, and that's about it. They don't activate many other muscle groups. Your abs a relatively small group of muscles.

Are ab exercises more useful to reduce belly fat than other exercises?

This is what I have as my summary and recommendations after all these years, which would be the combination of cardiovascular work and resistance training.You can spend hours doing abdominal related exercises though if you would not be taking care of the nutrition and expenditure aspect, there would not be any belly fat

Are abdomen exercises useful to lose belly fat?

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat.We all need a conditioned, level stomach. Nothing unexpected there. Be that as it may, since numerous ladies are as yet depending on crunches to get it, I need to make one thing clear: Crunching is not the best abs workout. "Crunches work just the

Are abs really useful?

In this article, we address how to become a functional and strong human, as opposed to being another of the overrated endless rants on chiseled abs. So, we must first identify the core and what it looks like. In this diagram, we see the external musculature of the human body.Our core has three-dimensional depth and functional movement in

Are all fit people healthy?

Not necessarily. The line between being super fit and unhealthy is very fine. If one exercises moderately 3 or 4 times a week then one will be healthier than the guy with a gut who watches TV whilst sucking on a beer bottle.The fine line comes into play when one steps

Are any abdominal exercise products effective?

Well depending on what you mean by effective and what product are you talking about.If you have a belly and are promised to have abs by one of the products, total bs that's never gonna happen.There are 2 products for abs:you sit and

Are band workouts great for a whole body workout?

Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise -

Are bicep workouts unnecessary if you do heavy back workouts (deadlifts, rows, pull downs, chin ups/pull ups)?

deadlifts doesn't work the biceps at all, it's also very stupid to even want to try to incorporate your biceps for deadlifts. a lot of lifters thinks it helps by bending their arms trying to use their biceps to help during the lock out and that's how people tear their biceps. during deadlifts you want to engage

Are body rows a good exercise if you can't do many pull-ups?

They work a different area of the back. Whenever I train back I do exercises for back width and back thickness. Pull-ups are a back width exercise. Rows are a back thickness exercise.Back when I was around 20–21 I couldn't do many pull-ups either. I could maybe do

Are body weight exercises good for losing weight?

Losing weight is almost totally driven by food choices (what and how much). Exercise (such as walking, running, and workouts) is needed for stamina and strength and for making sure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle, but purely in terms of

Are bodyweight exercises more demanding and tiresome than weight lifting?

Iv'e been doing both calisthenics and weight lifting for years.Calisthenics, or body-weight exercises, are more tiresome when it comes willpower, but not more demanding. Body weight exercises are more tiresome because; (1) They take a longer time to complete-For instance, 5x6 Barbell rows will take less time to do than 100 pull ups- And (2) They rely

Are bodyweight exercises more effective than going to a gym?

I don't know if I would say "more effective". It depends on what your goals are. But I notice all the comments are basically saying barbells = muscles and calisthenics = general fitness. I don't agree with that. Resistance is resistance. Your body doesn't know the difference between picking up a barbell or lifting

Are bodyweight squats, push-ups and pull-ups a decent substitute for the starting strength routine by Mark Rippetoe?

Not really, because one of the most important elements of Starting Strength is progressive overload by increasing weight. With barbells, it's easy to add small amounts of weight every workout, causing your body to adapt and get constantly stronger.However, with body weight exercises, you can't really add weight. Instead, you must add reps or use harder variations

Are Burpees considered a strength workout? And are they perfect for wieght loss?

Strength is developed by progressively training against resistance.  Burpees are not much of a strength exercise.  They are a high level conditioning exercise, low to mid level power exercise and are very poor at strength development, compared with actual strength exercises like the barbell squat, deadlift or bench press.  You want strength with calisthenics? 

Are calisthenics superior to the average gym?

So many things to answer...First: There's no such thing as functional movement or functional fitness. There is nothing more functional about a body-weight pull-up than there is about a barbell deadlift.You should be able to do both anyway..but let's say hypothetically

Are cardio exercise needed every day?

No, you probably should not do cardio everyday.Reason 1: Working out damn near everyday leaves many people in a state of never really feeling rested. Their minds and bodies have a perpetual ache and this limits their effort and motivation.On the off days, going for a long jog will only slow your recovery. Many joggers

Are conventional methods for fitness better or going to a gym is a better option?

'Better' is a dodgy term to use. It's like asking if an orange is better than a steak? To someone with scurvy, yes it probably is. To another person low on iron or protein, probably not. Since 'fitness' can be measured in

Are crunches a waste of time for abdominal strength and are planks good/better?

For abdominal strength, both movements suck.The crunch is a very isolative movement, it only targets the rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscles) on the surface of the core.The plank is a useful exercise in the short-term, but it can very easily be mastered and will need to be altered and intensified in the long-term.If you're going to pick one of

Are crunches able to get rid of belly fat?

NO , crunches alone cannot cut belly fat. Try these exercises1.PLANK (3-4 sets of 30-60 sec)The plank is best exercise for your entire core.Plank helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body so its a good full body work out.Watch video and learn how to

Are crunches waste of time for abs?

Being a fat loss expert i would say yesActually there is a phrase abs are made in the kitchen and its true every one has abs we cant just see them becouse of the stubborn belly fat. If you want fast results

Are culottes suitable wear for working out in the gym?

The potential problems that might make culottes an issue for working out in a gym are:The wider pant legs may get caught up in the equipment. This may not be as much of an issue on a treadmill, but cycles or weighted equipment could be problematic (especially if the pant

Are daily pushups, situps and squats adequate exercise for someone who has no desire to get 'fit' but wants to stay healthy?

Body weight exercises can be very effective & helpful when trying to build functional strength, improve flexibility, decrease body fat, & improve overall physical health. However, I say this only if it's done correctly. Body weight routines are still considered resistance training (weights)

Are deadlifts, chin-ups, and squats a good lifting programme (with no other lifts involved)?

All of those are great, however you should incorporate a pushing motion.Add in push ups, and perform chest presses with dumbbells, and barbells.Also do single side training to incorporate the

Are dips as important in a workout as push ups or pull ups or even more?

If you were stranded on a deserted island with no exercise equipment, you could still develop your upper body by doing push-ups and pull-ups (if you can find a convenient branch). Between those two exercises, you can work most major muscles in the upper body and maintain or even increase your strength and muscle

Are doing 4-sets of 30 push ups and 4-sets of 30 planks on odd days/4-sets of 30 bicep curls and 3-minutes of planks on even days/going on a walk (run) on Sundays enough to build muscle?

It's funny to me that as much as I bag on calisthenics and bodyweight stuff that I continue to get A2A for it.The answer to your question is noThis will not build muscle unless you currently lack the muscle to do 30 push-ups

Are doing pull ups and chin ups that difficult for people?

Your test of strength and power happens when you go for a body weight workout. This includes doing chinups, pullups, pushups and jumps too.It not difficult at all to be honest. A person can easily pull and push its own

Are doing pull ups daily enough to build lower lats?

What is the most effective way to build your lats? Find out what other people from the message boards think...Let's talk about training! Training for bodybuilders isn't the same for every muscle group, so we need to learn more than just exercises for training each muscle - each muscle should

Are doing pushups at home useful?

Hello there,YES, IT IS USEFUL TO DO PUSHUPS AT HOME.Being a person who loves to exercise, pushups has become my first priority when doing my workout. I can say that around 80% of my workout exercise is bodyweight exercise while 20% more is free weight or machine itself as I love to ‘use' my bodyweight to create more variation

Are dumbbells enough to perform full body workouts?

Yes dumbells are enough to do a full body workout, however they aren't the best.I used to do almost my full routine with dumbells. The reasoning behind this was to prevent muscle imbalances e.g. my right side was over compensating for my weaker left side during the bench press. The problem with

Are eggs enough to build muscles?

No, you need to exercise as well that too like hell !!!Just Kidding.Now with proper diet apart from eggs, such as sprouts from moong dal, gram, soya, you can add the natural protein intakes. If you eat non veg, do take 30-50 gms of boiled chicken

Are exercises like pushups considered to be cardio? Can they be used to reduce weight?

The connection between weight loss and any exercise is relatively tenuous at best.Weight loss isn't really your goal in any case. Fat loss is. You can lose fat without losing weight. You could even gain weight to lose fat.In any case, Cardio is not a straight path to fat loss. It's a helpful tool, it can help you

Are exogenous ketones for when you're fasting/doing a keto diet or for when you're not?

It depends. I experiment a lot. I've been fully Keto for almost eight years and I do intermittent and extended fasting. In fact, I'm on day seven of a salt and water fast only. I feel great. The first two days were the most difficult. I have three young kids, we are all

Are females able to build more muscle by lifting weights?

Yes but they do not have as much testosterone in their body as men do so there is no danger of looking like the incredible hulk! But don't forget that diet plays a huge part in building muscle too.Weight training for women has more benefits than just adding muscle mass. It also increases bone

Are fitness programs worth it?

I guess it depends on what you mean by

Are fitness trackers worth it? What are pros or cons?

I highly doubt I am experienced enough to answer this question (I've only started using a tracker, and that too, very recently), but here's my story anyway. Not many people around me, in my locality,care about fitness trackers. And I

Are front squats less effective than back squats?

I personally think that the back squat is for show and the front squat is what will fuel your back squat the most. Your front squat max (when trained) will generally fall in the 80–85% range of your back squat. The more your front squat improves,

Are full squats with less weight a better muscle builder than parallel squats with more weight?

You would get different schools of thought here and I know people that prefer one more than the other ,Personally I prefer deep squats but I'll say include both in your program if you can perform deep squats with the right technique / posture .To answer your question full squats are a better overall muscle builder IMO

Are great trap muscles built by doing heavy compound movements (like deadlifts) or should they have exercises dedicated to them (like shrugs)?

While you are most likely referring to the superior or upper trapezius muscles, there are actually three different sections of the trap muscles and it is important not to neglect any particular group. With that being said, however, if you

Are high reps or low reps better for building muscle?

All strength training whether 1 rep or 30 reps will develop strength.Training to *failure* is an inefficient way of developing strength and a very efficient way of building muscle size.Training low reps with progressive overload is a very efficient way to develop strength and an inefficient way of developing size.Why? It stresses your central

Are home dumbbell workouts a substitute for a gym? Where can I find dumbbell workout plans?

Any kind of workout accomplished outside a gym is a substitute for a gym workout.Dumbbell workout plans can be Googled. They are available in abundance.Personally, I like the following for upper body:Incline DB Press2-arm DB RowSeated Military PressSingle-arm DB RowSeated DB Triceps PressAlternating DB Biceps CurlsOn lower-body days I'll sometimes do the

Are home workouts as effective as the gym?

Whenever you do something new you have to start at the lowest level you can achieve. If it has to do with weights and you cannot even do it with body weight why do you have to do it at the gym? Let's say you can only do 1 push-up and you weigh 70

Are home workouts really effective?

Yes, home workouts are effective.To make home workout effective you need to have a proper training schedule and work according to the goals set.Home workouts are generally calisthenics which are body weight exercises.To make the best use of home workouts you should have a bit of intensity, with time and experience your body

Are incline push-ups more difficult than regular push-ups?

The incline pushup is actually a much lighter movement as you have to deal with a smaller fraction of your bodyweight, thanks to your body being more upright. Thus it's safe to say, the higher the incline, the lesser the load. Due

Are kettle bells better than dumbbells for building muscle?

It really depends on the exercises. I don't think there is any "best" anything. Some equipment is better for a particular thing than another piece of equipment.A word of warning however. Kettle bells were used back in the day like the turn of the century for exercises the dumb bells are used for today. See below.Triceps extension...

Are knee push-ups any good?

You have to understand that the most important aspect of a good pushup is not just arm or chest strength, but the ability to perform full-body tension. You have to be able to make use of your body as a single unit, or create tension from your hands to your toes. The problem with knee pushups

Are larger people that don't work out stronger than skinny people that don't work out?

Yes and no...They are generally stronger, but not because of what you probably think.They're stronger because of Physics...yup...Physics.They have more weight as a counterbalance, they have more size to leverage more and they can build more momentum to move something heavier to a stationary position.Example...look at Olympic style weightlifters...I'm not saying they have no strength or muscle but

Are lat pulldowns as good as pullups?

If you can't do pull ups properly they are. Just like I am a genetically crappy bench presser, I am genetically good at pullups. For close to 30 years I was always able to do 20 or more strict pullups. Some dudes, particularly big, heavy dudes, hell, even big STRONG dudes have this problem. Because of

Are leg press and leg curl machines used to thin legs?

Yes you can, provided you use the correct exercise regimen with them.Do Legs using these machines not more than twice a week, each session separated by at least 72 hours.Stick to lower weights (with which you can manage the prescribed reps) and higher reps (around 15+ - Start with higher reps say 25, and do the

Are leg rises and inclined crunches enough to reduce belly. My upper abs are and other body parts are also showing progress but my tummy and love handles aren't. What should I do?

Direct Abdominal training will only fire those muscle fibers and do nothing for overall physique. Your body is one single unit and you need it to grow organically.If you want to put your overall body under physical tension in order to produce a strong muscular looking physique with visible

Are lunges better than squats for building muscles?

Both the exercises are important in their own way. If I speak from experience, then lunges do a better job in tearing up your glutes than sqauts do.And quadriceps also have 3 different muscles groups.As you know one leg (forward) during lunges imitates a

Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial art.     If you go to the gym the primary purpose is to get

Are most body transformations on the internet fake? I've been workingout for about 8 months going to the gym 4 times per week with a 'Proven to work' workout plan. I eat enough etc etc. yet I'm no where near those 'transformation videos'

While there are plenty of legitimate transformations to look at online there are also plenty of exaggerated or outright fake transformations.A legitimate transformation can be made to look a lot more impressive with a few minor photographic and bodybuilding tricks.You say that you are using a

Are most Crossfit games athletes on PEDs?

It's hard to say what proportion of Crossfit games athletes are on PEDs. However, I believe it's possible to get to that level without PEDs. Everything comes from the perspective of men, where there has been more research/history in strength sports. The articles I've linked are summaries but they have sources that you can follow.Crossfit Games athletes are

Are most yoga classes in the US really just stretching & balance classes, and not actually yoga, since the teachers aren't yogis? What percentage is true yoga?

Having studied Yoga history for many years, a few patterns became obvious to me. The first is that Yoga has never stayed the same, and each generation of new practitioners has changed it based on their experiences and discoveries in practice, and based on the changing needs

Are one arm pull-ups and one finger pull-ups bad for your shoulders?

All pullups risk injuring your rotator cuff (which can be very nasty and takes months to heal fully) if you do not engage your muscles the entire time and end up doing a "deadhang" where you hang straight down with your ear pressed against your arm. Obviously one arm pullups are more dangerous in that regard

Are one arm push-ups safe?

For 99% of people, myself included, no. You'll fare far better if you do your best to equalize your weight over both arms. If you want added resistance, consider using a weighted vest (mine lets me add 40 lbs) or elevating your feet a little. Note that the more you elevate your feet, the more you

Are one armed pushups a significant way to gain muscle?

No. It's just a show-off move....totally unnecessary and I personally think its an injury risk.Stick to the big compound moves like squat, bench, overhead press, pull-ups, dead-lifts. You will gain muscle.If you have no access to the gym or any equipment and you are looking to hit the chest, then stick

Are one-handed pushups better than two-handed pushups?

One handed pushups are far better than two handed for damaging your shoulders. One handed pushups are a parlor trick and really don't have a place in a well thought out workout program. IMNHOWatch most people do a one arm pushup, does the movement look clean? Not so much, huh? Stick with clean movements and

Are people today generally more or less fit than before year 2000?

More fit. According to a study, nearly half the millennials are engaged in some kind of high fat burning activity. Gen Xers (39–48) are on par with millennials activity levels, but are less active.This is partly because millennials are more likely to engage in extreme sports, like

Are people with six packs actually strong?

Like so many other things...it dependsWe all know that everyone technically has a six pack, it just doesn't show for most people because their body fat is covering it up. Having a six pack is simply a matter of low body fat and not, as one of these

Are planks and push ups bad for height growth?

Spot diminishment. Gaging the measure of calories you consume by the amount you sweat. Endeavoring to get a level tummy with sit-ups alone. The wellness world is brimming with myths and misinterpretations, and the possibility that doing push-ups can hinder your development is one of those fanciful

Are pre-workout supplements worth it?

Well if u have lots of bucks to throw away, u may purchase one.We'll most pre workouts contain caffeine, as read on the nutritional information. I would just suggest rather drinking black coffee (without milk & sugar of course) 30mins before your workout.I use this regularly & get