Are pull ups, dips and push ups enough for building an upper body?

Hi Hrithik Saha thank you for your question. These exercises are a great way of building an Upper Body but remember, there are other areas besides your Upper Back, Chest and Frontal Deltoids...Picture this, you're a young man, you're doing the exercises you list above alongside your Squats and others that engage the lower extremities. Someone

Are pull ups more strenuous or lifting weights more strenuous?

A pull up is a compound exercise u cannot simulate with machine or weights..not simply. Review the required muscles and core strength plus swing control. Don't flick or kick legs - that's using momentum to overcome gravity, it's cheating. Do them slowly. Calisthenics.Strenuous is

Are pull ups or chin ups better for back strength?

They are both great but only if you are doing them right. One good rep is better than loads of rubbish half reps. It is a lot easier to do chin ups without getting much back activation by just using your arms. Watch a video on good form, fitnessfaq and calesthenicsmovement on youtube both would have

Are pull-ups, push-ups, and squats enough to build a good and a healthy body?

Building a healthy body is more about diet than exercise.Your body composition and overall health is more determined by what you put into it every single day, all day, than it is by what you do in the gym for an hour or two a few times

Are pull-ups the best upper body exercise?

Like all things fitness-related, the answer to this question is: it depends.The pull-up (and all variations of grip, bar and width) is a fantastic upper body exercise, and when it comes to maximal muscle stimulation it's definitely up there. Not only are you activating the muscles of your upper, mid back and arms, when you do

Are push-up better than lifting weights for chest muscle mass?

Push-ups is a great exercise to build strength into your upper body core i.e. it involves multiple muscles mainly Chest and Triceps. It helps to increase strength but here the strength is limited due to the only involvement of body-weight. You will gain the initial muscle mass to support your body-weight framework.

Are push ups an anaerobic exercise?

Typically yes.Exclusively, no.Most resistance training (moving your bodyweight is a resistance) is anaerobic because you can't replace energy fast enough with oxygen (aerobic) to meet demand.Meaning most resistance training exercise will tap out around the 90 second mark before you can't complete more reps with

Are push-ups and pull-ups good for bodybuilding at the age of 17?

There is nothing to do with age until you are 13+ . You are safe to train for years . Yes Pushups , Pull ups are some of the best upperbody compound movements . Try to include lower body movements too such as Glute Bridges , Squats , Lunges etc

Are push-ups and pull-ups useful for women?

Yes, pushups are definitely useful for women. Strength training is strength training, irrespective of the gender.Pushups will strengthen your forearms, biceps and those hard-to-tone triceps on the back of the arms. The pectoral, or chest, muscles are also strengthened for a more firm breast area. You

Are push-ups bad for a 10-year-old boy?

Yes, it is definitely safe. Kids do things that we normally wouldn't think of as being potentially harmful to their joints or muscles, such as lugging around heavy bags of raked leaves, carrying out the garbage, picking each other up during play, carrying around dogs or their toddler siblings, bowling, and carrying heavy backpacks

Are push-ups bad for a 15-year-old boy?

Push ups are GREAT for a 15 year old boy. The thing about push ups, if done correctly, is that it is hard to hurt your shoulders. Damaging your shoulders doing bench press is all too easy. The push up position stabilizes the shoulder girdle in a

Are push-ups bad for height, especially for teenagers?

It really blows my mind how many workout myths just seem to just appear these days.To answer your question, no it's not.Stunted growth from lifting weights is a myth. I'll link a few scientific studies down below if you want to look into it a bit more.Weight training in youth-growth, maturation, and safety: an evidence-based review.

Are push-ups considered cardio or weight training?

Push ups can be used for both depending on how you do them; the key here is time duration and repetitions;If you do 200 everyday and that too at a steady relaxed pace where the entire routine gets done in say, 1 hour it is the equivalent of weight training;

Are push ups good for teenagers?

Push ups are very good for teen agers asit is very good for strength, stamina and endurance in the body.This is best posture for strength of the core muscles and spine.Good for developing biceps and triceps, a focal point of teens nowadays.Makes entire body flexible , agile and strengthens our immune system.Good for

Are push ups good for your back?

The back muscles need to stabilize during a push-up and are the 'antagonist' muscle group really. It's technique dependent (watch someone with high hands and a wide grip do push-up and you'll probably see a lot of upper trap activation).It's pretty much impossible

Are push-ups good?

My colleagues have answered this question thoroughly, so I won't belabor the point: yes. Push-ups are EXCELLENT excercises which have stood the test of time; they are simple, require ZERO equipment, and when done properly, can whip a man's body into shape quickly without overly bulking him up. (Still unsure? Check any prison or jail. Bored

Are push-ups, sit-ups, and squats (bodyweight) enough to build muscle?

Almost.First ditch the sit-ups. They can do more harm than good. Replace them with Planks.Second add pull-ups. With push-ups and pull-ups you get the main push pull muscles activated. And you have many variations in hand positions, distance between hands and such to get every muscle working. Plus you can progress to raising your feet on the push-up to

Are push-ups still considered an effective form of exercise?

Push Ups are a great body weight exercise. They put a lot of your core muscles at work. Doing push ups won't get you huge, it will get you fit (assuming you eat properly ando some other exercises too).If some one tells you they

Are pushups a good pre-workout before weight lifting?

It depends on what you're doing afterwards.Push-ups will do two things.They'll warm up your chest, shoulders, triceps and all the joints and tendons in between.They'll get your heart-rate up and get the blood flowing through your torsoSo - if after a set of push-ups, the plan

Are pushups a total body workout?

In pushups, primary work is to develop pectoral muscles and secondary it develops the strength of shoulders. In calisthenics their are many types of pushups like azetec,back clap and three clap etc they all need body coordination and explosive power to function . It vary from pushup to pushup that which movement are

Are pushups alone enough for a toned body?

For a toned Upper body - Yes Pushups are great but you need to do different variations of it to target different parts of the upper body.Wide Grip Push UpTarget-ChestClose Grip Pushup/Diamond push UpsTarget-TricepsDivebomber/Hindu Push UpsTarget-Chest,Triceps,Lower back and

Are pushups bad for your wrists?

Bad form is bad for your wrists. When you place your palms flat on the floor to do a pushup, you are placing your hands in a position called dorsiflexion. This is an EXTREME RANGE OF MOTION. One should always strive to only move in their mid

Are pushups better for losing fat than lifting weights?

For some reason, many folks think of "pushups" as some sort of magical exercise that will grant total fitness and a superb body.   Actually, it's just a simple body-weight exercise that only works a few muscles.    A good

Are 'pushups' considered the ultimate exercise?

I'll be honest and break your heart.There is no ultimate exercise. And if there were, it would be either squats or deadlifts because they are compound lifts that activate multiple and complex chains of muscles from head to toe to

Are pushups easier for smaller people?

you could argue that for shorter people it is easier to do more pushups. They technically will do less work because their bodies are moving a shorter distance because their bodies are traveling the distance of their arm length. Shorter arm = shorter distance traveled. Distance x

Are pushups enough?

Are Push ups enough for what ?They are good for building upper body strength. They work the triceps, pecs muscles, and shoulders. When done correctly , they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging (pulling in) the abdominal muscles. They are a fast and effective exercise for building strength .Are they enough then as others have

Are pushups good instant weight losing exercises?

Ok. First of all, there is no INSTANT weight loss exercise. Healthy weight loss takes time and discipline.To answer your question, NO, push ups are not meant for weight loss. They are meant to strengthen and tone your chest muscles and triceps and maybe engage a little bit

Are pushups on elevated dumbbell handles better than flat handed pushups due to greater range of motion?

This is my opinion based on studying muscle movement, perhaps some may not agree.Range of motion is often misunderstood. Your weakest FUNCTIONAL strength is when the muscles are at 90 degrees with each other. That is why when you do the

Are pushups one of the best exercises? Why?

In calisthenics I would say there are 5 foundational exercises,Push upsDipsPull upsRowsSquatsBased on that, I would say they are one of the best and most important. All those exercises have regressions and progressions to make them easier or harder. Many of these exercises are referred to as

Are Quaker oats plus beneficial for weight loss?

Oatmeal is touted as a health food for weight loss, but isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Most people opt for instant oatmeal, which is devoid of the fiber that makes oatmeal a healthy food choice. Plus instant oatmeal

Are regular Push ups enough for reducing stomach fat?

Dude !!!If you are doing Push-Ups that will be good for your chest and upper back.For stomach fat your should do (1) Running at least 1.5 km, (2) Crunches

Are resistance Bands as good as weights for building muscles?

They are great for fat loss , and initial muscle gain. They help you do a certain workouts too like Assisted Pullups . But if you want to gain some serious muscle you have to lift weights !You can use resistance band to do a full body workout too !Squats , Overhead shoulder presses , Abs ,

Are resistance bands good for building muscle and a good alternative to weights?

They are great for building muscle. I wouldn't say they're a good alternative as they are even better when added to weights.Using resistance bands with weights is called

Are ring pull-ups good?

The advantage I see is that they allow free adjustments of your wrists, a bar does not allow the wrist to seek the best position for proper leverage and the body has to exert the effort as is and some times people suffer from strains in wrists, elbows and shoulders.By

Are rings-pushups harder than bar-dips?

Yes, much harder because the rings are not fixed, but free swinging.This forces the stabilizer muscle to work very hard to stabilize the body while pressing the body up.This is also why the inexperienced trainee's arms and shoulders will often violently

Are show muscles different in composition from muscles developed for a purpose?

I'm no expert on body building, but the trainers I've read say,

Are sit-ups or crunches a better exercise? Why?

Situps target both the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors. Some claim the situps is inferior as the abdominal muscles down experience a range of motion as with the crunches. However proponents of crossfit and many other military training programs stick to situps as their chief abdominal workout because they believe stabilizing the torso

Are sit ups really good for getting abdominal muscles?

If you are talking about getting a six pack, then no ab exercises alone will not do it.I used to think just like you did at one point in my life, but as the years went on I began to realize that no matter how many

Are six pack abs worth all the work to achieve?

Short answer no.For me, living in the UK it's always cold and miserable so I don't go to the beach often. The thing with 6 packs is they're (obviously )only visible with your shirt off. You gotta ask your self how many times your shirts gonna be

Are sports the best way to get exercise?

I agree with Phil Bennett and would like to add that lifting weights can be done in a sporting environment too. There are powerlifting meets you can compete in, there are CrossFit competitions too. The beauty with joining a team, even if it's truly an individual sport like powerlifting is there is a commitment you make to your teammates

Are squats and deadlifts sufficient abdominal work?

This will definitely help a lot in developing ab muscles and making them more visible. But ab exercises still have their place. To get really ripped abs you have to do ab exercises. To get the best results combine these compound movements

Are squats best for pull or push days?

It doesn't really matter. What matter is how much energy you have to perform squats.It also depends how you break down your program within a week. As a rule of thumb you should hit each of large muscle groups twice a week.

Are squats dangerous even if performed 'correctly?'

No. But it all depends upon they are actually performed correctly or not. There are several factors here that may go wrong like -You may look for exact instructions and try to do in perfect form, but until someone is watching you, there are chances that you missed something. If

Are squats good for my abs?

Yes.Squats, deadlifts & bench presses are compound movements which will require many muscles to perform that particular exercise.Squats & deadlifts do use your abdominal muscles to some extent and will for sure help im developing them.That's the reason why beginners are advised to

Are squats helpful in building muscle strength?

Try muscle-building exercises to build muscles and lose fat, Squats may be useful but they are not the only exercises for a sculpted body, Try other exercises too, All exercises are not treated equally. Some exercises are meant for building muscle and strength and most of us think that the only way we can do that

Are squats without weights effective?

Yes. When you do squats, your bodyweight will make this progress more effectively. Because squat is a kind of bodyweight training of which is awesome for building strength, burning fat and improving flexibility.Here are some squats recommendation for you:1. Sumo SquatGuidance:Legs stand apart from the shoulder position;Straight your back;More information with video guidance, please refer to

Are supporters very necessary during gymming? Why?

Importance of wearing gym supporters during the workoutsGym supporter or athletic supporter or jockstrap consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the male genitals and two elastic straps attached to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. The biggest benefit of jockstrap

Are the deadlifts and squats helping to reduce weight and burn fat?

Unfortunately, double-blind case studies are few and far between in fitness, so most people simply regurgitate what they have been told or base their opinions on anecdotal evidence. Today, I will do the latter... It's all I, or most others here have.My personal experience is that a pure anaerobic workout of heavy lifts resulted in

Are the following calisthenics, Interval workouts and weekly run routines good for building overall strength, endurance and hypertrophy?

Well Mr Anon, I don't know how long you've been following this routine so far, maybe you haven't yet or maybe you have and your body is now literally breaking apart at the seams and you're questioning your life decisions.I'm being overly dramatic here but the message still stands. Your routine looks extremely challenging and incomplete.ChallengingReading your

Are the P90X exercise videos worth buying?

P90X is not a fad or a gimmick.  It is a well thought-out workout plan that pushes you beyond what you thought possible.  P90X is pretty old school, lots of basic pushups, pull ups and exercises that you probably hated in high school.  I know I did.  The most challenging aspect of the program

Are there alternatives to squats?

As we all knew that doing squat is an excellent exercise for enhancing your performance. It will give you more beneficial results to your body. But you will be getting this only if you do squats in a proper form. If you are doing it incorrectly, then you should face discomfort in your low back and injury on

Are there any advantages to living a sedentary lifestyle?

If you are a normal person without any medical issues then leading a sedentary lifestyle will not be an advantage over an active lifestyle. Most people who have sedentary lifestyles will find putting on weight really fast and easy mainly due to the high calories consumed in foods and drinks like alcohol and supermarket juices

Are there any benefits to intermittent fasting when on a bulk (i.e. in a caloric surplus)?

Depends on the individual. Hard gainers should obviously not intermittent fast while trying to gain weight - it will only make it more difficult.However for most people I would say a 14 ish hour fast would still provide plenty of benefits (insulin sensitivity, even energy levels,

Are there any benefits to mixing high rep (10-12) sets and low rep (6-8) sets in the same workout?

Yes, this is called the congruent method. Basically you're trying to train/maintain two or more physical qualities simultaneously. However the other benefit is that it's reflective of how to optimally train within a training session even if you weren't doing it. You're not going to do 3 rep

Are there any benefits to performing body weight finger push-ups and weight vested finger push-ups (such as improving finger strength for example)?

I've never seen any. If you want to improve hand strength, which to me is more grip strength, and grip comes from your forearms not really your individual finger muscles.Now if you do rock climbing it might be beneficial, since

Are there any detoxes that help lose weight tremendously?

Before i answer this, i need to specify the two kinds of weights our body has-Fat weightWater weightWater weight-When we eat salt in excess, the excess salt produces a lot of water (the more spices we eat, the more digestive juices

Are there any exercises I can do to ease upper back pain?

You may do these exercises right away.Pectoralis stretch: Stand in an open doorway or corner with both hands slightly above your head on the door frame or wall. Slowly lean forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your shoulders. Hold 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.Thoracic

Are there any good 4-minute ab workouts?

Everybody has abs..It's just the layer of fat that differs and which transforms biscuits into a jelly belly... As the question is too specific and imposing clear timeline of 4 minutes... the focus should be on burning more and fat.. Skipping(90-100 rpm) and running(With speed at least 14 kmph ) are simplest and most effective workouts. Once

Are there any good exercises to do with free weights for your core?

There are plenty of core workouts that can be done without any weight except for your body's of them is plank. It is important and excellent exercise to do which will help you strengthen your whole core, but you

Are there any other weights that have the same effect as using a p90x pull up bar?

There simply is no substitute for doing pull ups. You can use the resistance bands, but in my opinion, you're better off doing some sort of assisted pull up. There are devices made to offer assistance with pull ups, but if you have a pull up bar, the easiest

Are there any weight lifting exercises I can do everyday?

It depends on your ability to recover. Some people squat to a near 1RM max every day, most of us don't have the genetics, experience or drugs to do the same.There are certainly less sexy, but very useful things you can do, for exampleband pull-apartsrotator drillsweighted carriesBasically a lot of the

Are there any workouts that strengthen abs without equipment?

There are literally hundreds of exercises to strengthen your abs without any SINGLE piece of equipment.Infact, the guys with strongest of cores are- athletes, gymnasts, calisthenics/ bodyweight/ street workouters, martial artists etc. and all of them rely on minimal equipments for strengthening of core.List of some great core/abs strengthening exercises w/o equipment-Dynamic PlanksDragon FlagReverse

Are there any workouts that will build muscle without building mass?

If your question intended to ask about building muscle strength without building muscle mass, the answer is yes.The difference is programs built for muscle hypertrophy (growth) versus strength and power. The latter programming focuses on central nervous system (CNS) training where

Are there fat people that are more healthy then fit people?

In 2016 the National Study on Drug Use and Health reported that an estimated 28.6 million Americans age 12 and over used illicit drugs during the month prior to the study. That means roughly 1 in 10 people struggle with some level of illegal substance use,

Are there people who gained weight after joining a Gym?

Yes! It happens and it will happen even if you leave say, aerobics or dance or jogging, in fact any physical activity done on regular basis.Your body didn't gain weight in a single day, it certainly won't lose it in a day. It takes months of following a workout and diet regimen.Now you're following

Are there problems with doing cardio and no strength training? won't get stronger.No, scratch that; if you haven't exercised much before, you will get stronger. Depending on the activity, maybe even a good bit stronger - e.g., intense bicycling will build up your quads.You just won't get as much stronger as if you were doing strength training too.If the

Are there significant benefits to increasing the time duration of exercises in the 7 minute workout?

The 7-Minute Workout is one of the most popular workout routines today, namely because almost anyone can fit it into their schedules and work out in their living rooms. It's interval training, which is said to be good for everything from weight loss to muscle gain to heart health. It was originally published in the Health & Fitness

Are twenty rep squats with maximum poundage the ultimate muscle builder?

The ultimate muscle builder?I'm not sure if it's the best training protocol ever for gaining muscle mass/weight, but it is very effective and has long been accepted as a weight gaining program/exercise.In my opinion, you'll probably get the best overrall results by rotating different training protocols/exercises (periodization):3–4 months of heavy power training with back/front squats, low

Are under desk bikes good for exercise while working, and which would you recommend?

Marina gave a good answer. I will use lots of words so Quora won't colapse the answer. We have a Desk Cycle in my home. If I wasn't retired it would have been great to have this thing under my desk.Pros: It uses magnetic resistance and is

Are upright rows a dangerous exercise?

Absolutely, and don't listen to anyone who tells you that even on a light weight it is fine. The supraspinatus tendon will pinch on the acromion bone from this movement, and regardless of weight it is slowly wearing it down. Think

Are upright rows a safe strength training exercise?

Yes, so long as you do them in a safe mannerAs with all lifts - However, upright rows are traditionally done in an unsafe manner.From Upright Rows: Shoulder Wrecker Or The Most Underrated Deltoid Exercise?:The biggest concern from trainers and from sports medicine doctors or physio-therapists is a

Are wall push-ups as effective as ground push-ups?

Hey,They are effective depending on your goal and fitness level.You see, if you cannot do the harder variations of one exercise you move on to an easier variation of it.For push-ups that would be:Knee push-ups.Incline push-ups.Wall push-ups.All of them are pretty good at developing more strength even building some muscle to some extent.Of course all variations

Are weighted pull-ups more beneficial than regular pull-ups?

Personally... I see lads at the gym I go to dutifully wrapping those waist chains around themselves and uncomfortably hanging barbell plates from same....When they could just go over to the

Are weighted push-ups and flat bench press enough for chest?

Flat bench press is great to make awesome gains for over a year even if that's all you do for chest. You can add in variation when you become a more experienced lifter.Please check out my YouTube here: Jordan King and click the subscribe button. I do videos at least once a week and usually twice. Once

Are yoga exercises better than a gym?

In the childhood, people who have not filled the pictures of drawing photographs can find less. But in a big way, the dust in the drawing table, the color of all colors disappeared. Find the dusty book, again, from the shelves, color pencils. Do not say goodbye to stress only, your creative and

Are yoga, running and weight training complimentary forms of exercise?

I would rather define Yoga as a practice that impacts mental, physical and sprititual aspects. Yoga is highly mistaken to be a form of excercise. From many of the experiences i have read, yoga keeps one fit mentally and physically. i presume yoga provides strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Are you giving your muscles enough rest if you do 200 push ups daily?

if you are starting from nowhere and havent trained doing pushups regularly then i think doing it everyday is overtraining. depends on what kind of pushups you are doing, there are lots of pushup variations but I you are targeting your chest and triceps everytime then

Are you more fit now that you work out less?

Thanks for the A2A Robert.It depends on how you class fit, I am the strongest that I have ever been, but this time last year I was doing 18 hours of high intensity and 4 hours of medium intensity cardio, per week.My endurance

Are you suppose to feel sore after every work out?

Delayed onset muscle soreness, better known as DOMS. It's an acronym that athletes and fitness buffs wear with pride.That becomes evident six-to-eight hours following activity, peaking around 24 to 48 hours post-training. While the symptoms will often start to diminish at about 72 hours, the precise time course and

Are you supposed to flex when working abs?

I am not sure what you mean. When muscles are under tension they are

Are your teenage years the best years for getting physically fit?

Its the best in the sense that it is the easiest. Most teenagers still have lightning fast metabolisms, these start to slow down in the late 20's. On top of that, throughout puberty there is a massive influx of hormones, adrenaline, testosterone, etc... These hormones manifest themselves in a lot of

Aren't bodybuilders better at lifting large volumes of weights (heavy weight for reps) than powerlifters (heavier weight for 1 rep) since that's what their training is?

Typically you'll see that powerlifters have a better one rep max because they specifically train their body to handle maximal loads. This has as much to do with training the central nervous system as it does developing the muscle.Bodybuilders will often be able to do more reps of the same weight when you're talking

As a beginner, how many push ups do I do in a day?

As many as possible. If you can't do a lot in one set, spread them out.For example, let's say you're an absolute beginner and you can do 5 without losing your form or stopping. Pick a day when you're not in work/school (the following would work on those days too, just not as

As a beginner in the gym, how should I work out? How can I stay motivated?

This is the #1 question. A big part of the health and wellness industry is built on this. A google search will return millions (if not billions) or results. Social media is flooded with ‘health nuts'. Because it sells.I was once a beginner, still am, always

As a beginner, should I go to the gym 3 or 5 days a week?

Let me divide training into: Movement & Exercise.You need daily movement. Because chronic sitting is a big threat. Why?However, when it comes to exercise i.e. weight training or even HIIT sessions, 3 days a week is more than enough.I recommend 5 times a week, if time is not an issue

As a beginner, what should my workout schedule be at a gym?

Hello, In the past I had written an article in my blog, addressing this topic. I welcome you to go ahead and read it.Workouts 101 - First time at a gym? Read this..Also here, where I had listed a good conditioning workout -

As a beginner, what type of workout routine should I do to gain muscle? Only have access to a barbell with power cage and adjustable dumbbells.

You've got the best equipment then (dumbbells put aside)As a beginner building strength is the most important focus, as it is the basis of all future goals. Strength for a beginner is best built on nice relatively heavy sets increasing each week. This new added stress to your body will be adapted to if you rest properly (eating

As a fitness professional, what are the most common things you see people doing wrong with their workout regimen?

I made many mistakes along the way, even as a professional, so this answer does not come from any high-ground.Here are 4 common things I notice at different commercial gyms:The two most obvious are lack of leg strength training and too much time on the cardio machines, which

As a foodie, how do I stay fit without ever compromising on food?

Early morning habits: The most effective way. Get up early in the morning and have lukewarm water with lemon and honey or if not this then start your morning with a cup of green tea. After sometime it's time for some workout-Start with warm ups. Go from head to

As a healthy person, not overweight but not too slim, if I want to make my body strong or in good shape to look fit enough, which exercises should I begin with?

In this world It always and always begin with Nutrition.1.Follow nutrition properly(Calories deficit,Intermittent fasting or keto nutrition)2. lifting heavy weights on compound exercise in repetition range of 6 to 8 per sets3.HIIT Cardio for 20 mins4.Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours

As a new bodybuilder, what supplements do I need to take to build muscle?

You do not need any supplements.Let me write that again. You do not need any supplements to build muscle.In fact, people who rely on protein powders and vitamin supplements are giving themselves a false sense of security. They think that since the

As a programmer, how do I keep myself fit?

I think it may first + foremost depend upon the schedule you keep + who's in charge of your time. If you are a freelancer who works remotely, then time management + discipline are primarily (if not exclusively) up to you. I will answer with this being the case (as it has been sometime -

As a programmer, how fit are you?

I had to walk away several times from programming. I stayed well fit until about age 40. I ran Track and and played sports and raced Moto-Cross many years. Breathed gypsum powder working in mills full time many years between programming on weekends and days off.Lack of sunshine and clean air, lack of exercise and

As a skinny, what are the things a beginner should know before hitting to a gym?

Never jump into heavy weights. Do stretches for about 10 minutes followed by calisthenics (body weight exercises)!!Keep the timing of your meals fixed. Only then will your body absorb maximal amount of nutrients.Sleep is the most important part of your regime. Even more important than diet and exercise.Breakfast and