What would happen if flies became extinct?

It's not as hypothetical or silly a question as some of the other answers seem to presume. Humans are close to having sufficient command of genetic technology to erase a species from the Earth. We will do this for species that are sufficiently annoying. Mosquitoes? On

How to get rid of flying insects in your house

You need one of these or something similar.

How to prevent little black flies getting inside my house

It sounds like these insects are No-See-Ums. These insects bite and seek out a blood meal to fuel the production of eggs. They seek you out based on your respiration, smell and heat signature.There are a number of ways to block them from

Why aren't flies scared of humans?

It is highly unlikely that flies are ‘scared' of anything. Their brain is far too small to expect it to have any emotional responses like ‘fear'. They do have some automatic built in survival mechanisms though - they are pretty adept at not being swatted as that is a danger they would have

How do flies survive with their eyes while flying?

Their eyes, like the rest of their body, are covered with a hard, protective exoskeleton. It's thinner than the rest of the body's exoskeleton, but still there. It may even be slightly curved and function as a lens, both in the singular eyes (ocelli) as well as the compound eyes (ommatidia). You can think of an insect