I need to put in a floor in my kitchen (old mobile home) and I am planning on using a linoleum type floor. Is the roll easy to put in or should I stick to the 12" tiles?

I have installed both types of flooring and can share my experiences as a DIY'er:In a former home, I put sheet vinyl in my kitchen. I wanted a seamless surface where dirt wouldn't settle. I had dogs, cats, and a pack of preteen boys in my family. So it made sense.Although I cursed

Can I directly start the construction of a first-floor superstructure if the floor slab was already constructed long ago? Is there any connectivity required between ground floor columns and first floor columns? How do I achieve this?

Hi!Happy thought that you request my answer. So let's start.Before going to answer this question i would like to tell about some fundamental facts that will be used in construction industry. Now a days the structure is made on framed structure. In framed structure, the load is transmitted from slab → Beam→

Cleanliness: How dirty is the floor?

Regarding being barefoot: As long as you don't lick your feet or have open wounds, there is no way for germs to penetrate the tough skin of your feet. Your feet will be healthier bare than shod with shoes because bacteria love the dark

Which is the best floor tiles in India?

Here are the list of Top 5,KajariaSomanyNitcoSimpoloVarmora1. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.Kajaria is an indian 29 year old brand founded in mid 1988, which is largest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles and exports more than 30 countries world wide.Kajaria has 3 major catagories in tiles, 1. Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles 2. Polished Vitrified

Which one is better, have a house with high carpet, low carpet or wooden floor?

Carpet is bad. It is the most unhealthy part of a house.No matter if you have the worlds best vacuum cleaner, you still can not clean the bottom matting or the surface of the pad.Stains, spills, pet urine, dead bugs, fleas, human exfoliate, etc., it settles down to the bottom and sits on the under padding.Using a

Do you prefer hardwood floors or carpet? Me and my wife are remodeling our home and we are still deciding on what to do?

I guess one of the reasons why people are remodeling their home is to increase its value and improve their occupancy.Here are some facts and hints that may help you in your decision:1. Keep it consistent – no matter what it is.2. Hard surfaces are better than carpeting.3. If carpet must stay, keep it in the

Why can't I lay my lower back flat on the floor? The only way I can do this is if I hold my legs up and lean forward.

Just FYI. Not a professional athletic trainer or MD. But I have same problem. U may have tight psoas muscle. It is the main muscle that connects back and lower body together. It doesn't necessarily feel tight but if u can't lay you back flat it's pulling the two halves(upper and lower) kind of together. With this motion