Does warming up food in a microwave destroy the nutrients?

15 Years ago, I bought my first microwave and I was told never to cook/heat food in it by all my friends and family members...!!! For me it worked great, efficiently and with lot less hassle. It really climaxed on the evening

Biologically, why does unhealthy food *generally* taste good, and healthy food tastes terrible?

Your observation is correct!Probably you would have thought of foods like Pizza, French Fries, desserts etc as unhealthy foods versus the healthy foods like fruits, just boiled vegetables, whole grains etc.The answer is simple.There are many unhealthy foods around but there is always ONE THING common among them.Guess what?Most of the foods we call unhealthy are made

Do fruits and vegetables become more or less nutritious as they ripen?

Fruits and vegetables do not become more or less nutritious as they ripen. What happens is that the nutrients available in them change as the fruit or vegetable ripens.For example, green fruits are usually richer in fiber than ripe fruits, while ripe

How to eliminate caffeine out of the body quickly

1. Your half-life of caffeine is 5.7 hours whether you drink lots of fluid or not: The Half Life of Caffeine. The changes of the metabolism whether you are a smoker or not, whether you are on hormones or not are only marginally different. But the real thing to note

How does food and culture differ throughout Australia?

How does food and culture differ throughout Australia?The differences are quite small.If you visit the tropical north, a few specialist restaurants may have crocodile on the menu but you won't find it anywhere else. (It's pretty bland. Needs care in the cooking. It was a little disappointing but, hey,

Is it healthy to nap after eating?

I've lived in Spain now for over 15 years.... the place where the siesta was invented. :-)Almost everybody, if they get the chance will have a sleep after a their main meal (which is a warm lunch around 2 to 3 pm). The

Is there scientific proof fermented foods are actually good for us?

Yes and No. There's scientific evidence that fermented foods do nothing at all for you if you are healthy. If you have healthy gut flora, then the probiotics in the fermented food contribute very little or are outcompeted by your current gut flora. On the other hand, good bacteria can be wiped out

What are some very low calorie foods that fill you up?

Brown RiceGreat for: Side dishes, rice salads, fried rice, casseroles, soups, and stews.Serving 1/4 cup dry rice.Nutrition - 170 calories, 2 grams fiber, and 4 grams protein.Whole-Wheat or Multigrain PastaGreat for: Hot and cold pasta dishes.Serving 2 ounces of dried pasta. A serving

What are the health risks/downsides of using stevia as a sweetener?

Artificial sweeteners usually have some side effect because they are synthetic and anything non-natural poses a risk no matter how small. To quote a writing posted online: "Is stevia safe?The question of whether stevia is safe to consume largely depends on what someone means by "stevia." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Is it safe to have chicken and milk together, or one after the another?

It is NOT a myth.It is one of the many basic principles regarding ideal,healthy diet as per the Ayurvedic science.A scientifically proven fact.Usually this stuff about healthy eating is told to us by our grandparents and Ayurvedic physicians.That's because these all concepts belong to our traditional medical

What is the best way to learn about health and nutrition?

Your very desire to think about health through the nutrition perspective is a healthy habit! To begin with, approach a nutritionist or a dietetian and briefly hear from her what she wants you to practice for a healthy living. Then, I would suggest you to read the following books, namely Food Science by B.Srilakshmi, Nutrition by

What makes you smarter? Coffee of Chocolate?

There is a difference between being 'sharp' and being 'smart'. Smartness is like healthiness, slow. Your mental sharpness can change throughout the day and throughout the week, etc. Caffeine makes you sharp, by heightening the activity in your nervous system.  If you are sleepy, caffeine makes you hyperactive.

What's healthier? Once a day eating a lot, three times a day eating a medium portion, or eating small amounts of food over the day?

I depends what of state of health you are in to begin with. And I mean it. Most people are not in ideal state of health.For someone with diabetes, it's probably healthier to eat three meals, because with his medication, it's

Why do fruits taste sweet?

Orange is a fruit, which has almost equal quantities of fructose and acids; hence it tastes both sweet and sour. In general, raw fruits contain more acids but on ripening, the quantity of acid in them decreases and the amount of sugar increases. Hence raw mangoes are sour, but ripe ones are sweet.Banana,