Japanese Food: What kind of sushi is best?

Sushi is clearly a personal preference, and others have given their opinions.  I personally think that very good tuna has a luxurious mouthfeel to it.   Toro (fatty tuna) even more so.   Another alternative, non-traditional nigiri sushi is seared foie gras.  Try it sometime.   I like Caen's choices too.

What are some favorite sushi hacks?

Garrick Saito has covered most of the basics with his usual flair. Here's a few more that may be of help:Unless you are inordinately fond of them, avoid any of the following ingredients:Mayonnaise - This condiment is mostly oil with a good dose

What's your favorite kind of sushi or sashimi?

My absolute favorite is Uni. It's really hard to get really good sea urchin, but when it's good, it is sublime. The taste is sweet and buttery and fatty without being cloying. When it's perfect, I actually think the nori ruins the flavor, even. I would eat it as sashimi. But I've only

What's your favourite sushi?

I love raw fish, especially on rice! Nigiri sushi (a slice of raw fish pressed on rice) is my favorite. There are just so many ways that a skilled shokunin (sushi artisan) can make one and every piece is so beautiful,

After my trip from Japan I loved eating with chopsticks. Would it be weird if I ate everything with chopsticks back at home in the US?

I've got this new theory which probably isn't right, and a few observations about chopsticks :)As a background I lived in China for 4 years, married over there and have lived here in New Zealand with my Chinese wife for 6 years now.

Is Japanese food healthy?

The traditional washoku diet of old is considered among the very best on the planet, along the Mediterranean diet.Between Western-style breakfasts on the go, Yoshoku-style fast food and western fast-food, the boom of junk food like ramen and the loss of home cooking skills among the younger people (in Japan like nearly

Is there such a thing as cooked sushi?

The rice in sushi is always cooked. The fillings and toppings are sometimes partially or completely cooked. Eel, octopus and cuttlefish are pretty much always cooked, shrimp is usually cooked except when fresh sweet shrimp (ama ebi) are available and served raw. But the most horrifying trend

When and how did sushi become popular in the US?

It started in the late 60s in LA, but it's through the late 70s/early 80s that it became really popular with the trend-setting movie people. By then the chefs had already started to move away from traditional Japanese sushi to add a fusion element to

Why are chopsticks made of steel popular in Korea but not in Japan?

It's not exactly a new trend, as Koreans have apparently been using metal chopsticks for centuries. That said, I'll forewarn readers that a lot of this is my speculation as I haven't found too much documentation of the why...as of writing this.First of all, to my knowledge, Japan

How expensive is food in tokyo?

It highly depends on where you eat (live) and what you compare with.For a vegetarian (which I am), who used to cook frequently with occasional (3-4 dining out), average expenses ranged anywhere between Yen 20000 to Yen 25000.

What are some best places to eat in Tokyo?

What are some best places to eat in Tokyo?Sorry, but this is a very broad question.It really depends on what kind of food you like, your budget, where you'll be staying, and whether you have any dietary restrictions.The other night, I took an Aussie buddy to the Smokehouse on Cat Street in Omote Sando. He went bonkers! He

Why don't most Japanese women gain weight?

A number of factors contribute to women being much thinner on average in Japan.Healthier food culture. Japanese cuisine focuses normally on meals containing a number of vegetables, smaller portions of meat, and less oil usually (fewer fried food groups, with a