Why is ramen so valuable in prison?

The soups are easy to make - hot water, cover for 3 minutes stir, and it's ready. They can be used as currency for little favors you want done that someone else has a talent for. They are also very versatile as a major ingredient in all kinds of

Why is ramen so valuable in prison?

The soups are easy to make - hot water, cover for 3 minutes stir, and it's ready. They can be used as currency for little favors you want done that someone else has a talent for. They are also very versatile as a major ingredient in all kinds of

Why is ramen so valuable in prison?

The soups are easy to make - hot water, cover for 3 minutes stir, and it's ready. They can be used as currency for little favors you want done that someone else has a talent for. They are also very versatile as a major ingredient in all kinds of

Do you like sushi?

Oh, absolutely. I lived in Japan while I worked on several projects, so I'm more partial to Japanese traditional sushi (which means more fishy parts and less cream cheese). I love everything about it: the damp slab of nigiri (a slice of fish on a bed of rice

What is a good recipe for miso soup?

Be aware that many truly authentic recipes for miso soup-properly called misoshiru-may tend to overwhelm Western palates. A key ingredient, dashi (Making Dashi and Vegetarian Dashi), contains katsuobushi, shavings of dried, and sometimes fermented, smoked skipjack tuna, also known as bonito. See: Dried Bonito Flakes (Katsuobushi).

What are some fish-based sushi you can eat safely while pregnant?

Raw sushi-grade** fish is just fine to eat during pregnancy, provided it's low mercury.I know, I know. You've probably heard the old "pregnant women should avoid raw fish." The issue with that is that it's an assumption not backed up in actual science. This seems to be a trend with pregnancy and child-related things.

Why are there so many Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan?

Consistency and other forms of perfectionism are required for a restaurant to achieve and keep Michelin stars.  Sometimes this means doing rote, repetitive work with pride, and at other times it means extreme attention to detail.  I'm not sure any culture gives more value to these types

Is Japanese food ever spicy?

Yes, sometimes very spicy. But we are talking about regional food here, not the internationally known staples, such as sushi or tempura.In particular, Hachijo food is known to use chilli peppers heavily and oh, those peppers are spicy.Hachijo cuisine, in turn, influenced Okinawan cuisine and, to some extent, Kyushu cuisine, so you

What type of sushi is cooked?

All sushi involves cooking. Some involves raw fish or raw vegetables, but without cooked vinegared rice, it isn't sushi.However, if you are interested in what sort of toppings or styles of sushi don't have raw fish, I know of a few.Tamago is a

How to eat miso soup

Eat the parts that you can pick up with chopsticks (potato, wakame, tofu, etc) with your chopsticks, then drink the broth.Usually a serving is just one small bowlful, although of course at someone's house (or yours) refills are totally ok. In general, you don't eat it with the intention of it bring your main course;

Is Japanese food considered bland?

To some people it can be, especially those who expect a bottle of Tabasco or Sriracha on the table. The only pungent flavor in typical Japanese cuisine comes from wasabi. Very little chili pepper is used-maybe a dash or two of ichimi or shichimi pepper as a

Is Japanese food healthy?

Japanese food is often healthy because Japanese cooking tends to put a lot focus on freshness of the ingredients, so less spices and oil are required for cooking Japanese food. The Japanese themselves also know how to control their eating habits, so

How to start a sushi restaurant

Location matters. The level of sushi you want to serve matters.As a rule of thumb, a high end sushi restaurant in Japan has 5 full-time employees (meaning probably 7-8 part time) to serve a counter of 10-12 people,

What is the scariest food you have eaten in Japan?

I was most scared to eat horse. Being American, horse meat isn't something you'd think about eating and it's pretty much taboo.I lived in Fukuoka, Japan for 5 years which is next to Kumamoto, a prefecture known for horse meat. Because of that, horse meat was often on menus and

Can you gain weight from eating sushi?

The fish in sushi is fine, but most of the rest of it is not. I also love sushi, but I know it's not really "healthy" food.Do you get a lot of different hand/long rolls? Usually those have some sort of sauce dripped over them, and I

Do the Japanese put soy sauce on everything?

No. There is tons of food, regularly eaten in Japan by Japanese people, that has no soy sauce in or on it. I'd say that dashi shows up in more places than soy sauce, but still isn't found in everything.Japanese home cooking involves a lot of plain white bread and

How did sushi go from a poor man's food to gourmet dining?

If you're talking about the internationally popular Edomae style of sushi, I'm not sure it's accurate to say it was ever a poor man's food so much as it was a working man's food. Going as far back as many decades ago, it

How to learn to make sushi

At almost all Sushi bars, sushi chefs prepare in front of you. You can watch and learn from them. Even you can ask them how to do it. They'll tell you their secrets open-mindedly because it's very difficult for amateurs

How did sushi come about?

Sushi came about centuries ago and came out of an economic need rather than a desire for novelty. It was the need to preserve fish ,the mainstay of the Japanese diet. The first sushi was from freshwater fish that was salted and pickled in fermenting rice. ( which by the way did not originate in Japan but

What do Japanese think of those 'fusion sushi' restaurants?

I don't live in Japan, so I don't know what native Japanese think about fusion sushi, but there definitely are more fusion sushi restaurants in Japan now than there were in the past. A quick search on restaurants shows that most of these list themselves as sousaku sushi (

What was the first fast food restaurant in Japan?

Yoshinoya is a Japanese multinational fast food chain, and the second-largest chain of gyūdon (beef bowl) restaurants. The chain was established in Japan in 1899. Its motto is "Tasty, low-priced, and quick". It

What kind of salmon is used for sushi?

No, you can't.Wild salmon shouldn't be used, as they end their lives in rivers, and river fish must not be used at all for sashimi, because of nasty river parasites. The fact in Japan there was only wild salmon is the reason why

What is Miso?

Miso is the Japanese term for soybean paste. Jiang as it is called in Chinese (Mandarin) is fermented soybean paste, varying in color from a light, bright yellow to a very blackish brown. Originating in China over 2500 years ago, jiang was the

How to start making sushi at home and what do I need

The essential of Sushi is vinegar rice.Rice should be fresh Japonica and not like Indica or Javanica.Wash rice and keep in the water a few 5 hours.Use best rice cooker, personally Zojirushi or Hitachi are best among consumer products, or you can use gas cooker from Rinnai much better.After boil and steam process is finished,

Can I eat sushi the next day?

Eating sushi the next day is an offense to the quality of the food as it needs to be extremely fresh and the quality depends only on the freshness.However, when I make sushi for myself I always make a little bit more to lunch the day after. The best way is

Where can I find a Japanese dining table which can also be used as a coffee table, and what's it called?

If you are talking about the short-legged one, often the legs foldable, it's called ちゃぶ台(chabudai). It's not popular nowadays in Japan, but you can still find a modern version of it at a furniture shop in Japan. If you like an old-fashioned one, you can find it at second hand stores (furidouguya 古道具屋, usually there's

What is the best sushi you have ever had?

Coincidentally, I'm agreeing with Matt Wasserman. What's weird is that I have eaten sushi all over the US. Maybe my taste sucks. But I doubt that. What is good about Shuhei is that they were making sushi before it became trendy

Why are there a lot of Japanese sushi restaurants run by Chinese-Americans in the US?

I can answer this! My family runs a Japanese steakhouse and we are Chinese-American. In the end, it's about finding a good business idea and being able to make a living, as every other person wishes to do. My parents didn't go to college, so many other

What is the best sushi rice recipe?

I've recently come across this sushi bowl recipe and I've got to say that it is the best way I have ever prepared sushi.

How to make restaurant quality sushi at home

You would essentially need more practice than you could ever manage to get at home (like.. daily practice), and access to high quality ingredients not sold at retail, if by

How old were you when you first ate sushi? Where was it and what did you think?

I was 11 at masayukis restaurant in capitola ,ca .with my mother the roll a would always get is pretty decent . I would order a smoked salmon avocado cream cheese roll with lemon and tobiko . Interestingly at another restaurant mAsayuki and I worked beside one another his

What is good chopstick etiquette?

In increasing order of importance:Don't cross them (or so proper technique dictates, but I indiscriminately do this because my degenerate skills are degenerate)Don't put them in your mouth in such a way that you might accidentally get stabbed in the throat. Ideally they should not enter your mouth at all.Don't use

What is the worst thing that can happen from eating too much sushi in a restaurant?

Apart from getting ill from overeating- which would be true of any food- there's the risk of picking up a disease or parasite from the raw fish. I would think that the more sushi one consumes, the greater one's risk- though such risks are probably low from a reputable sushi restaurant.Another possibility would be getting ill from

What is the worst Japanese food for kids?

I don't think that it is different from any other place.Candies, sweets, different kinds of sodas, fried food processed-food are abundant as any other place, and are unhealthy as any other place.But I have to say that up until a certain age, in Japan, the mothers are expected

How popular is Japanese food in China?

In big city is popular, but the small city or some poor city might be not, because people in small city or poor city don't know Japan too much, and the Japan's product aren't that popular in China's countryside, so people in the countryside don't

How to improve my instant ramen

Fry it. Break it up into very small pieces in the package, then get a non stick frying pan and add a little water to the bottom of the pan. Maybe a half cup or so. Heat it on high until it is about to boil. When its about to boil add the seasonings

What sushi should I try next?

Typical rolls such as "California roll" are western style derivatives of traditional sushi rolls.  They are good for less adventurous, but for next step, try the straight tuna roll. 

What sushi combinations are a must-try for anyone who is visiting Japan and likes sushi?

Rather than combinations I would aim for the freshness of sushi purchasable at fishing ports such as sushi restaurants near Shimonoseki Karato Market where the fish melts in your mouth.  The scallop abductors sold in restaurants near there melt like ice cream. Sushi restaurants near other fish markets may also offer extremely

Does seahorse soup taste good?

Heat it up and taste a spoonful.Your friend is probably not trying to poison you.If you like it, eat the rest. If you don't, feed it to the dog.In either case, you can tell your friend honestly that you tried it. It is not necessary to like every food, every time.A good polite description would be,

Why do sushi restaurants use imitation crab?

If you go to one of the cheap conveyor belt sushi places, you can occasionally find substitute seafoods.In place of Tuna... 

How many Japanese restaurants are there in the US?

Japanese restaurants are quite common in most of the United States, not just along the coasts but in the urban/suburban Midwest and South too. Chinese restaurants are even more common, and are found even in small towns, but Japanese restaurants are popular and tend to be in slightly more upscale areas (but, again, are

Once I ate sushi I started to feel dizzy and weak and feel like my temperature is rising but I always ate sushi before and I was fine, what could be the cause of this?

Like Paul, I get a sense you may have had an allergic reaction.Possibly you had shellfish, or the sushi you ate had been in touch with shellfish, which have more allergic reactions. My brother for example has very few allergies yet certain

If you have to live on only one type of cuisine would it be Italian, Japanese, French or Californian?

CALI.. of course.. because it is heavily influenced by Mexican cooking.. and its emphasis on fresh, fresh fresh veggies.. plus all of the abundance of crops in the many Californian valleys. California also means wine, raisins, grapes, fruit. and a myriad of crops, from olives to tomatoes.. to snap peas. California

Which restaurants does Nobu Matsuhisa own?

In the States, the Matsuhisa restaurants in Beverly Hills and Aspen, and the NOBU restaurants inMalibuLas VegasDallasMiami BeachNYC (there's also NOBU57 and NOBU Next Door there)WaikikiInternationally, he has a Matsuhisa restaurant in Mykonos, and NOBU restaurants in Nassau (Bahamas)TokyoLondonMilan

What is the proper ramen bar etiquette in Japan?

Hmm, I don't quite know how to answer this because all the Ramen bars I've visited had ushers who listed your names and the amount of members in your group as you queue up the line. They take care of all the seating and would

Why does Chinese cuisine seem to appear less refined than Japanese and French?

There are already a lot of great examples of refined Chinese food, so I'll touch on the subject of why Chinese food does not