What are the best foreign movie sites?

I would definitely recommend MUBI as a must-see source for non-U.S. motion pictures. A second excellent site would be Filmstruck, that features the Criterion film library as well as best-of-breed American classic films from TCM (Cable TV's Turner Classic Movies channel). Because there are so many excellent sources these days for streaming films, there's

Why most of Indians go to foreign?

India has it's own problems . The hardworking guys dont get the study in the best colleges , either they step into the deemed colleges (private colleges ) , and the others who are good enougj with wealth try to settle abroad for their studies .

What was your best experience in a foreign country that made you stay there for long?

I had several of these, to the point where I was often crying when I left these places:Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden, in early December, 25 years ago. I came by plane from western Canada, it was about minus fifteen Celsius, and there was snow on the ground, Christmas decorations everywhere. I was so blown

Would you let your college age 'child' go to a hostile foreign country? Why?

Would I let a college-age child of mine go to a hostile foreign country?Of course. My children grew up in many different countries outside the US, are well-educated in street as well as book smarts, and if s/he is over

What is your favourite foreign food?

It's like asking which of your children do you like best.Fresh, healthy, and local is always best. In no particular order:Almost anything Chinese. I have an unlimited capacity for dumplings especially yu chee gow (shark fin dumplings, which are only shaped like shark fins) and other dim

What would you do to entertain yourself when you are alone in a foreign country?

I used to travel a lot. When I was in a foreign country, I would try to see the local sights. Visit the local restaurants and try different kinds of foods. Sometimes just walk down the streets and talk to people I

What is your favourite foreign food?

It's like asking which of your children do you like best.Fresh, healthy, and local is always best. In no particular order:Almost anything Chinese. I have an unlimited capacity for dumplings especially yu chee gow (shark fin dumplings, which are only shaped like shark fins) and other dim

What would you do to entertain yourself when you are alone in a foreign country?

I used to travel a lot. When I was in a foreign country, I would try to see the local sights. Visit the local restaurants and try different kinds of foods. Sometimes just walk down the streets and talk to people I

What is something that nobody tells about moving to a foreign country?

The truth is, they don't tell you the things that really matter when you are moving from an African country to Europe. They don't tell you......that movies are one thing and reality is another: Do you see those model-like women and athletic men who are everywhere in movies? The janitor,

How to go in foreign country

Rather a broad question, but in the absence of any context I'd say that there are two ways.Option 1: Pick a country which looks interesting to you (or spin a globe and put your finger on it, either way), then work out

What's something quirky you've experienced in a foreign country, but never in your own country?

Those new open-air urinals on the streets of Paris. Also the Mannekin Pis in Brussels, a fountain of a little boy urinating. Sets American tourists all a-Twitter.

What are the reasons a country might need foreign workers to work in the country?

No reasons at all.This is especially true for Western countries, what skills could we possibly be lacking?Yes, there's nothing we can do that can't be learnt by some other random nationality, but what skills do we need to import?I see a pattern, at least here in Italy, foreign workers are needed in order to

What advice would you give a young woman moving alone to a foreign country?

Each major city in the world has an expat community, just contact them and join the group's weekly meetings. Go to Meetup and type in the city and see a lot of groups on different topics. Good luckMy son, age 30, is in Shanghai and loves it. He is tutoring English and with a high school diploma

What was your first impression of the first foreign country you ever traveled to?

Travelling to Western Europe from India in the months of February-March for about two weeks, this is how the first impression goes:It was cold, not like the skin-cold but more like the cold that gets to your bone and gives you shivers! Lesson: pick a proper season

What have been your most interesting experiences in a foreign country?

Originally written for Richard H. Schwartz's answer to What are some of the funniest true stories you have ever heard or experienced?, this was the very first experience I had on my own in a foreign country. I have had many very interesting experiences in foreign countries in the 30+ years

After having moved to a foreign country, what do you not miss at all about your home country?

I moved from America to china a little over two years ago. I've been back for short visits three times in that time and every time I go back I remember why I left.Xenophobia. People who are different bring a chance to change and grow but it's common in America to demonize anyone who looks sounds

What has been your favorite and least favorite foreign country to travel to?

Favorites: Zanzibar, Vietnam and MozambiqueVietnam is a place that's best enjoyed for at least one month, touring through the whole country on either motorbike or through the modern and comfortable systems of overnight buses (as long as you're under 6 foot..). Often hated by package tourists,

When did you visit a foreign country for the first time?

Oh, back around 1984, I had to deliver a small paper in Montreal, Canada. Went fine.

Why was Japan never invaded by foreign country?

Indeed, Japan has never been fully, out-of-aggression occupied by a foreign state. The only foreign country came close was the US. After WW2 from 1945 to 1952, the US occupied Japan to help it rebuild. Okinawa (Ryuku Islands) were already part of Japan when WW2 started. So, the US invaded

How to get around when visiting a foreign country that you don't speak their language

In the 1980s, travelers were obliged to learn the local language. In modern times, English is spoken widely theee days, so it is pretty easy. Machine transaction on ones smart phone bridges most of the gaps.English isn't as prevalent in Russia and South America, so that can be a problem. For South America it is a good

What is the risk of foreign countries like China owning so much property in the US?

Speaking from a local perspective - the amount of foreign capital that is being

Have you ever found love in a foreign country?

More than once. It's so complicated. The long distance thing is not for everyone. In one occasion it worked pretty well until he revealed an unsavory side of his personality and I had to break up with him. But during 3 years we were

What was the milestone you stop feeling like a tourist in a foreign country?

There were a couple things that made me feel like I wasn't a tourist anymore.Spending time with locals rather than tourists was a good first step. This requires some knowledge of the domestic language. Learning the language really opens a lot of doors for

Have you ever been the victim of a crime in a foreign country?

Though it was inadvertent, I think I committed a crime, or at least a serious infraction while traveling. It became complicated because it was 1975, in Libya, in the middle of a stand-off between the US and Muammar Gaddafi.My Japanese friend, Yoshi, and I were hitchhiking around Europe, and decided to cross North Africa, from Egypt

What should you do before visiting any foreign country?

Personally I learn everything about manners.what is not accepted in some countries can have you jailed. But more than anything you want a great experience and be welcome by the locals . Learning the norm is wise for a welcoming environment but also safety . Example; in Japan it's very rude to eat or smoke while

What was the both cheapest and best thing you did while traveling a foreign country?

Booking an accommodation either thru airbnb because the rate is lower as compared to other places to stay or in a bed and breakfast because free breakfast is provided which made me economize on meals though there are those that offer the same breakfast throughout the duration of stay.There are also cards which can be used

How was your very first day in a foreign country?

I really find much pleasure in answering your question.Basically I am from India, I had to travel to Germany in last December for my new job over there.I have landed in Germany on 13th Dec 2016. My excitement Though I was

What are the worst things to do while traveling to a foreign country?

Worst thing to do would be to behave like you are still in your home country.You are in a guest house and you should follow the guest rules.Example:Some of the recently rich countries, when they travel to other countries they behave like they are back in their home country. For example, Thailand got so fed up with these travelers

What are the Indian government jobs doing which I can travel or live in foreign countries?

Working in the foreign office gives you opportunities to work abroad, especially as a diplomat working at the Indian consulate.

What is the best way to visit a foreign country?

Kazim gave a lot of good answers. I'll add a few more.8. How much time do you have for traveling?9. Do you have any knowledge of the language in the country you're visiting?10. Do you prefer to travel individually, or do you prefer tour groups?11. If you

What is the most overrated country/place you've ever traveled to and were disappointed by?

Probably Sweden. Which is actually where I live now. I wouldn't call it overrated, but for the amount of value you receive from the price, it is kinda a let down for a traveler.Food is so-so, tourist sites can be done within 5 days

How long can you live in a foreign country without citizenship to that foreign country?

its all depend on your country agreement with the country where you are intended to live in and the length visa that you applying.for example, I am indonesian and as student i can apply for visa in Australia for 1,7 years for my

What would stop you from traveling to a foreign country alone?

Language barriers, even if you know some basic terms or phrases from that foreign country it won't help if they cannot understand you at all. And sometimes the state of the country, are they red flagged by the other countries? Cause that will greatly cause some trouble going alone

Have you ever been arrested in a foreign country?

Almost once in a Mexican Border Town. I and 2 friends managed to escape from their Police Wagon and get back over the border. We didn't do anything wrong as we were having a good time in a bar late and some body started fighting. We were leaving and the

Did you feel unsafe while visiting any foreign country?

In one go, I visited two countries - Switzerland and Italy in 2017.In Switzerland I felt totally safe (actually that time I worked in Switzerland embassy in my country, so I was an employee of Swiss government). Besides that, there was an

What was your worst experience in a foreign country?

I was traveled on business Canada. Oh, my god, I got a heavy fever that makes me feel I was dying.I call native emergency call and be told that you need to wait until turn to you. What? Fine, I had to go out toward the drugstore to buy some medicine to

How do people manage to travel in a foreign country?

This is the age of the internet. You can get all the required info to prepare on it. I started traveling globally 25 years back, and the source of information used to be books. I found books from Lonely Planet very informative. I would also lap up

What are the things I should keep in mind before visiting a foreign country?

I have both visited and lives in a few countries (currently live in a foreign country now), and the main things that come to mind are: be respectful, stay safe, and have fun.Be respectful. Take some time before the trip to read about the country and the specific regions/cities you are

Have you ever moved to a foreign country with the intention of staying there indefinitely, only to later move back to your home country? What were the reasons for moving back?

Yes, I did. I remembered all the good things from my home country, and moved back home. But then I saw all the original reasons for leaving in the first place, and went back again...Q: Have you ever moved to a foreign country with the intention

Can an Indian become a pilot in a foreign country?


What is most delicious food you have eaten in a foreign country?

It was at a fish restaurant in La RochelleThis was one of those restaurants with no menu. You just got what you got.The main course was a large fillet of plaice, served with beurre blanc, asparagus, and boiled potato.It was simple, mundane even. But every

What would you do if you found out that a foreign country was tracking your every move for the past few years?

Nothing. If, on the other hand, I found out they were sending someone to kill me for my political beliefs, I think I might definitely call the FBI, make sure my pistol by my side is clean and loaded, maybe unlock the long gun safe, and try not

What is the best experience you had in a foreign country?

Place: Saint Genis Pouilly (the Franco-Swiss border)Country: France/SwitzerlandI went to Switzerland last week with one of my colleague. We were there to attend the Geneva Motor Show, however, we were staying on the French side as the hotels in Geneva went exorbitantly expensive during the show. We booked a

How did you manage to socialize in a foreign country?

I can't tell you about every country but in Dubai, European were nice, Pakistani were also even nice to me. In AUSTRALIA, most white people's will be there to guide you or help you but there accent lol, I didn't understand at all.