Is China a dictatorship?

Hell yea!China is a dictatorship country that surpass many democratic countries in the world. The visions are clear and the statements are rocklike. Civilians rarely ever interact with the government, and the government rarely impose on the people. In any city of China, the amount of patrols made by police are meager

Is it hard to get a divorce in China?

In litigation, many divorces proceed through the following sequential steps. (Cases that are settled or resolved in mediation do not proceed to trial.) One of the chief hallmarks of China family law approach is caring about our clients. Our China

What are some cultural differences between mainland China and Taiwan?

I'm going to bypass all the political mumble-jumble that everyone else seems to inevitably bring up and go for some more light-hearted stuff.First of all, I should mention that the PRC is big, and while Taiwan is small, we also have numerous cities with different lifestyles and culture. Therefore, everything I will mention will primarily be focusing on

Why was Japan never invaded by China or Korea?

The earliest dynasty of China ( evidence proved) is Shang(商). At that time(about 4000 years ago), chinese territory was limited in a few provinces of modern China. But now, China controls most land of Far East Asia. Why? Because people increases with time, and more land is needed to feed more

What does the US get wrong about China?

Pretty much everything.I've noticed that a lot of times, you have a Chinese official make a statement. The US press will take one sentence from that statement, and that gets copied, and in the end you have a totally misleading sense of what that official said and

Will China annex Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistani control if it fails to pay back its massive debt taken for the CPEC project? Is China engaged in predatory lending in Pakistan like it was in Africa and Sri Lanka?

The possibility indicated in the question has many ifs and buts. It is not a strait event.For the first time since the launch of BRI in 2013, Chinese President has openly but selectively admitted various drawbacks of this project including the concerns of host countries, during the Second Forum Summit of BRI in April, 2019.

With the Chinese population being 4 times that of the United States, and China's high economic growth, will this allow them to become the world's sole super power because their economy will be 4 times the size of the US?

China is a great power, but will never be a superpower. There are several reasons why this is true. First off, while China has the worlds largest army in terms of manpower, they are still very dependent on foreign(primarily Russian) hardware,