Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good

What does the United States do right? What are the best examples of what the United States does right, politically, culturally, militarily, charitably etc.? Past or present?

Its capacity for redemption and reinvention - Soon after America declared its independence, Europeans scoffed at its supposed lack of history. Little did they realise what an elastic history this strange and wonderful country would have. I can think of no

What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

France wouldn't have kept it for long.  US settlers were already pressing into that territory, and American expansionists were already clamoring for the seizure of New Orleans as a necessary outlet for the produce of the American interior.  Indeed, US president Thomas Jefferson had already warned the French that France's possession of New Orleans, a port through which 40%

If the United States disappeared, how would the world be affected? Which nations rely the most on American support, patronage, partnerships, trade, and military protection?

Other than the sudden drowning of some 315-odd million people, lots of bad things that would probably kill tens of millions of more people. First off, the planet itself would hardly notice. The total mass of the US is [math]2.28*10^{16}[/math] kg†. If we go further and axe

Should the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?

A2A, thanks StevenShould the USA pull its troops out of Europe and NATO?For the interest of Europe, yes. I believe Europe is mature enough to not trigger a WW3 and loose definitively any change to weight against the U.S.A, China, or even India and Russia (basically, we should throw bridges with Moscow, Europe cannot

What makes the USA different from other nations?

Constitutionally guaranteed free speech.In the U.S., no law can be made that abridges your right to free speech-with only a few exceptions. You can't threaten people, and you can't incite violence. Otherwise, you're free to say essentially whatever you want.I remember a story about a restaurant employee using racial slurs

What was the American perception of Japan's rise as an economic powerhouse from 1963-1995?

The following is from my personal experience from living in the US during this period. In the 1960's there was an influx of Japanese imports into the US. There was a widespread stereotype of Japanese products being cheap, inferior alternatives to American goods. As time wore on, Japan began to dominate

Has Russia ever apologized for stealing nuclear secrets from the United States during the Manhattan Project?

No.  Any more than the USA would apologize for keeping it secret from its wartime ally.Note also that the main source was information given freely by scientists who felt the secret needed to be shared.Note that Germany

How does the world generally view the United States?

Italian here.Please note that almost all my impressions derive from American fictional works. I have only been in America for two weeks and I don't really know this wonderful country from direct experience. Just wanted to give my two cents.Positive:As a nation, you're rich. Developed.Cool.Wonderful places, especially the cities.Helped

Is the 'United' in United States of America ironic?

No, this is not ironic at all. Indeed, the word 'United' best suits the federal union of America or American type. The word has its roots in the mode of formation of the federal union. In simple terms, the federal union of America was formed by a voluntary agreement between a number of sovereign and

Is the United States a Rogue State?

Considering the U.S. a "rogue state" would depend on your definition of such, and also your point of view. I guess by one definition we started as a rogue state due to forcefully breaking away from our imperial overlords. From a modern standpoint, I can certainly see why citizens of

Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good portion of our middle-class jobs have been sent offshore. Minimum wage means that husband and wife must

What can the United Kingdom learn from the United States?

While not perfect, I do admire Americans optimism and willingness to progress, to find those with capital who are able to take on their ideas and put them into practice and make money. Also being innovators in new technology and of course their space program, which in getting to the moon, is likely their greatest hour.

What does the US get wrong about China?

Pretty much everything.I've noticed that a lot of times, you have a Chinese official make a statement. The US press will take one sentence from that statement, and that gets copied, and in the end you have a totally misleading sense of what that official said and

What would have happened if France had kept its American territories known as 'New France'?

Then America would have declared war on France. No? Seriously if America could declare independence against the British Empire, it would do so against the eventual decline of France. Even if America chose to do so during Napoleon's time, Napoleon would be hardpressed to

Why does the United States of America still need states?

I frequently dread how quickly and significantly Americans, let alone the rest of the world, are treating the United States more like a distinct single country such as Germany, than a collection of States (governing bodies) akin to the United Nations or perhaps even the European Union. Don't get me wrong, the United States is

With the Chinese population being 4 times that of the United States, and China's high economic growth, will this allow them to become the world's sole super power because their economy will be 4 times the size of the US?

China is a great power, but will never be a superpower. There are several reasons why this is true. First off, while China has the worlds largest army in terms of manpower, they are still very dependent on foreign(primarily Russian) hardware,

What do people in other countries think of America?

I ‘switched the USA off' on my social media. After the latest mass shooting I was so fed up with everything I saw, the NRA, Trump's reaction, ‘Guns don't kill people, people kill people', ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun

What will happen if the United States decides to merge with India, to become one country?

In this situation this new country would be the world's biggest economy that no country would be near matching. It would have the biggest population in the world. The USA would benefit from cheaper goods produced within their own country, less debt, and big work force while India would benefit from better

Why does the US support Israel? What benefit does the US get out of this alliance?

I am going to keep this answer short and to the point, rather than go into great detail with many references. These are the most important facts for this question/answer, in my opinion.The US supports Israel because both countries share democratic, western values. The founding fathers of America based their new country on ‘Judeo-Christian' values