Are there good qualities a friend has if they are counselling you through a divorce? Would it be helpful if they had been divorced too, or, alternatively, never divorced?

Why would you ever listen to a divorced friend on the topic of marriage? Obviously they screwed up their own marriage-don't listen to their advice or they'll screw up your marriage. Would you listen to an obese diet coach? Would you have a weakling for a personal trainer? Eww. No. Listen to your

Can men and women be friends?

Can they be? Most certainly.But things get more complicated since it comes with its unique challenges, and I'm not even speaking here of any potential sexual component. I'll give you a few problems here, at least two of which don't even involve any emotion or sentiment but are an issue of cold

Can wife and husband become good friends?

BY DANIELLE DAVIS The day I married my best friend changed my life forever! Everyone always says their wedding day is

Do boy-friends/husbands really take you for granted after a period of time?

Yes my husband has taken me for granted .. it's been 5yrs of our married life . Everytime he keeps hurting me in some or the other way thinking that i will never leave him and go .he knows that I'm badly in love with him and

How can a divorced woman make friends?

Friendship has nothing to do with what you are (divorce,married,widow). That friendship will not stay longer if it is based on selfish action. It should be based on selfless action.Have you Remember that old friend on which you trusted alot. Where is that friend , may be you have losted while pursuing your future goals.

How to deal with my very irresponsible friend

I forgot to add a description. My friend is amazing and we've been friends for 7 years, but she's also extremely irresponsible. For example, today we made plans to go to watch a movie together, and she told me that it was all covered. 2 hours before, she lets me know that the person

How to help my friend with depression

Advise your friend to seek professional help. Also, know that this can be pretty difficult, because of a lack of mental healthcare professionals, but he can start by going to his primary care physician and getting advice.Our society sees depression and anxiety as some sort of weakness of character. The world

How to motivate my friend to lose weight

Hey! Try the following let me know! - Have a role model? Have their pictures on your phone screen or mirror somewhere where you can see them every morning or night. ( for example I've always looked up to the rock, and admired his work ethic and humble persona)- Write

How to convince my divorced friend to form a support group

I guess forming a support group is different to joining one. I imagine it would be an enormous task, depending on exactly the context you mean. I can't blame someone coming out of divorce for not immediately wanting to takeon more pressure, more work and to have hard luck stories

How to get a relationship with a friend back to normal after spending a few months apart

I hate to say this, but I don't think she is your best friend anymore. With best friends, you could go months without seeing each other, but when you do get together, it is like nothing has changed and you

How to have sex with my boyfriend's friend without him knowing

Why you little sneak!I hope it isn't necessary for you to keep your present relationship because this may not end well.My recommendation is to wait for a time that the boyfriend is

How to help my sister, her husband left her for her best friend

So her friend settled for playing 2nd fiddle?It's irrelevant who he left her for, and I do not blame the friend for accepting him into her life, this happens sometimes, you can't blame or accuse either of them if that's where their hearts were, good luck

How to know if you should give someone another chance in your life

I'm going to give a really short answer because I don't know what kind of situation you're in. The best indicator for you, whether or not you should allow someone a second chance, is if you feel in your heart you can handle the worst

How will I know if my husband likes my friend?

My husband occasionally spends time around them, I mostly keep them all apart but hes around them only enough to know their faces & make the occasional polite chit chat while I'm grabbing my purse & coat by before my friends & I go do our own thing.

I cheated with my best female friend's husband and she told me that she won't forgive me until I allow her to sleep with my husband. The thing that worries me is that my husband seems interested in it. What do I do?

I cheated with my best female friend's husband and she told me that she won't forgive me until I allow her to sleep with my husband. The thing that worries me is that my husband seems interested in it. What do I do?You cheated on your husband and you are more concerned

I feel like I need to move abroad cause I am suffocated circling around the same environment. And I want to start my career there but leaving family friends everything behind seems a little bit odd?

It is a hard transition at first, but one that makes many of my friends very happy. I have one friend who just moved to the outskirts of Beijing for a couple of years, prior to that, she lived in Japan, mostly close to Tokyo

If he/she ever comes back, will you get back together?

There's a reason I broke up with him. He not only cheated on me. He kept on doing it while pretending to me that everything was over between them. When I voiced my doubts, instead of assuring me, he went on the offense and blamed me for not believing him. So

Is it okay for same-sex best friends to have sex?

For the love of God, don't do it. Your friendship will most likely be ruined.I lost my best friend because of this (well not only, but it was one of the reasons), and we didn't even have sex in the end. One day, she smoked a joint. We were talking and I had fun teasing her; she was tripping

Is it possible to stay friends with your ex within a week from break up when you are both in love?

One of my best friend's in college was of the opposite sex and we ended up spending a lot of time together and eventually decided to embark on a "friends with benefits" situation. I had real feelings for him so needless to say it was a bumpy ride and an emotional rollercoaster. At some point he confessed to

Is there a true love friendship existing in between a married man and another married woman?

From an Indian male Aged 40:Absolutely Yes, It does exist. Having experiencing one in my life. I am in secret affair now with a lovely lady.Its not Sin to fall in love with other married womanUntil now i used to feel yuk whenever

My best friend is cheating on her husband who I am having an affair with. Should I feel guilty?

Your best friend's action in no way absolve's you from cheating. You really think that because she's cheating, you have the right to cheat on your husband? The only one who's not cheating in this menage a' trois? Is your husband. You're a

My best friend's husband is having tuberculosis. She wants to give him a divorce. What should I suggest?

My wife is having Tuberculosis (TB). She is just 29 years of age. Should I Divorce her?Let me tell you in detail:Six moths back my wife caught with a fever and cough. First we started with self medication but when the condition did not improve

My friend hates anime, I want you to help me with one anime that can change his hate for anime?

While there are classic series that have huge, widespread fanbases like Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there's no

My friend is having an affair. Should I tell her husband about it?

I am utterly shocked by most of the answers here:"reveal the affaire, don't worry about the consequences""cheating should be punished in the harshest possible terms""tell this woman that if she doesn't tell will"The right thing to do

My friend slept with my spouse and I found out. She said it was to prove that my husband is no good for me and we should divorce. I'm heartbroken. What should I do?

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I can only imagine how you must be feeling, especially being betrayed by two people you trusted.I know it's hard, and I know your mind and heart are both racing in a million different directions, but the reality

My husband goes out late at night and doesn't come home until 3 am. I ask him where he goes and he says to a friends. What should I do?

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDSMy EX husband did exactly that same thing. I was naive and thought he just needed some growing up to do .... 10 years later I was still sitting at home, now with 3 children, and he was still out

My husband took our teenager and his friends to D&B for some fun. They ate lunch and the bill comes and they tipped $2. Should they have known to tip more or is it natural at that age to not know yet?

Teens of middle class and lower incomes often do not know if you cannot afford the tip, you cannot afford the meal. Servers know this, and don't expect much from teens, its just part of the business. By the time teens are college age,

My narcissistic husband had an affair and I'm staying with him. He has suffered the consequences of his actions by losing close friends and his job. He is depressed and making it about him. Will our relationship get better or worse?

No, I'm sorry miss but he has not suffered all the consequence's of his actions. I understand you love him, but what would ever make you think he loves you? Isn't the fact that he cheated on you, and is now making it all about him? Proof enough for you to see this? Where are you on his

Should I marry my divorced best friend even if I have never been married before?

Dear Best Friend of a Divorcee,Let's start with a few hard facts about marriage:People marry People! Tags like Single marries Divorcee are social constructs which

Should I move abroad as my friends are also moving?

If you're not deserting your mother and planning to move with her from the very start, it's great.But yes, there is also a clause in your question which says that your friends are asking you to do so even if you're content and satisfied with

Should I reveal to my friend the fact her husband had a long term affair or keep quiet, even though I know she is living a complete lie?

** Absolutely, If she is a true friend of yours. Of course you should, but keep what I wrote in mind below**  Maturity means we learn to find our peace in the midst of painful situations.  When you do tell her, don't breathe a word about how it's impacting you, what you would do

What are biggest misconceptions about friendship?

from my experience, there are several:it will last: there is no embedded duration or a set/ predictable expiration dateit can end at any moment for any reasonit will be a mutually satisfying experience: a friendship can leave a person scarred and torn since a friend can turn into an enemy

What are some secrets that you have hidden from your best friend?

Until recently I hid who I really was from my best friend for over 10 years and as my best friend she didn't even blink an eye and stated she already knew lolI grew up in a diffcult and strict parenting. Although she is my adoptive mother she would beat the living shit out

What are the best comment on friends picture?

When commenting on friends pictures I like to always mention something from the actual picture itself. Some comments are here:-1. Cool dude2. Smart boy3. Handsom boy4. Superb5. Number one !!6. Pretty good stuff ahhaaa!!7. Yeah my bro !8. Nice pic!9. Gentlemen!10. Funtastic!!11. Always Smart!12. Innocent look!13. Evergreen Charming14. Personality!15. Dashing16. Adorable17. Slaying18. Beautiful

What can I gift my best friend who is currently going through a divorce?

I have to go with Dixie on the journal idea for sure. Journals are good because they allow you to vent your  thoughts and organise them so you aren't in such a tangle when  communicating with others.Something else I have seen is best friends going and

What is the naughtiest thing you have done with a friend?

Last summer, I was 40, been married almost 18 years and the only woman I had ever been with was my wife. Our sex life had become predictable and boring. It was sex twice a month (usually on a Saturday night) and straight missionary position. My wife does

What makes a good friend?

I summarize it as this: "people who you can have fun with/make you feel better, nudge you towards personal growth/encourage you to be at your "best", and you can learn from".- people who encourage you to express yourself  (which in turn, helps you "grow" and "be the best at what

What would your response be when your crush asks you 'Who is your crush'?

It happened once...She and i were sitting alone in tuitionShe:so mr Abhishek pandey you love srk??Me: Ya he is more than an actor for meShe: Do you love anyone other than him??Me: Ya my parents ....She: Stupid i mean who is your crush??Inner me: You , whenever

What's the most useful 'life hack' you've learned from family or friends?

I have multiple, if that's okay.One of my closest friends told me that: if you're ever in public and you're struggling not to cry and you are about to, focus on the warm feeling your eyes get right before you cry and rub your tongue against

When is the right time to tell a woman that I love her?

Don't say anything about love. Not one word.None of this.

When would you advise a friend to file for divorce?

I usually would not. I would listen but I would not encourage divorce. You truly don't know what is going on in their home. Perhaps the person just wants to

Why does my friend always complain about her husband?

People go through phases in a normal marriage. However, to many people think the grass is greener so to speak. I have been married 28 years to a very sweet woman. Has it been easy? Sometimes yes and other times not at all. However its takes tons of work. My wife is

Why does my husband's friend told me my husband cheated on me?

Because he wants you to cheat on your husband and have an affair with him. Had he been a true friend of your husband he would have kept mum in spite of your husband cheating on you. Or he would try to pull your husband back for that path. As of

Why don't people take friendships seriously?

We live in an age when the word friend is used too lightly.I began noticing this when my kids were teenagers. They're in their 30's now. Everyone was their friend, in fact my daughter used to list people's names, and count

Why is it wrong if I don't care anymore? I don't care about graduating college, my friends, my family, or about my future anymore.

There is nothing wromg with you,Your soul is just rejecting what you know isn't going to help you with your true destiny, your true passion.You are realising that you would like to be a free spirit and do what makes you happy instead of being a slave to the system and repeating the cycle.Anything you need or want

Why won't my parents let me have friends?

Some parents have a basic distrust of  children other than their own and want to isolate their children in hopes that they can provide protection against outsideinfluences.  The home school movement certainly has roots in the notion that public schools are a hotbed of sin and

Will it be easy to make friends if I move abroad?

If you are moving because of making friends alone, it may not be any easier to make friends in a new country than the one you are leaving.  Have you analyzed why it is difficult to make friends in the city you are leaving?  Yourstuff will go with you wherever you go.  It isn't usually

Are cats friendly to people or they just exploiting us?

Depends if the cat was properly socialized with humans. Cats are not dogs they are not fully domesticated so if you come to touch them and they don't know you they hide they see a giant monster after them. My cat is super social and greets people

As a male, what is the best compliment you have ever received?

A couple come to mind.A few years back I had to produce some slides for a presentation and the only printer in the office that could do the job was at one of the secretary's work stations so I came in early and set myself up at her desk. Started working away. A few minutes later two

Do you enjoy debating politics with your friends?

Politics is just a highly practical form of a debate that causes an outcome for the good of the people or atleast that's what they want us to know . It's a topic where you take sides and support a candidate which justifies why you vote at the first place .It ignites a debate and

How can friends help with my depression?

Depression is an action from the lack of certainty or loss of control in your life. What is that?Have your friends discuss this with you. Talking will help you to sort out the issue. Once that is done, the solution will be revealed.Here are some questions for discussion: What do you want? What do you want to

How to help my friend with depression

I suffered with depression for most of my life and Ive been experimenting with lots of different things.#1: get your blood tested for vitamin deficiency. (its weird that being deficient in 1 or more vitamins can keep and hold you in depression)The number one culprit is magnesium. Because the human digestive system sucks at at absorbing it.

How to help my friends who have depression

Support them; in whatever way you can, just be there for them. People with depression have a hard time getting out of bed, they may have an incredibly messy room which further gives them a feeling of shame, they may have thoughts of feeling worthless, they may want to go get help but are too scared

How to teach my capable 20-something friend to ride a bike

Here is my fail safe method of bike riding instruction. But first: Why is this so hard? Bike riding is difficult because when you most want to put your feet on the ground for just a little support, guess what happens? The peddles come along and sweep your feet out from under you and down you go with a

How do people become friends with lions, tigers and other wild animals?

They don't.I know this is an unpopular fact, but you cannot become friends with a wild animal.‘Friends' is a human concept that animals do not understand. Raising an animal from a baby does not make you friends or family, it is actually called ‘imprinting'. Imprinting is when an animal, raised by another species, thinks that

How to make friends traveling alone

When I turned 20 I decided to travel to London, alone. I've travelled with friends before, but point of this trip was this:Travel to a place where I don't know anybody and force myself to meet new people.To make sure I did this, I prepared by doing the following:I closed my social

How to play sports with friends

Playing sports is not just my hobby but a part of my life.Coming to your question, suppose I want to play football with my friends,The first thing I would do is to inform them in advance i.e. two or one day before, that I wish

How does one help a friend who's depressed and doesn't consider herself worthy?

Get her to a therapist who doesn't rely on medication.Be supportive in helping her do some cognitive cleaning. The causes of depression are not clear, and inner junk from events that may have been forgotten, yet whose decisions are still in control, is detrimental.You want satisfaction, and success. You want changes with positive outcomes.  

How should I approach my crush as a friend?

Magic potions!Ok, maybe not that, but there are ways.Don't be overbearing or too eager. If you come off as trying too hard and it doesn't seem romantic, but seems creepy and possessive, then you're Fucked from jump street.Find out what they like, and relate. Don't be fake! If they

I asked my friend if he thought he was in shape and he said 'Round is a shape.' What does this mean?

It means he is not that concerned right now about being buff. He is being flippant about your question. You asked him if he thought he was in shape. I'm sure you meant that his weight is good, that he eats healthy, and is physically

I want to start hitting the gym with my friends, especially to get abs and increase my biceps. Can you help me with my workout routine?

There's a lot of fluff and photos in here so I'll just keep it brief. You're not going to believe me, either. I know you won't but I speak the truth.You have one workout, you do it three days a week.5–10 minutes of Warmup - Jumping Jacks or skipping rope. Just get warm.Squat - 5 sets x 5 reps.

If a friend invited you to a sports game, but you do not like the sport. Do you still go because he or she is your friend, or tell them no instead because you do not like the sport?

In a healthy friendship, these are the options:You go, and try to enjoy their company. You may even learn interesting things about the game from them, and that will give you something to talk about Who knows, you end up liking it!You say that you don't think you both will have

Is advice from elder friends more valuable?

They live longer than us, so technically they should have more experience than us and the most convincing assumption is they have more lessons.Whether it's valuable or not, that depends on the situation and your own definition of the word valuable itself.In my experience, their advices are valuables

Is it common for two platonic homosexuals to live together?

Gay men, gay women, two opposite gender straight people, are totally capable of cohabitation without a romantic or sexual relationship. This is because not all people regardless of sexual or romantic orientation are compatible.If you are straight, and I took a random person of the opposite

Is it possible to love someone whom you are supposed to hate?

Why would you hate that someone? We can't tell what we may feel along the way I have experienced that I never like that persons personality at the start but as I get to know the personality I found out we could get along with each other so that's

My friend thinks that she will get success in life only if she loses weight and looks a certain way. how do I explain her that she's wrong?

Chances are good that there are deeper issues she's going to have to work through on her own, but you could try:pointing out examples of successful women who are kicking ass and taking names despite not being a size two modelencouraging her to avoid fashion magazines and instagram models and the whole

Should I go and support my friend or stay away?

I think that this situation is very volatile and if it is messed with it has the potential to blow up. My advice is to let everything simmer down with time while encouraging your friend to make the decisions that feel right to her. While I would

Should you be going to the gym and working out with friends?

It depends what kind of lifter the friend is. Like if the friend is a ignorant ego lifter, then obviously no, or if the friend is an idiot that's been lifting for more than 3 years and still swings and flail dumbbells with no control like a total newbie, then no. I've also been to

What are some good captions for a best friend picture?

with you i laugh a little louder, cry a little less and smile a lot more. Together , till death do us apart. <3<3<Life was meant for Best Friends and Good Adventures!Best Friends make good times better and hard times easier!

What are the best comment on friends picture?

When commenting on friends pictures I like to always mention something from the actual picture itself. Some comments are here:-1. Cool dude2. Smart boy3. Handsom boy4. Superb5. Number one !!6. Pretty good stuff ahhaaa!!7. Yeah my bro !8. Nice pic!9. Gentlemen!10. Funtastic!!11. Always Smart!12. Innocent look!13. Evergreen Charming14. Personality!15. Dashing16. Adorable17. Slaying18. Beautiful

What are the best ways to create a healthy balance between friendships and partnership as one gets older?

Preferences differ and couples have unique goals when it comes to the frequency in which they see each other and their friends.I think it would be best for people to talk to their partners about their preferences, no matter how old they are.If one doesn't want to spend as much time apart as the other, it

What are the world's friendliest animals?

Generally, the ones that evolved on islands without many predators (and thus don't have any intrinsic fear of humans)This definitely applies to many of the birds in New Zealand (especially the kea and kakapo), as well as to certain other animals (like the quokka)

What can someone do to help their friend with getting out of depression?

Because so many people ask a similar question, I'm just going to copy and paste most of my answer. It's VERY welcome that you care and want to help.You can't help them OUT of depression, but you can offer love and support, which is HUGE. I

What is life without friends?

I like it. Actually, I love it. I like not having to answer to anyone about my thoughts, ideas, dreams and aspirations; daily plans, short term goals, and long shots. I don't have to justify myself to anyone, and it is liberating.I don't have to

What is something I can do for 15 minutes every day to improve the relationships with my friends and family?

Listen.Literally, that's it. Listen.In a busy world with so many pressures around us, it's hard to not become overwhelmed.So, often other people will come to you and rant about their day, their problems, their lives. It's easy to fall into the trap that they want advice, that they want you to fix

What is the best thing to do to help one of my close friends with depression?

In this modern age of instant connectivity, I had requested many of my ‘so-called' friends, cousins, neighbors and even their dog, during my worst phase to just inquire about me at least once in a month, just so that I know I am

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Oh there are so many actually....My childhood has been the bestGoing to parks for playing with my father on his scooter everyday. Actually he is the one who made my childhood so special. Pushing the swing so high when I used to sit on it, fulfilling all my demands, popcorns on a daily basis, jumping high

What would your response be when your crush asks you 'Who is your crush'?

It happened once...She and i were sitting alone in tuitionShe:so mr Abhishek pandey you love srk??Me: Ya he is more than an actor for meShe: Do you love anyone other than him??Me: Ya my parents ....She: Stupid i mean who is your crush??Inner me: You , whenever i close my eyes

Who is your best friend? Why?

My best friend !!I have many friends but only few of them are close to my heart , whom I never want to lose not even in my dream!Friends are medicine for wounded heart and vitamins for hopeful soul.SAI SUPREETH YK, from the day I met I feel

Why am I so much more overweight than my friends?

Do they share your DNA, genetic composition and or body composition? No? Well that's why its different. Some people have high metabolisms, which cause them to constantly be burning energy that people with low metaboliams would end up storing as fat. Some people can eat all the pasta and potato's in the world and

Why is it necessary to have friends?

All jokes, insult, abuse and teasing apart all for a moment imagine that you lost your best friend dead. You will never hear that voice again, you will never see that face again. Did your soul shiver? Did that pinch you in your heart? Sometimes we need a reminder of how lucky

A friend of mine is depressed, what are some things I can say to her to help her feel better and help her know that people care about her?

Things are not to be said u have to do practical. U talk to her daily so that she can feel that somebody is there for her who cares, why to depend on others. Play your part . Listen to her with patience as depressed person sometimes have suicidal tendencies arised. Try to

Are Salman Khan and Aamir Khan true friends?

After Andaaz Apna Apna they both detested each other. Salman hated Aamir for his fastidiousness and Aamir hated Salman for over casualness.This continued and both decided never to work with each other.Then one fine day Salman called Aamir, may be after many years, to his home,may be for a drink. This was the time when Aamir

Can you tell your friends deepest secrets?

No means never.Don't tell your deepest secret to anyone even to so called besties. In this world of fake emotions everyone is opportunist. He or she will not give a fuck to your secret and one day it will not be your secret anymore. Who knows you can lose that person

Do fat friends make you fat?

Yes, fat friends can make you fat.A person's chances of becoming obese increased by 57% if he or she had a friend who became obese in a given interval. discussed in the above paper is also the possibility of infection

Girls, what do you look for in a guy?

A2AEvery woman is different and they want different qualities or traits in a man and one woman's choice might not be another woman's requirement! There isn't even one common thing that all women of this planet (around 3.5 billion ladies), might like in a man! If one woman likes short men, another one might want

How to be more social and have more friends

I can definitely identify with your dilemma. As an introvert, I am only to happy to stay in and keep to myself. It is only when day after has has gone by that I begin to realize that I am missing social interaction.Several years ago,

How to help my friend who walked out of her marriage after 15 years with 13 year old daughter

The best thing you can do is ask her what you can do to support her. She's going to have her good days and she's going to have her more challenging days. Just be there to listen to her, take her out to get her mind off of things, and let her

How to make friends with more interesting people in college

I usually made friends with classmates in courses where we had common interests. In one case we formed a study group and met a couple of times a week. We could socialize after and get a pizza out, for example. Also, be a joiner. Find areas of interest and

How to approach friends that have a big social media following to appear on my IG business account and to post me on there's and I'll give them a free treatment? How do I say it in a way that doesn't come off as if I'm only using them

I love your thinking, you are on the money here!A lot of restaurants do the same thing. Thy find Instagramers that are foodies that photograph their food when they are out and offer them a free meal, hoping that they photograph the meal. Most of the time they do!In your case don't worry about

How to get out my nice guy image

Have confidence in yourself. You don't need to get out of your nice-guy image. Love will come to you at the right time with the right person but if you keep looking for it where it's not supposed to be found, you won't find it. Friendship is a great relationship. You are lucky that

How do some people have the ability to make friends so easily?

My kids are each 12. My son makes friends very easily. My daughter, not so much.Here's the biggest difference I notice: my son wants connection with people, he craves it My daughter is interested in observing people and she's interested in discussing ideas. But connection is not her

How to help a friend with an addiction problem when they don't listen to a single thing you tell them

That's a difficult situation because until an addict is truly wanting to change it's not going to happen. You can talk, cry, complain and vent all you want to your friend but until this individual has literally hit rock bottom he/she isn't going to change.Addicts are very conniving people.

How to make a lazy person work

By lazy, if you mean a procrastinator, and not a depressed soul who has lost the will to work then go no far... i have a remedy that has always helped me get off my lazy bum.Every single time. Without fail.

How does a guy avoid the friendzone?

A girl doesn't friendzone you. Friendzone is when you behave in an unattractive manner or demonstrating traites that doesn't really arouse a girl to want to be with you.To be more practical here is what I mean: A guy doesn't act immediately to approach a girl he likes due to fear of being

How does one make friends? I have been diagnosed with severe depression, and I have just forgotten how to talk to people.

Having been through very deep depression for over a decade in my life l understand how you feel. I didn't think I would ever have friends in my life for years but I learned some things I'd like to share with you as my life is completely different now and people look to me

I feel embarrassed about not having friends at school. How can I stop feeling ashamed?

I have personally faced this problem. I never had friends which I could say stayed with me for a long time. I remember giving a lot of importance to some people who never really cared much about me. It was just one sided.In 7th standard, I had a major fight with those who I considered