Can cats feel frustrated?

Not doubt about it!Watch an indoor cat sit on a window sill, and bird or squirrel or chipmunk watch. Many will literally chatter in frustration that they can't get at that lovely moving toy/prey out there. Cats stalking their prey outdoors don't get vocal, they will make similar mouthing, motion, no sound -

Does religion cause frustration?

I believe it does. Religious folk generally stand by their beliefs and many of them tend to be blinded by their own faith. This causes other people to be frustrated because they fail to acknowledge other people's beliefs. They just believe that they are right and everyone

I have to work long hours at a job I don't like - how do I release my frustration?

It is impossible to live a life by doing everything that you like to do.You can rarely make a living by doing what you love.It is so because you have to usually pay for doing what you love and you

If someone is having a bad time and wants to take their frustrations out on someone, what kind of person are they likely to chose, and why?

Based on people I know the kind of person someone like you described will choose either of two types of people. The first being a person who is hard to phase and is strong enough to take the abuse (this can include the bad boy type,

Men: What are your biggest frustrations in dating?

I will be 64 next month. As a senior (good God, I really am getting old) I can tell you that dating is hard work. I think Mary Gignilliat summed things up nicely from a woman's perspective. Yes, men lie, but so do women. A lot. A whole lot. Mary gets

Scientific Research: What is the most frustrating thing about being a scientist?

I would say, people not listening to you. This plays out on many scales. First, the public doesn't listen, or at least they hear the wrong things. Second, ideas move science forward so it is always frustrating when you feel like people are ignoring your

Technically speaking, what is the most frustrating part of your job day-to-day?

That I have to work under someone else and I cannot chose that someone(manager).That my decision and work doesn't make any direct impact on society or someone's life.That the work I do gives me money but not enough time to enjoy with that money.That the location and work

What are people's biggest frustrations with Chrome?

1) I appreciate that Chrome is trying to prevent becoming bloated like Firefox, but some of the settings they ignore are outrageous.  I've found that I actually get *more* of a bloated experience because now I have to rely on extensions to add these simple features that you just expect to be in a browser

What are people's biggest frustrations with graduate school?

If you are studying in an Indian Graduate school, the biggest frustration would be of "75% attendance", which would be followed by 'whose lecture is it now!';next come the "assignments/submissions".After these, varying priority maybe given to projects, tests, general proficiency marks, internals and more(something that would be specific to your college/graduate school).

What are people's biggest frustrations with LaTeX?

As another answer points out, the code base of TeX is frozen, which guarantees that you will be able to process a .tex file that works now for many years to come... or does it?Most of the functionality of TeX actually comes from a myriad of macro packages. These

What are people's biggest frustrations with Linux?

Lack of familiar applications. LibreOffice is pretty good, but will mangle MSFT PowerPoint presentations.  And "The GIMP" is an image editing program that has a lot of good points, but it's not all there for advanced Adobe Photoshop users. (This problem can be much worse for users going from a conventional OS to

What are people's biggest frustrations with peeing?

1) in camping type situations women are disadvantaged because a nozzle is more convenient esp w cold weather. 2) in more formal situations there 2 inconveniences. First of all women's clothes generally require more steps to remove and then dress again. They may also need to replace sanitary supplies and touch

What are people's biggest frustrations with the Boston MBTA?

I am a member of one of the countless T advisory boards. I give tours of Boston as a hobby and I love the T. It is a jewel of the city, but there is no question at all that is a deteriorating

What are some of the biggest frustrations for women in seeking a partner to marry?

I think my biggest frustration in finding a life partner, a husband, was trusting someone. Too many times my trust was broken and I feared I would never be able to trust anyone.One day, I was sitting in my then boyfriend's truck with his little girl. She was probably 6 at the time. While he pumped gas, she

What are the biggest frustrations about aging?

For me, it's the assumptions and expectations that come with your age.You are obligated to do and feel stuff.I am still the same person I were an year ago when I was in college. I didn't change overnight after my graduation ceremony. I didn't feel the urge to

What are the biggest frustrations about cats?

"Kiko, my homework is due tomorrow. Please DON'T SIT ON MY HOMEWORK and let me finish it."No, you can't sit on my laptop either... Gosh, you just closed my unsaved works!!!""You have just eaten! Don't ask me to escort you to your food bowl and

What are the biggest frustrations about cooking?

Trying to open a can with no can openerTrying to remove little bits of eggshell from raw eggRealizing in the middle of cooking you forgot to buy one essential ingredientRealizing after cooking you forgot to add one essential ingredientRealizing you didn't mix

What are the biggest frustrations about gender?

The biggest gender frustration?Getting hounded by messages sent by random jobless people of the opposite gender (men in my context) on social networking sites.This can be on Facebook,Instagram or any other social networking site.I honestly appreciate messages from men who are genuine and polite with their message. I have no

What are the biggest frustrations about health and wellness?

These are the areas I see being the most frustrating:1)Without planning or having a clear idea of what health and/or wellness looks like for you it is overwhelming and frustrating to just

What are the biggest frustrations about healthy living?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It's much easier to eat whatever you want and forget about exercising, especially with our diminishing "free time." I wrote a blog post entitled, "The Inconvenient Truths Behind Diet And Exercise." You can read it here: UpDesk: Recent Articles. I've outlined several frustrations

What are the biggest frustrations about math?

I am not so good at math. But one of my biggest frustrations about math is the mathematics curriculum in schools. I'm a junior in high school. All through middle school, I took basic math. In seventh grade, I went into Pre Algebra. After a year of that, I took Algebra I. I graduated

What are the biggest frustrations about religion?

Specific to HinduismThe idea that a just God can be bought with a coconut and Rs 11. The idea that prayer is better than actionThe idea that a pilgrimage or a dip in a river can wash all your sinsThe idea that its ok to be selective about what you believe in

What are the biggest frustrations about startups?

Finding Co-founder(s): I won't say it is a frustation, its a part of your ability to convince people to work with you, and your first hire at your company. But it is as hard as letting your job go to work out

What are the biggest frustrations about strength training and weightlifting?

I'm still pretty much a noob at weightlifting, but so far the most frustrating thing is attempting a personal best when you think you should be able to do it comfortably, and failing miserably. like your progress has been steady, everything seems to be working, then inexplicably you fail. Another really annoying thing is getting injured,

What are the biggest frustrations about the Democratic Party?

In a nutshell, my biggest frustrations are as follows:Lack of understanding of Human Nature.Mistrusting of US citizens to take care of themselves, while at the same time working to make more people dependent on the State under the guise of helping citizens to take care of themselves thereby creating an environment where

What are the biggest frustrations about the Republican Party?

I think one of my biggest frustrations about the Republican Party is the way some (and honestly, most) of its members view the Democratic Party and people who take advantage of government programs. I think the best way to illustrate this is by examining the thoughts of a few individuals who answered the sister question to

What are the biggest frustrations about US politics?

1) The Electoral Collegea. The Electoral College guarantees that partisan state legislatures can change the allocation of votes from region to region, giving one candidate a victory in the electoral college when it does not win the popular vote. b. The people are technically voting for the electors

What are the biggest frustrations about work, employment, and careers?

There are many.   The ones I've encountered most often:(1)   Having a job in a very regulated or monopolistic field, where things move exceeding slowly, or there are huge amounts of waste of people, time, and materials.(2)  Having managers that do the bare minimum and more get in the way of progress than facilitating.(3)  When the company president

What are the biggest frustrations of being a high school teacher that ordinary people do not understand?

Every classroom situation is different. One day it is calm and passive and the next day it can get boisterous.No two kids are the same. Each one has a different learning style and most students between the age of 10–13 are volatile. Any minute your best lesson can become your worst. The unpredictability

What are the biggest frustrations of HR professionals?

Can only talk about my own experience. I spent 5 years in HR and then left for more exciting job in consulting. During those 5 years I've done pretty much everything in HR field - HR admin, recruitment, compensations and benefits, training and development, budgeting, controlling,

What are the biggest frustrations with Amazon AWS?

AWS' pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for over 100 cloud services can be the double-edged sword. There are two challenges when the company wants to migrate to AWS:The budget planning. IT department usually couldn't provide a clear financial estimate of cost/saving for AWS migration project. AWS cost calculator did help in some services. If the company

What are the five most frustrating tasks for teachers?

I'll share the frustrations of both my wife and I. Entrepreneurs... you're going to want to read this through point 3.Grading. Technology still hasn't created the means for a teacher to create an assignment which can assess their students' skills instantly, have it reported to the teacher, have

What are the frustrations of Indian women?

1: Men come on the top of my list.Being an Indian woman I guess I am eligible to answer this question. Let's start with some real experiences so that I can actually portray what I want to say.● Recently I planned a trip with

What are your biggest frustrations when applying for a visa?

I would say the biggest frustration for my clients is around administrative processing.  You can't predict if you will be subject to administrative processing and you also can't predict how long it will take.  There's no way to "premium process" administrative processing.  It really causes headaches for both employers and employees as there's

What are your biggest frustrations with the world?

My biggest frustration right now is that my BPD and Bi Polar are in full swing. I noticed when my husband got sick. I live with 1 of 3 daughter's and things are very difficult with her and her fiance. After reading all of the symptoms of splitting and anger and all

What are your greatest frustrations in life?

Time.If time were a person, he'd be a slippery little bastard that is forever jeering at you as you exhaustingly try to catch him.When you need more time, it's like seeing a mirage in the desert.You picture the luxury of having the time to relax, the time to get

What do Christians find frustrating about their religion?

What frustrates me is having the Holy Spirit while being in this fleshly body. The war inside of a Christian is very painful sometimes.It is also frustrating to me that there are so many false versions of Christianity which gives REAL Christianity a bad name.It frustrates me when ignorant people twist

What frustrates beginner programmers the most? I'm trying to determine the largest pain points for beginner programmers.

While everyone here has answered about technical stuff i will try to answer about the the trouble of picking up a language and the learning process.The huge number of options are frustrating. It is very overwhelming and intimidating. I've just started learning python and have been working on small projects for now. It is very annoying to choose

What frustrates people in school?

Behold, I present to you all the daily struggles of students:Revision provided by Maths Teacher for upcoming tests:Q1- If Jen has X amount of apples, and 3 of them are rotten, form an equation for the amount of good apples Jen has.Ooo nice and simple...Q2- Find the value

What frustrates scientists and researchers the most?

Researchers are in 'research' because they are driven to push forward our knowledge and understanding of their chosen field. Anything that gets in the way of that on a day to day basis is generally frustrating. this includes the following: Dealing

What frustrates teachers?

Students harassing other students. Everyone has a right to be safe at school.Students who refuse help because they don't want to appear weak, even though they're struggling. There's no pride in being the ‘dumb' kid, and you're probably not, you just need some help to get started.Other

What frustrates you about Linux?

No robust gaming support from DevelopersI would much rather use Linux at times over Windows, no buggy installers, easy to compile and code on, and has many kernel advantages over WinNT.However, the reason that Windows has had a strong hold on the market is the amount of software written for Windows and

What frustrates you the most?

My married friends especially girls.I'm at the age where most of my friends are married now. Some seems to be happily married and others seems like having made the worst mistake in life.The problem that frustrates any unmarried girl of my age is these married friends who start behaving

What is the biggest challenge or frustration you are currently facing in your career?

The biggest frustation for me is that I am always judged in comparison to my colleagues for those things which I am not good at but for my strengths , I am never appreciated. For eg. Speaking in meetings /gatherings rather than the subject knowledge or technical skills.In the corporate world, your manager just treats

What is the biggest frustration for snowboarders?

#1 FlatspotsIt's a real bummer when you're going along a flat section and you can see the brow where it starts going downhill again, but you know you're not going to get there without unclipping a foot.When you get to know the resort you know

What is the biggest frustration you experience when exercising at the gym?

I've been lifting and teaching aerobics/yoga for 20 years so my frustrations tend to vary based on the facility but there are some commonalities among all places that don't seem to change, regardless if the place is high end or not.1.

What is the most frustrating part of being a genius?

The most frustrating part of being a genius, for me, is when I spend hours explaining how my invented technology works to engineers, PHDs, patent attorney, etc. and they tell me that

What is the most frustrating thing about being a computer programmer?

When I started my career in the 1990s, there were 3 quite frustrating aspects, and I have come to cope with them to a varying extent:Working for the trash canCommunication between developers and business peopleDiscussions among developers over aesthetic or

What is the most frustrating thing about being a doctor?

Every job has its frustrations. Doctoring is a complicated and unpredictable job where, sometimes, the consequences of mischance can be distressing. So it is not just you that get's brassed off when the embuggerment factor is high, it may well be that harm is accruing to patients.Frustrations vary according to where you are in your career and

What is the most frustrating thing about being a human?

I think one of the most frustrating things about being human are the limitations I have to deal with. In terms of awareness, my sensory apparatus is very limited. I can only hear, see and feel a very small portion of the world around me. There is so much else going on now, happening right

What is the most frustrating thing about being a lawyer?

One of the most frustrating things about being a lawyer is that, generally speaking, you are only an agent, not a principal. This means that your job is to serve not only the interests of your client, but also to follow their instructions (except of course when they conflict your professional responsibility obligations and

What is the most frustrating thing about being a scientist?

Personally I feel much more optimistic than the authors of some of the other answers apparently do. Yes, the lack of open access, anti-intellectualism, scarcity of positions, low salary, deadlines and other issues can make you feel bad at times, but we somehow always find ways

What is your biggest frustration as a teacher?

There's two, both frustrating for different reasons.The first frustration, which is more frustrating than the other thing, but happens less frequently:Parents whose total lack of concern for discipline problems is reflected in their child's attitude towards disciplinary problems. I've had parents who, when hearing that

What is your biggest frustration as a yoga teacher?

I will only comment and I cannot speak for myself since I am not a teacher yet. The one thing I observed during almost two years of yoga is driving people to take classes. I've been to many classes where volume is an issue. I 've seen instructors pose as students in class. I think once I have

What is your biggest frustration in your business?

Time wasters.People who say they can help or are interested in using your services etc and then either don't respond when you follow up or they let their mouth run away with them and can't come up with the goods..I wish people didn't promise to help with something that they can't, or didn't act

What is your biggest frustration when it comes to intimate relationships?

To answer your second question, yes. Your past influences your future, but it doesn't necessarily have to.You need to really work on yourself to let go of the past. You have to be convinced that your past isn't your future. That you can change and take the right

What is your biggest frustration with your career?

Ok.....maybe iam too young to write this answer. But I do have something to share....I was a bright student till 10th standard. I opted to pursue my senior secondary education from science stream. I had both biology and math, as my subjects along with physics chemistry and english. My ambition

What is your biggest frustration?

I took my A/l in 2015 August. The results came on January 3rd 2016! until that what am I supposed to do? I am a math student, kept calculating my marks again and again and tried to guess if I would get engineering

What is your most frustrating work experience?

Handling parents who talk about their child in front of them.Perspective: I teach violin and piano to individual students; for years I traveled a route around 4 counties, going directly to students' homes for their lessons, and eventually our living room became my studio when I quit traveling.So

What was the most frustrating part about remodeling your home?

Are you Renovating or Re modelling your Home or giving it a Makeover? Here's some food for thought!The great benefit of owning your own property is the freedom to do home renovations or makeovers or re modelling the way you choose'Home / Property Improvement is defined as

What's the biggest challenge or frustration women have with talking to men?

Let me just start off by saying, that I really enjoy talking to men. There is something very reassuring and natural about it and I love it when they aren't afraid to go further then shallow small talk.But since you asked, here are my small

What's the most frustrating thing about being a conservative?

Fueled by underlying presumptions about President Trump and his supporters, the most frustrating thing in today's divisive political climate is the negative impact being a conservative has on your personal relationships.Making matters worse, an increasingly biased media is shelving journalistic integrity & honest reporting and as a result they're finally getting exposed and

What's the most frustrating thing about being a liberal?

That we seem to be held to different standards than the Republicans. Now, let it be known that the worst thing about this is both sides do it. Conservatives and Republicans think

What's the most frustrating thing about driving in general?

I spend a lot of my time in my car.  500 miles per week.  The one thing I know to be true from my time in the car is,  when you give a person four wheels and a seat surounded by lots of metal,  the primitive

What's the most frustrating thing in your life?

You've got a job from campus at the beginning of your final year at college. And now that your college has ended and it's already a month after farewell, but you've still not got the date of joining!You're hearing of a probability of

What's the most frustrating thing you've encountered as a teacher?

I'm sure most people will say the same things, but my big two are students not working up to their potential as well as administrative meddling. One of the toughest lessons for a new teacher is understanding that some students just won't do their assignments. You can

What's your biggest frustration with looking for a job?

This day and age looking for a job is more frustrating than it has ever been for candidates. I believe this is mostly because employers really do not know what they want or should be looking for. I know this sounds crazy, but

What's your biggest frustrations as a musician?

Personally I hate what music has become. Everyone is a guitarist, everyone is a musician.I work hard and try and produce original music, take time to play real instruments.And then comes this kid who is 16, raps a semi-decent quality song to a copied and pasted backing track with lyrics that don't show anything

When it comes to finding love, what is YOUR biggest frustration?

Finding someone who can grow and change with you.You are (hopefully) going to grow and change and evolve through all your years, and much, much, more difficult to find than any other aspect of that special  someone is to find the person whose course and yours are close enough to a perfect pair that you

Why are people getting more and more frustrated and angry?

Cheap and badly made appliances can drain much of the good will, virtue and patience out of anyone, thus leaving them more prone to a meltdown tirade. Think about how a badly made dishwasher can wear on a married couple.

Why are People so Frustrated?

Frustration is a state of mind which arises when something/someone prevents us, our plan, our action, from progressing, succeeding or achieving our goal, aim, desires ....being fulfilled.It comes when we feel disagreed and dissatisfied from inside.It is a feeling of despair.Our soul, mind, heart and body

Why do people feel frustration?

Because we don't feel good all the time. Because things don't end up good all the time. Because not everyone is going to love you. Because you don't get what you want all the time. Because he doesn't feel the

Why do people get frustrated during PhD?

There are many reasons to get frustrated during a Ph.D. and most of these could be experienced in other occupations of life as well. I am jotting down as many as come to my mind. This list may only be applicable for those working in biological sciences!No fellowshipFellowship holder but not fellowship doesn't get disbursed

Why do people get frustrated with their friends?

No one can like a person all the time. People naturally make mistakes and certain aspects abt a person (regardless how much u care abt them) can be quite frustrating. Sometimes a friend may not be listening to something important

Why is dating so frustrating and difficult for a guy?

Misplaced priorities.The other day I met this guy at a bar. He'd been attempting to hit on my girlfriend and a mutual friend of ours. As his negs failed to yield positive results he shifted the conversation to another topic: dating. Most of the discussion concerned how jealous he was of women and how much easier it was

Why is life so frustrating?

Yeah life will be so frustrated if the things won't happen like you think how they should happen.If you don't have any goal then life will be frustrated with all the nonsense happening around you, Because you don't have any goal means you are simply watching how's the life going on. So, try to set

Women: What are your biggest frustrations about online dating?

My online dating frustrations:I see that I have returned to this answer once already. But here is something I've thought about frequently. Online dating seems to have given rise to this positional statement:

What is the biggest frustration you experience when exercising at the gym?

I've been lifting and teaching aerobics/yoga for 20 years so my frustrations tend to vary based on the facility but there are some commonalities among all places that don't seem to change, regardless if the place is high end or not.1. Lazy jerks who leave 500

Americans: Is it frustrating that everyone else seems to have an opinion regarding how your country should do things?

This doesn't frustrate me.  Everyone knows there are opinions ranging from well-informed and insightful to ignorant and prejudiced rants.  Sometimes an outside perspective is very important to shed light on taken-for-granted aspects of one's own country and culture. When traveling, I'm impressed (but not surprised) by how informed people are about the U.S.A.  Americans

As a centrist, what frustrates you the most about American politics today?

How left/right debates have ruined Facebook and Internet posting boards.The discussion is now lowest common denominator and often vulgar.Both sides stretch truths, and come off as untrustworthy and hysterical.Both sides are killing traditional journalism by deriding it and participating in fake news.The two-party primary system gave us two duds. The process needs more integrity.Any group conversation becomes irrationally political.

As a developer, what are your biggest workplace frustrations?

A company/business who has called me in to evaluate the processes in their firm (particularly Credit Control and cashflow management) only to be told during the engagement that I am not doing my job.Many of the companies that I am called in to have a cashflow problem and expect someone like myself to

As a programmer, what was a small thing that frustrated you the most?

One of the coolest questions, found in Quora. As I have few years of experience and less frustration as a programmer, I would like to highlight a few points which can frustrate a programmer sometimes.Typo Error: The craziest thing, where a programmer is spending too much effort to find the root cause of a problem, and later he

As a startup CEO what are your top 3 daily frustrations?

Holiday - For someone who loves their work,

As a student, very frustrated with my jobs, is it understandable that I try to compensate bad treatment and payment by things like overeating at the diner or overusing the printer for private purposes at the office, or is it antisocial like in ASPD?

It's just not intelligent as a worker. Work is building a resume for your work ethic. If and when you change jobs you want a solid reference.If you are bitter then people know that and it probably shows in your performance.Take care about what you are leaving behind about you.

As a teacher, have you ever felt frustrated with parents of the students?

Yes!The frustration usually revolves around two types of behaviors:Trying to be their child's friend instead of parent. Everyone knows this type of parent. The

As an applicant, what is the most frustrating part of looking for a new job?

Fred, the lack of feedback is certainly something candidates talk to me about often in Silicon Valley.  All too often, candidate's share, "I interviewed at XYZ company, thought it went well, but I haven't heard from them."The truth is though, more often than not, the company is not interested in moving forward and only

As an entrepreneur, what frustrations do you have with your business?

I can state trivial matters as such Problem,

Autistics: What frustrates you?

Let me break it down to one incident that really illustrates what's going on. Once I was applying for a job in the finance department of a school and some of the people had known me growing up. I remember handing in my

Can cats feel frustrated?

Not doubt about it!Watch an indoor cat sit on a window sill, and bird or squirrel or chipmunk watch. Many will literally chatter in frustration that they can't get at that lovely moving toy/prey out there. Cats stalking their prey outdoors don't get vocal, they will make

Do doctors ever feel frustrated by obese patients?

I think doctors bring on some of the frustrations themselves. In my case, they saw my weight, and made assumptions, rather than listening to me, asking questions, and hearing what I was saying. With a Mom and sisters that are FNP (nurses that

Do many male homosexuals get frustrated around women?

Not really, I feel uncomfortable with female nudity but nothing really to the point of distraction. Heterosexual sex is unappealing to me, lesbian sex even more so. But even for male nudity and gay erotica there's a time and place for it. In the case of art or medicine it's a none issue for me.I find their company however

Do you get frustrated when people walk across a busy road and don't use the crosswalk or lights?

Yes it drives me absolutely Fucking Nuts. The crosswalks and signals are there for a reason. I don't understand why people would risk getting hurt because they're too lazy to walk a little bit to a light or crosswalk. Another that irks

Does religion cause frustration?

I believe it does. Religious folk generally stand by their beliefs and many of them tend to be blinded by their own faith. This causes other people to be frustrated because they fail to acknowledge other people's beliefs. They just believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Not to mention, people can tend

Every once in a while I get really frustrated with acting and during these periods I always think I'll never be a good actor and I wanna quit. How do I get out of these funks?

A great actor never acts..just be urself when u play a character..mix some of your own character/experience/premeditations/assumptions/even prejudices into the character's Mitchell pfeiffer..just an advice buddy..i ll be doing it..if i was an actor..:-)It ll not only vanish lesser frustration, but double your enjoy of acting..and add authenticity in you played character..

How to deal with frustration when teaching someone

Manage your expectations.Remember the times when you were frustrated because someone else understood something you didn't and they were trying to explain it to you. Gaining empathy with the person you are trying to teach helps you to better avoid this frustration.Think back to what helped you

How to stay motivated to build a side business, when by the end of the workday I'm just too tired and frustrated from my day job

I think it really depends on the side business you plan to start. If you are already working a full time job and plan a side business, the side business needs to be something that you really love doing. You must have a passion for this business.

How to approach my wife about pegging me

The question you asked, how to approach your wife, is not about the problem you're having. The problem isn't you don't know how to approach her; the problem is you seem to be sexually incompatible. If by

How to find my purpose faster in life if I feel frustrated

B patient and live the moment!Do it step by step:get rid your frustration first. Understand the cause and find solution. Give yourself many choices of solutions and select the best one. Solving your problem!stay focus, if you cannot find your purpose, keep traveling , changing your life, give yourself more time!

How to get rid of the feeling of frustration when I see people more talented and successful than me

This is a very common question everybody has within ourselves .. I figured out the answer to quite simple and stopped worrying about it and started working on it. For eg :- I was introduced to game of snooker along with one of my friend. Both of us wer actually playing it for the first time but

How to go on if I trashed life and it's too late to fix things

It's never to late to fix things, never. And though 31 looks late to get started from your point of view, it's really not. Think of it this way, you have only been an adult for about 13 years. If you live to 80 you've got 49 more adult

How to make organizing my home easier with ADHD

Personally I use self performed electroshock therapy.Kidding!What I try to do is organize my crap in a way that makes sense to me and make these mini hacks my daily rituals.I don't mind that I have ADHD as I use