What scares you most about the future? Why?

Not knowing how worse it could get.I am in my mid thirties. I always imagined second half of my life raising a family. Now I am mentally passed the stage of starting a family or have made peace with the fact it was

How long will the human species last? What are the main barriers to the survival of our species? Have there been previously dominant species that were completely exterminated?

Some version of the human race will survive. Homo Sapiens, modern humans, have prevailed for about 50,000 years. Our immediate predecessors were the Neanderthals. The Denisovans, a variation on Neanderthals, did not last long. Neanderthals lived inEorope and in other

Is it likely that humanity will go extinct in the next million years?

Hell, it's most likely we go extinct in the next 20 years. We are choosing suicide at the species level by acting as cancer cells, feeding on each other with no regards to the consequences.We have one evolutionary instruction,

What will be the most popular spectator sport in the U.S. in 2040?

My guess is soccer. It's being successfully rammed down our throats by sponsers and networks. Eventually this aberration will become mainstream. Couple that with the debacle of kneeling in the NFL, and presto! Soccer is #1.The disrespectful, disgusting, and inappropriate behavior tolerated by the NFL is quickly dethroning it's television dominance. Much like the MLB strike

What scares you most about the future? Why?

I am scared that someday technology would take over human emotions completely.A few months ago, I visited my father's native for the annual fair where I met one of my cousins. He's married and has a 2 year old boy.After visiting temple, I thought of

Will age reversing and immortality really become a reality in the future?

I am often asked three questions among others, these questions are "how long before we can control aging?" and "how old are the oldest people at the current time who are likely to benefit from the first treatments" and how far off is immortality. These questions are hard to answer with absolute certainty but they are significantly easier to

Will human emotional intelligence matter for jobs of the future in an AI world?

May be not directly with those jobs itself. But there are humans who are controlling the A.I. in airports, cars, computers, terminals and every where.Think about such a person who has low EI- who is arrogant, angry, cannot understand another viewpoint, cannot understand their own genuine, deep emotions and cannot understand how to relate to another emotionally.For such a

Do you agree that the institution of marriage will become obsolete in the next 20 to 50 years?

First, most likely it will become obsolete within the next 50 years by majority. This discussion from me will be short. When I was in my 40's -I met a guy that i wanted to mess around with and he was so fine, polite, Business/realtor- i went on his job and

How many marriages make it over 50 years together?

For first time marriages, about 60% succeed. For second, third and forth, etc marriages, the divorce rate sky rockets.Then there are many factors which can help predict whether one is likely to get divorced.Education, age of marriage, whether parents were divorced, substance

Will more people become atheists in the US in the next 50 years?

This is based on nothing other than personal observation, but I'm going to presume hell yes.Many, many churches in my city, independent of denomination, are being transformed into high end condos.Seeing this, one could conclude that church attendance, and it's importance and use in the community has dwindled to the degree that these incredible feats of architecture can

Will we start rationing food sometime in the future due to overpopulation?

It's wise to start doing that already.Especially if you live in the USA, and especially if you live in any of the regions with people at