Do 'brain-training' puzzles and games actually make you smarter?

Brain training help you to be better at the specific games.Now, there's some "metha-solving" that can kick in if you practice a LOT of mini games. At some point you will naturally think "How can I solve all occurrences ?

Do smart people like video games? If so, what type of games do they like?

Video games are no longer a niche interest that is derided for being enjoyed only by sheltered nerds (speaking as a nerd who remembers when games were considered nerdy).So your question is basically like asking

Do video games make you smarter or dumber?

depends on the gameif it's a good game it will develop some good skill even if it's not your intelligencestrategy/puzzle games will help with problem solving and other purely mental qualitiesFPS or other fast paced games will improve your reaction times and reflexesI personally can't think of any more examples but I think this is adequate

I am buying the PlayStation 4 today (28/12/2018), which three games (new or old) should I buy first?

It depends on whether you like superheroes, and what types of genres you like, but here are some ones that I think are surefire hits:Note that to give you options, there will be a number of different alternatives:Spider-Man - This is an easy win. I was skeptical that this game would be as

I need someone who can hack server sided based games, any recommendations?

Original question:I need someone who can hack server sided based games, any recommendations?The question is, why do you need someone who can do this?This is extremely illegal to do and even if it is for a learning experience, most crackers that

Should I allow my 12 year old to play 18+ games?

This really does depend on the maturity of the kid, your family values, and the content of the game.Find out why the game got the 18+ over rating. Is it a porn stimulation game? Is it extremely gory? Is it

What are some of the best role Playing Games (RPGs) ever made thus far?

There's no such thing as "best [insert genre] game ever made". First of all, the best of something is always subjective, it's like prettiest woman or best oil painting, everyone has their own "best". Secondly, video games has been constantly changing, evolving on all

What are some of the worst video games you've played that you wouldn't recommend even to your worst enemy?

This is rather difficult to answer, as I've made it a point to always play the best games I can find, through a rigorous process of online review following and generally checking out a game first before I make the purchase and decide to

What are the best Android games ever made?

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.These are the best games I have played on an smart phone.Hope it helps you find a great game, and I am always updating this list of games every time I play new games.This list is in no order, because there are no

What are the best games out there for programmers?

Like my friends, programmers, say: The best game for professional programmer is that don't involve programming and even computers at all)For me programming is more of a support tool and a hobby, maybe that's why I don't share their feelings.Now to the games. I may sound a

What are the best multiplayer games on Android?

Android gaming has been steadily getting better. Before, we had simple puzzle games and we could invite our Facebook contacts to be our friends in games. Multiplayer games used to mean just leaderboards. There are now a ton

What are the most difficult video games you've played?

The most difficult games have already been mentioned. No, not dark souls. Dark Souls is soft.The answer is Ghosts N Goblins (NES) and Ninja Gaiden (NES). Only about 1% or less of video game players can defeat's mean.Ninja Gaiden can only be defeated by

What are your favorite Android games?

I am giving you my two favorite game names and it's more addicted.Hill rushHill Rush - Android Apps on Google PlayFeatures:- 4 various monster cars with different characteristics.- 4 infinite hill rush racing environments to play repeatedly.- Realistic hill graphics and smooth car

What defines a 'sport'?

I disagree with Ari (which is a great name, btw. I love Entourage).My definition of a "sport" is that there are real "sports" and there are "events".A sport is something that requires a definite way of scoring (no judging panels, etc.), a ball or puck (or any outside movable medium) that

What effects would playing a video game 10 hours a day for a month have on your mind?

Let's see... my latest obsession is Elder Scrolls Online. I've played roughly 8–10 hours, most days, for around 3 months. This is not my longest run - that would be Skyrim.Admitting this fact causes me shame, but with a little twist of evil laughter because it's almost certainly my favourite thing to do. I feel guilty (like a

What is the best horror video game you ever played?

Silent Hill 2, by far. As a whole, the first three games are overwhelmingly scary, and not just because of their gruesome images. Silent Hill is scary because its horror is rooted in psychology. I appreciate the teasing, morbid nature of the first game-presenting you with suggestions, like the locker room scare (at one

What is the most underrated video game?

That's a wildly loaded question as it will vary depending on people's taste, interests or even family values.Anyways, here's a few from me•Legend of LegaiaThis game was an ARPG disguised as an RPG. The story was good but the main thing that set it apart from everything else was the combat system. Like other RPG's, you'd

What is your most embarrassing truth/ dare experience?

We were six friends three girls and three boys. And we decided to get some drink and we all consumed three full teachers whisky while playing

What's your daily mind-exercise game or routine?

Aside from meditating every morning , I also read either with my ebook or actual book when I still have time. The daily routine mind exercise for me is to remember the gate code entering the main gate at work, and after that another gate code to enter the lab and then setting

Which game increases your productivity?

There according to me are two best mind games 1. Chess :- Chess is the no 1 game for  developing your brain. It teaches us many things. It increases 1. Planning skills:- In chess , you need to plan a lot. you need to have a diverse

Which is the best farm game for Android?

--------------------Well I would recommend you

Which video games make us smarter: action, puzzle or strategy?

It's a myth that video games are bad for health.Though it may have some adverse effect on health sometimes, but that's very rare.Coming to the answer for your question, what I personally feel is that playing video games help a person in several ways. Action games obviously helps you in decreasing your response time for a job. You

Which video games make you smarter?

They all do because they use different parts of your brain exercising it but it also makes you dumber from a different aspect because you are using it and therefore are not using such time to use other effective ways and miss out on the things in everyday life, which do make you smarter. Even if they make you

Why are some games really easy to use hacks (speed hack, projectile noclip, seeing enemies through walls) while other games it's virtually impossible?

It all has to do with what protections are put in place by the developers. Depending on what coding language they use, engine, etc. they can completely stop all hacks or they can allow as many as the community wants. When a developer like Square Enix uses their own

Why server bases games can't be hacked?

Just say it as a ATM machine, the server is the money inside the ATM, the games is like the interface for you to interact with the server.The ATM card is your ID, the screen and keys like a game

Are video games much more fun than playing sports?

It's kinda subjective, a lot of people will say they'd pick real sports over games listing reasons like health and social ties to justify that decision. I find games a great deal more fun, I find other ways to keep healthy and socialise... yep you can

Can games help cure depression?

No. Games may provide a distraction and produce a temporary relief. But you have to transform the underlying psychological cause to cure depression.Online Mindfulness Psychotherapy over Skype for Stopping Anxiety & Depression without using drugsOnline Therapist - See a Therapist Online via Skype for effective online treatment for Anxiety

Can video games be considered sports?

Why not?The definition of a sport is ambiguous and the closest agreement on the definition comes from sport proposed should have an element of competition.The sport proposed should in no way be harmful to any living creatures.The sport should not rely on equipment that is provided by a single supplier.The sport should not rely on

Do brain training games really improve memory?

Brain games may seem like a great way to boost your memory, but do they really help?As we grow older, it's natural to experience moments of forgetfulness. It's also natural to look for tools to help improve your memory. Some brain games claim to enhance

Do gaming companies hire psychologists to help design games?

If they are extremely affluent, yes, they do. Microsoft, EA, and large publishers all hire PH.D psychologists as part of their research groups, occasionally going as far as to pair them with game developers to advise on using their metrics effectively.One famous example of this is Bungie's Halo series. At a conference I saw a

Do you prefer to play indoor games or outdoor games?

TIP SCREW - The Knowledge Hubyes,Outdoor play in interact basically for a children and also help for health.Most of games playing are in side area ,park and backyard. children spend much of time indoors,paying games on the tablets or TV is so boring .so mostly people and

Do you prefer to play video games or do sports?

I would say I will prefer both Sports & Video Games. The reason why i pick both is Playing Video Games helps us to think smart and find a solution in real quick time. Where sports helps me to stay fit as well as think smart (forming Strategies).But

Do you think more gyms should incorporate fun, interesting games to motivate gym-goers?

Absolutely.I have always found that facilities that incorporate fun based workouts have a better community, higher retention rates and stronger referral networks.Simple games like Spikeball 4 are a great way to exercise. I have also run things such as the amazing race, monopoly workouts

How did you start playing your favourite sport?

17?That is when I started.I didn't play any interscholastic sports in high school but I wanted to play in college.  I spent the entire summer before college training, running, working with a  soccer ball, etc.When I showed up to MIT, I immediately

How long can you play video games per day?

Well, it depends. This answer won't be a happy one, but it's possible to play roblox for 24 straight hours, without sleeping, walking, or even eating. ( they took bathroom breaks.) However, one player, Snowly, died while playing world of Warcraft, and this proves that you can play

How many hours a day can I play video games?

There is a saying popular in gamer community: Eat >> Sleep >> Play >> Repeat. It depends on you and the game you are on, especially on your passion for gaming. If you are a hardcore gamer then you might play game

How many hours should a 14 year old kid play video games per day?

I'm 16, I'm a high school student with friends, I have a family I love, and I live in a great environmen. I used to play sports, it was amazing, but I'm not interested enough to go everyday. I'm a full on A - B student

How much time should kids spend playing video games a day?

This is quite a personal thing for parents but in my opinion it should be no more than 3 hours a day and that should be split. If a child is playing video games for a long time then they are missing out on a whole load of cognitive and social skills that they will never

I used to play intense video games 14-17 hours per day for 3 months. Is that bad?

I played competitive StarCraft in high school (8 years ago) in the same manner as you described. For nearly a year actually.I suffer no long-lasting health problem, at least none that I'm aware of. Short term troubles include:Weight lossWeak physical

If a friend invited you to a sports game, but you do not like the sport. Do you still go because he or she is your friend, or tell them no instead because you do not like the sport?

In a healthy friendship, these are the options:You go, and try to enjoy their company. You may even learn interesting things about the game from them, and that will give you something to talk about Who knows, you end up liking it!You say that you don't think you both will have

Is chess a game or a sport?

Sports are generally thought of as requiring advanced physical skill or ability to be proficient in (for example, timing and control in shooting, or strength and technique for wrestling). Although I am a big chess fan, I can't say it is particularly physical, so I have to

Is chess the best strategy board game?

I find the popularity of Chess is tautological: Chess is popular because it is and has been popular.That is, Chess has the following it has today, because of historic and present popularity - not because it is the objectively

Is it okay to play video games on computer for 3 hours each day?

It's certainly okay if it doesn't disrupt you from other important matters, such as work, family etc. Whether it's actually good to pursue that is up to you. Is gaming your main hobby or do you feel it takes time over some other activities you'd like to do?We choose what we do with our free time.

Is it possible to get paid playing video games?

Yes it is entirely possible to do so, however you should probably know the reality. Not a lot of these people succeed at doing so. Here are a few examples.Video game tester: Unfortunately this job is not as easy as it sounds. It requires

Is it sad to play video games at 32 years of age?

Sad to have an enjoyable hobby? I wouldn't think so. Not unless you quit eating, sleeping, WORKING to pay for those games, as well as your other bills. Not unless, like cell phones, tablets, and other media paraphernalia it takes your attention

Is there a human being who beat a computer at a chess game?

Is there a human being who beat a computer at a chess game?I assume that you mean modern computer, because of course humans were able to beat the earliest chess computers. The early chess-playing computers back in the 1950s were pretty rudimentary,

Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at

What are good two player strategy games?

My wife and I find ourselves in this situation a lot.  I checked with her before finishing this answer, and we came up with the following:AgricolaPower GridLe HavreOn the UndergroundThurn and TaxisTicket to RidePlus four excellent

What are some good games that improve brain power?

Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the Brain to function simultaneously. Its

What are some good games to play on trampolines?

In most indoor trampoline parks the most popular games are:Dodgeball - Where the surface is trampolines, and can therefore accomodate outlandish flips and tricks during the game.Slamdunk - A variation of basketball, using trampolines in order to increase the aerial aspect of the game.Total Wipeout - Often a

What are some good strategy board games?

Define best.All these games have merits and flaws and from my point of view, none deserves to best tagged as "best" or "worst". It mostly depends on what you are looking for.You want deep calculation? Try Checkers! Its search tree is so narrow that you can calculate variations incredibly deep

What are some indoor games for kids?

Fun.I've been thinking a lot about this word, and I'll get to that after I answer it so stay tuned.Fun Activities to do with your kids indoorsPainting, Drawing, Coloring, doodling. You can look up

What are some not so famous strategy games that you would recommend?

For pubg•When a grenade is coming fall back to stairs•During fights, prine unnecessarily to confuse or enemy as for a time being during gun fights if you go prone while shooting then you miss sone bullet at your head. But don't go prone for whole match as it is very irritating opposite

What are some ps4 games you could recommend?

In terms of value for money I would definitely recommend The Witcher 3. If you're into the whole monster slaying, magic and sword wielding thing.The graphics are spectacular. The storyline is exceptional. The gameplay is wonderful. You're choices in-game affect the storyline which personally, I really

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an indoor game?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages off the top of my head:Advantages:You can play it almost any time, as it is not weather dependentYou can have a lot of small components you don't have to worry about losing quite as muchIt is portable, and you can take it wherever

What are the best games available on the Wii?

And what kind of gamer forgets about Nintendo's 2006's home video game console, the Wii, and its library of awesome games.As for its best games, it depends entirely to the kind of player but let me share you what are

What are the best mobile games of 2015?

Racing: Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best arcade racing game currently available on all platforms. Real Racing 3 is also a good one, and Need for Speed™ No Limits is coming soon.Action: Modern Combat 5, MARVEL Contest of Champions,

What are the best multiplayer games for the PS4?

There are multiplayer games that in my opinon are worth your money, now out in the market. They might not suit everyone's tastes, however. So, to decide whether you'll like it or not, you can check the gameplay footage and comments on YouTube.Monster Hunter

What are the best multiplayer games on Facebook?

Last stand: Dead zone is pretty good. It's a zombie based survival MMORPG, with scavenging, base design and defence, crafting, upgradable characters, action, PVP, good story, and many other great features. It's free to play, but does have in game purchases; however these aren't crucial (I've never had to pay). Great gods

What are the best PC games or mobile games?

I know quite widely about mobile games while i'm not that much familiar with pc games but if i would have to recommend you best mobile games then you must pay for. 'cause almost every best games as far as i know they're paid. Some of them are,1.Limbo2.Bloon td 53.Bloon td 64.somorost 35.Machinirium6.Animal super squad7.Chameleon run8.Prune9.Zenge10.ReddenStill some best

What are the best PS3 games?

This is a tough one to answer, I would like to nominate the below two as the ultimate gaming experience I have had playing on my PS3:Last of Us - The zombie survival game has one of the best storyline and graphics of any game. Ever. Infact at times the game does not feel like a game

What are the best turn-based strategy games?

All the answers here are pretty good, though I'd argue that some are actually turn-based tactics games, rather than turn-based strategy games. There are two big differences between the two. The first is that in turn-based tactics, there are a finite number

What are the best unpopular Facebook games?

Social empires.I have just one friend who knowd about it. Trust me, that game is awesome.It's basically about managing your empire, creating army and stuff.PROS:-1. No 'energy' shit2. No waiting for buildings to get built or upgraded unlike clash of clans.3. The 'cash' is currency you pay with

What are the effects of playing video games obsessively?

Any addiction is not good and gaming is not an exception . Addicted gamers will give more importance to the interactions in games than they give in real life. They skip meals,sleep less,can gain/lose weight due to significant playing and neglect their personal hygiene.

What are the indoor physical activity games for 6year kids?

I don't have any young children anymore, but a favorite with my kids was a game we made up called

What are the pros and cons of playing video games?

Pros are different depending on the type of game, but the general ones are:Strategic thinkingProblem solvingHand-eye coordinationTeam skills (team based multiplayer games)Spacial awareness Creativity (some games)Cons mostly come from spending too much time playing games and not participating in other activities. Like

What are your best video game ideas?

The following has been taken from a blog I wrote awhile back that I'm still (eventually going to be) working on. Follow it if you like, I'm pretty confident it won't effect me either way but it'd be pretty cool if it got popular!THE ULTIMATE GAMESo, I don't want to give away

What constitutes a sport?

Well the dictionary has one definition: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. However, this a little outdated as new types of competitive entertainment have emerged.  For instance, there are now "e-sports" like videogames, that have paid professional players in games like league of legends,

What defines a 'sport'?

I disagree with Ari (which is a great name, btw. I love Entourage).My definition of a "sport" is that there are real "sports" and there are "events".A sport is something that requires a definite way of scoring (no judging panels, etc.),

What do you think of chess?

Chess is an amazing, rich, and complex game. I think it wouldn't be an understatement to say getting back into tournament chess in the middle of 2016 has changed my life. I am an active player and teacher at the moment. Perhaps one day I'll start a YouTube channel with game commentary, or help direct tournaments

What games do astronauts play?

So, this is a story about the place where games and life overlap.The year is 1990. I'm in high school, I remember one weeknight being woken up in middle of the night to the clacking sound of someone using a keyboard.It's my father. He's sitting at my computer

What is a mind game?

I'm going to answer this anonymously.Mind games can be played with anyone, not just in romantic relationships. I work for a tiny staffing company. There is the owner, a widower in his mid-fifties, and five employees. One of the employee is a total bitch. She's one of those people who can't accept her

What is appealing about the game of golf?

Played outdoors - amongst the sun, rain, grass, wind, wild-life, etc.Played on different courses, so endlessly variable, but equally if not more enjoyable played over and over on the same course (which of course endlessly changes, albeit subtly since the weather and course

What is differences between sport and game?

Sport vs GamePeople often take game and sport as to be the same one. However, game and sport are entirely different. A game involves more than one person and a sport pertains to only an individual's skills and performance.A physical activity, Sport is carried out under an agreed set of

What is the best board game ever?

Original question: What are some good boardgames?Games having game boards:SmallWorldSettlers of CatanMage KnightGame of thrones, the board game (quite controversial, but I like it)Space AlertClue/CluedoHnefatafl (yes, it's spelled like that)Lord of the Rings (by Reiner Knizia)Rune WarsChessMore card game, no boards:The ResistanceDominionOne

What is the best game for exercising your mind?

As mentioned by Kevin Ernest Long, a strong candidate is the ancient board game, Go: playing Go, your mind becomes that of the painter and the logician. Go has the discrete 'if A then C then D then E' tactics of Chess, but it

What is the best match of any strategy game?

There are many strategy games, but I'm going to draw a distinction between what I would call a

What is the best mobile game of 2017?

I personally love Clash of Clans and I feel like they are one of the smartphone games that has gained so many players in 2017 with their excellent updates.It is also a multiplayer game which allows you to play with several players around the world and even

What is the best mobile game to download?

Get to play some of the best Android offline Games in 2018. As smartphone companies keep growing every day, so is the game industry growing. The android game industry is becoming very competitive with lots of developers trying to develop the best games. Most of the game developers have hit google play store with their best games.Some

What is the best RTS game?

That depends on what you're looking for, really. Do you want quick, fast action that involves a little base planning and easily ended matches? Check out Age of Empires (I, II, etc).If you're looking for an in depth RTS that will force you to has out the nitty gritty details, while

What is the most interesting indoor game?

Chess.Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function.  Also allowing the mind to solve complex problems and work through ideas, it is no wonder that chess is recommended in the fight against Alzheimer's.  Some contend that it can increase one's intelligence, though that is a more complex topic."Chess takes

What type of games do astronauts play in outer space?

1. FootballUS astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson and German astronaut Alexander Gerst cheer their teams from some 230 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station.These three men really do prove that World Cup fever travels further than planet Earth.The players show off their out of this world moves as they maneuver without any gravity.

What's a good WW2 strategy game?

Here are some games you might consider. Each of us has a different taste, after all.Company of Heroes: The obvious choice. Very active community. Tons of singleplayer content (it's rare to see a strategy game with a focus on singleplayer these days). Many released games, DLC missions and mods. One of the best graphic/sound in a strategy game.

What's the best GTA game in terms of storyline?

Though I love each of the GTA games in its own way, GTA V has the most engaging narrative, shared across the viewpoints of three distinctly different characters. It coalesces into a coherent whole by the end of the story, and the player is able to choose one

Which are the best brain games?

I play brain games from time to time. Here are the best ones and why:Scrabble- For obvious reasons, faster word recall, free-form associations, creative thinking etc.Crossword Puzzles- These are a personal favorite. They really help improve your vocabulary and general verbiage to a certain degree.Tic Tac

Which athlete are known to have been under the influence during the game (sport) that they where competing?

Lawrence Taylor has gone on record about playing under the influence of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine during his early years in New York with the Giants.And, contrary to popular belief, he made All-Pro while playing a grueling professional sport under the influence of drugs.If you

Which games improve the brain?

You might also want to check TechSome TV The Best Apps for Your Brain1. LumosityThis popular app is split into sessions of three games tailored to your goals: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking. The games are played against the clock and change every time. Developers

Which indoor games are suitable for a group of 15 adults (not board games)?

You could try Werewolf, a.k.a. Mafia, a.k.a. lots of other names.See Werewolf | Board Game | BoardGameGeekTo summarise; I'm linking to Boardgamegeek, but it's not actually a board game. The game is about the group try to identify which individuals is actually working against the group

Which of the single player indoor games makes us fit always and can be played at any time?

Any insane activity, from dancing to your favorite tunes, to the second best thing and the best thing ever (wink wink), is fun and can be done at any time you want.Start doing self challenges, like set a goal for yourself, and complete them.(Say 25 sit-ups/push ups etc. in a particular amount

Which PS4 game has the best graphics?

"best graphics" is a very vague term. Firstly, some games clearly don't need graphical fidelity as high as others;Lets compare Battlefield 4 and COD AW. Battlefield 4 has huge maps, in some cases, vast maps. COD has very very small maps, some people would say that Battlefield has the best graphics, because there is more detail,

Why do game developers keep releasing unfinished products? IE. Dayz

Lately, I've been discussing this with friends and relatives who are involved in the gaming industry. Nice that I got this request.Some might've not noticed, but the gaming industry is suffering a couple of shifts that I won't mention in depth. Yet

Are video games educational?

Every activity you perform can be considered educational, in that it will cause neural links to form in your brain.So, the question as asked is too vague to answer with anything other than an unqualified

Are video games really that bad for you?

I grew up gaming, just as you did. I played computer games from the age of 3 or 4 years old. I started playing more complex PC games when I was in 3rd grade like Wizard 101 or Free Realms, and also began calling a friend over the

Do 'brain-training' puzzles and games actually make you smarter?

Brain training help you to be better at the specific games.Now, there's some "metha-solving" that can kick in if you practice a LOT of mini games. At some point you will naturally think "How can I solve all occurrences

Do old people play video games?

They definitely do. I mainly play destiny 2 so I've always met different age group of players when I lfg (looking for group) to do end game activities.My clan itself consists of few guys over 40s. We usually play together at reset, just to knockoff weekly milestones and stuff.We recently helped a grandpa cleared his

Do puzzle games help us in any way?

1. Puzzles EducateEducation involves enhancing skills such as developing research skills, improving spelling and language skills, improving reasoning ability, developing the power of concentration and increasing creative abilities. According to puzzle experts at, a person solving a puzzle reasons in a logical way, arranges the problem

Do successful people play video games?

Answering this question in the affirmative is deceptive.Consider this question:Does playing the lottery make a person rich?Well, someone could certainly say "yeah, I know this one guy who won a million dollars and now he's rich, so yes, playing the lottery makes people rich."Hopefully, you can see that this is

Do video games make you dumber?

The answer will vary; dependent upon what study you look at. Though none contravenes another's point:Playing action video games can actually harm your brainIn reflexive action-oriented titles such as Call Of Duty and even Mario, over-playing can lead to

Do video games make you smarter or dumber?

depends on the gameif it's a good game it will develop some good skill even if it's not your intelligencestrategy/puzzle games will help with problem solving and other purely mental qualitiesFPS or other fast paced games will improve your reaction times and reflexesI personally can't think of any more examples but I think this is adequate

Do Violent Video Games Make People More Violent in Real Life?

No.The possibility of ‘priming' has been around for many decades.The idea is that seeing, reading or playing violent things can ‘prime' you to be more likely to use violence in real life.A study of 3,000 gamers by the University of York found no link whatsoever. "The findings