If society celebrates 'gay pride,' why not 'straight pride'?

I'm just going to come right out and say it.I hate Gay Pride. I hate Black Pride. I hate Muslim Pride and Women's Pride and all the other damn pride things people celebrate. Yeah, take that convention!Damn it! There's a torch burning mob

What countries will legalize gay marriage in 2017?

As of December 2017:Finland officially enacted marriage equality on March 1, after passage in 2014.Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled for marriage equality on May 24, and has until 2019 to adjust laws (or equality will automatically enact then).Germany passed marriage equality in the Bundestag on June 30,

How common is pederasty among gay men?

Pederasty is extremely uncommon in the gay male cultures of the United States and Europe. I'm assuming by that you are talking about relationships between adult men and teenage boys.You may occasionally see a man in his early twenties dating a guy in