Are divorce courts slanted against men?

It depends on the country. The problem is generally not so much that the court doesn't apply the law equally but that the legal framework itself is biased.Alimony for example is an outdated practice and is intrinsically biased against men, as men generally out-earn their wives and

Are husbands or wives more likely to seek a separation or divorce - why?

Seeing as women file 70% of divorces, then yes they are more likely too seek a divorce, but separations I believe are roughly the same, 50/50.But the thing too remember is that separation can't completely turn your life upside down, divorce can and it

Are men more beautiful or women?

Personally, I think women are more beautiful, at least from a purely aesthetic perspective.On a more objective level, well, things get a bit more complicated. There doesn't seem to be a scientific consensus on this, and our conception of beauty, like most

Are men or women happier with their marriages?

At first I thought of responding with some sort of joke answer, because it is a strange but interesting question that cannot really be answered.  Then reading Gwen's answer, a good one, I realized it could be taken seriously.

Are men superior to women according to Islam? If so, why? In which cases?

(Inheritance) "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females"(see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.Quran (2:282) - (Court testimony) "And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women." Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why

Are women better than men?

what does better mean anyway?many girls who have risen up to be models for the advancement of women, point to their fathers as the person who supported them to go forward,i was on a train in India, we got talking to an older woman, who was educated,we asked her about harassment of

Are women scared that men are growing away from them (not caring about them and their desires)?

In the main no, the general population of women have no idea that men are walking away and why although the number of women that are realising something is going on is increasing in line with the number of men who are walking away.Now this is clearly a reference to mgtow

Are women's brains fundamentally different from men's?

There are several anatomical differences in the brains of men and women, which lead to differences in their behaviours.In terms of neural circuitry, women have more connections between left and right halves of the brain. Meaning: Since left brain is associated with intuition whereas right brain with logic

As a male, what steps can I take to remove gender inequality and male domination?

I myself belong to a baniya family. And I have undergone a few of this. Nothing will happen unless the women themselves want things to change. You as an outsider cannot go and fight with their family members. While it will

As a man, what things do women do that creep you out?

Toxic femininity.Yes, femininity can be just a toxic as masculinity. But let's set a couple of definitions, to help keep things focused.Like its masculine counterpart, toxic femininity is the twisting of the natural evolutionary patterns of behavior and biological programming in a direction that is coercive and destructive.

At what age do men stop checking out women in their 20's?

I'm going to answer this question as a lesbian, to put some perspective on things.I check out women of all ages, colors, and shapes. I ogle away. Sometimes I leer shamelessly. Sometimes I tell them they look pretty, and when I'm feeling sassy, I may say something like,

Can men and women be friends?

Can they be? Most certainly.But things get more complicated since it comes with its unique challenges, and I'm not even speaking here of any potential sexual component. I'll give you a few problems here, at least two of which don't even involve any emotion or sentiment but are an issue of cold

Can some women creep out men like how some men creep out women?

Yes, pretty much. Perhaps, we just don't call it creepy as women often do.For instance...1 - Once I was in the nightclub. A girl got near and started talking to me out of nowhere. Her bad breath smelled like she drank a barrel of beer alone. It was terrible!

Can women get attracted to men?

It's actually similar to many of the same reasons that men are attracted to women. I think it comes down to what

Could more women asking men out improve society?

I don't know if it would improve society, but there are a reasons to think that it would be better for women.Let's consider a very simple mathematical model where there are [math]n[/math] men and [math]n[/math] women in a (completely heterosexual) population.  Let's further assume that each person has

Do Irish women make the best wives?

Ireland has changed so much in the last 100 years and particularly in the last 20 years.Irish men and women are very liberated and the population has changed dramatically.Up until I was 16 I had only ever seen people of different races on T.V. or in magazines and now I live in a country

Do men prefer white or black women?

Depends on what they look like, to be honest, if we are talking about a scenario where we are just judging on looks, like a psychology research program, in which participants are given photographs and told to rate them.What? You think all black women are exactly resembling each other,

Do men sense it when they are being checked out by women?

Yes, they do.Boy, do I have a story for you.One day, I went to the mall, and I decided to go into Target (I forgot if I was with someone or if I was alone). I'm in the line ready to pay for something, and I see a

Do parents treat boys and girls equally?

Well my parents tried to for a very long time. Until the so called society decided to put it's foot in between. To be very frank, my childhood was pretty great. I was allowed to do what I want, play tennis in whatever clothes I wanted

Do some men like bigger women?

Hell yeah! I married one. I've dated from size 4 to size 28. My range of preference is from 12 to 20. I have no preference on height. Key benefits include:Cuddliness. I like bigger women for the same reason I like my body pillow more

Do women ever check out men's bodies?

Yes, but it works differently than you'd expect in my experience.The things that help seem to be...Confidence: You need to have confidence in yourself, and your appearance. You should stand up straight, and feel strong. You don't have to be he-man, just feel good and strong.Body: Yes, it matters. You should be toned, and solid, even if you aren't

Do women feel they live in a male dominated world?

This answer may end up flagged or some may not agree with what I might say. You have been warned.I see myself as a feminist. I believe that women and men are equal, we were made to co-exist with one another, and I think we do.But, when you look at psychology and science.

Do women like butts that stick out on guys?

According to my wife, I've a "cute" behind.  I don't really regard it as such, but, she likes it.  I'm just happy that she likes the rest of me, and doesn't complain that I'm too fat, or too skinny, or not muscled enough, or too muscled, or

Do women need men in this modern world, or should they be alone for their whole life?

I would say yes absolutely!Many women who's deluded by feminism think they don't want a man and can live by themselves. But they don't realize they were wrong until they are 35 or 40. By then it would have been very

Do women notice what men wear?

Five things women notice about men even before they start communicatingThey definitely notice what he's wearing and how he speaks to even his body language and good gestures.If you want to probably wear a five day old shirt for a date, Don't ! Because she will notice in all likelihood,

Do women objectify men?

Yes.Based on how much they earn.Based on how they look.Based on how powerful/ socially well-positioned they are.Based on what they can do for the woman in question.Sexual objectification of men is not practiced by women on the same level as men do

How are you different from your spouse/life partner?

I am older to him (few months though)I am from Haryana, he is from UPI am from a typical Jaat family and he is a KaayasthMy childhood was full of struggle and he is a pampered child from a well to do familyI am younger one in my family and he is the elder one out

How common are Asian male and white female interracial marriages in your country?

Here's a piece that tackles this with links for your further study, The Race Dynamics of Online Dating: Why Are Asian Men Less ‘Eligible'? You will also find some answers on Quora (mine and others). Can you please elaborate what you mean by

How to handle working in a male dominated field

Make sure you earn your grades, take your time with it but demand the respect you deserve from day one. Be easy-going, no need to act like a feminist, but draw a line and stick to it.Learn how to take jokes but be ready to be assertive and leave the room if it gets too far.Stay professional and

How does our protective attitude towards women and the fact, that we value female life over male's (see 'women and children first'), influence or help the success of feminism?

It's why feminism has become such a prolific monster. Feminists don't want equality, except on payday. Monday through Thursday, they want to be treated like delicate snowflakes.The only reason feminism has any power are the legion of white knights who put women

How reliable is the claim that men work more hours than women?

It's BS.You can find many similar survey among webs. Just google women work longer hours than men or men work longer than women you will get different survey supports different opinions.First of all, how the statistics comes from is dubious. How do you know if

If a married man cheats on his wife with another woman, are the man and woman equally in the wrong?

If the woman is completely unaware that the man is married, which is highly unlikely in my opinion, I would give her a pass.When a man is married and the "other" woman is aware of that fact and continues to help the man deceive his wife then I believe that she does have a moral culpability.

If guys suddenly stop asking women out, would women start chasing after men asking them out?

Women already chase after men today. Most of them just don't do it in an

If you could write a rulebook for being a woman, what 'Lady Law' would you write? What qualities would you want to see in an ideal woman?

Here are 10: 1. Respect Yourself.2. Treat others as you would want to be treated.3. You are not chattel or property or an object.  No part of you belongs to anyone but yourself, and it never will.   If you do choose to sell your image, or other parts

In general, men are physically stronger than women. So is it fair that because I'm male, I have to do all of the heavy lifting at work while the women do lighter work for the same pay?

Could you elaborate a bit? Are you two in the same position? is heavy lifting a requirement of the job, is it central or is it something that you sometimes have to do? for instance in my office we sometimes have to carry the boxes of printer paper from the loading area to the main office and

In which countries do women ask out men at around the same rate that men ask out women, or at least where men are not expected to do all the approaching and asking out?

I believe it's a random process and this is not destination based that if you go to a particular place in the world, girls will come and ask you for a date. Sometimes you have to approach, and if you have attractive personality and charm than girls can come and ask you out.

Is India going from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one?

I have written a lot about gender issues and gender equilibrium in our country . I have received fair share of both appreciation and censure . I think this question requires impartial judgement on the part of the author and so I will try to be as impartial as possible .But at the same

Is marriage better for men or women?

I do think marriage is a good deal for women. It's a good deal for men but might be better for women because it is starting to become common knowledge that men do sometimes get a rough time in the courts. Since men are almost always the highest

Should women propose marriage to men?

Strong, smart and independent women know what she wants. She should propose marriage to men.When stable, smart and independent women know what she wants, she should propose marriage to men. She must find a good quality in the man she loves and dares to ask. If the man feels threating or inferior by

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and

Was India always a male dominated country?

No...that is once upon a time....that India is male dominated..but the game is totally different.Right now, our india is female dominated SOCIETY..who have:-Right to BLAME men.and become female icons.if the Same is done by males they would sent to jails.They have full legal rights.They can misuse

What are some common misconceptions about women/girls?

One common misconception about women is their sexual nature. Women in the media are very sexualized in everything. An attractive woman, is sexually appealing but this does not mean that she is a hoe or slut. There is a difference between being sexually attractive and sexual in nature It is said women become

What are some differences between male and female brains?

It's no secret that boys and girls are different-very different. The differences between genders, however, extend beyond what the eye can see. Research reveals major distinguishers between male and female brains.Scientists generally study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains:Processing.Chemistry.Structural differences.Blood flow and brain activities.The differences between male and female

What are some grooming tips for women by men?

10 grooming tips for women 1.Never Makeup so much that you look like an cream machine.2. Always try the clothes in which you are comfortable.3.Always try to have kohl in your eyes (.) I personally like it very much .4. Teenager should

What are some things men should learn about women?

I don't claim to know a lot about women, but I was asked to respond to this question and will give it a try.Women tend to say what they believe they are supposed to think or feel rather than how they really think or feel. They are usually quick to tell someone

What are some things women can say to women but men can't say to men?

Let me start with some things men could, but won't say to men that women will. Some of these have outliers, meaning I'm sure some men do these things and some women don't. This is just based on my experience.Man, your ass

What are the cruel things women do to men?

Despite being known as the fairer sex, women can be downright nasty and often do cruel things to men. Now, Fox News has compiled a list of top 10 cruel things that women do to men and how they play with the guy's emotions or ego. 10. They

What are the differences between women and men?

Disclaimer:-It's purely based on what I have seen and what I do. If it doesn't feel good, please ignore. Don't hate me and send messages that are beyond my capacity to understand.Try to be bouyant sometimes. Not every answer requires to be sprinkled with

What are the jobs men do that women cannot do?

Anything a man can do, a woman can do too. Unless their physiology restricts it. I can only think of something to do with or around penis functions. Male porn star for example.This is 2018, we should be passed all that women can't do this rubbish now, but we're actually not. Take sports as a classic

What are the most important things that women don't understand about men that they should?

I can only speak for Western culture. Something women miss is that men automatically get less sympathy than women. The flip side of women being assumed to not be capable is that men are assumed to be capable, and therefore the more responsible party.  If something is hard, or dangerous, the automatic

What are the things men will never understand about being a woman?

Well, it is fact that Male & Female brains are indeed wired differently and hence they think differently. And 'understanding' eachother is like Windows trying to run a Linux software! However, at the end of the day- both remain - homo sapiens sapiens- and

What are the worst things about being a woman, from a psychological, physiological, or historical perspective?

I'm not a woman, but I was asked to answer; so I suppose I'll make a guesstimate. Please keep in mind though, that this is merely a guess. My first-hand experiences with being a woman are non-existant. Also; like my answer  to the equivalent question for men this is Norway-centric.CareerA high fraction of

What areas of the male physique do women secretly check out?

Short answer: All of them!I mean, seriously, men are gorgeous.While I love all aspects of men, here are some of the places I notice my gaze dropping to.And, sorry for the objectification, guys. I love you for your brain and heart, I do, but your bodies are damn fine.I guess we should just start at the top.Men's eyes

What attracts men to women?

There really isn't a straight answer to this question. Men are just as varied in our tastes as women are. Women come in all shapes and sizes and men throughout the world will have a different idea of what they find attractive.Of course, there are near-universal

What beauty/fashion things do men not like on women?

I'm not a man, but I am attracted to women. My longest relationship was with a woman (5 years). I can tell you quite a few things I find unattractive about women, things that might put me off dating them:. Too

What can a woman do to treat a man better?

What can a woman do to treat a man better?What woman should treat what man better? A complete stranger she never met? A partner, friend, co worker? In what way was the man treated badly before that makes it necessary for him to be treated better?A good starting point is to use communication

What can boys/men do that girls/women cannot do?

getting ready and dress up in less than 5 minutesbuilding houses, roads, bridges and citiesfight warsnow i know everybody will say that there are some women who can do the aforementioned, but the fact is, those women are a minority, like a really small minority, they are rare cases and rare cases don't change

What can men do that women cannot?

Men can solve problems in a more logical way.Men can understand football and can talk about it for hours. (There are so many women who can understand sports, but that's not me).Men can understand physics better than women. (Again there are women who excel at physics, but that's not me).Men can do anything to see that little

What do you think of men that live off of the backs of hard working women?

What do you think of men that live off of the backs of hard working women?They are doing to women, what the large majority of women have been doing to men since the dawn of humanity. The good majority of women that I have come across in my life live, by

What fashion advice do men want to give to women?

It depends on the man. Some men like less clothes. Others like edgy looks. I myself am the type of person that really likes it when a girl wears cute things and rarely shows skin. I really do fall in

What industries are 'female dominated'?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics,  of the 108 distinct professions surveyed in 2012, there are two jobs in the US where women make more than men do:1. Counselors (102.6% of what men make)2. Health practitioner support technologists and technicians (103.7%)To address some of the other answers here, registered

What irrationalities do men often have about beautiful women?

‘Privilege' seems to be an interesting concept, especially when it comes to gender, since often it's just a form of pressure to fulfil a certain role. And that's fine, as long as that's what you want to do. If you're a beautiful woman and you like attention from strangers and plenty of opportunity to

What is a good amount of pushups to do without stopping for men and women?

You start with doing as many as you can with proper form. 3–4 times a week. If it is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...etc. Doesn't matter. The next week, you try to increase that number. If you can do 1, the

What is a woman's most attractive feature/trait to a man?

Everyone knows that whenever a man provides us the actual once-over, he's probably considering sex. However now, te, technology can clarify why males are continuously checking all of us out. Works out, there's a particular formula for his or her once-over. A number of it's foolish, but the majority of it it is simple to

What is the male equivalent of female beauty?

The reason why these women are beautiful has more to do with evolution than you think it does.Look at the waist hip ration, as well as the boobs and thighs.For the hips, 7:10 is the most pleasing. In both pictures, it's either

What is the most important thing to a woman?

Life.I genuinely don't understand this question. Is it asking what the most important thing is for individual women? Is it seriously asking what thing every single woman alive, dead, and to be born one day, finds most important?It would make sense if it was asking what thing most women think is

What is the thing that a man does daily, but women do once a year?

Jack wakes up at 8 am. Breakfast is the first thing on his mind. As he shuffles towards the fridge, he remembers that he forgot to buy milk the day before. Damn. He has to go to the nearest store. At 8.10, he leaves the house.Jill wakes up at 8 am. Breakfast may not be the first

What's the difference between men watching hot and beautiful women and women watching handsome men?

Discretion.  As far as I can tell discretion.  Not much more.Men and women, both, check-out beautiful women.  Women check out women openly.  They have no need to hide it.  Women don't necessarily look at women as potential sex partners, well, some do but I'm talking about the

Which is more beautiful to you, the male body or the female body? Why?

Traditionally, contrary to popular thought, the male body was considered more beautiful. The female body was considered a defected form of the male body - weak, imperfect. The Greeks sculptures showcase wonderful male bodies, the early Renaissance art is all about the male body - the female body is rendered very similar to male with the addition of

Who benefits more from marriage, men or women?

The benefits of a man and a woman in marriage is not designed to be equal even if women are seeking for equality, even In marriage.Below are my reasons why I think women benefits more before marriage and in marriage:Anytime I take my fiancee out on a date or for shopping, I

Who is better for parents, girls or boys?

Girls are more better than boys because it passes from many problems before marriage and after so on . Boys have no problem for saying to parents that I am not doing your work but in case of gils just opposite .while she work propely in every conditions because girls have more felling

Who makes more of a contribution to our society, men or women?

Without women there are no men, without men there are no women.Let's phrase the question in another way, what is more important in a computer: the CPU or the cooling fan? One may seem to make more of a contribution (The CPU) but without the fan and heatsink, it is

Why are most people way more open with the appreciation of female beauty than of male beauty?

Female desire/ sexuality is not considered valid by mainstream society. This is one reason why many people think two women kissing is "ok" while  the same person might think two men kissing is degenerative. Women are socially forbidden from expressing any desire without coming off as desperate, strange,

Why are some white men so threatened by the success of women and seek to discredit them? Look at the social backlash against AOC and now Katie Bouman.

Most normal people are not threatened by anybody being successful, but in the case of AOC she came to prominence not because she's especially intelligent or diligent - it's because she is a box ticked for the USA Democrats.If she had some nuance or if she did have

Why do more men go to gyms than women?

There are a number of reasons for this. Though you asked this question primarily with regard to Western society, I am obliged to write about what happens in a country like India as well. Let's start off with a few easy reasons

Why do some say that lesbian women think like men and gay men think like women?

This question is so heteronormative it makes me cringe.Lesbian women ARE women, and gay men ARE men. The question assumes they are not.It would be properly phrased

Why do some younger men like older women?

It depends on the person, but some potential benefits include:They are more mature, so typically there is less drama. There is more focus on what's important in the long run, rather than small stuff that won't matter later.An older woman is

Why do teenage boys idolise girls?

They are taught so. The media, movies, books, ads and even people around them, are there from day one to encourage them to think of girls as either deities or an extraterrestrial species. The term "girls" in the media has hyper-sexualizing connotations as soon as a young woman

Why do White females generally have the impression of Asian males as timid, shy, and unmanly?

Because of BIAS and lack of exposure. Do I even have to say how misrepresented Asian males are in Western media? I get that there are indeed plenty of genuinely shy and introverted Asian boys out there, but what they try to do with our general image is just despicable. Say if a

Why does the Bible say women cannot dress like men and men cannot dress like women?

The Bible does not say women cannot dress like men. The Bible is a compilation of 66 books all written at different times but with one binding story. Jesus Christ. It must be properly read and understood. The portion often quoted to support the view that women cannot dress like men is

Why don't women generally ask men out?

I don't know why women dont generally ask men out but I could tell you why I seldom do. I had a bad experience regarding this whole fiasco.Flash back. 2010.He was a homie, senior and average looking guy. Single all his life, shy and soft spoken. Maybe thats what intrigued me about him.

Why has feminism focused primarily on encouraging women into male-dominated activities but not men into female-dominated activities?

One of the major reasons is because men have traditionally held positions with more power and prestige, so feminism works to try to get more women into those positions.  This is covered in many of the other answers on this page.There is, however, another bias at work that

Why is dating harder for men?

Dating isn't harder for men. Getting laid is harder for men.Getting laid isn't hard for men for the reason most people think. In the western world, most women are pretty open to having casual sex. However, very few women are going to lead the dance towards sex.Women rarely approach men, they rarely lean in for the

Why is it easier for a man to lose weight than a woman?

1. Women have more fat mass genetically than men. Ideal percentages of Body Mass Index for men are lower percentage fat than women. When you lose weight you want to lose fat (no muscle or bone), so men are an

Why is it that, despite the fact that I live in a patriarchal society, every time I look around, it seems as though women and girls have many privileges of which I'm jealous? Why does it seem to me that they are more privileged than men?

That depends on the circumstances.Are you a man who has to register for the military draft? Well, that's because your country doesn't want women to risk their lives when they could be making babies at home. Some countries allow women to enlist voluntarily, but they

Why is there a double standard for men and women when it comes to the amount of people we have slept with?

There's two distinct reasons why a man who's had several sex-partners is often admired or at least respected, while a woman who's had several sex-partners is often judged a lot more harshly.Tilted casual sex marketFor most average young women, at least those living in relatively liberal countries, casual sex in effectively unlimited amounts

Why should women not go out for work?

I'm so confused by this question.The best question is to flip it on its head, they should. They everyone no matter the race, ethnics, gender, sexuality. Should be defined by their physicality. In terms of work you should be able to

Are Chinese women more socially dominant than Chinese men?

If we do, why our life are still so hard?When you interview, they will ask you two questions before others. "Do you married?" and "Do you have child?" They hate single or unborned women, because we will pregnant

Are girls afraid of boys (between 15-18 years old)?

Hello, 16 year old (nearly 17).I do not find boys that I know frightening in the least. Nor do I find scary those who have kind or gentle faces, or those who laugh a lot.In fact, the only boys of whom I was wary

Are men generally more straightforward than women?

I was walking to class senior year of high school when a girl my junior stopped me in the hallway. Her hair was fire red. She wore a baggy plain white T-shirt. She must have been a good 50 to 60 pounds overweight. And to make matters

Are men in the US still much physically stronger than women in general or have things like video games and watching sports destroyed their strength?

The strength of men have been damaged for sure because of anything related to TV and phones, but they are still physically stronger than women because even women's strength was destroyed thanx to feminism, women in old days could milk cows and skin crocodiles and bears (dead ones that were killed by the husbands)

Are men more attractive than women?

Well first and foremost attractiveness is very subjective. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, there is a general perception of what is perceived beautiful and what is less beautiful based on sexual selection pressure, in relation to good genes and

Are men with high testosterone levels attracted to different types of women than men with low testosterone levels?

While I'm no medical professional, my understanding is that testosterone levels in men have no bearing on the types of women that they would find to be attractive.That kind of attraction is primarily rooted in a man's personal makeup; especially as it's not just a physical attraction-it also depends on the personality of the woman/women in question.I believe

Are there any downsides to having a female-dominated workforce?

If you mean having a female-dominated workforce in all areas of the labour-market, then sure. The same way that a male-dominated workforce in all areas of the labour-market would have downsides. The most efficient and productive of imaginable labour-markets will always have a certain distribution of both males and females, although depending of the nature

Are there any female dominant societies in history?

There are many societies in history that are matricarchal, and there are even some that still exist. Here are a few.1. MOSUOLiving near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, the Mosuo are perhaps the most famous matrilineal society. The Chinese government officially classifies them as part of another ethnic minority known as

Are there men out there who like dominant women?

I love dominant women however they are difficult to find and date-so I figured out an approach that actually works! For 15 years I searched for a lady in the alternative lifestyle community by attending lifestyle munches, sloshes and play parties. But sadly it's incredibly difficult to find

Are women dominated by male words?

Your examples confuse accidents of vocabulary similarity between different languages with the effects of male domination. I'd suggest you spend some time comparing roots using a good etymology reference, such as Online Etymology Dictionary, to see what I

Are women in general more social than men?

Yes.When you put it into an evolutionary perspective women were required to be more social than men to survive. Think about it, in a world of survival of the fittest, how could one woman survive over another?Part of that is their ability to attract a