What was Ultra during WW2?

tl; dr version: Enigma was the name of the cryptography machine used by the Germans. ULTRA was the codename used by the Allies to describe German coded messages they had managed to intercept and decode.In 1918, during the First World War, a German engineer called Arthur Scherbius invented a machine resembling a

In WW 2 did the Germans respect WW1 Allies war graves? Did the Allies respect German WW1 war graves?

In former East Prussia, now in Poland, I have visited once (about year 2000) a common German/Russian military cemetary from WWI. Say low hundreds of graves. While it had been up-kept contemporarily, it was clear that all elements date from

What could have happened in WW2 if Nazi Germany had deployed strategic heavy bombers such as the He-177? Would they have been able to win the Battle of Britain, or successfully invade the Soviet Union?

It depends. Where do the resources to build, crew, fuel etc the bombers come from?If you want enough of them to matter, you need lots of resources. The British and Americans launched 1000 bomber raids with aircraft of the same sort

What was the greatest pre WWII German film?

Triumph des WillensTriumph of the Will was released in 1935 and became a major example of film used as propaganda. Riefenstahl's techniques-such as moving cameras, aerial photography, the use of long focus lenses to create a distorted perspective, and the revolutionary approach to the use of music and cinematography have

In layman's terms, how did Germany become the economic powerhouse of the euro area, especially after the two world wars?

Population, education and resources all put to use in a freshly rebuilt modern industry after WWII.Remember that much of the pre 1945 industrial capacity was destroyed and had to be rebuilt with the latest technology.

What's the most disturbing statement in Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'?

Wow there are so many! I have read the book through 3 times (twice while doing my 2 year theseis on Hitler for my final history grade), but never in English as my Grandfather told me the translations were never right and never

What did German soldiers think of the Australian soldiers?

The Germans had respect for the fierce resistance they received from Australian forces who conducted a an important action at Villiers Bettonneux in 1918. The French also were particularly appreciative of their exploits and as a result , a primary

If Britain was defeated in WW2 would Germany have invaded Ireland?

It all depends whether Germany was at war with the USA at the time.  If Germany had invaded Britain before the USA joined the Allies then I probably think that Germany would have left the Republic of Ireland stay neutral and unoccupied.  There was

If US never entered WWII, would Britain been able to defeat Germany?

The Soviets were the ones who defeated Germany.With US having entered WWII, UK+ US didn't defeat Germany, though their combined effort did get close to that. The true defeat of Germany came from the USSR.Granted, without material help from the US to the USSR, defeating Rommel at Operation

If Britain and Russia had fallen to Hitler in WWII, could the US have still defeated Germany and Japan?

Japan would have been easy for the US to take on. In our timeline, Japan was on the brink of mass starvation by the time it surrendered and the majority of its casualties and practically all of its naval losses were inflicted by

What are benefits or losses that Germany had after WW2?

I'm no expert on this subject.There are very few Jews in Germany today. I don't know how the German people feel about this but the permanent elimination of Jews was a major goal of the Nazi's.The Autobahn...Copied all over the world.The Volkswagen Beetle.A successful representative

What would have happened in WW2 if Germany had developed the atomic bomb first?

I think this question is missing a variable that needs to be added: When does Germany develop the bomb?In real life, with the world's greatest industrial and economic power (the United States) going full-tilt, and working feverishly (if secretly) to figure out how to make atoms into

Why did the German Blitzkrieg succeed in France 1940 but failed against Russia in 1941?

Biggest reason is probably space: a 300km advance takes you from the German border to Paris.  Another 300km takes you all the way to the Atlantic and you run out of French territory.

What would Germany be if Germany had remained united after the Second World War?

Curios! And the other aspects?It was still bombed down, ruins everywhere. Millions of POW. dismantlingm destroying....What are with Oder Neise border and Estern Prussia, Königsberg?You see....too many if, when and open questions

Did Germany make some Flugabwehrkanonepanzers during WW2?

The basic idea of multiple mounted guns on a vehicle for anti-Aircraft duty was pretty common in WW2 by everyone. Even the Americans got into the idea.

Why didn't Britain and France invade Germany after they invaded Poland during WW2?

The French actually sent troops just across the border into Germany in September 1939, while the Germans were still fighting in Poland. Despite encountering no resistance from the Germans, the French withdrew a few days later.

How powerful would Germany be if WW2 never happened?

Weak. After WW1 Germany was crushed hyper inflation mass unemployment, lost territory 13% in Europe and its overseas powers.Key component of WW2 was the Nazi's ideals of returning the German empire to power under Nazi ideals which involved seizing territory - hence

Why did Germany invade Russia in WWII?

Lebensraum ("living space")

How could Germany have delayed the end of WW2 until 1946 (or maybe 1950)?

Couldn't happen. Germany was simply out of manpower and material. With the Soviet Union making gains and pushing the Germans out all over the place, they had too large of a border to protect. They were stretched too thin. Perhaps if they would have pulled

Do any Quorans wish that Germany had won WW2?

I'm answering this anonymously because I know some people will automatically incorrectly assume I'm either a

If WW1 and WW2 had never happened, would Germany be admired by the world?

Germany is admired for what it is today, by some countries.But the problem is that many people associate Germany with the Germany of the first half of the 20th century, and they forget that the fault is of the german leaders, not of the german people as a whole.And yes, if WW1 and WW2 never happened

What was it like to have met Adolf Hitler personally?

It was the summer of 1935, in the resort town of Tegernsee in my native Germany. My parents and I were on a short trip into southern Germany, with no fixed destination. We arrived at Tegernsee, a popular resort, expensive and fashionable, and my parents located a reasonably priced boarding house on the lake. But

What would have happened if Germany had started WWII in 1955, per original plans?

Germany's economy was on the verge of collapse because of the incredible costs incurred by the re-armament program.Germany literally had to start a war in 1939–1940 or face economic collapse.

How did Germany defeat France so easily during the World War II?

It was a swift victory and looking up on it generally, it was easy, though the Germans did face tough counter attacks at some points and were almost dismembered.But the main reason which led to their defeat is obviously, without doubt, the lack of a strong leadership. We can examine this in

What would have happened to England if Germany won WWII?

All British Jews would have been killed, 300, 000 people.The Royalty deposed and replaced by a stooge, i.e. Edward VIII.The intelligentsia imprisoned / eliminated, 2500 people immediately arrested and

What would have happened if Germany had actually conquered the UK in WW2?

Assuming the German luftwaffe would have defeated the RAF during

If Germany had not drawn the USSR or USA into WW2, what would have happened to Great Britain?

Britain is pushed out of the Mediterranean. The Empire continues to decentralize and India becomes autonomous, unpartitioned or with provinces nearly independent.

What if Germany never surrendered in WW2?

If Germany never surrendered during WW2, Germany was at the crushing end of WW2 anyway, so I think that the war would carry out for about one more year or so. (Making it 1946 when they might of lost.) They might

How did WWII change the relationship between Germany and Britain?

We fell out - war does that. After the war, Germany no longer existed - there was East & West germany.

How might life be better today if Germany and Japan had won ww2?

I don't wish to offend. Some of these answers will be controversial, but I will try to point out the theoretical positive aspects of what may have been horrific choices.By Germany eliminating a large number of people (the type in Kolin's answer), a burden on

How was Germany before WW2?

Imagine venzuela or Cuba like that. The treaty of Varsailles really did a number on germany. They had to pay war reparatioms for the entire war. People were starving and dying in the streets. Rubble everywhere. They had almost no goverment. The currency

How would WWII have started if Hitler had never been a leader in Germany?

It wouldn'tIt's often said that the WW1 created WW2 but that's incorrect. It's much more exact to say that WW1 created Hitler who created WW2.There was no other politician in Germany who was that radical and that extreme. Without Hitler Germany would've become

If Britain and France had undertaken a major offensive against Germany in September, 1939, how would it have turned out?

No. The British didn't even have the BEF in position until it was too late. The French would have had to get their act together and mount a violent and well supported attack against the Saar. Now that just wasn't in the cards, as

If Germany had won WWII, would Hitler be remembered as a national hero in Germany?

Oh, for sure, just like Ghengis Khan, Tamerlan, Alexander and Cesar.Enormous conquests that laid the foundations to empires were always extremely bloody and mostly genocidal. E.g. the Mongol conquest supposedly killed 10% of all humans on this planet while one or two generations later the

What did Germany expect Japan to do during WW2?

They really wished the Japanese would strike north into Siberia. However, they had hit there in 1939, and got hammered. So no, they went south for resources. Hitler declared war on the US, and hoped the Japanese would go north. Funny about assumptions.

What if Britain had sided with Germany during WW2?

This is of course only alternative history (which means garbage), but it has a historical background. Least in this fairly preposterous scenario. Britain was in the best case could sign a peace agreement and remain neutral.Accessing the tripartite pact would have an impact on what is left of the French (especially the the most modern

What might have happened had England and France not 'guaranteed' Poland against Germany back in 1939?

Practically nothing different in general, after Hitler invaded Poland, the French just stood on the border and made a small assault on Germany, but nothing else at all, even though they could have easily bombarded the factories in Rhineland, you know the

What would have happened had Russia invaded Germany?

If that happened today it would be war

What would have happened if Germany had been invaded by all its neighbours in 1938?

They took on France in 1939 & the other powers, Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark would make little difference. An invasion by Austria would have been unlikely in 1938, given the Nazi inspired coup by Seyss-Inquart against the Fascist government of Dollfuss, but Poland had a much larger army than is generally imagined and in the early 30s

Why did Germany invade Poland during World War II?

A good source on this is Pat Buchanan's Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War. The Danzig and corridor situation was untenable. Germany wanted Danzig, and on ethnic grounds had a clear case. Germany also found the exclaved position of East Prussia unacceptable, but Hitler, unlike the Weimar governments, offered to accept the

Why did Germany not invade Ireland during the WW2 to use it to springboard into Britain?

Ireland doesn't offer a proximity advantage over France because isn't any closer to England than France is to England and it's further away from southern England, which would presumably be the focus of an invasion. So there's not really an advantage to launching from Ireland instead of France. Plus, you'd have to invade an additional country (a country

Why didn't Germany wait until 1947 to start WW2 like they had planned?

Great question, which may have a very direct answer.Two physicians treating Hitler, doctors Morell and Schenk, claimed he had Parkinson's Disease. In 1939, that was a death sentence within a few years. This could have motivated Hitler to start the