Can Nigerians work in germany?

Not only in Germany. You can rule worldwide.Because,You can do well.You are capable.You are steadfast.You are perseverant.So, in your academics, study well. Work out hard. Sacrifice your friends, relationships and wordly pleasures. Just focus focus focus only on your education.Transform your learnt theory into practical. Thus gain some pre-experience at

How does tipping work in Germany?

Approximately  ten per cent or a little under is considered a normal tip in  restaurants, bars and the like. No waiter will be offended by a higher  tip, though.What is considered annoying is calculating an exact  percentage of tip. Round it to a convenient amount. If ten per cent  would add up to, for

How is living in Germany? Can a Moroccan engineer work in Germany with his degree?

You will have to make a validation of your degree. In my experience, it is easier to pursue a master's degree, because without a German degree, it is not as easy to get a job and thus the residence permit is harder to obtain.Without a German degree, German and European people have priority in job

If I were to teach a stranger some funny German words, which one would you choose?

Have you ever seen "Schottenfreude", the NYTimes article on how it describes the joy one experiences at the deftness of the German language in capturing the full value and meaning in very specific feelings? It's quite an amusing article, with words like Schmutzwortsuche, literally meaning to look

Is German language required for working in Germany?

Let's see.In Germany, there are many companies, in specific fields, which have their working language as English. However, the emails are only in German and even the tech-support is primarily in German. They would still help you if you ask them in English.If the working language is English, you could go without learning German.Happy?No... That's not the

Is interracial marriage common in France, the UK and Germany?

I can speak about France.Before I continue I would like to mention that I am someone with darker skin. I always lived in France, but I am truly of mixed race and I look exactly like one. I have creole and indian parents on one side (greek parents on the other).I actually

What are some interesting facts about Germany?

I am argentinean and I've visited Germany twice in my life, but both times by just a few days.Things that I've found strange:1) When you buy a train ticket, you have to pierce it yourself before getting on the train. Otherwise, if a guard finds

What are the tips for someone visiting Germany?

Apart from the vibe and beauty of Germany,there are many other things also that a tourist should keep in mind while visiting Germany and specially Berlin.Rules:Not just the traffic rules have to be kept in mind,it is very important too

What explains Germany's birth rate being the world's lowest?

I am German and i will not have any children before the age of are the Reasons:Money: Germans think about Money a lot when considering long term situations that happen to them. Having Children will cost you a lot of Money

What is divorce law like in Germany?

I haven't been divorced in Germany, but I have gathered a few impressions over my short 2 years in the country.Germans are very gender-equality oriented, so it's quite possible for the wife to pay support to the husband, if he is not finished with his education yet or earns less

What's it like to move to Germany for work?

As someone who expated to Deutschland from the US, I have a few things to state:When you first arrive, you have to register with the Bügeramt. They will ask you what your religion is. Be sure to say that you are NOT religious or that you have NO religion, or you will wind

Who should I tip in Germany and how much usually?

How much?10% is the standard.Some people give more on tiny sums (e.g. a single coffee, rounding up from €2,50 to €3), but it's not expected.Some people give less on larger sums (e.g. giving €100 on a €94 restaurant bill).German waiters are paid better than US waiters and are less dependent

Why do some Germans ride bicycles without rear brakes?

As Tomas Schild said, two brakes are required by law and most bikes have them. Coaster brakes are very common in Germany, pretty much all bikes with internal gear hubs have them, for example. They can be recognised by a stabilising bracket (actually the brake's actuator)

Is Britain culturally closer to America or France/Germany?

I can only give my own experience. I have lived the largest part of my life in the U.S., but I have lived outside the U.S. for significant stints including in the UK. My father ran a large manufacturing facility

Is it true that Britain considered surrendering to Nazi Germany?

To answer this you have to place yourselves in the context of the Summer of 1940. Hitler had just finished conquering and dominating Europe. Poland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and France fell in under 2 months of actual fighting combined. Eastern Europe and Russia were allied with Germany giving them access to

Is there a reason why nuclear bombs were only used on Japan and not on Germany?

The Germans had already surrendered. Ironically, if you read Joseph Farrell's

Was it ever possible for Germany to win World War II?

Yes.In fact, in the 1939-40 war against the original allies of France, Poland and Great Britain, Germany did win. Today, we see these victories as inevitabilities. To the world in 1940, they were nothing short of unimaginable. These victories are not just tactical:-Poland ceases to exist;

What are some historical facts about Germany?

- As a nation state the united nation country of Germany did not exist until 1871. Once it did though it became a powerful player in the region.- Charlemagne established the holy roman empire in 800 and lasted for one thousand years until 1806 when napoleon

What are some interesting facts about Bavaria, Germany?

GERMANY:1.With about 82 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous member state of the European Union.2.After the United States, it is the second most popular immigration destination in the world.3.Germany was the first country in the world to adopt

What are some interesting facts about Hamburg?

A city of the Hanseatic League, which was a weak attempt to form a state after the Holy Roman Empire stopped operating properly.Interestingly, there is almost nothing about the Hanseatic League available in English.  German economist Friedrich List noted that Adam Smith had totally left out the failure of the

What are some interesting facts about IBM?

IBM was not IBM from the very beginning. Its actual name was "Tabulating Machine Company" and was founded by Entrepreneur Herman Hollerith is 1888.IBM (International Business Machines) was founded on June 15, 1911 as a corporation Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR). "Bellsouth

What are some negative facts about Germany?

I have to say that I love Germany and Germans. So finding negative things to say goes slightly against the grain with me. But there is one thing.Germans have a tendency to be a little anal about stuff. I cite the example of the rule (maybe now

What is lesser known facts about Germany?

Germany has a population of 81 million people.One-third of Germany is still covered in forests and woodlands.Germany is a member of the European Union.65% of the highways in Germany (Autobahn) have no speed limit.University is free for everyone (even non-Germans).There are over 2100 castles in Germany.There are

What is the best diet to have to make one's body fit while living in Germany?

That's a tough one, for two reasons:- German food is hearty and based on potatoes, sausages and breads. Overall, it's not the lightest. Plus beer is huge!- There are a lot of vegetarian and vegans in Germany. While it is possible, it is usually harder to lose weight while on

Which army did the Germans revere the most in WW2?

Probably the British Army. German commanders tended to consider the American Army as inexperienced, and credited US Army success to its supply, and even over-supply.The Italian army? The Germans spent most of the war supporting Italian troops. Most spectacularly, Hitler sent the Afrika Korps to Libya, specifically because

Why are there still US troops in Japan and Germany?

Because they want us there , for the most part. You make it seem as if we were occupying those countries, which is NOT the case. They are both allies and both ask for our help to deter threats. In Germany's case the threat is Russia. In

Why do some Germans ride bicycles without rear brakes?

As Tomas Schild said, two brakes are required by law and most bikes have them. Coaster brakes are very common in Germany, pretty much all bikes with internal gear hubs have them, for example. They can be recognised by a stabilising bracket (actually the brake's actuator) going from the

Why does the US have troops stationed in Germany?

The decision to divide Germany into four separate areas was ratified at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Later, the London protocol decided who would have authority over which area. The four biggest regions were divided amongst the U.S., Russia, England and

Can I bring my workout formulas (pre-workouts, BCAAs, Protein) into Germany?

Don't transport them in your hand luggage for obvious reasons. As the other writer answered, keeping them sealed in the original packaging would be best, simply for avoiding any confusion at customs. They tend to keep an eye out for tablets and powders.If you're worried about the legality, all

How long does it take to get a Schengen visa?

There are 26 countries which are part of the Schengen region, each of them takes different time for the processing of visa application. So, the answer to the question as to how long would it take to get a Schengen visa will depend on your country

Is it true that the key scientists and engineers in the Manhattan project were mostly educated in German universities?

Engineers? Key? German? No way. The questioner does not understand the context of the time. Nuclear engineering as it's known today occurred because of the Manhattan Project in firms like DuPont, Dow, etc. They had no reason to go or come

What is the most important aspect of German etiquette?

Punctuality. Unpunctuality either means you have no respect for the other's time (you let him wait, after all) or you feel so important that the other one can wait for you. The first one definitely doesn't make you look good, for the second one, the one

Which is the best country to live in: Germany or Canada?

I don't know much about Germany, but I do about Canada. If it were me I would choose Germany for the easy access travel to other European destinations, the limitless speed on the autobahn and the overall culture of Europe. I myself am about enjoying life. In Canada it is all about making it big, work,

Are there many interracial couples in Germany?

there is a large matrix of possible mixeslets take the most obvious onesgerman white with black very rare except on some usa basesgerman white with turkish fairly rare, some german girls marry rich turkish mengerman white with indian/ other south asian very raregerman white with southern european fairly raregerman white with chinese : asiatic very raregerman

Do you think that Donald Trump was confused about his father's birthplace being in Germany when it was in Brooklyn, or do you think he lied about it? If you think he lied, what do you think he was trying to gain from that lie?

Trump has confused his father with his grandfather, who really was born in Germany. He is not lying, just making the sort of mistake that will become increasingly common as the brain machinery slows down and more pieces come loose. Getting generations

How long do I need to be separated for before filing for a divorce in Germany?

Where ever you are staying in abroad not only in Germany you have to minimum two year I have been separated from your husband it ll come under deseration ground according to the Hindu marriage act section 13 we are best n famous advocate in Hyderabad any information

I am applying for master course in Germany what are the most important factor I should consider while writing statement of purpose?

Recently I saw a video by Dr.Sridhar Pappu at  Higher Education Part 2 - Putting Together a Compelling Application Package He has explained very clearly about Good, Bad and Ugly SOPs. Check the video and download the examples given. You will be able to prepare your SOP in a perfect way.

If Germany is such a liberal country, why isn't gay marriage legal?

Although liberal, the church - both Catholic and Protestant - are still extremely important in German society, especially in the west.These churches often run hospitals, schools and care homes and are exempt from the normal employment laws. This means that a gay employee could be sacked for no other reason than his or her sexuality, although the

If you have German citizenship and live in another country, do you have to pay German taxes?

The simple answer is no. Like every civilised country on earth you pay taxes where you live and work and receive benefit, so when you leave you stop paying.Some tax might be due on German income (ie a house you rent out) but

In Germany, is marrying more than 1 woman allowed?

Shubo, thanks for the A2A.I've read some of the comments currently posted and it seems that you are in a 2 way relationship. You are thinking of marrying both and keep both women for yourself. I assume from your name that you are coming from a south asian background and maybe muslim?I understand

Is Germany the best country for LGBT+ people, as 7% of Germans identify themselves as LGBT+?

I would say most Western European countries are good places to live for LGTB+ people. In the same survey the average in Europe was 5.9%, and Spain and the U.K. ranged higher among the 14–25 years old. Germany has a higher percentage of middle-aged and old

What are marriage laws like in Germany?

Marriage is governed by sections 1297-1588 of the German Civil Code (BGB) . No-fault divorce was instituted in 1976. As of 2013, 36 % of marriages are expected to end of divorce (as opposed to death of one partner), after a mean duration of marriage of 14 years 8 months. (German language source).

What is the divorce rate in Germany?

According to the federal statistics department (might not be the correct translation for the

What rights of citizenship does an immigrant parent have if their kid is born in Germany? The girlfriend is German, and the whole family lives only in Germany.

None. Residency and citizenship are not the same. The legal parent of a German child can apply for a family based residency permit to allow them to live in Germany. This is typically granted as a temporary permit for three years at first and then

When will Germany legalize same-sex marriage?

So here's the situation:Since 2001, we have the neither fish nor fowl Civil union thing, which is of course deeply dissatisfying.Since 2013, the SPD promised to vote for an equal marriage in the Bundestag.Their voices would have provided, along with Grüne and Linke, a majority.Except it didn't happen.Now with Schulz as the SPD