What is the best cell phone plan for a 5 month stay in Berlin?

All the major players (and plenty minor ones) offer prepaid plans. There's anything from bare minimum, everything costs extra at five Euros a month to 'full national telephony Flatrate with 3GB of data' for roughly 30€, sans phone.Options to check out: Vodafone or T-Mobile (the big boys. If almost ubiquitous coverage is

What is the most German invention ever?

This device to cut off the head of boiled eggs.It's called the

What makes German cars so special?

Firstly, thier quality .Secondly , the class & premium feel they provideThirdly , the safety listFourth , the unique classy , sober & mature design.

What is the estimated period of time to learn the German language so that I can deal easily with Germans?

If you take a deep dive and go somewhere for a few months where speaking german is the only way to communicate you will be able to have lots of conversations and good ones as well. If you only spend a few hours a week, you can probably study for the rest of your life

What is the estimated period of time to learn the German language so that I can deal easily with Germans?

If you take a deep dive and go somewhere for a few months where speaking german is the only way to communicate you will be able to have lots of conversations and good ones as well. If you only spend a few hours a week, you can probably study for the rest of your life

What are the most cost effective mobile phone plans in Germany?

I have T-Mobile's 'Business Complete Mobil L', which suits me perfectly, but of course it depends on what your requirements are. My package gives me 40 SMS, 180 minutes talk time and 1Gb data, all of which costs around €60 per month. It's a lot

What is the estimated period of time to learn the German language so that I can deal easily with Germans?

If you take a deep dive and go somewhere for a few months where speaking german is the only way to communicate you will be able to have lots of conversations and good ones as well. If you only spend a few hours a week, you can probably study for the rest of your life

What was Ultra during WW2?

tl; dr version: Enigma was the name of the cryptography machine used by the Germans. ULTRA was the codename used by the Allies to describe German coded messages they had managed to intercept and decode.In 1918, during the First World War, a German engineer called Arthur Scherbius invented a machine resembling a

In WW 2 did the Germans respect WW1 Allies war graves? Did the Allies respect German WW1 war graves?

In former East Prussia, now in Poland, I have visited once (about year 2000) a common German/Russian military cemetary from WWI. Say low hundreds of graves. While it had been up-kept contemporarily, it was clear that all elements date from

What if France invaded Germany in WW2?

Neither the French nor the British Armies were psychologically prepared to go to war in 1939/40. Their political leadership was convinced they would be able to

What could have happened in WW2 if Nazi Germany had deployed strategic heavy bombers such as the He-177? Would they have been able to win the Battle of Britain, or successfully invade the Soviet Union?

It depends. Where do the resources to build, crew, fuel etc the bombers come from?If you want enough of them to matter, you need lots of resources. The British and Americans launched 1000 bomber raids with aircraft of the same sort

If india and Germany were to fight a war against each other. Who will win?

In today's time it will be near to impossible that these two countries will fight a war. And today a war will be more on Cyber and Air Space rather then the traditional Land and water.And if the war brokes out, may God don't show us that day,

What are some good German websites for reading?

I really love faz.net - Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.It's a really great place for news and articles of all sorts.

What was the greatest pre WWII German film?

Triumph des WillensTriumph of the Will was released in 1935 and became a major example of film used as propaganda. Riefenstahl's techniques-such as moving cameras, aerial photography, the use of long focus lenses to create a distorted perspective, and the revolutionary approach to the use of music and cinematography have

What if America invaded Germany today?

Well it could be quite easy or quite hard.Germany, while not weak isn't much of a match for the US. The thing Germany has going for it is NATO. NATO uses the logic that if you attack one of us you attack all of us. This would include many nations

How did Germans feel about the WW1?

They were supportive and despite serious shortages and even starvation they were strongly supportive. When the armistice came they were hugely relieved at first, but then appalled when the allies used the armistice to threaten an invasion of Germany unless she submitted to utter submission. The armistice brought a withdrawl of German troop to it's own borders and

Why does the US have troops stationed in Germany?

In addition to bases originating from WW2 and the cold war the US has their NATO HQ in Mannheim Germany.After the Snowden revelation it was unveiled that the NSA is as well located in US bases within Germany.

What's the most disturbing statement in Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'?

Wow there are so many! I have read the book through 3 times (twice while doing my 2 year theseis on Hitler for my final history grade), but never in English as my Grandfather told me the translations were never right and never

How many hours does it take a cargo ship to go from Germany to UK?

I hate to (again) point out that questions like this need to provide basic data, but the calculation of the time required is one of those ugly monsters from school that nobody ever uses, called a formula. To calculate time, you need speed and distance.For

What salaries are normal for a screenwriting job in the film and TV industry in Germany? What is the best first step for a foreign screenwriter to get a job in the film and TV industry in Germany?

Good question. I am a screenwriter and have placed in several competitions, so I know I have some good material under my belt. However, being an American who happens to live in Germany, I write in English and I use Final Draft for my formatting. I've become aware that European formatting is different. Also, since

How real are the street interviews in 'Er ist wieder da'?

The interviews showing the people's interest in Adolf Hitler are totally real. Sad, but true.You see, the movie is based on a brilliant, but nonetheless grotesque book of the same name, wherein the real Hitler somehow did not commit suicide in 1945, but awakes in Berlin some 70 years later. The whole book reads as if

If praising Nazism in Germany is banned, how was Er ist wieder da (2015) filmed?

Article 5 of the German Grundgesetz statesKunst und Wissenschaft, Forschung und Lehre sind frei. (Art and science, research and teaching are free)Free in the sense that there are only very few restrictions to it. This allows that movies can show otherwise banned Nazi

Is Mein Kampf banned in Germany? If yes, why?

My understanding is that the state of Bavaria holds the copyright which is valid in Germany until 70 years after the authors death and they are simply not allowing production.As to why, the reason is that the general belief and it's not without

What are reviews of 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler?

U can read it. It is a book to understand the socio political scenario of Europe in general in 1870-1930 and Germany in particular. It will be too dry a book until you know the political borders of European countries after unification

Do Germans watch Indian movies?

Of course, we do... some of us (o;I'm a Hardcore-Fan, 'cause I have so many DVD's, Bluerays and Tv-Channel ZeeOne. .. I've seen SRK in real live Dec. 2005 at Nikko- Hotel in Düsseldorf/ Germany, and next day him, Preity Zinta and some other Movie stars at the Bollywood-Show in Dortmund- Westfalenhalle.My favorites are:Kajol (missing her!),

Germany: What was the general German reaction to the film 'Er ist Wieder Da?' ('He's Back')

I am german, 15 and I just watched the movie alone in my room and honestly I am deeply disturbed by it... Hitler really is part of us all, that's not even a lie! Everyday in school we learn about what happened in WW II about Hitler and what he did to jews, homosexuals and many

How to get a job in Germany after completing B.E (mech) in India

Without work experience it's not a easy way to go. With Bachelors at least 3 years of work experience and with Masters 2 years of work experience is preferred. Unless you have any special skills (invented something or expert at a specific area with research).Also generally non IT

How is the IT industry in Germany?

As I have read from many sources on Internet the IT industry is well developped in Berlin. It may somehow be compared to San Francisco, as it is a great city for start-ups in IT. Also Frankfurt and Munich may be good cities for IT jobs, but they are too expensive compared

Is there a must see German movie?

No, there isn't. Maybe

What does 'das boot' mean?

Boot means exactly the same in German as in English, but it needs a definite article, of course, and what's more, its gender is neuter, therefore das Boot. Here's a sample dialogue for you: „Es ist regnend da draußen

What qualifications are required to join pre-nursery and primary school in Germany?

As a teacher or as a kid?To work in a Kindergarten you need to know German (B2) have the equivalent of

Why is Friends not available in the German Netflix?

I can't say for Friends in Germany in particular, but many Netflix offerings are based on demand and costs of licenses.  Licenses work by territory and date, so it doesn't mean that Netflix bought the license to show Friends in the US that they

Why isn't the film 'Er Ist Wieder Da' thought to be in terrible taste?

Because the movie in fact is way more than satire. It is a way to show us what is really happening in Germany right now. I am not sure where you are from and therefore do not know how aware you are of German politics. But we've been having quite a few issues with extreme right wing

What was the etiquette of greeting in medieval France and Germany. Did unequals exchange greetings?

As an anedocte, it is said that modern military salute (flat right hand raised towards the forehead) comes from the greetings of knights who would use their right hand to raise the visor of their helmet, hence showing their face to their knighty fellow (see Salute ).

How is doing a PhD from the US different from doing a PhD in Germany?

Focus on the professor you will work with and the project you will be associated with. There are very good universities in Germany which have international associations with reputed universities of US, UK and Canada. Nothing will be different, if you choose a reputed university

What chocolate is made of in Germany?

Chocolate contains cocoa, cocoa butter, and one or more of sugar, vanilla, milk or cream - plus whatever flavors or inclusions are added (for example, almonds or berries). There is nothing that differentiates German chocolate from chocolate in other countries.That is, unless you mean to be asking about German chocolate cake, which

What can you do in a city like Berlin?

A lot of things! Berlin is a vibrant city with a lot of options for every taste!Here you can find some of my favorite sights and things to do in Berlin, maybe it will inspire you somehow: https://fotostrasse.com/52-place...

Why are there so many attacks in France and Germany?

As a resident of Berlin who is constantly cruising outside the city and following local media, I must say I heard for the first time for this stabbing (and specially from a perspective of terror attack or whatever is that list showing) in Berlin in September 2015. Berlin is

What is the Berliner?

Thomas Martin's answer is correct when referring to the demonym, i.e., it means a person from the city of Berlin, but it is also the name for a pastry, apparently essentially what Americans call a jelly donut, however, this usage occurs in

What are some of Germany's best kept secrets?

A secret that Germans are keeping even from themselves (well, people in that area are keeping from those in the rest of Germany) is that the Ruhrgebiet (former coal mining area which used to be famous for its black sky) is one of the most interesting areas of Germany to travel to or live in. It still

What did German soldiers think of the Australian soldiers?

The Germans had respect for the fierce resistance they received from Australian forces who conducted a an important action at Villiers Bettonneux in 1918. The French also were particularly appreciative of their exploits and as a result , a primary

Name some Indian restaurants in Germany?

I was in Germany during Christmas'17. It was an Awesome Trip. I was in Frankfurt and was looking for some really good Indian Restaurants and I got to know about an Indian Restaurant near Frankfurt Messe which is attracted by the Great Crowd.The Restaurant was Indian Flavours . Its one of the Best Indian

Why aren't there premium fast food chains in Germany?

As others have noted, fast food chains are not anywhere near as ubiquitous or as popular in Germany. In fact restaurant chains of any sort are generally not at all common.There are several reasons for this. One is