Can a woman get pregnant a few days before her period and still have period?

Original question:I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me, and four days later I get my period. Could I still get pregnant since sperm lives in me for 5 days, and it’s just the 4th day?Okay it's time to kill two birds with one stone. I'll stick with answering this

Can a woman get pregnant after menopause?

Absolutely! And a good reason we have so many mom's with"surprise" late life babies :) Women assume that because they are not having periods anymore they can't get pregnant. Not so, you can still be ovulating even if you've stopped having periods. So the only way to know safely

Can I get pregnant on my period?

Chances are you're probably not pregnant. The purpose of baby making is to introduce sperm to the egg during ovulation, which is one day out of your entire cycle. However, sperm can live up to around 5 days inside the

How to tell my boyfriend I might be pregnant

Oh boy... tricky situation :)Personally I believe it is better to get such things out in the open as fast as possible. If you keep putting it off... it will get harder to tell him. And if you ARE pregnant, the shock will be greater if he realizes it is already far

How to tell my husband that I'm pregnant with a child that's not his

There are several things to think about first. The biggest one how did you come about getting pregnant by someone else? Did you cheat? Were the two of you separated and got back together and during separation you got pregnant? Did you have a

How to tell my husband that I'm pregnant with his brother's baby

You need to tell your husband as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more trouble you will make. You need to just straight up tell him face to face that you cheated on him with his brother. He deserves and you will give him all of the details of your

Is getting pregnant right after marriage a smart move?

It depends on you and only you.....When I was pregnant I had the exact same thought, although I conceived after 8 months of my marriage. I always felt guilty of conceiving so early. And when I was done with the whole process of conception and delivery I

Is it bad to not tell my husband that I'm pregnant right away?

Why is it you don't want to tell him right away? If it's because you want to hide it or don't think that the baby is your husbands then yes, it's bad.If you want to plan a romantic evening and tell him then that's not bad at

Is it important to tell my ex that I'm pregnant?

Hmmm. I would have to pretend to know a lot about you (and him) to be able to really provide concrete advice. But let's think for a minute about the basics.At some point, this person was important to you. And

Should I stay in a relationship where my SO got another woman pregnant?

No, of course you don't need to stay with him. Yes, YOU are loving and forgiving, but would he forgive the same error in you? I seriously doubt it. He's not considerate of your feelings now when you haven't gotten pregnant by another man. Why would he be considerate of your feelings if you

Should I tell my ex he got me pregnant?

Yes, you should absolutely tell him he has fathered a child regardless of what you plan to do about it. I firmly believe that it is the woman's body and the woman's choice. However, your ex certainly has an interest in this child especially if you plan

What would you do if you found out your husband/boyfriend got another woman pregnant or your wife/girlfriend got pregnant by another man?

Shortly after college I dated a woman who, after a year of being together, cheated on me with another man. After a few months of us being separated, we bumped into each other, and when I asked her why she left me for the other guy, she said she had gotten pregnant. The next day, she

When and how do I tell my husband I'm pregnant?

I really feel for you, that's a bad situation you are facing. And likely it's not going to go well. May I just suggest that you may have more strength than you give yourself credit for - and that you can make a life of your own with both your children.What is likely to

When can women get pregnant in the menstrual cycle?

Ovulation occurs when a mature ovum (egg) is released from the ovary. Once released, the ovum only survives for about 24- 36 hours (a 2 - 3 day window), so in order to get pregnant, sperm must be present in the female body at the

Can a 15-year-old girl get pregnant?

If you've started your period you can get pregnant yes (and even before your first period has started). .. And if you are you'd not be the youngest by far (I think the youngest girl was 5 or so). 15 is

Can pregnant women do exercise?

Yes pregnant women can do exercise but i will recommend consult your doctor before starting.Below is the list of best Exercise For Pregnant WomenWalkingBrisk walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles, and gives your heart a workout. It is safe throughout pregnancy, and can be built into your daily

How to get rid of a 4 week pregnancy on my own

You have an embryo inside you that is growing. If you want to get rid of it, a doctor will use a tool to crush the embryo which will result in fluid which will leak out of your vagina. Later stages of pregnancy would involve using a clamp to

How to get energy to last through the day

The Harvard School of Medicine has advice:Share emotional stress with friend/relative or join psychotherapy groups who practice meditation, yoga, or self-hypnosis.Overwork causing fatigue can divorce one from professional and family duties and priorities. Get help to reduce work-load or prioritise, what

Is it possible for a human to get pregnant by an animal? Why or why not?

During, ? World War II, a scientist actually attempted to find out. He wanted to breed ape-human hybrids to serve as cannon fodder. Smart enough to follow simple commands, but dumb enough not to ask questions (and to be expendable). First, he tried using human sperm to impregnate female apes. That didn't work. Then,

Should a 13-year-old get pregnant? My 15-year-old boyfriend and I want a baby.

Hunnie, take it from someone who knows. I was in your EXACT position at 13 years old. My boyfriend told me he loved me, would run away with me, work a job and support me wherever we ended up, rent us a little flat.... All that rubbish. He told me we could have a baby

What should be done to control TSH if I want to be pregnant?

It is a good thing you are planning your pregnancy and trying to figure out your current health conditions.TSH can affect pregnancy as different hormonal level can affect the pregnancy.One of the best things would be look at some lifestyle changes which would require some focus on exercises, some on dietary plans, thinking of

What types of exercise should you avoid when you're pregnant?

Here is some list that you need to avoid them during pregnancy:Exercise that carries a higher risk of falling or abdominal injuryExercises that involve lying flat on your backExercises that involve lying flat on your back for a long timeAvoid Advanced abdominal moves, like full sit-ups or double leg

Can a 13-year-old girl get pregnant?

As soon as you start getting your periods (when blood comes out of your vagina for about 5 days every month), you are fertile and can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex. Girls can get their periods as early as 10 years old (and exceptionally even younger), so at age

Can a transgender woman get a woman pregnant?

PUBERTY BLOCKERSA trans woman who proceeded directly from puberty blockers in her teenage years to estrogen HRT at 15 or 16yo has no viable sperm, and is unlikely to ever have viable sperm, even if she doesn't have genital surgery.SURGICAL CASTRATIONA trans woman who has had genital

Can you get pregnant on your period? How likely is it?

Sex on the days of your periods may less likely result in a pregnancy. So if you are planning to conceive a child, having sex during your periods might not give you the brightest of the results.However, take the length of your cycle into consideration as exceptions and possibilities of pregnancy are equally

What happens if a 16 year old gets a 14 year old pregnant?

Depends on what state you're in and who the parents are really.....I have 5 daughters ranging in age from 23 to 9 and 1 son. My 14 yr old is

Do I tell my ex that I'm pregnant, or will he think I'm just trying to lure him back?

Are you keeping it? If you are going to have an abortion regardless, don't tell him since you are not giving him a say in your choice.Are you sure you are pregnant or are you looking for a way to get him back and think you might be pregnant? If so, wait until you are sure.If you are

Do I tell my parents or boyfriend first that I (teen) am pregnant?

I'd tell your boyfriend first. Have a private talk with him. Talk about whether or not you want to keep the baby or abort the baby. After you come to a decision, both of your parents should be informed. Better early than late. If you do decide to keep the baby, your parents

Have you ever intentionally gotten pregnant to keep your boyfriend or husband around?

My first wife told me (when angry, so it might not have been true) that she had done so deliberately to get away from her father (by forcing a marriage) and wouldn't have married me if she hadn't succeeded. Although we made the marriage work as long

How can a woman get pregnant with another man while pregnant for her husband?

The phenomenon is named Heteroparental superfecundation. It work like Homoparental superfecundation, which is a common phenomenon, resulting in heterozygotic twins.In this case, two ovums are fecundated by two different males, being from in vitro fertilization or from two different sexual intercorses with two different partners, resulting in two events of fertilization.How frequent is heteropaternal superfecundation?

How to know if a girl's pregnant

Why you want to know? That girl will get it. She will miss her periods and that too needs to be checked by urine test and a doctor later. She might have nausea, vomiting ,pain in stomach, restlessness etc. These are not hundred percent true symptoms. She has to be examined. Else nature is so strong and shows many

If you found out you were accidentally pregnant, how would you like the guy to react?

Maybe I'm too presumptuous, but I can't imagine any woman, myself included, who would not want the man to be happy and totally supportive to the point of being willing to get married. Yeah that's old fashioned, but I've discovered that some of the

Is it bad to not tell my husband that I'm pregnant right away?

Why is it you don't want to tell him right away? If it's because you want to hide it or don't think that the baby is your husbands then yes, it's bad.If you want to plan a romantic evening and tell him then that's not bad at all.But men can be pretty perceptive. You've lived together for how long?

My ex-boyfriend got me pregnant and I did not know then. What should I do?

Are you out of mind to say he got you pregnant. Didn't you know when you slept with him you will get pregnant?How come he has become ex. ? In case both have mutually parted ways, try to meet him, explain him and get married. In case he refuses to marry you terminate the pregnancy. Or be brave enough

My husband wants to get separated. I am pregnant. Can he refuse to take responsibility legally?

No, he cannot refuse the responsibility of the pregnant wife and to be born child like this. As a wife you can claim maintenance for yourself for now and after the birth of the child for that child too from your husband.As far getting separated or divorced that he dreams is not so easy under the Indian Matrimonial Laws/Hindu

My teenage sister got pregnant but doesn't want to tell who the father is. How can I help her?

See it could be painful as well as unbearable for her ..might be that was forcefully or someone just used and fool her. In her age this kind of answer is obvious .you have to make her understand about future loss as well as problems

What should I do after getting my affair partner pregnant? I can't live without my three kids and wife.

You say you can't live without your wife and kids, but you were willing to risk that for sex with another woman... for five years! Your actions and your words don't match up, and our actions show what we really want.I point this out for two reasons.

What would you do if you found out your child got a girl pregnant or they were pregnant?

Of any of my daughters got pregnant before they were ready I'd recommend abortion. If they are under 18 I'd demand it. Not all ppl agree with this and I'm ok with that but I'll tell you I'd rather do that then risk having a baby brought in this world that won't get the love

Why are so many couples having issues with getting pregnant these days? Is getting married in their 30s one of the many issues?

My bro in law 's wife is a famous gynaecologist in Tamil Nadu. She has been in service since early 80 s. She has seen a trend in Indian couples not being able to conceive, or delayed, for the past twelve to fifteen years or