If the United States disappeared, how would the world be affected? Which nations rely the most on American support, patronage, partnerships, trade, and military protection?

Other than the sudden drowning of some 315-odd million people, lots of bad things that would probably kill tens of millions of more people. First off, the planet itself would hardly notice. The total mass of the US is [math]2.28*10^{16}[/math] kg†. If we go further and axe

What are barriers to China's economic growth?

I am not a China expert, but according to what I've read recently, here are apparently some significant barriers to future economic growth in Communist China.Corruption - The World Bank estimated that 3% of China's GDP is consumed by corruption.Human Rights - A number of organizations globally have

What are the most common misconceptions about globalization?

A single world government is the inevitable goal of a global economy.This is by far the most common misconception people in the west, primarily conservatives, have about globalization. It does not matter how diverse nation-states are, or the recognition and respect for their existence

Would poverty still exist, if all wealth were shared equally between people?

Of course.Scientists from universities have made computer simulations about this and some of them backed by Bill Gates himself distributed $1,000,000 at random to a single poor individual in many remote and rural locations all over the world and recorded all the serial numbers