Do drinks affect your health and fitness goals?

Yes , drinks do affect our health and fitness goals .First question being , What type of drinks ?1. Alcoholic ( Beer , Tequila , Vodka , Gin etc. )2 . Non - Alcoholic ( Tea , Coffee , Mocktails , lassi, soda etc. )*Both* Alcoholic and Non - alcoholic drinks affect

For what fitness goals is Crossfit most appropriate?

CrossFit is best for mastering a wide and varied range of physical skills including running, gymnastics, weightlifting, calisthenics, strongman, and odd object work (examples are dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, d-balls...) the idea is to be ready for anything real life may throw at you, whether its sprinting from a

What are your biggest struggles in achieving your health and fitness goals?

Use a decision making game. The part which is called - `Hunting for Kairos`.Micro-progress that makes a big impact. This is proven to work.You can make it a simple game in Phase one as described.Surprisingly, very few people noticed this ! This works for us. So here is the proposed solution, check

What are your goals for 2015?

Oh I thought about so many things! Our first tech. fest is due in March so I'll trying hard to get into a committee that is closely tied to the fest since I would like to do my

What are your goals for this year? Why?

Here are my 10 goals for next year.Get back in shape.I wanna be able to bench press 180 pounds and deadlift 340. For most people this might not seem like much but I hardly workout so this is a big step up.2. Start getting up at 5:30am again.I

What is your health and fitness goal?

My overall goal is to feel light, fit, strong, and flexible, to be in touch with my body, and enjoy eating in a balanced way.More specifically, here are some my previous goals in the health & fitness realm:Participate in a marathonFinish a full Ironman triathlonGet

What motivated you to achieve your goals?

I was in a class of virology. The teacher said :There is no noise we couldn't even hear a fly moveI remember that something strange in my mind happened back then. So I quit my place and I was in front of the professor. He used his chair to protect himself.

What motivates you to work so hard to achieve your goals?

This is quite Different -I am having a feeling like something is missing in my life - Don't know what that is. But, there is something that kills me everyday.Might be that is living a Mediocre life - sometimes I dream of standing in front of millions people with Full strength , wide chest

Can we achieve mindfulness?

The simple answer is YES!So we need to first understand what does mindfulness really mean. Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. This basically helps us to focus our minds on the present and to get rid of the

Do you think we force kids to nail down their goals at a young age when we ask them, "What do you want to be when you grow up"?

The question should never be a serious question. It is a good question that allows children to think about professions, but likely they won't answer Genetic Engineer, Physicist, Hedge Fund Specialist....etc.There are many successful people with college degrees working in unrelated fields. They

For what fitness goals is Crossfit most appropriate?

CrossFit is best for mastering a wide and varied range of physical skills including running, gymnastics, weightlifting, calisthenics, strongman, and odd object work (examples are dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, d-balls...) the idea is to be ready for anything real life may throw at you, whether its sprinting from a dog, lifting a

How to achieve my goals, such as abolishing poverty, war, famine, corruption, WMDs, and discrimination

Don't watch motivational clips on Youtube. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but i remember doing it myself quite a lot, and it felt great, i felt like i could achieve everything i ever wanted, but that was it. At the end of the day, nothing changed, I was exactly in

I have lost 25lbs of my 131 lbs loss goal, Is it normal for me to be insecure about my progression? It has only been 3 months.

Hi Cierra, losing 25 lbs. in three months is an accomplishment to be proud of, since eight lbs. a month is considered to be the maximum amount of weight you should lose in order to not cause any health related problems, and you lost

If a happy and successful life is all about developing three good daily habits, what would those three habits be?

A happy and successful life is all about good habits. But we are unique. If you'd have been forced to narrow down all the choices to three habits, there would have been a great variety of 3-habit sets that would guide different individuals to the same final station

If your main goal in the gym is to get leaner, should you aim for frequency or volume, or both? Why?

If your goal is to get leaner, should frequency, volume, or both be the aim?I love this question. Let's dumb things down a little and look at as simply as possible. The goal is to loose weight. How do we do that ? We increase

What are your goals in life, and why did you choose them?

Q: What is the goal/purpose of your life?I'd prefer to say, Goal and Purpose are two different things. Goal is something you want to do, Purpose is something you are supposed to do.Goal: There might be a hundred answers to this in terms of success, but my answer would

What are your personal fitness goals?

I like to think of my personal fitness goals in terms of what I want to be able to do in several years. Or what I will be able to do at 50, 60 or 80 years old.For now, I'm 22 and in decent shape. I like running

What do you want in life?

I have personally asked this to many people but i always get the same reply

What is a realistic Powerlifting goal?

Aim for 1000 lb club first. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Set manageable goals and go from there. A great man named Jim Wendler once said, "Someone asked me what was my aim after benching X lb, I told him, bench X+2.5kg lb." You hit a new 5RM?

What is your one important 'must-achieve' goal for 2018?

So here is my bucket list for 2018......1.Slim down a bit to get into shape....I always tend to make plans for doing cardio and exercises but I've never been able to implement them to my schedule! So, this year I'll try to take out

Bernie Sanders said 'In my view, we have a moral responsibility to make certain that no American goes hungry or sleeps out on the streets. ' How will he achieve this goal?

There are about 550,000 homeless people in the U.S.The average meal outside the home in the U.S. costs $12.75 per person. Let's say they all get two squares a day, every day. That would come out to around $5.1 Billion for a year.Median rent for a 1br in the U.S. is $1025 per month. That would

Can I achieve a goal?

Look up on Google how many millionaires there are in the world. If you look at some of the many many millionaires, you'll see that most of them are not as smart as yourself. You will also notice that they didn't get lucky, but that they worked hard. Being rich is a mindset, everything that you feed

Can we be happy before we reach our goals?

Interesting question. One can absolutely be happy before reaching a goal.Happiness and goal achievement are two independent things. One does not have to do with the other.However, many times people will tie their happiness to their goal achievement. This typically results in fleeting emotions. For example if someone says, I will be happy

Did you achieve your goal?

I'll Bite.As I've stated in the past, I believe it is better to have a general sense of what you want to do in the long term and set short term goals that make you happy or provide a challenge or satisfaction. My life has always been a bit

Do you ever feel like you're 'not working hard enough' to achieve your goals?

I had to be creative.My shoulder hurt, but I'm not the type to give up.I went outside, and found a set of stairs close to my training spot.Let's make it fun.I started jumping this set of stairs.They were really wide, so I started small:Two steps.

Do you usually achieve goals you set? Why or why not?

I don't always achieve every goal I set. But I surely never achieve goals I didn't bother to set.To achieve something, you have to ask yourself what it is you want. Write this goal. Measure it, so you can know when it is achieved, and when

Have you ever taught your students to set their own goals and choose their own work to achieve those goals?

Our long-term plan and goal in life is our responsibility to choose and to make. People around us only serve as part of the guidance. We can take it or we can leave it. The final decision is still on our hands. Because we are the one who

How to consistently remain motivated to achieve life goals

THE POWER LIES IN LETTING GOEverything that has ever happened cannot be undone or changed.Now, you got two choices,The first one is where you let go, move on through it's affecting you a lot at this point of time but you already know that it will heal you in near future. The second one is where you hold grudges,

How to achieve my fitness goal

Give it time, young man. That physique is totally possible, but it will take years to achieve given where you're at. You're 15, take advantage of your youth and hormones: LIFT and EAT. Pack on some muscle mass. Eat big. Get lots of protein.Master your bodyweight first. Pushups. Pullups. Dips.

How to become and stay focused on my goals

For me, it's switching on and switching off. There is no middle. Nothing. I'm working 100% or I'm relaxing, reflecting, partying, playing sport, whatever – I'm not working.Most entrepreneurship advice talks about working 100 hour weeks, focusing on your 9pm

How to keep my patience for achieving my goals and not giving up

Path-i-cence / Sense-Essence i'm-pact; by observing patience that is emanating from the pure stillness/calmness/serenity and tranquility of your true nature.While patience is one virtue, there is also the need to ensure observance of honorably fulfilling the essence of other virtues acknowledgment and respectful fulfillment.Its about

How to stay motivated and disciplined when I try to achieve my goals

Hunter ‘s answer has some merit, but misses the point. You can't "just do it" if you are not a disciplined person.You assume you have some level of motivation and discipline and the only problem is with "staying" disciplined, but I doubt it. The whole motivation and discipline value

How to concentrate on your goals

☰IN DEPTHThe one change that can help you conquer your goals faster

How to set goals for career/job change and stick to it? I feel so awkward writing down your goals, what can I do

Question URL: quora. com/How-do-you-set-goals-for-career-job-change-and-stick-to-it-I-feel-so-awkward-writing-down-your-goals-what-can-I-do #Questionnn name:: How do you set goals for career job change and stick to it I feel so awkward writing down your goals what can I do?BEST 8 PLACES TO FIND WRITING JOBS:If you've established a good writing habit, frreelance writing can bring a joyful career into your life. Numerous advantages accompany frreelance writing: setting

How does one be happy every day and work hard to achieve their goals?

Expending energy and attention on the realization of a goal may be the most reliable process for allowing happiness to happen.I say

How hard do you work everyday to achieve your goals?

I would like to mention the most important things besides hard work ( because hard work needs motivation for acceleration )for self satisfaction, On Which i prefer to work on would be the followingFilling your heart will hopes and your mind with possibilities.( Only hopes and apirations inspires makes us to proceed further

How has the fear of success stopped you from achieving your goals?

Everyone has fear. It is the brain's natural function to create this emotion to protect your life. The only problem is that this mechanism was developed in the reptilian brain (developed back in cave man times) some times the fear is no longer relevant in this modern age. We

How have you redesigned your life to meet fitness goals?

THE POWER OF FITNESS :The term fitness is often thrown around without truly understanding its meaning in the true sense .People just focus on physical fitness where as physical fitness combined with mental, emotional and spiritual fitness is needed for complete health.These are like four legs of a chair, when one

I am not getting sleeping becaus e of my goal? What should I do?

It may either be because you are too excited thinking about your goals or too anxious thinking how to fulfill those goals or worry about possible consequences all these hinder your sleep if it's not any of the above reason then next time

Is hard work enough to achieve one's goals?

I don't believe in hard work or determination.I believe in playing your odds.If there is an application for a senior risk manager for a good bank. Let's say through social media. The link says it's applied to 60 times already. It brings you to their main site and you have to fill in all those kind

Is it true that people who don't give up on their goal have less anxiety & depression as compared to those who give up so easily?

MILD to MODERATE depression I would say your statement is probably correct.Having goals, making efforts to achieve and being active and completing/finishing goals(however small) are all certainly powerful antidepressants.On the other hand, Giving up on goals often gives a strong

My goals is to hit the gym 300 days of the year, how can I keep myself motivated?

In addition to answers here the following Quora questions might be useful:Self-Improvement: How can I motivate myself to work hard? - 3600 answersHow do I stay motivated? – 1360How do I motivate myself to study? – 1200What are the best

Suppose I failed to meet a life goal or objective and won't be able to have another go at it? How long will it take for me to get over it, be able to change my point of view and have a better or higher objective?

How long it takes you to get over a failure in life is up to you. Everyone reacts to it differently. If it truly is one you feel you cannot try again, let it go and move onto another goal. The thing is, we as humans need to realize the only limitations we have are the ones we

What are examples of long term health and fitness goals?

Here are some long term health and fitness goals patients have shared with me over the years:I DONT want to get-diabetes, heart disease, and other horrible chronic diseases. I don't want to be in pain all day and spend my retirement bouncing around from doctor to doctor.I

What are some goals a beginning programmer should have?

I faced this issue when I started to learn a few programming language in my own. Let me break this down, into the best possible to achieve your goal of learning a new programming language in most efficient way.Chose a language, Start Easy.I would suggest to chose something thats easier to learn, something like Python or Javascript. As

What are the best ways to stop procrastinating and motivate yourself daily to achieve goals?

3 Easy Steps to follow to avoid procrastination and maintain consistency:Step 1: Decide and fix the things which you want to complete. Don't overdo things. Keep a few but important tasks as a target. Overdoing often leads to the failure and demotivation.Step 2: Calculate your estimated time that is to be

What are the examples of impossible goals being achieved using Law of attraction?

As an Indian and a big follower of bollywood,  I have often come across movies which inspire me to look the world in a different way. 1 such movie which taught me was Om Shanti Om and it's dialogue "kisi bhi cheej ko dil se Chaho to puri kaynaat lag jaati he use tumhe

What do I do if my therapist is getting frustrated with me for not being able to 'make the leap' towards my goal? I believe I am moving too slowly and completely failing her.

First thing to do is to check your perceptions. Ask your therapist if they are getting frustrated with you?Second thing is to discuss your own feelings. Why do you feel you are moving too slowly? Where does your expectation about

What do you do after you have achieved all your fitness goals?

Find new ones. Maybe something that isn't quite so conventional. Something that is the opposite to what you just achieved. So if your goal was a strength based goal then maybe change it to a cardio based one or something along those lines.

What do you guys think is the single most important goal that most fitness enthusiasts have with their exercise programs?

Sustainability.Its the reason so many exercise and diet fads fail. They're unrealistic. In the end, the sole purpose of such pop workout kruft is to get you to spend money on it for a little while. The fad dies, the new products

What do you want to accomplish before you are 40?

Oh, a lot:Take the national exam in math to prove to myself I canGet a masters in physics from my alma mater, or simply do the coursework/studies sans degree.Visit the following countries (not in order of importance): France, Ireland, Germany, Russia (Saint Petersburg), Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, America (can't wait to visit for a second time, but it'll have

What helps you achieve your goals?

What helps me is having actions I can do right now. In the past when I set goals they seemed almost abstract. I would find myself spending more time thinking about how much I've got to do to reach these goals than actually working towards it.I now use a habit assigning method. This is

What is more important, your goal or your motivation for achieving that goal?

It is hard to argue with the answer from "The Inspiringgoal Team". This is a complex topic and both motivation and follow-through are important. Which is more important, in any circumstance, will depend on factors that are may only become apparent in retrospect.That

What is the primary reason why most fitness goals fail?

Goal setting is the easy part of success after all we just have to write a list.Working through any goal is where the challenge comes in especially when it comes to fitness.How many people set fitness goals at the start of

What is your current fitness goal?

To be able to lift as heavy as before while weighing as much as I am now. I used to be able to lift heavier weights 3 years ago before I stopped to travel for almost a year. I then lost

Which goals will you try to achieve in 2019? And how will you achieve that goal?

So, the new year is here and like every year I am making my personal goal for the year. So here is the list:a. Complete $ 35 Million worth of business transactionb. Learn a new form of business: For last 1 and a half year I learnt a lot about construction business. This year

Why can't I commit to my fitness goals?

Consider the following:If you want or need something, will you be automatically committed and motivated to achieve/obtain it?If you don't want or need something will you be automatically committed to achieving/obtaining it or will motivation likely be a problem?If you don't want or need something why would you

Why is it important to establish personal fitness goals?

Fitness goal is an important perspective when you consider fitness as a priority in lifeYou might be in for JUST FITNESS, but fitness is a wayyyyy more bigger than it shows,It's a never ending process, you just can't do the same things your whole lifetime, fitness has to challenging, enjoyable and rejoicing.As any other

Why is it so hard to overcome yourself and achieve all your goals?

My personal blocks were staying small, recognizable to my family, not being too