Is there a benevolent God?

As Allah says in the Qur'an:وَ رَحْمَتي وَسِعَتْ كُلَّ شَيْءMy mercy has encompassed everything. (7: 156)You cannot imagine anything not benefiting from His mercy; otherwise, nothing could have come to existence, and even if so, nothing could have survived.The Aim of creating Human Beings.studying divine attributes and actions and studying the creation of

Why do people believe God is male?

The Abrahamic streams of religion have a basis in patriarchal system and societies - putting the male above the female - the male being primary.Therefore,

Does every religion have at least one god?

Names are symbols each culture attaches to what they wish to explain or define. The same word pronounced

What is God's greatest miracle?

I guess many people will have their own opinions on this matter and we know well and good that the very miracle of creation itself is high up on the list but in my personal opinion I would have to say that God's greatest miracle was when He fulfilling prophecy took on the form of man

How many people do you know who believe in God?

I know about a dozen people who actually believe in god, including some of my older relatives and work colleagues. I also know some people who are what they call spiritual. Almost everyone i know, meet and work with who expresses

GOD and SCIENCE, why do people argue about science being a promoter of atheism?

Because science rejects God mostly, and treats itself as its own God. It is arrogant and boastful that it has all the answers, and that if you cant find it in science, it therefore does not exist or is not real. That is absurd. It leaves faith out of the question entirely.

If people believe in God then why don't they believe in ghosts?

Those two are not exactly related.People generally believe in a God or a Deity on the basis of a religious scripture or mythological folklore. If this scripture does not speak of the existence of ghosts, why would the people believe in it?You also are assuming here, that people don't

If we had no religion and everyone believed in science, what would be the God in science, and would science become a place like heaven?

As it happens, people who believe in religion are somewhat more likely to disbelieve in science than people who don't. But there's no real contradiction between religion and science.Science tells us things we know about the world that we can't immediately see but have to figure out from what we

Is God real? If yes, can you prove it?

Well being the person who has experienced God in many forms with proofs , the best possible way is Self Experience of God.But I want to ask you which type of proof you are asking for?First of all read these all answers of mine that will

What would happen if God came down to earth and told the world that Judaism is the true religion?

God already came to earth and told that all the religions in today's world were created by humans. So it cannot bring peace to the world. God is 1.called as Shiva Allah Jehovah etc.He is the father of all souls(we are brothers) in the world (point of

Is there a snow god?

Depends on your belief.In Nordic mythology we have Ull and Skadi who are strong in the winter.Ull is an Aesir. He is a hunter and is known for his skiing.Skadi is a Jotun. She is married to

Belief and Beliefs: Can the existence of a god be proven or disproven?

I am not writing this as anon because I just don't want to get into a debate with someone I know over this topic. I know it kind of kills the credibility here, but I have added all sources at all the required places.Now I have no idea or proof whatsoever

Did Mohammed say he was taken up the third heaven for a conversation with god?

No muslims believe in 7 heavens.But he did not go anywhere.That he went to the farthest mosque in a night flight in a donkey it is totaly incorrect.The farthest mosque did not existed when he was alive, he died in 632 AD.In 637 his succesor went to visit Jerusalemand still

Why don't the Chinese believe in God, but they do believe in ghosts, angels, ancestors, and spirits, etc.?

A story of mine.I do believe in ancestors and ghosts. Why? Because they had connections with us before they become something else.When I was around 6, I was left in my groundma's empty house (a real big one) alone in the countryside, and my grandma left us a year before just

Who will God send to heaven?

The believer won't be a murderer, and a compassionate man would not be an un-believer.Well, more precisely, the believer who has murdered would ask for forgiveness, and being a believer, he would receive it. Then, he will be saved and go to heaven.repent, and believe the gospel. (Mark 1:15)The compassion of the un-believer would make

Which is the most recently created god in which people really believe?

Well, there was a time people liked to think of a personable understanding of the intricacies of nature, and mature human nature too, as cooperated effort of a majesty of surmountedness of gods of fish cities that would explain some pretty wild fish stories. This sort of thing is actually a beautifully created

If God exists, what does he do to atheists after death? Do they go to hell?

The wise father threatens to punish the disobedient son, but he forgives; that is what the merciful father does; God has much more mercy than any merciful fatherScripture teachings include the threats for punishments, but it also includes the teachings of mercy and forgiveness; the wise

Is belief in God rational even if his existence cannot be proven scientifically?

No less rational than anything else you believe which can't be proven scientifically. Do you believe someone loves you? If so, you won't be able to prove it scientifically, because "love" occupies an intellectual space outside the domain of science. As do many other aspects of human existence.The condition of "rationality" does not arise

Why do people believe in God when the level of proof is so low?

For many different reasons, But let me use the rational and logical approach.The ‘Big Bang' is the prevailing theory in cosmology. It was first formulated by the aid of some observations made by an American Astronomer called Edwin Hubble. The theory is that everything starts to coalesce and come together. Coupled with the

What is the science behind God?

THere isnt any. Using science to try to discredit god, or even try to justify god, is not good science. Science measures the physical world, the observable world. Thats all it does. God is spirit, not physical. By definition it cannot have anything to say about God really.Its like using a yardstick to measure temperature..

Do scientists believe in God or the existence of God as per science?

Theism or Atheism is belief system of an individual. There is no point in connecting with profession or passion. One may be a totaly illiterate villager who may be doing his labour or Agricultural work may not have heard or read much about the modern things and still may be Atheist.I

Why does Christianity believe that we are not to prove, correct and establish doctrine that is righteous (II Timothy 3:16) but sees as harassment when not in agreement with their belief?

2 Tim. 3:16-17 says "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; 17 that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work....... Inspired means God-breathed. As such, this written Scripture is perfect (Psalm 19; 119). Because all Scripture is perfect, it

Is God a belief or knowledge?

Interestingly enough, there is a way to find out for yourself! Here's a 4-step method:(1) Commit to go in whatever direction the evidence leads.(2) Investigate. Does science (or any other pathway) have the answers, or does the Bible have the answers?(3) Challenge God to prove Himself to you.Finally, (4) be

Which was created first, God or the Earth?

According to the earliest recorded history, the One True God ‘IAM' came first; Genesis 1;1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.Any other answer that does not say this will not be from the earliest written history of this occasion.I hope this helps

Many people believe that there is no god. If you disagree, can you prove otherwise?

First and foremost your question is contradictory in itself. If it is a

Is it possible to believe in miracles, but not believe in a deity of any sort?

I once heard a talk by the popular writer/speaker who goes by the name SARK. She told of a recent experience when she had booked a driver to take her to the airport. He was so late that by the time the driver arrived she was so annoyed that she confronted the driver.

Can you irrefutably prove that there are deities which actually exist? If not, then why continue to believe?

You can only prove such a thing to yourself, by awakening your consciousness through meditation.

If a person has no faith, I mean belief in God, how do they acquire faith?

It's hard to answer this, especially because faith has different meanings, and since you don't ask about a specific God, you could mean any God. It's a journey for everyone, but if you want to do it the hard way, you could do what I did. I was always a

Why do people still believe in God despite everything modern science has been able to explain?

Wait. What has modern science actually been able to explain?Even in 2018, there is still no scientifically coherent explanation for many of the basic questions! Here's a few.The origin of matter/energy/time. The laws of physics tell us matter/energy cannot come from non-matter energy,

Were the aliens made by our God?

Only human beings were made in God ImageIF there was an life on other planets, they would have to evolve faster than us, And IF God made other civilization on habitable planet(not moon) then they would been already sharing their presence in the Galaxy, This means with capacities to travel

Does God exist?

TOP TEN LOGICAL REASONS TO DISPROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD10. Poorly designed universe : Theists say that God is perfect and is the designer of our universe. Then why did HE design the universe and its babies in such a poor fashion ? We weren't in a hurry to land on

Are we gods or aliens?

No we are not Gods. All good qualities are belong to God. In the universe evolution occur, if we see the animal kingdom we will see from protozoa to mammals, there is evolution. If a home sapiens achieve the good qualities of God, he becomes super

How come some people are afraid of God yet don't believe he exists?

When someone is moving from a belief in a god to a realization that gods don't exist, there can be period of contradictory feelings and thoughts.Our feelings don't listen well to our thoughts. No matter how convinced our thoughts are that gods don't

Do you think that if scientists disproved god and could show it, many religious people would still believe in god?

Yes and no.Yes, a large number of theists have made it abundantly clear that there is nothing that could possibly convince them that god didn't exist, anything that contradicts their world view will be denied, and they will create new pseudo-science to try and

When will people stop believing in gods?

Alright, let me show you an image.

Do you think that InSight on Mars shows that science is greater than religion and human is better than 'God'?

You put a tiny weeny vehicle on Mars, which was put in its place ages ago by God and you say human is better than God.Religion was never supposed to put a robot on mars. And religion is not something which helps in putting a robot on mars. You are comparing apple and oranges here.

Do people who believe in God believe in ghosts and spirits? Why or why not?

Man needs God.I'll tell you why. 1. Science is the human's interpretation of Nature and the Universe. We haven't even crossed the Solar System. We are still trying to create a stable monopole, decipher our own DNA completely, searching for answers to infinite questions. Just because we haven't answered these question, our survival

Do Christians believe in aliens?

One person already mentioned the Pope's humorous description of aliens and his desire baptize Martians, but in reality, unlike other Christian groups, the Catholic Church sees no reason why there couldn't be aliens.The Vatican has been the repository of science for centuries. It may surprise the casual reader that there is an entire department

Why do many educated people still believe god exists?

Education has nothing to do with geography. People tend to believe that which their parents or culture believes. A proper education does not necessitate that one can overcome early childhood indoctrination. It is very difficult to overcome early childhood brainwashing, this people tend to hold on to what they hope or believe to be true

Share something you have personally experienced that is inexplicable absent it being a miracle?

I can't recall ever experiencing or witnessing a miracle.I am serious when I say that I truly believe the life we experience is an everyday miracle.I am here in this experience of LIFE involuntarily. Yet, I feel in control with no conscious awareness that someone else (God) proposed my

If you are an atheist, what will you say to someone who is religious to prove there is no god?

If you are an atheist, what will you say to someone who is religious to prove there is no god?I'm not interested in doing that.Nor do I think it would be productive to bother even if I were.Seriously, how many times have you seen an atheist and a theist having an argument, and one of

Would you rather believe in yourself or in God?

I will believe in myself with keeping faith on god.You see, world has wierd intuitions about GOD and humanity. I say, just stop letting all these turmoil strike your mind and do the neeful in life with havig positivity about god's existence and avoide negative side like weather god exists or not.

Does God want me to go heaven when I die?

God want all his children to claim the kingdom of heaven. But his children are different. Only few percentage will have complete faith in him, hence will be a part of heaven.God is one. He is the father of all souls (we are brothers) in the