Does Apple iterate slowly compare to Google?

Not exactly, but it's a pretty fair assumption.So Apple's sales growth, say in 2012, was a fair bit, actually, a way bit more than Google - Around $156 billion compared to Google's $40 billion. The growth curve for Apple, however, has been weirdly slow,

Which company is worse in its practices? Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

All of them have some bad practices but for the most part all three are great companies. Can you imagine what the world would be like today without some of the great products these companies have produced?Google SearchiPhoneMicrosoft OfficeGoogle may use your personal info to sell to advertisers but do you remember driving without Google maps?Apple

How is UX design and research at Apple, in comparison to at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft?

I don't work for the above mentioned companies, but one thing that I can say (and you will read) is that design always has to start at the top. Companies are gradually learning this, but establishing design as a culture is not something

Why don't Apple buy Google?

Why would they? They would lose money if they could buy Google.Here are some of the reasons:Apple would have to face massive antitrust legal battle if they kill the android project. Maintaining Android would be a weird move for them.The culture of

What is Apple, Google, Microsoft organization structure?

The pecking order :: bottom to top :Software Engineer → Software Engineer II → Sr. Software Engineer → Principal Software Engineer → Partner Software Engineer → Distinguished Software Engineer → Technical Fellow ( the buck stops here ).The VP, and SVP, and the directors are redundant, and no one really cares about them (

Will Google buy Apple in the future?

Not likely. Both companies are in a strong enough financial position to be self-sustained. Both have a strong position in the IT industry, and are working hard for future oriented AI(Artificial Intelligence) technologies, so they're quiet robust. And certainly, Apple has a much higher net worth than Google. But

Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Can Google out-innovate Apple?

A2AThis question is substantially deeper than it appears at first glance:Could they? Yes, the resources and talent are there.Can they? No; I'd say there are some organizational barriers.Should they? I'm not sure if Google is the right slice of Alphabet to do it.Will

Which of these places is the toughest to get an internship in: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, or Facebook?

I interviewed at all of the above this past fall with the exception of Apple. Remember that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook all have considerably larger internship programs than Dropbox that hire hundreds (if not thousands) of interns each summer so this is an unfair comparison.That being said, the Dropbox

Who will lead the world: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any other company?

Please do note that I'm no pro on this topic, so some statements in this comment may be inaccurate or biased.To understand how these technology companies could

Why doesn't Apple license iOS?

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, Apple was licensing macOS to others...that was the first thing he stopped...he told them

What will happen if Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook merges together? Will it be useful to people?

Its the same thing , If all 200 Countries come together under one roof ! or If lets say a city in Delhi- all business comes together under one name ?If I see the history, I don not recall any such instance ?, Its too hypothetic ? Lets say one case they are together, may be Google

Is Apple more powerful than Google or not?

You would have to define what power is. Is information power? Google's business model is collecting and organizing information. Apple's is not. In that sense, Google would be more powerful than Apple. Is money power? Apple lost more money this last quarter due to currency fluctuations than Google made during the same period. Apple makes

Which offer to choose, Google or Apple?

Finding the best team is far more important than deciding the best company, especially between Apple and Google, which are both great companies to work for.  Being on a good team in one is better than a bad team in the other.

Are tech companies like Apple and Google practicing age discrimination against older Americans in their hiring practices?

I'm 51, and I work at Google as a staff engineer. There are plenty of older people here. They are just not in the same shit jobs that young people get.Think about it. If you are 50, that means you grew up when the Internet was an embryonic platform, available only to people in

Is Microsoft software less visually well designed than Google or Apple? If so, why?

At best, this is highly subjective.Each company demonstrates a fairly unique design philosophy;Apple is historically Aesthetically driven, visual design first - it could be argued that this is at the cost of functionality and power-users, there are some strange choices they've gone

Who is the best: Microsoft, Google or Apple?

Every word in answer is arguable.As per my view, real fight between Microsoft And Google. As Apple's has currently limited range as compare to both of them.Lets first See area in which Microsoft deals:1. Operating System  (It consist rage from Home or office use

What would happen if say either Apple or Google bought the other (imaginary situation)?

I don't think that would ever happen given that they complement each other's product and services for a great customer experience. If that did happen, considering both are dominant players, regulatory requirements will be significant to handle.As a consumer, I don't think I would like to see both

How do big tech companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.) do their employees attendance management?

A2A:All of the companies you list have Flextime policies in effect.Attendance is generally something you negotiate with your manager, and the room they have to negotiate will depend on your job role and responsibilities.If you are an admin assistant, then one

Are Apple and Google a duopoly?

No. Each product / product category made by either company has many other alternatives from numerous other companies. The fame and success of those companies speaks to the quality and polish of their particular versions of these products, not due to a lack of alternatives. Just to illustrate the amount of competition, both Microsoft

Should I purchase products from Apple, Microsoft, Google, or other and why?

Of course buying from big and welknown company is better!.Because you know you are getting the best product from the best engineers, also the main important is supporting the customer.Big companies allways try to have best quality and service because

Is Motorola more of a threat to Apple than Google?

I would say Motorola  (MMI) is not a significant threat to either.There are way too many Android configurations for application developers to deal with, and fewer apps are bought for the Android phones.  As apps become more important, this factor will tilt buying decisions- and corporate buying decisions - in Apple's direction.  This is already occurring.

Which does more charity, Google or Apple?

Most definitely Google.They have a whole branch dedicated to charity called out their website for more info).Apple,under Steve Jobs' leadership,made little monetary contributions to charity. In fact,he felt that the devices he made for the public were

Is Apple becoming like Google faster, or is Google becoming like Apple faster?

The possibility of Apple becoming like Google is very rare. Apple always focus on giving end to end service. They have a strong linkage between their hardware and their software. Its almost impossible to sepearte these two components from each other. Its like a body and soul relationship. On the other hand, Google is more of a software

Does Google or Apple have more influence and power?

On what?On forming people's views Google has almost ultimate power. They serve most of the search results, they show us their selected youtube videos,... They possess and analyze most of our data.For example some of the interesting data: Which person searches for what, Who personally attends which meetings, rallies, how much time some people spend time near to each

What will Apple do after Microsoft releases the Surface Book?

Apple will change absolutely nothing in their roadmap, that likely is already planned out for at least a year. Apple has no interest in making a laptop that turns into a tablet and the closest they are coming to that is with the iPad Pro. The

Is Google more benevolent than Apple?

To give you an answer in the context in which you put your question, Google is more "benevolent" than Apple. Apple tends to design and develop great technology products that push the boundary of what was thought possible. I think because of this, they tend to

Which do you think has a better ecosystem Google or Apple?

There Are Both Pros And Cons On the Both EcosystemGoogle - IT gives You The Best Experience in terms of Features And Compatibility and It is for some HackerApple - IT give You The Safest And Smoothest experience which I think If Any Use To It It's maybe The impossible

Which company is more cool, Google, Facebook or Apple?

Probably Google just because they have research going on in so, so many things. Including robots, drones, driverless cars, artificial intelligence.... You name it. Apple seems to be more secretive, not sure if they do anything outside consumer products. Facebook..... Big procrastination tool.

Could Apple buy Google?

No. Google has a unique business strategy and unique owners. Google's management team would never let Apple, with their business practices, buy Google and run it.

Which company has the best intellectual capital: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Linkedin?

I would say Microsoft mainly because they provide a lot of the same services as Google like Bing, Advertising and Maps (which might not be as good) but are also very big in other markets such as gaming (Xbox), Office Suite and Operating Systems, mobile (WP8), Mp3 players (zune), tablets (surface) and a LOT of enterprise

Which will survive the longest, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Patanjali ?

I would say Amazon.Ignoring Patanjali , the other 4 (google's parent company i.e. alphabet, Amazon,apple, Microsoft) are racing towards 1 trillion USD value with apple in the lead.Now the fact that Apple, Google and Microsoft are losing interest from many people regardless of the

What would happen if Apple, Google, and Microsoft merged?

It would be Skynet! The beginning of the end. Kthulu, and Sauron, and Voldemort, all merged into one. The Borg. Sell all your electronics and move to the forest. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated

Which is better as a company, Apple or Google?

Better in what way? Better can be based on objective facts and it can be based on opinion. So it depends on where you put your values. Apple is better at some things than Google and Google is better at some things than Apple. Depending on which things you value more will likely lead you to

What will happen if Google buys Apple and Microsoft?

Given the current state of Google there are two possibilities.1. It will become the coolest and most powerful company of world. It will have the resources and brain pool to actualize what we know as science fiction based on logical theories. We will also witness a loads

Is Spotify a bigger threat to Google's ambitions for music on Android or Apple's upcoming cloud-based music service?

You have forgotten about Amazon's Cloud Service. They recently opened up to allow unlimited songs as long as you have one of their higher services. I've tried Spotify and the only thing I could do is play the songs on

Is Google better than Apple and Microsoft?

I would say, all these companies are maestros of the modern world! We can not compare them between each other.After all, they are what we work with and use all day.Android - GoogleIOS - AppleWindows - MicrosoftThese companies have blessed the world with their technologies and software. Whatever has ever been built by these

Which is the best company, according to you- Google, Microsoft, or Apple?

If the question is being asked as an absolute (ie who's the best - period) the list should include Facebook and potentially Amazon - depending on how you're evaluating the company.That said, of the three included I think the answer

Why can Google give me unlimited storage for life and Apple charges for more than 5gb?

This is a misconception. Google does not give you unlimited storage. In fact, it only gives you a total maximum of 15GB, shared across Google services. And it's not at all free, since you get targeted advertising based on your online profile, web use, and behavior. This is the same with any

Which will survive the longest, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Patanjali ?

I would say Amazon.Ignoring Patanjali , the other 4 (google's parent company i.e. alphabet, Amazon,apple, Microsoft) are racing towards 1 trillion USD value with apple in the lead.Now the fact that Apple, Google and Microsoft are losing interest from many people regardless of the

Do Google, Apple, and Facebook want more minorities working there?

Absolutely. More minorities = more diversity.Google: "At Google, we don't just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. Having a diversity of perspectives leads to better decision-making, more relevant products, and makes work a whole lot more

Which company is more cool, Google, Facebook or Apple?

Probably Google just because they have research going on in so, so many things. Including robots, drones, driverless cars, artificial intelligence.... You name it. Apple seems to be more secretive, not sure if they do anything outside consumer products. Facebook..... Big procrastination tool.

Is the Apple Watch better than the Google watches?

They are conceptually different. The Apple Watch has a fully functional computer on a chip at its core.  It will change our idea of computers.  Desktop computers were collection, analytic and storage points for data. Mobile devices changed the type of content

Will Apple ever buy Samsung or Google?

While I may not be an expert on these companies, I can safely say: I seriously doubt it.Apple, while apparently more popular in the States for whatever reason, has a pitiful international market share compared to Samsung and Google. I do believe this is slowly changing however.Even if Apple was a larger, more

Who is best at marketing-Google, Microsoft or Apple?

Apple.Apple is so good at marketing, they even get others to do it for them, and for free. At times, they even get money for being advertised.